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question for the group
can you have and angel blooded Aasimar with the +2STR and +2CHA and add the variant ability of +2STR for a total +4 STR

nope only PFRPG.

I need to move my own pary memebers into flanking for example. Willing targets.

Why not reach spell?

Have an arcanist who is a savant. Wants to move prty memebers around battlefield without moving herself. Also would like to increase range of said movement. What metamagic feats work on this?

Have an arcanist who is a savant. Wants to move prty memebers around battlefield without moving herself. Also would like to increase range of said movement. What metamagic feats work on this?

Ok before everyone starts moaning let me say that the idea is based on a really cool picture and I need some advice on putting this together

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8kYMfR7HSew/UNCsABjPSqI/AAAAAAAAA5Q/vfPOwUzn5vM/s 320/gunmage_IronKingdoms.jpg

There are some who do not even realize they are the villain. I put together a schizophreic cleric once. He would wear a mask that caused his homicidal nature to come out. He had unexplainable memory lapses but hid that from the PC's he even tried to help them find the villain.

we want thunderdome!!!

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Xandra Mizzriir
Xandra is the unfortunate product of a violent rape. Her mother was savaged during a raid by darkland raiders upon her village. The woman fought back but was rewarded for it by having her eye gouged out. Maimed and pregnant the woman travelled to Riddleport in order to seek a new life. She wound up on the streets as a beggar in the end.
Xandra’s mother strapped for cash sold the infant at the slavers market in Riddleport. Shorafa Pamodae bought the infant for her own strange purposes. Despite the child’s fair complexion and dark hair the tiefling discovered Xandra’s dark heritage. As the child grew Shorafa discovered the half drow had a talent for learning languages and soon put her to work as an interpreter. Xandra was privy to vast amounts of confidential information. The tiefling of course fitted Xandra with a charm in order to provide “secure” translations for her clients. This resulted in vast gaps in the child’s memory. Xandra eventually managed to overcome the device’s effects unbeknownst to her mistress. She used this to her advantage and discovered there was an underground resistance that freed slaves. Xandra bided her time waiting for the chance to escape.
She eventually did with help from the “resistance” which actually was a front group for the Cyphermages and their leader crimelord Elias Tammerhawk. Their purpose was to liberate Xandra and find out everything she had ever translated. They interrogated her and used several magical methods to pry the information from her. Xandra eventually cooperated but on her terms. She wanted protection from her former master, freedom, shelter and tutelage in their academy.
She began her new life and took to the studies easily. Her keen intellect cut through the difficult lessons the mages put her through. She took a tremendous amount of abuse because of her drow heritage from the other students as well as the masters. Xandra mastered everything they threw at her and then some. She ultimately left the cypherlodge and now is going to bring vengeance upon everyone who had every wronged her.

maybe, its a minor detail in the backstory. I just wanted to find something that my GM could refer to easiliy without having to reinvent it.

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I am working on a backstory for a character that was a slave and used as a secure interpreter. She was fitted with a device that caused her to forget the conversations that she translated or she had her memory of the event erased via some spell that erases the last 24hrs of memory.

yea like I said premature and all.

Heres the backstory

Frigga is the 8th daughter of Fosgrim Wyrmbane; she was born premature and was not expected to survive. Yet somehow she did. She was the smallest of the Wyrmbane clan; her mother still doted on the young girl. As she grew up she was the subject of much ridicule from the other dwarven girls. She was constantly bullied and picked on. Despite how strong she became Frigga was entirely too skinny to be an attractive dwarven woman. She had an hourglass body shape, with broad shoulders and hips when she came into puberty. The girls said she would never find a man to marry she looked too much like a human. Frigga knew this as well, so she turned to the one thing she was good at, fighting. She took to the sword quite easily, plus with her slight stature, for a dwarf, she had a speed advantage on many of her sparring partners.
Frigga’s life was not quite as full as she wanted. However, one day she caught the eye of that bastard dwarf Magnusson Thorstone. She was still pretty sure she could do better and resisted his advances. Her mother not wanting to see her daughter’s heart broken yet another time thought this was genuine and encouraged Frigga to accept his courtship. Even still there were rumors that it wouldn’t last. The two were head over heels in love with each other. On the 1st anniversary of the courtship Magnusson had crafted a specially balanced sword just for Frigga. On the next year he designed and hand crafted a suit of steel lamellar armor for her. It was beautifully made to compliment and flaunted her amazing human like figure. Impressed with his intellect and skill as a craftsman she knew he was the one. On their third anniversary he asked for her hand which she accepted but only on the condition of him getting her father’s permission.
She talked Magnusson into designing a great cannon to catapult his budding career at the Alknestar Gunworks. He agreed it would be a good idea to impress her father with a demonstration of his skills as a craftsman and engineer. The gun would also cement his position as senior engineer and thus be worthy enough for Frigga’s father.
On the fated day everything was set. She and her father were to attend the ceremony after which she knew Magnusson would ask her father for her hand. She was dressed in her finest gown and had her long blonde hair braided in the style of the ancient dwarven ways. Tragically everything went wrong. The cannon exploded killing several people including a few dwarves. Everyone blamed Magnusson since it was his design and add to that he had disappeared. Later Frigga found a letter saying that Magnusson had received a letter from his father. It also said that he didn’t want her to come because he wanted her to be safe. She was humiliated and furious that he had the gall to assume she couldn’t take care of herself nor did he give her the choice to decide in the first place. She packed her things, donned the perfectly fitted armor he made for her and grabbed her sword to go after her man and get a real explanation.

Um yea not the fashion nazis

My thinking for the backstory is her future mother in law, whom is very traditionally minded would think she is way too skinny.

Still does not answer the question.

So here's the picture that is to be a dwarf's fiance.


not talking tokien dwarves

This may be purely subjective but I am asking for a consensus.

What are the ideal measurements for what would be considered "hot" for dwarven females? What would be as they say "lanky"?

It's research for a backstory.

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lets get a setting book on Alkenstar done

Yes please do something for Alkenstar!!

So now I got the concept down for dwarf guntank/pistolero

How can we get him to fire as many rounds as possible as her progesses through levels. What's the feat tree?

not concerned about the anvil.

I was thinking alchem grenadier dip

OK so what is a good start for 20pts level 1

It seems appropriate if not then maybe pistolero?


Guys I am looking to build a 1st level dwarf guntank with 20 points based on this picture

http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/362/b/8/disciples_iii__mountain_clan s_by_egor_ursus-d4kgsdr.jpg

He also has crafting skills.

Any ideas?

yep would like to see the comeback of monkeygrip

Anyone know how swinging by ropes works in PF. Ya know like across chasms and stuff. How about fighting from a rope?

Just want to know some of the mechanics before I commit to running a Swashbuckler.

What looks good on film isn't so good in game unless the GM is into it too.

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tough crowd tonight.

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LOL...I have always fudged rolls for the benefit of a good game and yes the DM is in fallable.

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The problem with this whole thread is the assumption the DM is somehow fallable.

the down side is dundjinni site is defunct

For map buiding Dundjinni is good if you have an extensive art file. However, I did use Maptools offline at home with big ass tv for VTT because of tech challenged players. Eventually moved fully online as non-tech (and cheating) players were kicked from group. I now have players all over country and when needed I can do local as well.
I use google hangouts for audio.

Um still not seeing problem

and another

Bailey is the daughter of Sharaera Moonshadow and Tanner Magnum. Tanner was a longtime friend and adventuring companion of Sharaera Moonshadow. The two adventures were very successful however made some very powerful enemies. One of which was the very powerful wizard Callus Darklore. They decided the best place to retire and hide from the arcane evil doer was Alkenstar in the middle of the mana wastes. Tanner figured their nemesis’ magic would not work there, and rightly so.
In time Tanner and Sharaera became romantically involved. They married and not long after that Bailey was born. Since they were both out of the adventuring business Bailey’s parents worked as artisans building guns for the local industry. She grew up with a fascination for firearms and knew nothing of her elven heritage and ancestor’s culture. Her mother was determined to raise Bailey as far away from magic as possible and kept that aspect of her past hidden from the child. Tanner also did his best to teach Bailey the evils of magic and how it can corrupt men with its power. He encouraged her to learn how to build firearms and go into the family business.
Bailey’s family life was happy and wholesome. Even when her father blew up the barn with some of his experiments in designing more powerful firearms, life was good. Her mother kept a close eye on her as well and taught the young girl to defend herself. Sharaera was secretly concerned that one day Darklore would find them and exact his revenge. Bailey grew up unaware of the shadow that loomed over her family.
In time Bailey matured and grew restless as most young teenagers do. Her mother and father were proud of their daughter yet discouraged her from a life of adventuring. They said it was too dangerous and she could have a wonderful life in the city. They wanted her to marry a fine man and settle down so they could dote on the grandchildren.
However, it was not to be. Agents of Lord Callus Darklore finally located the couple. Their master was delighted that the couple had a child and was so happy. “The more tragic their fall will be”, he thought. Callus formed a plan to cause the most pain and anguish to the Magnum family, to destroy everything they love. His agents set trap capturing the former adventures. They also set fire to their home destroying everything. His plan…to bring them back to his lair to punish and torture them until Bailey came to rescue them. Then he would capture her and turn her against them. His agents left a note for Bailey so she would know who it was that tore apart her family and destroyed her home.

Morgana Lachevalier
Morgana is the illegitimate product of a brief but tumultuous affair of Ruby Lachevalier and Robert Morgan Bartholomew, a shackles pirate ship captain. He was one of the Free Captains that raided north of the Eye of Abendego. Nobody is sure if the captain and his crew is alive or not. His ship, Hell’s Harlot, has not been seen or heard from in years.
The circumstances of Morgana’s birth are quite extraordinary. She was born in Quent on Motaku Isle during a powerful hurricane aboard ship in the harbor. Her mother’s shack apparently had been damaged by the high winds so the woman took to the streets looking for refuge. She was able to beg for refuge aboard the Guiding Star. The stress of the situation of course caused Ruby to go into labor. Within a few hours of hard labor during the fury of the hurricane Morgana came into the world, incidentally at the same time the storms eye passed over the island and briefly everything was calm and then the fury of the storm returned. Morgana’s life would be like the passing of storms. During the delivery, her mother began bleeding badly, the ship’s surgeon could not stop the bleeding and she died that night. They say that the storm-born are ill-fated. Morgana was thrice fated born of blood, storm, and gun.
The crew smitten with the newborn went to Calistria’s Stolen Kisses, a known and well-respected house of ill repute, to hire a wet nurse. After some negotiation with the Madam of the establishment the ship’s surgeon managed to secure a contract. Morgana, would literally grow up aboard ship.
The young girl was a luck charm of sorts to the crew. They experienced victory after victory with Morgana aboard. Some even said that she was blessed by Besmara herself. Morgana soon established herself as a skilled sailor and gunner. By the time she was 12 she was first gunner’s mate. After turning 15 she was promoted to third officer, angering one of the crew. In the duel that followed she ran the bastard through, Morgana’s first kill in one on one combat. Nobody ever questioned her resolve and skill again.
A few more years later Morgana decided it was time to strike out on her own. Today she seeks not only her fortune, but if per chance a clue about her father crops up, she might be inclined to seek him out too.
Morgana has a secret fetish for tattoos and piercings which is based in her Varisian heritage. She has spent much gold on very intricate and expensive body art and jewelry. Morgana has a confident relationship with a tattoo artist in Port Peril.

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As a GM I require backstories. My long time friend from HS is going to run a game starting in January. I have been kicking around ideas for my character.

As a player, I leave developement of the NPCs to my GM. Although I am sure if I give him a starting point he won't be mad.

Malinka, I hope will be a recurring villain. Scorned jealous lover type that almost developes into a woman hating psychopath.

The Madanani clan...well they should be very Machivellian. The motivations of the sorceress while on the face look genuine are indeed most likely sinister.

NOPE...I have issues posting from work.

I appreciate the advice, thinking mostly going toward kensai but flavoring it with a kinda wu-jen shugenja kinda feel in role-play.

Remember though she is or was the student. I was thinking of going with the aldori dueling sword to take advantage of slashing grace while forgoing the strength part of the build.

As I read it the dueling swords only difference stat-wise is the crit range.

Heres the backstory for the character. I could use some advice on statting her up at 1st level.

Kimita Asahina
Kimita hails from the Minkai Empire of Tian Xia. She was apprentice to Miyamoto Musashi, master of the Five Rings and Grand Master of the arcane martial arts. Her sensei lived in an abandoned monastery atop a remote mountain.
Years ago Sensei Miyamoto decided that it was time he passes on his secrets to another. The word was spread that the great master was seeking an apprentice. Prospective students from all across the Dragon Empires came. Many demanding to be his student, others brought gifts and bribes, only one brought humility and kindness, Kimita waited for 101 days. While waiting she helped the elderly in a nearby village harvest their crops, mending fences, thatching roofs, and tending to many other needs. All of the others left, yet only Kimita waited patiently making no demands, offering no bribes, and made no threats.
Master Miyamoto chose Kimita to be his one apprentice; she alone would receive all of his guidance and training. Kimita took to the lessons quickly, working hard to learn everything she could. She would learn the way of the sword in all its forms, water, air, fire, earth, and the void.
On her fourth year of study her master was attacked by several Oni under the control of an evil warlord. A great battle ensued, all four demons tore at the master, yet they could not seem to harm him. Miyamoto counter attacked, striking down three of the demons. The demon seeing that its doom was inevitable began to laugh. Kimita drew her katana and ran to her master’s side but it was too late. The foul denizen of the abyss cast one last spell that ripped a hole in the prime material plane. The rift flung Kimita’s master into the void and she was flung through the rift to be deposited in Absalom. Strangely her raven black hair was turned stark white when she was flung through the rift. Kimita now seeks a way to bring her master back from the void.

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Another problem will be all of the creatures that eat dead things in the sea. Sooner or later the only thing that will remain of the croc will be bones. Which are not much good for swimming by themselves.

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Viktoriya Natalia Dragunov
Viktoriya Natalia Dragunov was born in Absalom to the Dragunov family of House Morilla. Her father Viktor is a wealthy businessman, member of the lesser council, and head of the city’s trade commission. He has many connections not only in the city but in many other places throughout the Inner Sea region. Her mother, Natalia Romanov of House Candren, is cousin to Grand Councilman Goodman Hugen the First Harbormaster and owner of Sea King Shipyards. Their arranged marriage was of course to solidify the holdings and positions of both houses but it grew a romance of which bards tell tales. The couple was childless for many years and rumors began to circulate. Natalia sought help from Seraphina Madinani a close friend and sorceress who helped her conceive.
Nine months later, Viktoriya Natalia named after her parents, was born. A beautiful baby with brilliant blue eyes, raven black hair, and fair skin. She was an only child, spoiled and doted upon by the entire clan. Natalia fully expected her daughter to follow in her footsteps as the matriarch of the family. The child lived a life of luxury never wanting for anything. She was a bright and intuitive young child. Viktoriya advanced in her studies quickly. It was at puberty that her abilities blossomed. Secretly, Natalia asked Seraphina to examine the child. The sorceress claimed it was a possible effect of the arcane energies at conception, a secret that she keeps to this day. Viktor seeing his daughter’s talent as an opportunity to get a foothold in the Aranimarium enrolled her in the prestigious academy.
Viktoriya, 14 years old, was too young to enroll, however, as a prodigy she amazed the instructors with her raw talent and was granted admission. Her eyes were opened to the many forms and methods of manipulating arcane energies. She could feel the arcane energy flow through her body, a most exhilarating and sensual feeling, as she cast her first spells. Viktoriya was hooked, she vowed to herself to harness this fascinating energy. In time she developed the ability to actually see magical auras. The young apprentice, in her history studies, learned of many powerful magical artifacts and locations and was intrigued by their legends and myths. She wanted to find these magnificent items and feel the arcane power locked within.
Many of her classmates were jealous. Kryton Malinka, in particular, a very talented young man was obsessed with being the best. He was infuriated when Viktoriya, 2 years younger, earned first chair in their class. Calling her a privileged spoiled brat, he has harbored a deep hatred for her ever since. Viktoriya went on to more advanced studies where she began to combine her arcane abilities with the teachings of the wizard masters of the academy to become one of the few arcanist students. At the age of 17, Viktoriya graduated a year early with honors from the academy.
Viktoriya, now a young woman, seeks the artifacts and myths she learned of in her studies at the academy. With financial backing of her family, she wants to explore the world seeking limits of the arcane arts. Viktoriya travels using her father’s connections with many trading consortiums. Her ultimate goal is to be able to tap into the raw arcane essence of existence and feel it flow through her being.

Slipknot shoud get a rewrite. I forget what I did with him but it included two scimitars also.

Yep looking for a group to join maybe if the fit is right.

Dont forget the Kensai Magus initiative bonuses :)

Does the picaroon start with a firearm like the gunslinger? The hybrid class paragraph on parent classes speaks to features, but is starting equipment a feature? If so, my question is asked and answered.

The musket besides being a firearm is, when used in melee and fitted with a bayonet is a double weapon. Yes, I mean the butt, buttstroke any orcs lately??

Yes, I would buy Pathfinder and Golarian related goodies for realmworks.

Heck they could even be compared to Spanish Conquistadors...bring religion to the savages of the world.

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