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Oh, I hadn't even looked at the SoP classes since none of us are familiar with that magic system, but I'll have to admit that it does look interesting.

Thanks for the tip, definitely gonna do some research on this. c:

Psychic armory is originally from "Psionics augmented: Soulknives I" and got some changes/a bi of nerfs in "Psionics augmented - compilation 2" by Dreamscarred Press.

The things i listed are things I appreciated from the class that I'd like the alternative to possess at least some degree of. versatility, magic/psionic flashiness with weapons and some decent mobility option.

It'd be pretty great to conjure up weapons like the armory does, but that's more or less exclusive to soulknives from what I know. Especially as I don't wanna play an all out 6hp dice caster.

I wrote up a psychic armory character recently after having fallen in love with the flavor of the class and the fact that it actually makes throwing builds work well for once.

But unfortunately my DM isn't as fond of the archetype as I am, and thinks it's too powerful. So now I'm half-heartedly looking for an alternative, though from my searches so far my hopes are kinda low.

But, well, does anyone happen to know a class that works similarly enough? And that isn't a magus, gods above and below don't turn me towards the magus. I never want to make one of those again.

Things I liked about the psychic armory:

* Due to the panoply re-appearing each round it made throwing much smoother than having to wait for a blinkback belt or ricochet toss, both which comes online kinda late when it's your preferred means of combat.

* The versatility of the panoply was also really nice. Normally I don't bother much with special abilities since they're often so situational and having the multiple sets available just made it more fun to theorycraft with what one might apply. So... some means of similar versatility would be really great.

* The mobility options. I grabbed the telekinetic athletisism and psychic platform blade skills and the up the walls feat for some silly running and jumping.

* A bit of magic or psionic flair, I mixed with gifted blade in my previous build and combined with the versatility of the various weapon sets it gave a nice enough amount of magical feeling. If it wasn't for this I guess fighter might've been an option, but the warrior spirit way of enchanting weapons never gets a chance to come into play on the fighter I'm already playing. The duration's just too low and combat happens suddenly.

So... yeah, I don''t really think there is anything that does thrown weapons in a way similar to the psychic armory. I tried to build a card caster before but that just felt like a mess, and pathfinder doesn't seem very fond of throwing builds. But maybe someone out there has any ideas?

While I love the flavor of the crystalline creature form of a superior psicrystal, the text in the book (Psicrystals expanded) is rather brief on the subject and there's a few things I was wondering about.

* As the psion levels up, they can choose animals from an expanded list, mfor example bigger ones. Does being able choose from large sized animal companions allow you to choose a "grown" creature that normally starts smaller or does it just refer to the base form?

For example, a psionic character at lv 7 can pick "any large animal from the animal companion list" but the amount of animal companions that starts out large... well, there's 2 of them. Whereas many other creatures grow to large at varying levels.

* How closely do they resemble animal companions in function? Is it just the stats or do they get the usual animal companion bonuses and stuff?

There's probably a bunch of other odd things I haven't thought of either, as the entry crams a potentially rather big change into a very short description. But maybe someone has experience with this and can explain a bit?

So this is a bit annoying, but I remember some time ago I was checking out psionics and I'm pretty sure I found a psionic power that functioned by creating a flash of light from the user's weapon to bestow some sort of negative effect on the enemy (I wanna say blinding or maybe dazzling but it's a very vague memory). There might've been a mention of crystal somewhere in the description too but... Well, I'm not 100% sure. It might even have been a blade skill.

It's not a huge deal, but it's been bothering me for months that this is just out of reach and I can't find it again.

I was planning on making a sorcerer with a giant dragonfly companion (yes, sylvan bloodline) and I've more or less figured out how to deal with the intelligence issue. What I was surprised to find though was the "curious companion" feat which allows you to choose a plant or vermin companion and well, I thought those were options allowed by default?

The feat seems to be from wilderness origins and I could've sworn that vermin and especially plant companions were around before that, so I'm a bit confused about if I'll need to grab that feat too.

Not a pathfinder society campaign by the way.

I was planning on making a sorcerer with a giant dragonfly companion (yes, sylvan bloodline) and I've more or less figured out how to deal with the intelligence issue. What I was surprised to find though was the "curious companion" feat which allows you to choose a plant or vermin companion and well, I thought those were options allowed by default?

The feat seems to be from wilderness origins and I could've sworn that vermin and especially plant companions were around before that, so I'm a bit confused about if I'll need to grab that feat too.

Okay, I get it.

Could someone tell me how to not make the cards get destroyed without those witch levels though? I'd like to enchant cards higher than a total of +5 without throwing money at enchanting new ammunition all the time.

That would admittedly work fairly well.

It doesn't really change the fact that the cards are destroyed though, a magus's ability to enchant their weapons will only get me so far, so I'm worried that it would get quite pricey to enchant cards in the long run without the cartomancer's ability to not destroy them.

well, martial focus unlocks weapon mastery feats and maneuver mastery arcana let's me treat magus level as bab for the maneuver in question..

I just wanted to have fun

To my knowledge the cartomancer is the only way to not have the cards be destroyed with the use of deadly dealer; and since I'm hoping to fit in ace disarm and ricochet toss for ranged steals I'll need weapons that don't simply disintegrate upon hit.

As for why I'm so insistent on cards... well, I just really like the flavor of making a magical girl with a bit of card captor and a bit of the one from megatokyo whose power is being ridiculously good at stealing things.

Trying to build a card throwing focused character and I'm having some issues deciding on class(es). I've been eyeing a 3 cartomancer/17 card caster combination, but the damage on regular attacks seems like it would be really low or leave me very MAD since I can't figure out how to use dex to damage or str to hit with thrown weapons.

So I've started looking around a bit and was wondering if the cartomancer's share spells ability works with other spellcasting classes they might take? For example warpriest spells, which would make the regular attacks a bit more potent.

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I recommend a water spray bottle, for when players start misbehaving.
It's either for players or cats, I can't remember which, but I'm pretty sure it's players.

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I don't really see why it would matter if people wants to play a good drow. Our group is kind of fond of the race and we have several drow characters of varying alignments. The "lone rebel seeking redemption" sounds boring if you just boil it down to that, but it can be decorated with little quirks and character traits that the character itself isn't boring.

Any character, whether they be drow, human, aasimar or whatever can be dull as cardboard depending on the player. Or they can be interesting too. Give the player a chance to show what they can do with their concept.

I wouldn't even mind if someone brought a dual-wielding drow ranger to the party, maybe raise an eyebrow, but we'd definitely let the character speak for themselves in game. And even if it did turn out to be Drizz't with another name, who cares? chances are they'd still be able to contribute to the party in a meaningful way.

I mean, they're not paladins!
(jokes aside though, I'd personally like to see how a Drizz't would do alongside my Vhaeraunite rogue/cleric,)

I don't really think it's a good idea to implement this because not only will it make combat take that much longer, but you pretty much end up awarding players for out of character actions. Not everyone is able to describe things in a flowery manner on the spot so you'd be rewarding more outgoing people and punishing introverts by denying them those bonuses.

Personally I'd leave a table that ends up displaying favoritism on that level.

Good lord, glittering anklets... That sure would be a sight to behold on my drow fighter.

Thanks for the tip though, I'll have a proper look at the archives.

I got all the essentials for my fighter sorted out and grabbed the item mastery option from advanced fighter training, figuring I'd have a bit of fun with the dimensional agility chain. However, the uses one can get out of teleportation mastery per day are... quite low. 2 times per day becoming 3 at level 20, and even though I have the feats to spare for "just fun" stuff I'm hoping that there's some way to get a few more daily uses.

And before someone suggests the whole abundant tactics thing, that won't work. I also need teleportation mastery to be on the build at all times to qualify for dimensional agility feats.

Alternately, is there an item that does the dimension door thing that would let me use the feats with it, since they're on my build already?

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Fireball seems better since it gives a bit more freedom with range and positioning.

Might be a decent idea to look into ways to change the energy type though. Maybe with your bloodline? Or a metamagic rod of elemental spell.

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It's very simple to discern if those knife-ears you're looking at are drow or elves in darkness, and it has nothing to do with skin color.

Drow have darkvision, elves do not.

So just watch if they're stumbling around blindly or moving about with confidence that they won't trip over themselves.

I would not be okay playing in a campaign like the one OP described, there's too much that can go wrong with that kind of skewed "plotlight". It's nearly inevitable that the other players will eventually start to feel bothered by the fact that their characters are just side characters whose purpose is to help the plot important one to reach their goal.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to make an account on, every time I try to get the confirmation email sent there seems to be some sort of error on their end.

Which is kind of a pity, really, because I was also curious on if one can use the Alter blade and Emulate martial weapon blade skills together or if one is locked to the base forms mentioned in Alter blade.

I guess that does make sense. Though it's a pity because I thought that it'd be fun to play that archetype/prestigeclass combination.

I think I'll take you up on the advice and head over to dreamscarred press and see if they have any input though, hope's the last thing to die after all.

Sorry, there seems that a point I was trying to make has been lost somewhere. I realize that not every option is perfect, that's okay even if one of the prereqs is effectively dead weight with that particular path.

Let's see if I can make this clear though.

We're in agreement that text in the primarch indicates that a gifted blade would be able to take the class, yes?

Here's the problem though.

One of the feat prerequisites for entering Primarch is "Swift Imbuement." A feat that lets someone charge their psychic strike as a swift action. However, the feat has a prerequisite of being able to form a mindblade and having psychic strike +1D8.

A gifted blade cannot get psychic strike.

By extension they cannot take swift imbuement which is a feat prereq for entering the class.

Yet the class has text that indicates that a gifted blade can enter it.

Perhaps it's just because I am quite tired, but it looks really strange to me that the class has specifications for a gifted blade's progression when the gifted blade can't take the feat that is needed to enter the class.

The Telekinetic edge requirement isn't really the part that I'm most bothered by. It's just kinda useless until the Primarch gets the psychic strike ability at 3rd Primarch level, it seems entirely possible to take it without actually having psychic strike, so it's just dormant for a while.

Perhaps I should have clarified a bit about the manifester level progression though, it very specifically calls out gifted blade for that:

"If the character possesses manifesting from being a gifted blade, then
each level of primarch advances his manifesting as a gifted blade."

This is why I'm so convinced that the archetype is compatible with the prestige class, or should be at least. So it's either an oversight on the developer's part or I'm missing a piece of the puzzle, and I'm fairly sure that it's the latter, but I'm not sure where to look for it and I'm also not sure on how I would go about asking the developer for clarification.

I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't make myself look bad by making another thread about the mechanics of soul knives, but here we are...

I'm still working a bit on my gifted blade that I intended to have go into the primarch prestige class, but the prereqs has me a bit confused.

Now, in Primacy of the blade which the primarch gets at level 1 it mentions that gifted blade manifestation progresses as normal, so I'm pretty sure that that archetype is meant to work as base for this prestige class. But getting the metal awakening and progression requires the blade skill Telekinetic edge which is entirely useless when you don't have a psychic strike, but okay, the Primarch gets a small psychic strike ability a couple of levels in and I can accept a mostly useless kinda-sorta feat tax.

But then one gets to the actual feat prereqs that are weapon focus (fair enough) and swift imbuement, which has psychic strike as a prereq, which the gifted blade doesn't get...

Am I missing something here? or is it just impossible for a gifted blade to get into a prestige class that makes specific note about how their manifestation levels progresses?

To be honest I'll probably be using a longsword and dirk (refluffing a shortsword) on him since his weapon selection is an homage to a different character, so his crit range won't be optimal.

But, you know, still good when it does happen.
(And as I said before, the likelihood of me being able to play both of them at the same time is minimal anyway).

Oh wow, okay.

See, the reason I was curious about this is because I've been considering picking butterfly sting on one of my fighter characters and statting up his wife as a soul knife (probably going primarch), and I was wondering how much of a kick a scythe could get if I made that her weapon of choice.

Unfortunately I'll probably never have both of them on the field at the same time, but it's fun to theorycraft a bit every once in a while.

Pathfinder, though I guess it's from dreamscarred press. It's got its own section on the PFSRD.

I'm rather new to psionics but I was wondering if someone could elaborate a little bit on how the emulate melee weapon blade skill works for soul knives? Am I right in assuming that the mindblade (normally 19-20 x2) can change its modifiers to be more like the chosen weapon or have I completely misunderstood it?

And just in case I am correct, how does this work if you've picked Deadly blow, which raises a mind blade's critical multiplier by 1?

I don't mean this to come across as doubting, but could you elaborate on other ways to get hide in plain sight? I have actually been looking for alternate means but aside from the rogue talent, shadowdancer class and the cryptic I haven't actually been having much luck, so it would be neat to know of other ways in general.

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Personally I don't think you should "bait" them into killing innocents at all.
What one can do is make clear from the start that random encounters doesn't necessarily mean combat, but can be encounters with normal people instead that might require assistance or problem solving in some manner. That will give the players incentive to approach encounters with some degree of caution and give them reason to investigate a bit before judging if it's a combat encounter or not.

But really, don't bait players into doing things that will make them feel like crap. There's a very real chance that it won't be an enjoyable experience, which defeats the purpose of the game.

Air0r, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Some of the abilities mentioned in that entry aren't familiar to me so I'll probably look into getting a hold of those books some time before the hypothetical game starts.

Quintain, Do you mean psychic warrior instead of soul knife or just straight up psychic warrior all the way through? I'm not terribly familiar with most of the psionic classes but this one seems more... well, warrior focused than rogue-ish.

A friend of mine mentioned the possibility of a more psionic game (in a setting without spells)and I started wondering how I'd try to build one of my favorite characters for that kind of game.

Of course, me being me, I ended up with the probably most inefficient class wishlist I could have thought up, and now I'm wondering if it's even possible to make it work.

Basically, for that rogue-ish feel, I'd want to start off with the cutthroat soulknife archetype. So far so good, right?
Well, then ideally I wanna go and grab a level of shadowdancer because I'd really like hide in plain sight and that's not on the list of rogue talents the cutthroat can choose from.
And before anyone goes "But look at those feat prereqs!" I'm painfully aware of them, but they might be necessary anyway because...

I also wanna go elocater, the ability for gravity to be optional just seems like too much fun to pass up on. (Though I need to figure out how to get past that "ability to manifest 1st level powers" requirement).

So that's Cutthroat, shadowdancer and elocater, and if possible I'd really like to do two-weapon fighting as well because the character has a history of that. This will of course leave me very feat starved and I'm not sure if what remains is enough to make it a viable build.

Any tips?

If it was six month's ago you should probably just leave it be, it's not going to look very good if you drag it up out of nowhere.

If you feel that it really requires some sort of acknowledgement you could just mention it in the passing, for the sake of future reference. But I really wouldn't do it unless you find yourself in a similar situation again.

Have you considered asking your fellow players who might qualify for it if they would be willing to take the feat?

Alternately, I'm not the greatest at brawlers, but couldn't you use that ability to temporarily get combat feats to grab the "Ghostslayer" feat if you run into similar situations?

Finally going to start playing my first fighter this upcoming saturday and I spent a few feats on getting improved/greater bullrush and Seize the opportunity (from path of war) that allows for an attack action like vital strike or a combat maneuver instead of the regular attack of opportunity. And I just thought I'd check if anyone has any ideas on items that enhances the ability to bullrush or gives it some sort of fun tricks?

Before anyone starts suggesting shield bashes, my fighter is a two-handed one who favors the earth breaker. Bullrush isn't the primary objective of his build, but I figured it might be fun to occasionally send an opponent off towards my allies. We're a pretty melee heavy group so I'm sure they'll appreciate a round of baseball.

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We essentially goes with whoever has best use of it gets it, if no one has use of it then we put it in the fighter's hole (portable) and sell it later and divide up the riches. At only one point has a player forgoing the profits from selling things because they'd taken quite a few items from the latest pile of shinies but it hasn't been a common thing.

None of us really wants to keep track of purchasing things from the pile, it seems a bit odd to me that a person might have to give up an item they would benefit from just because they can't buy it off.

If it looks like one person is getting a bit left behind in terms of loot there's nothing wrong with dropping an item that would almost be tailored to their needs.

Not really what you are looking for, but I just figured I'd drop by to suggest the Megaloceros. Still tastes like venison, but the attacks seem to be a bit stronger. Takes until 7th level to grow large though.

Gonna be keeping an eye on this thread for the sake of a future build.

Personally I'm looking forward to an opportunity to play a summoner with a skeleton stag eidolon.

Gore, undead appearance whenever I can invest in it, making it large and possibly huge to serve as a mount... There's probably more one can add to it for flavor, but it's almost 5am so I'm not going to peruse the evolution list right now.

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Groping someone without them having openly agreed to the act is pretty much sexual assault right there. Sure, there's an off chance that they might appreciate the advances, but if the character does it without knowing then he pretty much does it without caring about consent. Which is definitely not a paladin thing to do.

Alignment system aside, paladins are supposed to fight for the greater good, this can arguably involve underhanded tactics at times, maybe even teaming up with a lesser evil (depends a bit on how strict the DM is about it, but that's another can of worms). But sexually assaulting people is a thing that people do for their own satisfaction, it's not an evil that a paladin can justify. Even if you don't believe in the strict alignment scheme it's something that's definitely seen as wrong and evil even in our non-alignment society.

If the paladin uses his lay on hands to assault someone like that then it's pretty much either that he doesn't care about consent or or makes sure that he gets sexual satisfaction in exchange for healing his comrades. Either way it's quite sickening and he should've fallen long ago.

I'm also in favor of talking to the players away from the table, preferably separately or at least away from the paladin player so they can get a chance to voice any concerns they might harbor. Especially if some of the players are females. They shouldn't have to deal with that crap if it makes them even the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Honestly, just ask your players for some suggestions. You might get some responses that they find flavorful that us outsiders wouldn't think of.

I second those that have suggested that the players provide a short list of classes that they'd like to gain access to. Judging from what you've seen in the past might fail to account for opportunities and concepts that the players would want to try out if they were given the option.

I also congratulate you on letting oyur players get this chance. I wish one of my GMs would be more open to gestalting, there's a lot of fun to be had with it.

Didn't you read the rest of OPs posts? GM and other players know that OP has read the module since they've ran it before. And one of the reasons they thought there might've been a mistake was because another enemy of that sort had STR damage poison, which I'd say would give reason for doubt. Some things you don't want to interrupt an ongoing game for but it can leave a sour taste that one addresses only later, but they haven't played since so what does it matter if he brings it up now? It likely won't mess up a long spanning timeline.

If you don't trust your players then that's your problem. I'm willing to give OP the benefit of the doubt that they searched up only that particular tidbit of information.

Good lord some of you take this way too seriously. Asking if the poison really should've been con based isn't a big deal, seeing as they lost a character because of it and came close to losing another. Just be polite about it and don't push the point if the GM says that it was intended as such.

Going as far as to say that you'd throw people out just for questioning a thing that cost them their character is what I'd call being overly controlling; you're GMs, not old greek gods.

Is the fourth character an GMPC or NPC?

'Cause if the answer to that is "no" then my answer to the topic's question is "Whatever the fourth player feels like playing."

This might just be because I'm new to melee or because I'm unused to your class, but doesn't power attack require 13 in strength? And I'm also curious about how you plan on two handing your sword and still use a shield.

The hooves evolution is a little bit of a dilemma for me to be quite honest. On one hand, it might be good to get those extra attacks, and it would certainly be good for the look.

On the other hand I'm wondering if it's a terrible decision in terms of power. I do wish to aim for flavor for most part, but am always a bit worried about crippling my characters in the process.

My reason for this concern is partially because focusing on the gore attack would give it 1-1/2 strength on that one, and when multiattack sets in I'll get a second attack. Which might not sound all that great until one accounts for the tusk blades (or horn blades in this case), which can be enchanted like a weapon and increases the critical threat range to 19-20 before accounting for possible expansions to that range (which the blades mention that they are compatible with).

It might be asking for a bit much, but could someone give me a bit of insight on the math? I've never dealt with a companion that has secondary attacks, whereas I've seen my tyrannosaurus companion on another character be fairly effective, so I'm slightly biased towards the comfort of familiarity.

That's more like it!

... And now I realize that I'm setting myself up for disaster if I ever end up needing to draw the eidolon in any context. But that's hardly relevant for this forum.

I was thinking more along the lines of a traditional megaloceros-skeleton. The one in the picture's got a bit more draconic tones to it than I want.

It does look really cool though.

So after level 9 then? Since it gets multiattack at that level.

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