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The shop keep glances over at Astri and smirks, "Lover's quarrel?" He pauses to give her time for a tart response.

After a few moments he continues unemotionally, "Dajobas, and the plague of lycanthrophy, simply brings forth a different type of client requiring my unique skills."

"Bravo!" The wizard howls. Shaking his head, "I need to remember that one." He stares at the jawbone for bit, "No magic, not even masked magic. Why is this important to you?"

No curses. Actually I didn't think of it when I decided to plant it in Sam's shop, rather than the sewers.

Astri's dark emerald eyes shine with hope as she tugs out the 2 foot Jawbone. Excitedly she feels a sense of accomplishment.

"You know, these items were found in my shop and therefore belong to me. That trinket seems to have a lot of value to several groups of people...Jalia, your party, the Tutila, the crazed wereshark, and I'm there's a few others." Astri your heart plummets to the floor as the wizard speaks. "Of course, there is the biggest factor of all it cost me a peaceful night sleep."

You are looking a declarative high quality Type III bag of holding. The material used and quality of the stitching is itself impressive. A eye-tutning lady's luxury item.

Are you opening the bag?

Sam intensely watches.

5:23 am Astri, Bri, and Sorrin

Astri after looking around the shop for a good 20 minutes you finally locate the bag that Chell described to you, it was tucked behind a strange chest and a quilt that's pattern seems to be hypnotically moving.

To Sam's perverse pleasure he had spent the better part of the time watching you bend and stretch searching his shelves. When you finally find what you are looking for he comments, "So is that it? Is that what you disturbed my sleep for?" Motioning to the counter to lay the item out.

The wizard reappears floating near the ceiling and he descents. He waves at the bear. "Intimidating." He motions to the bear.

"Ah the lesser magic speaks." He laughs, mockery is apparent. "Yes, the Blood Moon is rising tonight, I suspect that you are right the weresharks among us will show themselves." His right eye brow raises, "No, I don't have the kiss and I suspect they will scurry on by my little shop without much trouble." He grins, "Mad wizard reputation and such." He laughs.

"So you say Jalia brought a bag of holding by." He purses his lips. "Well, she's a clever one, figured out how to disable the alarm." His left hand on his chin now. "She never delivered this bag with the Jawbone to me, but this is a genius place to hide something, don't you think?" Only a fool would break into and steal from wizard. He lets the last part sink in a moment.

"Well, get on with it search for the bag."

"Sounds like an alchemy fire explosion. Well, that could explain the mystery of the shortage in port." no sooner does the first explosion rattle the ground, it's followed by a couple more. All focused in the same area. "Hmpptt, at least it's not wide spread." He unemotionally states.

"Should I just turn you into stone now...boy? Will that stop you from sneaking halfarse burglarizing in my shop?" He stops for a second and the bear motions for you to climb into the shop. "Bring your cohort's in crime, He mumbles loudly, "Hope you at least had the forethought to bring the pretty women with you." He sneers, "You're not a real good burglar are need night glasses at the very least. You are like a lighthouse with those torches.


The sunrod drops with a loud thump to the floor - the light casts eerie shadows off the shelf's and items within. A voice echoes - Sorrin looks at a great bear standing guard at the back of the room - the voice appears to be coming from the bear. "Your not actually a good burglar are Announcing your arrival is such a spectacle...Banging on my door, not once but twice...then entering through a window with a spotlight."


"Do I look like I do charity?" he says sternly expecting full payment.

At Sam's when sorrin and Bri are about town directing folks to the Run Aground for drinks, healing, and prospect of work Sam does have the traveller's tool.

qauntity of TT: 1d8 ⇒ 4
It's a useful item that he keeps on hand for sailors.


60% chance he has it: 1d100 ⇒ 6

vials: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

He has two vials of the substance available. "You know I haven't seen two of the peddlers of this stuff lately, my supply is quite low actually."

The wizard gets a perturbed look on his face. "What is this some sort of Quell humor? I'm a wizard! Do I look like I can conjure up food and drink? I cast..." he says it painfully slow, enunciating each syllable, "AR... CANE spells." Who does she think she is trying to dupe me. he gathers his composure. "I do have a few divine scrolls around here but you'd do better at your chapterhouse or Featherton's Divinity Shop near the Jade District."

"Yeah...I've a couple of the swan boats long craning necks too...465 gold each."

I realized after I typed out a response that you're looking for mostly divine scrolls/items and Sam is arcane. I had to rethink his response. So I'll come up with divine shop for you.

"I'm sure I could help, the real question is will I help." The pompous wizard curtly replies to the cleric.

"Carthias Delnor please give the gentleman a receipt confirming his deposit of 6680 gold. The magical canteen to be created on full payment $10,322 gold." A young assistant nods and writes out the receipt for Torgue.

A fool and his gold, who am I to complain. "Why certainly that will do for a down payment. When will you be returning with the remainder of the funds? I'll be able to finish the item the day the funds are completely paid." I should throw in a funnel and long see through tube as a lark. I bet he'd use it to drink.

The wizard shuffles the maps under a book, "Oh, these there nothing. Why are you a seeker of Garr's lost gold?"

"Hmmm, so you'd need a masterwork canteen, an invisibility spell, a locate object spell, and two permanency spells. I'm sure I can make one of those items for you but it's gonna be expensive."

Hey I may enter this one in next year's superstar competition.

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Torgue rushes into Sagacious Samuel's shop to explain his invention idea of the invisibility beer canteen. The wizard listens and shakes his head then mumbles, "Seriously, this is watch you want to use my gift for? An invisible canteen for your beer? I should turn you into a toad for suggesting such a ridiculous idea." You remember stories of how pompous this man is.

Torgue you do notice he has several wands on his person. More interesting to you are three maps of the same area laying on his workstation, each looking slightly different though.

"Do I look like a cartographer?" He's clearly annoyed, "try the Cartographers and Explorers Guild." His sardonic voice adds, "I could summon a roc to entertain you." You get the sense that he would do just that.

he turns his attention back to Sath and Bri. "Good day, you should be pleased with Native's Delight"

"Oh, you two enjoy ink." He makes a clucking sound with his tongue. He wiggles his fingers in the air and the Port Shaw map appears again in the air. "In the Bawd district The Sailor's Kiss, good common and mundane designs. Items that interest the average sailor.' Both of you know this is the shop that you walked by on the way to the Broken Skull.

"Now for local flavor and uniqueness there is Native's Delight in the Silk District. They keep some local Tulita craftsman that are skilled in this Tulita style of tattooing, their ink mastery can dance."

Embrianna wrote:
"Of course, I have air bubble scrolls. I create those myself." His eyes wander over your body and he smiles. "Well, how powerful are you looking for?"
Bri gently pets her little viper around her neck. "Oh, I don't know that I can handle any that are too powerful. Perhaps you could just show me what you have and then I can decide whether or not I can handle it?"

He pulls out three low level (1st level) scrolls, "Since I created these scrolls, they will not fail you, but I'm feeling a bit generous today and I'll sell them to you 27 gold each."

Make another sense motive based on his tone.

Sath and Bri the wizard mentions, "I carry some cleric items but you may want to check out with the new cleric in Quells chapterhouse if it's something I don't carry."

Embrianna wrote:
I know the suggested price, I am just expecting a high mark-up. :)

"Of course, I have air bubble scrolls. I create those myself." His eyes wander over your body and he smiles. "Well, how powerful are you looking for?"