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Well I'm far different from Razmir. Hell I think he and I would be mortal enemies in fact. :P I'm more Chaotic Good in nature. But besides the point. Say we were to do really good in the name of a deity. Would they gift us with a powerful unique artifact? Or would everyone get such artifacts? :P

I got a question about religions and deities. Is there a way to create new deities? Or for that matter new religions? Say I wanted to create a new cult under some type of powerful spider creature that rules over the apocalypse (Not that I would know anything about that of course. What!? Ummm... I don't worship the Old Ones! You crazy bro... ^^; ehehe... *nervous whistling*) How would I got about doing creating a new religion and god in the game world? Hypothetically speaking if it were possible. :P

I think this would be interesting I think :D It would be fun to ride around in a chariot and fight other people in a gladiatorial arena. Or even on the battlefield. :P

I attempted to apply on your site. But it doesn't seem like I can get on the forums.

Hey, are you still recruiting?

Schweet. Thank you! :D

Figured it would be good to get a list of Pathfinder Societies up to date. So that people can find where to recruit immediately.

You could just put a link and the title of your group if you want.

Hmmmmm... Sounds very interesting. Perhaps underground kingdom ruins? We could have it where kingdoms might build over older cities after they sink into the ground.

Hmmmmm... Perhaps a Darwinian form of Government?

I can only speculate the above being a racial or "speciest" supremacist group.

Not a real word but politically correct in terms of biology.

I had been bored so I thought I'd ask the ultimate question all you bloodthirsty pathfinder warlords are fantasizing about.

How would you rule a country? Or for that matter the world if possible?

If you have no ideas I have examples conveniently listed here:

Ideas of Government:
Someone said wrote:

Forms of Government:

"Adhocracy - government based on type of organization that operates in opposite fashion to a bureaucracy.

Authoritarian – Authoritarian governments are characterized by an emphasis on the authority of the state in a republic or union. It is a political system controlled by unelected rulers who usually permit some degree of individual freedom.

Anarchism - Sometimes said to be non-governance; it is a structure which strives for non-hierarchical voluntary associations among agents.

Band Society - government based on small (usually family) unit with a semi-informal hierarchy, with strongest (either physical strength or strength of character) as leader. Very much like a pack seen in other animals, such as wolves.

Chiefdom (Tribal) - government based on small complex society of varying degrees of centralization that is led by an individual known as a chief.

Constitutional monarchy – A government that has a monarch, but one whose powers are limited by law or by a formal constitution, such as the United Kingdom.

Constitutional republic – A government whose powers are limited by law or a formal constitution, and chosen by a vote amongst at least some sections of the populace (Ancient Sparta was in its own terms a republic, though most inhabitants were disenfranchised. The United States is a republic, but the large numbers of African Americans and women did not have the vote early on). Republics which exclude sections of the populace from participation will typically claim to represent all citizens (by defining people without the vote as "non-citizens").

Democracy – Rule by a government chosen by election where most of the populace are enfranchised. The key distinction between a democracy and other forms of constitutional government is usually taken to be that the right to vote is not limited by a person's wealth or race (the main qualification for enfranchisement is usually having reached a certain age). A Democratic government is, therefore, one supported (at least at the time of the election) by a majority of the populace (provided the election was held fairly). A "majority" may be defined in different ways. There are many "power-sharing" (usually in countries where people mainly identify themselves by race or religion) or "electoral-college" or "constituency" systems where the government is not chosen by a simple one-vote-per-person headcount.

Dictatorship – Rule by an individual who has full power over the country. The term may refer to a system where the dictator came to power, and holds it, purely by force - but it also includes systems where the dictator first came to power legitimately but then was able to amend the constitution so as to, in effect, gather all power for themselves. See also Autocracy and Stratocracy.

Emirate - similar to a monarchy or sultanate, but a government in which the supreme power is in the hands of an emir (the ruler of a Muslim state); the emir may be an absolute overlord or a sovereign with constitutionally limited authority.

Geniocracy - government ruled by creativity, innovation, intelligence and wisdom.

Kratocracy - government ruled by those strong enough to seize power through physical force or political cunning.

Kritocracy - government ruled by judges.

Meritocracy - Rule by a group selected on the basis of their ability.

Monarchy – Rule by an individual who has inherited the role and expects to bequeath it to their heir.

Nomocracy - Rule according to higher law. That is, a government under the sovereignty of rational laws and civic right as opposed to one under theocratic systems of government. In a nomocracy, ultimate and final authority (sovereignty) exists in the law.

Oligarchy – Rule by a small group of people who share similar interests or family relations.

Plutocracy – A government composed of the wealthy class. Any of the forms of government listed here can be plutocracy. For instance, if all of the voted representatives in a republic are wealthy, then it is a republic and a plutocracy.

Republic - is a form of government in which the people, or some significant portion of them, have supreme control over the government and where offices of state are elected or chosen by elected people. In modern times, a common simplified definition of a republic is a government where the head of state is not a monarch. Montesquieu included both democracies, where all the people have a share in rule, and aristocracies or oligarchies, where only some of the people rule, as republican forms of government.

Stratocracy - form of military government in which the state and the military are traditionally the same thing. (Not to be confused with "militarism" or "military dictatorship".)

Technocracy - government ruled by doctors, engineers, scientists, professionals and other technical experts.

Theocracy – Rule by a religious elite.

Timocracy - government ruled by honorable citizens and property owners.

Totalitarian – Totalitarian governments regulate nearly every aspect of public and private life."

Mine, personally, would be ruled by a specific number of "families." These families specialize in a trade or skill (Such as finances, war, diplomatic relations, etc.) and tackle problems based around the needs of it's citizens. The families usually come up with a plan of action and present their plan to the citizens who vote on the outcome. The biggest problem(s) of society, which is decided upon by a council of judges, is then enacted by the current ruling family. All acts are overseen by the aforementioned judges who are meant to not only seek out corruption in the ranks of the families but also to ensure "equality" in power.

A bit complex but I would love to see how it works out. :P

Interesting. One of the things that most intrigues me is the shifts in alignment. One moment my character is considered holier than a saint. The next he opens up a portal and let's lose some evil godling like Ghlaunder on the world. The act of doing that (If possible in the Pathfinder world.)would therefore be exponentially chaotic evil. This will be a very entertaining game, I can tell.

I noticed some of the races in Pathfinder seem to have a set alignment.

I was wondering if that is how it will be in the game.

Will the character we have start as an evil or good being?

Or could be break the stereotype and play which alignment we want?

Example I want to play a Drow that isn't an evil douche.

Okay so I know they just had a Kickstarter for the Pathfinder Tech Demo.

If they have one for the original game what do you think the Kickstarter rewards should be?

Also what should be the starting goal for the amount pledged?

I was looking through the wiki on Pathfinder. It talked of a part of the world called the Great Beyond and all the spirits and alternate dimensions there.

Do you think that these places and spirit beings would play a vital role in the game world?

Also do you think they should or shouldn't implement such a thing? Why shouldn't they? Or how should they do it?

I was thinking about these features and wondered if they also planned somethings like these to be used for the game.

A Death System - We all die in the game, but how do we die? And exactly how does it matter to us? Perhaps the use of an "afterlife" system? A place where people go such as Nirvana, Heaven, Hell to become some spirit that players or NPC's can summon with magic?

A Dynamic Events System - Could events be suddenly planned in the game that would not only matter to the theme-park aspect but also the sandbox? For instance a meteor crashes to earth to show a city underneath the earths crust. Could adventurers journey down there and get some powerful artifact or technology and give it to their guild? Or would it just influence the theme park world rather than the players directly?

"Vehicles" (On land, air and sea) - How is combat while astride a horse? In a clockwork plane? On the back of a wyvern or on a large navy ship? Can you use them for combat? How would they work if so?

Dynamic Environment - Could the environment change by players actions or on it's own? For instance a volcano eruption or cutting down a forest for your company.

Class system - Would be keep just the original classes and archetypes? Or could we chose to make our own path?

That's all I can think of at the moment.

I imagine you are planning to create New Rome?

Very nice, hopefully you can gain quite some work from this. :P

If your talking about a weapon type, please give me a cleaver, a pitchfork, a scythe! Please I would love to see a ton of unorthodox weapons. Fulfill a sociopath assassin's dreams in the game! <3

I can imagine one of your assassins being a giant named Jack Beanstalk who recites the nursery rhyme then says;

"I'll grind his bones to make my bread."

After he's killed somebody. T'would be awesome.

A New Writ: "Sir, what would say about the rumors of the crazed murderer known as "The Giant" lurking around your establishment?"

Bread Maker: "That's just my competition telling tales; And furthermore-"

*body slumps in a corner followed with an awkward amount of silence*

Bread Maker: ... You can prove nothing...

YawarFiesta wrote:

I felt that the blog post kinda implies that the Pathfinder Online is going to draw from the lore, classes, monsters, factions, NPC, mythos, etc. of Golarion, but not exactly from the rules themselves.

I know that it wouldn't be feasible to have a MMO with the ruleset of Pathfinder RPG and the conversions needed will would be drastic. But, why is it Pathfinder Online when it isn´t really Pathfinder RPG and it more closely Golarion Online?


XD I can see it all now, if it's Golarion Online it'll be GO as in GO and buy this awesome game! If it's Pathfinder Online it'll be PO as in... Er... Hmmm... They need to add something that starts with a 'T' at the beginning. :P

Justin Tanner wrote:

I have read their blog, but I don't remember seeing them mention how spell casting will work in the game.

Will it be like the tabletop, where you get a certain number per day and have to rest to get them back?

I can see this as being really cool, keeping in tradition with the actual roleplaying game. This could make spell casters a really hard class, knowing when and where to use spells. At the same time, this would seem to make their class boring, and depending on how the game is played, really not an option to wait for an 8 hour period to get spells back.

Will you have mana and spells just have a cost and cool down.

This would play like most other MMO's, something that PFO has tried to stay away from doing as much as possible. Although this does seem to keep them in the right for keeping up in damage output of the other classes.

Of maybe you have your own idea for how it should be done.

My idea would be that spells just have longer cooldowns, based on what spell it is and what level of the spell. Higher level spells would have a longer cooldown, obviously; where simple cantrips would only have a few minutes (in game time).

Different classes would have different ways on choosing spells and such.

Wizards will have their big spell lists, but choose what spells they can cast during the day. Possibly resting, or not getting into combat, for the 8 hours (in game time) will allow you to re-choose your spell outputs.

Sorcerers will have their entire book to sue, but at the same time have a smaller list to choose from.

This could also work towards the other classes that cast spells (clerics/bard/oracle/ect...)

What do you guys think? Should it be one of these ways, or do you have an idea for how spell casting should work?

The first thing that should be obvious and noted is this. DON'T BE LIKE WARCRAFT (Not entirely anyhow). Areas that theme park MMO's had that destroyed them please throw them out. Now that that is out of the way one thing MMO's should always stick with and that is their roots. Specially when considering this MMO is originating from such a book as Pathfinder. The one thing I've never seen MMO that actually stuck to traditional pen and paper style. If they took this path it would be a very refreshing change from the well known sell-outs of today. It would be the first proper modern MMO I've seen. However we all know this is extremely difficult as there is a balance to such things. Though I believe that people in the game could actually balance themselves out others believe otherwise.

So Instead perhaps the best course of action is to create a revised version of the Pen and Paper rpg. Though I have not played this rpg before it seems in Golarion, from what you've stated, that magic isn't easy. Depending on if this game is played like Elder Scrolls this rule should apply.

This, I believe are the following of what should happen in this instance:

Magic should have effects on the body depending on how strong the spell or how much is needed to be used.

Magic should cause something on your person and how strong effects should be depend on yourself (Race, Stat Levels, Alignment, Etc).

Spells should be strong difficult and at times take multiple people to perform. Consider summoning an avatar of a god-like being. It would be a doubt some people would make it out of that ritual alive. Or at least have extreme injuries.

Spells that are simple should be somewhat difficult to learn but harder to master. Say you healed a buddy then need to fire a blast of flame at an enemy. You can be better at the blast of flame at an enemy and just have wasted using mana on a friend as the enemy already killed him.

Time for regeneration for minor spells shouldn't be exactly as extreme as 8 hours, however, they should have a fair time. A spell for an extreme one should have an effect such as that, if not something a tad worse.

Medium or In-between spells should have a fair balance between the two. While a large fire blast should be able to roast your enemies you are also liable to burn your arms. Though I don't know exactly if that would work I think it's worth a try on a special server.

However if you're going down the path of theme park the above would definitely not work. Best solution is to do what all theme parks do then. Which I really hope this game will not do.

coach wrote:

I for one would love to log on and not see:

"PLAYERS ONLINE: Yo_Momma, ManBeast, Da$#!+, Ben Dover, U-my-%&*%# , etc

And I would also not want to have to hire the OneDayKillaz for an assassination contract.

Agreed, playing a game where I'm trying to immerse myself and ending up having a contract to fight a guy named Yo_Momma, though humorous, would really ruin my feel of living in a fantasy world setting.

Specially if that person is a troll... Then again killing anyone that does have the above names would be extremely satisfying... No court in all of Golarion would convict me...

Welp, I think it's time that we start making up war philosophies and getting ourselves in the records as the Pathfinder worlds most famous generals.

"Men may march to many things. But for those who march against us? They march to their doom." Ryghamoc, Leader of the Penumbral Margravate

I figured this would be a good idea to get a nice list of those who aren't a "secret society."

(Though in consideration every secret society is pretty much already named so their not totally secret are they? Example Illuminatis and the Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn.)

This will be easy access for people to review over their choices of who they want to join and see whose still active so if they're interested they'll look on the groups main post.

Each group would list themselves below with their:

Group Name:
Goals: (What you plan to do in the game)
Group Website: (If you have one)
Type of Group: (Exactly what type of of group are you? Academic, Warlike, etc.)
Scope: (How far you wish to spread your influence? Global? National? Local? Etc.)
Structure: (How is your group structured? Business like, Anarchistic group, Etc.)
Members: (What are the members who will join your group most likely going to be like? Savages? Scholars? Priests? Thieves? Etc?)

(Hoping I didn't miss anything, if I did let me know and I'll add it)

Now I just took a look at this game and only taken a quick glance to gain the gist of what the people of Paizo seem to be planning. So please forgive me for anything that I may say here below that may seem dumb or ignorant.

Personally, I would never have preferred to put in "Alignments" due to I find them to be somewhat labeling in terms of what can and cannot be done. This, I thought especially in an MMO, would give a bit of a "one trick pony" feel. For instance people will have no variety in personality when they're condemned to a singular idea and have no other depth. Lawful Neutral stereotype does this Chaotic Evil stereotype does that; usually it seemed all too classic and less modern. However after careful examination of this game and the world I'd say I'd love to see both.

The writers of the books and lore use extremely careful word use and intelligent ideas. After reading over the blogs, seeing all the ideas they go deeper in depth into I'd say they would be able to pull it off. Such creative thoughts that are not only restrictive but manipulable that; even if they fail, only work to add more intensity to the game.