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What Changed: Tribal Scars feat
What's the problem: The feat used to grant +6 HP and some other things, now it just grants other things. I needed that +6 HP to continue my quest of having the most health points. Without it, I go from 499 raging HPs to 493 HPs, with is a paltry sum.
What I'd like to see: Allow only me to keep the old version of this feat, given that I am a powerful Jarl. It will help solidify my position as the leader of my people. Allow everyone else to retrain it for free.

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My level 18 barbarian will be needing three new rage powers, two new magic items, and a new feat (poor Tribal Scars) when he comes off his two year AP cooldown, and I think it's hilarious, more than anything.

"I don't understand... the world has changed so much in my absence. Wait, why don't these boots work anymore?"

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Jeff Hazuka wrote:
CON scores above 20?

I have a 46 when I get mad.

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Gah! Golarion keeps changing while I'm away. First my boots stopped working and now my skin grows thinner with age. Oh well, 465 days until my return.

Mounts his spirit wolf and rejoins Baba Yaga's contingent of Black Riders.

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Lab_Rat wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

Fortification is just bad. For the price just increasing the +s will prevent more hits AND crits.

It has a niche. My barbarian with an ac of 14 uses it. His AC is so low that adding to it makes no sense at all. I can add a +6 to His AC and the enemy will still hit him on a 2. For damage mitigation he has DR 7/- and that works great for survival vs multi-attacking enemies. However, large spikes in damage can do him in, so I use fortification to prevent those kinds of things.

Rukk agrees with Rat. Fortification is very good for not getting crit. And I don't have any book learning like Lab Rat, but I think that the difference between AC of 6 and 12 is no difference at all at level 18.

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Disk Elemental wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:

I wouldn't say "no one". You should have seen me at PFS tonight.

When every single character you encounter has one, and you're asked every time by everybody why your characters do not...there be a problem.

The problem is with crits, the fact the Jingasa is required at upper levels tells you how borked the system is.

Why would Jarl Rukk wear such a silly hat?

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Walter should have probably applied this to me (or should now, if he can).

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Nefreet wrote:
Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Yea I'd wanna know if the Boots of the Earth clarification counts as 'PFS' errata so that I can full-gp refund on it.
You may sell back boots of the earth for a full refund.
I don't normally ask why something was banned, errata'd, or nerfed, but why did the team feel this item needed attention? I've only ever seen Life Oracles with it.

Those boots were the cheapest way of healing myself. Although it was starting to take close to an hour...

But it's OK. I'll just a ring of regeneration now.

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Venture-Captain Jarl Rukk is real good friend of Sacrab Sages. Also Baba Yaga.

18 barbarian, 88 fame. Currently serving 100 years as a black rider

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"Lucious" Lucius Vizinni wrote:

"Rukk is jealous of mighty THUNDERLIPS! And likely wants his own continual flamed schlong. Who is the mythical creature known as a 'GM' that would allow such a thing, and what sort of moron would deign fondle the obelisk of such a mighty man?"

'I bet the ladies do dig that... Maybe I can one up the fool... What clever spells can I use... ?'

WHAT?! No... Fire stays away from Rukk's man parts.

I've been burned before. Stupid lava.

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Lab_Rat wrote:
AC is definitely not the measure of I win character brokenness. Its just one of many defenses. If you have a high AC then you are probably susceptible to something else. I have a lvl 12 barbarian who actually bumps every other form of defense but AC. When going all out has an AC of 12. Sure, you can hit him anytime you want but he will hit you first every time. A lot of GMs find it hard to play lets trade HP with a 200HP Barbarian.

12? 12!


showing up on time with his -3 initiative modifier

Rukk agrees with THUNDERLIPS!

No point in dodging attacks when they only tickle.

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Grappling succubi is just part of the barbarian tradition, just like mind control. Even this guy say so.

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Eh. I've been mind controlled or possessed a handful of times now. The commands are always reasonable, "protect me," and things like that. My friends have never had to kill me--they probably wouldn't even try--instead they just work around me in combat. I'm not that fast, and my friends are smart, with spells like web or glitterdust to keep me occupied. I guess if they had to kill me that would be okay. But I wouldn't make it easy on them, and I am pretty hard to kill.

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Rukk is ready for Shax's House of Pain.

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Boots of the Earth $5000 (feet) InrSeaGods move actn to start, while standing and unmoving "draw strength form the earth"{ed: on earth or unworked stone permanently affixed to the ground, see Soften Earth} gain Fast Healing 1, +4 CMD vs bull rush/reposition/trip. Not bad, but not cheap either, best for a fighter/barbarian type on guard duty on land.

It would take me about 36 minutes to fully recover from 1 HP to full with those boots.

If I was raging it would be about 42 minutes.

My rage only lasts 4 and 1/2 minutes.

I conclude these boots to be bad for me.

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Mattastrophic wrote:

Just to add to the slow track topic, I slow-paced my main character through every level but 6th on the way to 12. It was totally worth it. And now she's 20th.


I was slow sometimes. Except for Eyes. That was fast and I didn't want to fall behind everyone else. As a jarl, I don't get out much any more, but if I do I will move slow again.

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I'm only half human. Or half something. Maybe troll.

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I just made my PC an NPC in Golarion canon.

All hail Jarl Rukk!

I didn't actually, but we roll with it around here

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Shasfowd wrote:
"What's that? Only 293 HP and 50 AC? Tsk Tsk, should've brought more prestige"

I had that problem in Eyes of the Ten. Good thing I am level 14 now and have many HPs.

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Garble Facechomper wrote:
Walter Sheppard wrote:
face-grabbing spell casting npcs

Rukk finds negotiating more fun that fighting. Fighting too easy...

Scarab Sages

Gotcha. The main section just confused me.


14 - Level 4 (Barbarian, Favored Class, CON 20, Toughness) [64]

14 - Level 5 (Barbarian, Favored Class, CON 20, Toughness) [78]
14 - Level 6 (Barbarian, Favored Class, CON 20, Toughness) [92]
14 - Level 7 (Barbarian, Favored Class, CON 20, Toughness) [106]
14 - Level 8 (Barbarian, Favored Class, CON 20, Toughness) [120]

I was expecting the "HP gained each level" column on the left to increase by 1 at level 8.

Scarab Sages

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Cao Phen wrote:
jon dehning wrote:
Ledford's Bane is the toughest 1st level build. Ever.

Add Pesh from Adventurer's Armory into the mix. 42 Hit Points at Level 1 anyone?

Bonus: If you are really going the distance with Maximum Hit Points (no retraining for Hit Points or special boons and the like), here are the two layouts to Level 12:

"Rukk never use Pesh. Drugs cloud the mind, and a leader needs a clear head.

Cao Phen, did you forget about Greater Rage at level 11? And increasing your Constitution as you level?

Also, if you get Diehard, then you can add your Constitution score to your effective HP. Combine with a ring of ferocious action for maximum effect. The best combats are the ones where you teeter a dozen HP from true death.

And what a glorious death it would be."

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The following interview with Jarl Rukk, the newest Linnorm King, was transcribed and translated from orcish to Taldan for publication in the latest Chronicle The Pathfinder and legendary scribe Tassel Packbearer sat down with the Jarl in his great hall in the Stormspear Mountains.

Let's get started with an easy one. Why are you a Pathfinder?
When I was younger, it was only the glory of battle that fueled me. Bravado drove me into many battles, even within others in my clan, and it wasn't long before I no longer had a place with them. Rather than slay me, I was ambushed in the night and abandoned the day after. My feet carried me to the Kellid lands, and it was there I met a strange traveler.

He was Taldan and had the look of someone who had seen all the world had to offer, his name was Cassius Hale. Over the next few months he tempered my fury, and told me of the greater world. The druid came from a place called Absalom, and was a Captain of an organization of misfits called the Pathfinders. He told me that wayward souls from all reaches of the Inner Sea live there, and if I so chose, there would be a place for me at the City at the Center of the World. I thanked him for this chance and headed south, to make a name for myself.

Speaking of your name, how did you come by it? Does it mean anything?
I have forgotten my orcish name, I will not bear the name of the cowards that rejected me, the Jarl spits on the ground with this proclamation. Until I met Cassius, I did not need a one. When Cassius asked for mine, I told him I was in need of a new one. He called me Rukk, after the bird that is wise and free, and flys high enough to see the world for what it is. Sitting before the Jarl, and noting the massive linnorm head hanging on the wall behind him, I decided it unwise to correct his spelling of 'Rook,' the small ravenlike birds common to the Inner Sea.

You mentioned travelling as a youth, what nation did you start your journey in? How did this nation influence you?
I was born into the Icetusk clan in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. It is a harsh, unforgiving land that made me into the King you now see before you. I would thank my clan for abandoning me were I to see them once more, but I heard that with the expansion of the Worldwound last year much of the northern hinterlands were lost to demons. I do not know if they now survive. Jarl Rukk looks past me, to the doors of his great hall for a moment, as if expecting them to arrive at any moment. The moment passes, and he presses me to continue my questions.

I notice you carry many trophies on your person, where are they all from?
Hah! There are too many to count. I will tell you of my favorite ones though, since you asked. The Jarl wears a ceremonial white cape, made from the fur of a wolf. I took this hide from a wolf that walked in the form of a woman. It was during my campaign into Irrisen, the lands of the witches. I challenged her to solitary combat and she agreed. I honor her death and our battle with this fur. Aside from the cape, Rukk bears countless scars, minor tribal tattoos, and straps of leather that serves as clothing. Only a kilt and fur-lined boots cover his skin in any significant fashion. A single golden loop hangs from a string around his neck. He lifts the ring and addresses it. This is from my ex-wife, Eliandra. It is there to remind me that trust given unwisely is easily broken, and, the Jarl let's loose a wry smile, that people are capable of change.

Speaking sentimentally, is there anyone that you love now?
Not as you suggest, no. But I am blessed by my daughter, Raine. She does her father proud.

Is she the daughter of your first marriage?
No, no. I first met Raine when she was five, being held for torture or death by a group of trolls during my second campaign into Irrisen. My team and I freed her and the other children. While the rest huddled for safety in the bosoms of my companions, she picked up the sword of her former captor and delivered the final blow to his cowering body. I took her home with me, and raised her in these wilds. Although she has much to learn, I hope that one day she will travel with the Pathfinders and, when the day comes that I leave this world, take up my throne here.

On the other end of things, what do you hate more than anything?
Deceit. Lying and double-talk are agents of mistrust and have no place among honest people. The Jarl spits with contempt. Those not genuine in my presence rarely make the same mistake twice.

You have had a storied career as a Pathfinder, but surely no Pathfinder travels alone. Which among your companions has had the most effect on your success.
There have been dozens, to be sure, but there are a few I would like to name. First is Salurial, my right hand. Honest to a fault and braver than I. Given strength by the gods, he is a crusader without equal. I've heard his exploits extolled far and wide, even to the lands of Tian Xia and beyond. Second is my herald, Jonas. He carries the banner of House Rukk and was at my side through the Society's darkest hour. Jarl Rukk frowns, clearly referring to the events now known as the "Eyes of the Ten Incident." I know of no one better to support me and other Pathfinders to come than Jonas Vividsun. Lastly is Eliandra Azucar. Although the separation was difficult, I cannot deny that her knowledge of Absalom is unsurpassed, as is her understanding of politics there. A master of the blade and stealth, the Society is lucky to have her.

You have been judged by your orc heritage, yet you regarded them earlier in not so kind terms. Would you like to expand?
Gladly. As a "mutt-race," as some have said, I've been disregarded and mistreated my entire life, even by members of the Society. Yet I have overcome. To others that share my burden, to those that are different, let me tell you know that what you are born is does not define what you are capable of. If you wish glory and honor, you need but claim it for yourself. To do otherwise only enforces the stereotypes that others use to keep us in check. Those that slander want us to fail because they are afraid of what we can achieve. So I say to you now—make them afraid and claim your own throne! Jarl Rukk stands and roars in my direction, crushing the wine glass as he makes a fist. The outburst echoes through the vast chamber and it takes him a few seconds to calm down. He then quickly apologizes for letting his anger get the best of him and sits back down, pulling shards from his hand as we continue. I do not notice any blood.

I notice the next question asks about his fears and phobias, but given our encounter so far, I think it wise to skip it and move on.

We finish these interviews by asking what your prized possession is. Given this hall alone, I imagine the decision is a tough one.
Hardly. The half-orc snorts, My daughter is the only thing that matters in the end. Given enough time, the giants will return and tear down these walls. My banner will fall and the name on it will be forgotten. Even this Chronicle you are writing for will cease to exist. But my teachings will live on in my child. If I have raised her well, she will do the same for her children. This is the greatest treasure I have.

Our interview ends with the Jarl thanking me for my time and walking me to the front doors. He offers me some furs for the long journey back to Absalom, and assigns a couple of guards to accompany me down from the Mountains and out of giant territory. Given the warmth of his hall, I'm sorry to see it fade out of view as we descend.

- T. Packbearer

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After a casting of fox's cunning

Enough! It is getting hard to keep these factions straight. Too much movement, too much distrust. First Torch betrays me and his Shadow Lodge disbands? Now Osirion disown Amenopheus? I have had enough of this! It is time for Rukk to forge his own place in the world!

Earlier this year, in glorious combat against a deadly foe, I ripped the flesh from a serpent of lightning and drank of his marrow. When I presented the severed head to the Linnorm Kings, they elevated me to the position of Jarl and granted me territory in the Stormspear Mountains. Here, among these icy peaks, I will forge my new kingdom, one of-

Fox's cunning expires


Scratches head and looks around nervously

Amen-mo-pus leave Osirion? I guess that OK. Rukk follow wizard man.

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Garble so strong—will make a good king.

Jarl Rukk believes in you.

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Garble Facechomper wrote:
Rukk wrote:


[dice=Intimidate]1d20 - 7


Garble very cute! Give Rukk many hugs!

CMD 25, won't resist the grapple

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Ugh. Arguing makes people upset. We should sit down and talk while we eat good food. Then we would be friends.

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (12) - 1 = 11


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nosig wrote:
TOZ wrote:

The thing is, the enemy has to wait until he realizes he can't hit me and that I'm not a threat before moving on to another target.

By that point my wife's archer fighter has usually killed it.

Some judges just never have "the enemy" even take that first swing. Even when you have a Hat of Disguise and look like an unarmored rogue.

You get swung on once in the first fight, then the enemy just moves past you in the rest of the scenario...

The only solution is to wear no armor! I do this and I get hit many times.

Sometimes I'd like enemies to get tired of stabbing into my orc-flesh and attack other people. But they never do. I'm very special.

That's why I carry a magic stick. Then my magic friends make me hurt less. Organs belong inside.

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N N 959 wrote:
Rukk wrote:

The best use of prestige is to get more healths. I use my copy of Ultimate Campaigns to retrain all prestige into HP. This make me not die.

If you have more HP maybe you not die too.

What is the cost of retraining for HPs?

Looked it up. So it's 3 PP for 1 HP? That doesn't seem like such a good deal.

I do good with my missions. I get 2 prestige most times. So sometimes I can get 2 HPs each time I get a level.

That's like getting Toughness two more times. Three Toughnesses on a barbarian is very good.

I gladly pay a few measly gold and prestige to make me not die every game.

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The best use of prestige is to get more healths. I use my copy of Ultimate Campaigns to retrain all prestige into HP. This make me not die.

If you have more HP maybe you not die too.

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N N 959 wrote:
If my character is seriously weakened, then I'll switch to range combat. But I'm not going to keep soaking up damage.

Clearly you are not of orc-blood. Death in the battlefield is the greatest glory we can achieve.

What kind of warrior would deny such a gift?

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Stephen Trone wrote:
Venture Captain Eliandra Azucar, Sczarni. Aasimar Lore Warden 2/Scroll Scoundrel 11

Eliandra, you did a good job helping defeat [redacted]. I am sorry you died. Please know that your death made me very upset, and I beat up the one responsible. I am glad you are alive now.

Maybe before you move we can see if the lands of Irrisen hold any more adventure.

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Steven Huffstutler wrote:

I just finished GMing it we had:

Murder Hobo Dwarven Barbarian
Chelaxian Sarenrae Cleric
Bard Cleric
Half-Orc Natural Weapons Fighter meat-wall
Charismatic Rogue
and a Summoner that spammed Rod of Wonder with a Merciful Eidolon who only did non lethal damage.

They did exceptionally well except for the last fight, total deaths and Breaths of life for the series was 8.

I fix.

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Kyle Baird wrote:
Level 3's playing up in a 4-5 earn on average 83 gold less than playing in a 3-4 subtier. EIGHTY THREE GOLD, EVERYBODY PANIC!

My barbarian sighs, as that is ten donkeys he will now have to go without.