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It's ok, I guess, maybe


So, I recently ran this scenario for players. Here are some issues with the module:


1) At high tier, the encounter with the beetles. . . either they don't fit in the allocated room (5 foot squares) or the diagram of where they are standing is incorrect because they clearly don't take up a 4x4 grid spot. Why are there basic map errors in scenarios?

2) Speaking of the beetle encounter, huge creatures stand 15' tall. The basement floor is only 10' below the main level. So. . . these creatures' "heads" are actually sticking up from the basement into the main level and the PCs can clearly see them. One wonders how they even got there.

3) Ok, beetles again. They can't climb or otherwise challenge a party on the main level. Why wouldn't a party just rain death from above and be done with the encounter in 5 minutes? Is it intended to be a freebie?

4) Yet another "single bad guy" with virtually no supporting mooks who gets to do almost nothing cool before being murdered mercilessly due to action economy. And I only ran it with 3 + a pregen. Sigh.

5) It would have been fun if the boss had tactics to actually *use* the Song of Extinction during the encounter. So you know, it felt unique and fun. This would have been an excellent encounter to have triggered effects from the environment, say falling rock and such.

6) Listed damage for corrupting touch of the ghosts is wrong. It can't possibly be 1d6. If that's intentional, then the enemies provide no challenge at all and it's a bad encounter.

7) I do have to give props to the first encounter. It's the only thing saving the review. Using updated stats for the howler creature from bestiary 2(?), it is a fun encounter. The stats in the mod provide little challenge, and this would be a weak encounter using those stats. Entangle + spike stones is good.

8) Why provide stats for the Song of Extinction if it is literally never used?