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Inchoroi wrote:
I will buy literally anything Paizo puts out if it includes Golarion + 5e. I've already converted Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne for my own tables,...

I'm in the middle of converting RotRL to 5e... in FVTT. It's ... interesting. If "Abomination Vaults" were instead RotRL, 5e or not, I'd get it. If it were RotRL in 5e, I'd get it to port to FVTT. RotRL in 5e FOR FVTT would put me out of work entirely. I'd prefer working my normal day-job anyway. I just want to enjoy the RotRL adventure, and having my players on Vancouver Island, PNW, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico, FVTT is simply a requirement for us.

So... yeah. I'm not sure what the planned program is for "5e + FVTT" development is. I'm excited to *see* Abomination Vaults... one version for 5e, one version for FVTT... but that isn't where I am at the moment. tRL)-Converted-to-D-amp-D-5e-(WIP) is what I have to book 3 of RotRL, so ... I *really* would prefer to keep my day job that actually pays. :(

I came across this thread because I created a character, Darsadi Callinova, for use in Pathfinder Society and hoping at some point to play her in a campaign.

It turns out our family situation makes PFS unlikely, a campaign adventure less so.

And yet Darsadi keeps pestering me, "I'm alive! Let me adventure!"

I'll have to figure something out to still the voice in my head. I understand it is like this for many who write fiction.

I have a major problem with this poster... CREDITS! Who do we 'blame' for this? :)

It is very good, it is exactly what I want to share with my boss and have generally handy for presenting to people with ideas for characters they can create.

But you didn't credit yourself for your work, and I believe you *should* have. I would also recommend a tiny.url for where to fetch the .pdf.

I expect more iconics will be created in the future. My hope is that you would be willing to update this when they do, and that you would be kind to yourself to put your "Artistic Name" (such as Smart Goblin if you don't wish to use Lucas Servideo) and some HTML link or QR code that would link to where you are making this and updated versions available.

Fantastic job, and again just exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for to promote Pathfinder. :)

For the life of me, I couldn't think where else in the forum to put this, but I understand if there is a better spot and this message is moved.

We were at PaizoCon with my wife's Emotional Support Animal Tilly. People at the Con may remember a small dog in a red, white and blue dress.

We have CosPlay folks and some really wonderful Iconics costumes. I would like to know if there is someone who could design and fabricate a "Seoni" costume for Tilly. I know it would cost money for the time and materials, and it wouldn't be cheap. I'd have to work out a budget plan and payment for target goals, and so on. But if it is possible, I'd really like to talk with someone about this.

Thank you, Chrosis. I already suspected what you confirmed.

The depressing problem I'm running into is THIS WEEK on my return from Indy (Yes, I was there "at" GenCon, but attending... I even saw Judy Bauer and got all "fan-girl" crazy in front of my brothers, so she actually MET "Middle" and "Young". anyway...) Yeah... this week I work no less than 54 hours and may work 65 hours.

My first obligation is to myself, doing things I need to do to keep myself sane and happy. My second obligation is to my wife and spending time together with our pets. My third obligation is to my Rise of the Runelords group. Some of the "me time" obligation is met filling the other two obligations, but reading through the material here and options provided suggest another time-sink for which I simply lack time and resources. And I'm very, very sure "autism spectrum" is a factor with "Middle". It isn't just and only "JW" instruction, it is that instruction tied in with "these people accept me despite my being different, and all my social everything is tied with them." Pot-shots at his religious group is roughly as moral as kicking puppies... HIS puppies. There is no win for me attempting to do so.

At this point, it really looks like I'm simply going to have to defer work on this to "Middle" for him to figure out what he wants to do and is willing to support.

I strongly suspect it will end up "us boys" just talking over things in a private forum and not worrying about it. If I can just get "Middle" to keep me informed on how he is doing and keep in touch at least once a week so I know he's still alive, that would meet what is critical to me.

Again, thank you for further thoughts on the topic. I am very distinctly opposed to his religion, but fighting over it would accomplish ZERO, and the main point is "how do we keep interacting on a weekly basis over something the three of us mutually enjoy, so if one of us is missing ("Middle"), the other two of us can start making phone calls and finding out what happened from half a continent away."

Another system can likely do the job better on having to work without magic or violence, but as I explained to "Middle", drama tends to hang on "bad things happening", and it is much easier manage violence between people for drama than earthquakes or hurricanes. Those tend to flatten things pretty decisively, and the drama is finished all too quickly.

It may be one where I recommend "Middle" look at one of the systems suggested here, and *HE* be the GM and run it for the rest of us.

Some days all options suck. :(

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I agree with much of the sentiment expressed here. Yes, the Bible is rife with violence. Yet the point for me was to explore anything I may have missed. Some both inside and outside of our family believe Asperger's Syndrome is involved, which adds to the complexity and layering of working with "Middle" on positive, constructive social activities.

I'm already GM'ing RotRL for a very happy group, but I'm sinking huge gobs of time on it to make it the best experience I can. Making an entirely new campaign from scratch without the experience to back me or much to guide me while keeping the RotRL campaign going... that is quite a bit to juggle.

If I didn't live on the West Coast from where he lives in the Great Lakes area, I could just drop in on him and see how he is doing. If he had things together to have Internet on his PC, we could play Civilization in a "peaceful" mode, I think. But I want to at least explore what options I can.

Dad died last Monday night, and he did quite a bit to help "Middle" along. Now "Young" and I need to carry that forward. Thank you for the honest evaluation and some ideas to work from. If I could just walk away, I would. And I may yet have to, but it doesn't come without an emotional cost.

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I have two brothers, "Middle" and "Young" while I'm "Old". "Young" and I live WAY out of our home state. He and I would like to have better contact with "Middle", perhaps by playing Pathfinder play-by-post. "Middle" doesn't have Internet besides his iPhone paid by "Young" on a family account. "Middle" also likes to write.

One idea I am considering is running Pathfinder play-by-post, of interest to the three of us and we would keep in better contact. Unfortunately, "Middle" is Jehovah's Witness, and he claims his faith prevents him even from "playing pretend" with 1) Magic in any form, or 2) Violence.

It is not my interest to start a religion war, but I would appreciate help from someone who may actually *be* Jehovah's Witness, and who could clarify if my brother may be misunderstanding his church's teachings. It may be possible my brother misunderstands, or is simply taking his church's instructions further than they were intended to go. Again... no religion bashing here. I'm not JW, "Young" isn't JW, we are simply seeking a way to keep "Middle" spending time with us being entertained in a role-play game I happen to have rules for. My hope is that I can point him to something that clarifies his church's teaching in a way that allows him to more fully enjoy what Pathfinder has to offer.

Baring that, I have two considerations:

1) The Iron Gods game mechanics allowing for more Science Fiction type games. I would have to cut all appearances of magic for advanced technology as presented in those supplemental books and use the Game Mastery Guide's advice on a low (no) magic level campaign.

2) I would also invoke some equivalent of the League of Peoples series by James Alan Gardner. Violence against a sentient being is strictly forbidden.

Ideas? Suggestions?


As in...

/me ignores the long list of /emotes and just "emotes" what comes to mind.

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Thank'ee! My intent is to have a medieval waif, "I saw momma eat dad!" In my head, Tilly was more preteen. I don't know if I will get to play the scenario or not,or how much a spoiler it is. In my use of the image for RotRL, it isn't the same "Tilly". I will go with "young teen who saw way too much.

Crazy question, but how old is Tilly supposed to be? I want to use this image for Rise of the Runelords, the goul farm, for a frightened "Mommy ate Daddy!" My wife thinks Tilly is 13, another person said Tilly is 18 or older! D'oh!! Is there a better image?

So now I'm muddling through "The Very Last Book About Mounted Combat" by Robert Kendzie, and while the Sandpoint Devil is "Not Going To Be A Mount Until Too Late To Matter", I'm considering ideas on what might be good enough to lure him into having "a" mount of some sort. :) Maybe he won't, but since this is "fantasy", as a GM I think it is important to have both carrots *AND* sticks in the goody bag for players. >:)

Re: SCOTUS recognition of civil rights = civil rights for all

Congratulations on the recognition of rights you had, but were denied.

Blessed be!

I confess:

I want D&D to do well enough to keep Paizo worried.

I want Pathfinder to continue to outsell D&D.

I started "D&D" (then went to Pathfinder) wanting to play a spell-
casting ferret. I still want to play my spell-casting ferret, and have
not yet done so.

I like the idea of happy, healthy Third Party Publishers making new things for Pathfinder.

I'd prefer finding what I want out of Pathfinder and avoid 3PP anything, if I can help it.

I want Paizo to do their own take on "The Noble Wild" so we'd have intelligent animals as a playable class in Pathfinder.

I think that's about it. Glad to have that off my chest.

@Ess, I don't know how many people would read and be generally supportive, but not sure of what to say. I know in my own personal case I came to a crisis of religious faith. What I was told to expect personally and what I was experiencing wasn't matching up. I encountered "The Wizard's First Rule", which is also the name of the book with the following quote, written by Terry Goodkind:

"Wizard's First Rule: ...People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People's heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.

"... It's easy to lead people when they have a sense of purpose. Sense of purpose is more important by far than the truth. In fact, truth has no bearing in this. ... People are stupid; they want to believe, so they do."
—Chapter 36, p.560, U.S. paperback edition

I got to the point where I did not trust anything I thought were true, or assumed must be true, because it was what I had been told all my life. So I decided to rebuild EVERYTHING from scratch of what I thought of myself and those around me, and to do so in as objective a manner as possible. I also decided to get very comfortable with saying, "I don't know. I can try to find out if it really matters."

That was pretty much the turnaround point for me. I am certain of far less than I used to be, but what I am certain of, I am VERY certain of. And I'm comfortable with what I don't know, and finding out what I need to know.

Touching sexuality, I know I like "gurls", and knowing my own gender identity, I think like a guy, I apologize to my wife for "yeah, I did it that way, I'm sorry, I'm just a guy", and so on. I'm very happy I am comfortable with my gender so I don't have to get all bothered when my wife insists I need to have a pedicure when she has hers done, that way she doesn't have to trim my toenails... and what the hell, I have a good foot massage and we spend time together. I'm GM for my group, my wife is one of the players. I have to RP the female NPCs. I don't bother with a falsetto voice, but I do try as best I can to get into the mental head-space of every character I have to portray. My favorite PFS character is a female half-elf Darsadi Callinova. When I'm playing her, I try my best to put myself in what she would think and react, and I really don't find it so hard to do. When the GM mentions "he" referring to Darsadi, I mutter "she". But in all of this, I never confuse *my* sexuality and gender identity with that of Darsadi or any other character I would want to create. I can say, if I were inclined to explore, I am comfortable with doing so in a safe context among friends who understood.

Good luck, and I am very happy to see the support you have, and just be aware there are many who lurk who would echo the support, but not sure what more to say that would actually help. I'm not sure anything I said will help, but I did have that period where I knew if I didn't make a change, I was going to die, soon, and in a miserable, horrible way. And I wasn't ready to die, so I decided to change. It wasn't easy, but it has been well worth it.

Bless you, Ess

In talking with the player, the interest was more a "whim" and not anything he was willing to invest ranks/ riding, handle animal in. And he didn't realize how high level it was. But it is there, and it is nasty, and I look forward to showing the player first-hand why this would not be a particularly useful mount until *way* too late in the campaign for it to matter.

I keep staring at the chest of every big and tall man I come across looking for Eric Hindley. I am sure this makes both them and my wife uncomfortable, but I will keep trying until I at least get a chance to say "hi!" Mainly I want to wrap my head around psi in the game without flame wars for or against to get a better perspective.

For me as a GM, I want to engage, enable and empower my players. When someone brings up psi, I want to be balanced and fair in treating it.

Well... I dun wanna kill the player, I very much dun wanna make the Sandpoint Devil a "gimme". I want the neutral character Cleric of Pharasma either sell his soul at too high a price, or risk his soul to redeem the beast.

I want to engage, enable, and empower my players in the game. I am not sure how to do that this instance.

We are the couple with the small dog. I don't know how late tonight would work. You will see me with a fedora and a black "Copper Ferret" tee. If we happen to have someone pro-psi at our table, it would be ducky! Otherwise, likely Sunday night or over the boards.

I have a player considering using the beast as a mount. I am considering having the devil mount eat the player for hubris. What I need would be rules that make the player engaged, enabled, and empowered to have his desire, but damn well earn it. I really don't mind letting him have the mount, as such. He is a cleric of Pharasma. But I insist the cost and effort equal the bragging rights. Perhaps even a Phyrric victory. Ideas?

My wife and I are "experienced", and in fact I GM a campaign. But I would like to know how others GM this one, and I also want to work on my, "Player me knows, but my PC doesn't know" face. I want to see this game from player's eyes, which is something I've not been able to do.

However, if someone ELSE really wants in on this game and didn't get a seat, I'd love to just watch and keep my trap shut. There is so much I need to learn as a newb GM, so if someone did NOT get a seat but really wants to be in on this one, please post and let me know. My wife and I really don't want to cut a Junior Badge & Parent unit from being able to enjoy this game.

I look forward to this, though I'll mainly be interested in how to use the Harrow deck instead, as that is what I have.

Unfortunately for me, I lost out as well. I do hope DSP reps will be around, and if so... please post here and let me know where you'll hang out so I can bug you. If there are fans, I'd really like to talk with the fans as well.

I wanted my wife and I to be in on this because, quite factually, I recognize I'm prejudiced against Psionics. My impression is, "Well, I want to be my own special snowflake, and I want MY magic to not be arcane magic... I do 'magic' with my mind instead." I recognize that my reaction may not be reasonable or fair, and my hope is to become better acquainted with Psionics and how it fits in with arcane and divine schools of casting. I GM games, and if someone *wants* to play a Psionic, I don't want my ignorance and prejudice against that school interfere with someone who properly wants to use this tool for a great game. Even better if I find *I* like Psionics as well and decide to create a character with this. But before I can go there, I *REALLY* need to know more about it than my one game with someone using this class.

I'll be easy to find, just look for the ferret with eyeglasses!

Digital Mystic wrote:
Yossirian I dont know if pages 41 - 44 are missing or not. The page numbers certainly jump from 40 - 45, but the info about the Pixies Kitten is there.

I also commented to Yossarian about this, but he hasn't gotten back yet. It appears as if this is just a page number issue. It doesn't look like any actual content is missing.

Digital Mystic wrote:
... I also took the time to make edited copies of them all resized to 200x200 saved as PNG files with the backgrounds cut out, for better use as pawns on a VTT.

I resized mine to make them complimentary to the RotRL cards I purchased.

Sara Marie wrote:
There are very few kids badges so don't feel like you need to avoid them. ...

Thank you. We'll see how things go. We both would feel horrible denying a Young Badge a seat. The idea that there are very few of them is simply a reminder we wish we could see more young faces in the crowd at PaizoCon.

Sara Marie wrote:
Games targeted towards Beginners and kids are, for the most part, not part of the lottery. This allows kids badges (which due to their discounted price are not part of the lottery) to get an equal crack at those events.

Ouch! Ouch! Owie! I didn't realize that would be an issue. I will look at those as backup events if there are open seats. There is simply no possible way I would deny a seat to a "Kids Badge" even if my Barbarian wife would permit me. Which she won't. I'z one squishy ferret. :(

It appears the LOTTERY is going, and non-Lottery event should show as full or closed. It looks like certain games, of which I have mentioned, SHOULD be Lottery, but are events *I* can select, but my wife can not. All making this look like a "bug" issue. Monday I expect we'll get a Paizo Staff to clarify.

I'm hitting more like this, things I can select, my wife can not, and these events look like they ought to be LOTTERY events, but they are not. Would it be useful to have a "bug report" filed somewhere of these? Or... just look up my schedule for non-lottery events I signed up for even moments ago. These appear to be in the same kinds of areas, so I hope it's a bug, one easy enough to find and fix. I'll keep an eye out and provide what support I can. If it helps, my wife is my "buddy", so that may have something to do with why I can select non-lottery events, but she can not. Or... something. Best wishes!

VERY strange. I expect both "CORE" and "NORM" versions of this to be in the Lottery. I find I am still able to select one of these, but my wife (buddied up with me already) can not. Very... VERY odd. :(

Yeah, for which OH BY THE WAY (cough-cough) would someone at Paizo need to UNselect me for those events I signed up for in order for the Lottery events to do those things? Or do I need to suck it up and withdraw myself from the "backup events" I selected so the Lottery process will work? For instance, I have We Be Goblins Free set as a "4", WBG-Beginner Box I was allowed to just sign up, though my wife can not select that one. I find it odd WBG-Beginner Box was not ALSO on the lottery.

Weirdness... Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for a Paizo staff person to go, "Naughty ferret! Please deselect those events not currently open to be selected!" I don't want my wife to have to put me back in my cage. :(

I'm using G+ Calendar to plan out the events I am VERY interested with "backup events" in case there isn't room for the planned ones. It looks like there is some wonkiness with the scheduler, for example "Friday morning #6–01: Trial by Machine (CORE)" and other PFS events are "Signup not yet open", but other games have the "0-4" selection available for the lottery. Earlier in the day I was able to signup for workshops, now I show as signed up, but the signup isn't open. It's the weekend. Things are weird.

But because I have the G+ calendar in front of me with what I *wanted* to do plus alternates, I can stay on top of this thing until it smooths out and still have alternate events handy.

Good luck, everyone!

It looks like some Friday morning games aer "Signup not yet open", and some things I signed up for report "signup not yet open" although I show already signed up. It would appear there are still odd things in the system, but I'm wading my way there. :)

I also used Google Calendar which lets me squeeze in overlapping events so I have picked which ones are top priority and which ones I'll go to if I can't get my original picks. I am then using print-outs from that calendar to set my wife's picks up. It isn't quite the .PDF block schedule, but since I'm able to put in the G+ calendar ONLY events I'm interested in, I have less to have to sort through making the process easier.

I hope this tip helps!

The headline is for "Saturday-Friday", and on my Saturday page it says this seminar conflicts with one I plan to enjoy Friday. Something went confused somewhere. :(

And LORDY how I wish we had a PDF copy of the block schedule times the way they did at the PaizoCon handbook so we could quickly look at the block chart day-by-day to see the schedule options. I'll... muddle through, picking the "MUST GO" seminars first... looks like the buttons switched back on, which is a HUGE help! :)

My wife (mikaelav) and I are already buddied up, but when we are looking at the Events together, SHE can sign up for events, but *I* can not. It looks like we can both still rate lottery events from 0 to 5. I'm going to see if I can hash a print-out of what MUST ATTEND events may happen during lottery games, so I can be sure to put those at 0 and go for the seminars and such I want instead. But I'd like to understand why she gets "event pick" buttons, but my screen still says "closed" on the same items.


@Kalsia, I had the same problem working nights two years ago, and we declined PaizoCon because I couldn't get discounted tickets for "a day". They have the event lottery system and so many things going on that trying to let people get a "day ticket" while PREVENTING them from selecting events they don't have tickets for would be ... messy, I would think. I can easily see someone buying a Saturday ticket, then posting for events they simply can't attend. They wouldn't necessarily have to be dishonest, just HORRIBLY confused. I can so see that happening. If there is only one ticket for the entire four day event, the process is simple and everything is covered. The Event selection process is confusing at best anyway without throwing "tickets for a day" into the mix, in my opinion.

My hope is to see you there anyway. Look for the ferret with a Washington baseball cap and eyeglasses. ;-)

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Vic Wertz wrote:

While "Garundi" can mean "somebody from the continent of Garund," it *also* refers to people of a specific ethnicity—see page 14 of the Inner Sea World Guide. Quinn's ethnicity is Mwangi, not Garundi... and since he's actually from Galt, he's not Garundi in the *regional* sense either—he's Avistani.

(At least, unless James Jacobs or James Sutter correct me....)

I think it is safe to say, "It's complicated, and that's ok." I am very VERY pleased with the part about putting pregens spread across the table with WAR's art and letting the new player look at and invest in someone they see they can be, regardless if their ethnicity or background outside of the game. That way they can understand too, their "ethnicity" and "background" may be complicated, not the typical Tabletop RPG player, but "that's ok." Everyone is welcome to the table. And WAR's artwork affirms that.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Seoni's attire is, in my mind, more typical of a Varisian outfit than Thassilonian. That said, Varisian history is intermingled with Thassilon, so I'm also sure there's echoes of that in her outfit as well.

When Darsadi (Half-elf Varisian Sorc) wants to dress fancy, it is more like Seoni's attire and having reference to things like Mongolia/ East Asian attire is VERY useful for me as references. Darsadi has no problem being "cheese-cakey". If you've got it, flaunt it. I love the tagline for a sorcerer, "Work is for ugly people."

When Darsadi goes to the field, she wears something much more like the Iconic hunter Adowyn: dress for function, and she has her hair up to not get caught on anything or used against her in a grapple. And Darsadi loves hats!

I must say if Seoni were dressed to look more like Adowyn, I couldn't tell she's a Sorceress. Regardless of how practical or "realistic" I would personally consider Seoni's attire, I KNOW for a fact you can lay out each Iconic: Wizard, Sorcerer, Summoner, Monk, Fighter... each and every one WAR has done to date. Ask someone who never heard of Pathfinder what "this" image is, and I'm pretty sure they'll guess it. And if they are interested at all in playing Fantasy Tabletop RPG, they'll know what they want to play off a WAR pregen image before they even know what the class & stats are.

One look at Seoni... just one... and I knew, "Ok, that's mine. Let's roll!"

Thank you, WAR! The only regret I have in buying my 2015 PaizoCon tickets is that I know you won't be there as the Guest of Honor. But I look forward to the day when you'll be available to make it. :) And if I had the funds, I'd pay the tickets and pay you to go. You are expensive, but you are very worth it. :)

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My understanding of vs Garundi is like the distinction between someone who is Korean vs. Asian. The nationality for Pharasma is "Garundi" from what I recall reading.

About the hair, it would be "unusual" to have a "blond Varisian/ Gypsy". My thought was that Seoni's mother, perhaps, is Ulfen though we see the Varisian Father in the comic books. I know WAR may not have a say as such in that, but some clarification in how that worked out would be useful as I tie Darsadi's story into the Seoni Iconic for campaigns. :)

My favorite Iconic is Seoni, and my favorite character is Darsadi Callinova, loosely based on Seoni. What resources did you draw upon for Seoni's look?

Yeah, that map is excellent! I'm not using Roll20, I'm actually using "stuff maps in folder, then use Windows Preview". I'll have to play with this, but your maps are an excellent contribution! :)

Thank you for your understanding, Mark Moreland. Still, to be clear at least for my own reference what I think I am trying to do and why, I will respond to Kthulhu.

Kthulhu wrote:
Even if you own every single Pathfinder publication, there's not really enough of them to need organization on this scale.

When I wish to look up from the book a specific topic, I want to know where to look to find it in a regular place on the shelf. So by "need", that is what I "need": a way to quickly find material that I reference often as a GM for a campaign. And as I am the one interested in doing the work, I get to define my "need" and what I require to fulfill it.

Kthulhu wrote:
Do you have all your other books organized in some manner like this?

I have my other bookshelf somewhat organized, but only in general category, and "like adjacent to like".

Kthulhu wrote:

If so, then why not use whatever organization method you use for those books for your Pathfinder books as well.

If not, then why especially do your Pathfinder books warrant such organization?

1) My Pathfinder library is explicitly a reference library, and as a GM I do a *LOT* of referencing things. While I may look things up on the 'Net, I pull the dead-tree books to study and mull things over in depth. My other library does not get such use.

2) My very general "like goes with like" organization with my other library (webcomics of the same adjacent to webcomics in general adjacent to general fiction is fine for the way I use that library. An often used *reference* library? Not so much.

And so it is, since I am the one using the product (a bookshelf full of reference material), I get to determine what I need, and I get to determine how much work I am willing to put into it sufficient to meet what I require.

If someone has already done the work (as it appears Mark Moreland has), and is willing to share (which he did), so much the better. And if my effort at this helps someone else, I can live with that. :)

LazarX wrote:

The other question I have is ... Why?

Paizo books as large as the collection is, isn't going to fill the smallest libraries any time soon.

It's filling *my* library, and rather than shove a book any ol' place, I want a logical place to put it so I can find things as I want them.

LazarX wrote:
And we already have a sensible way of organising them. It's labeled in the subscription plans themselves..

I'm not on the subscription plan. I can't afford it, and it may offer books I am simply not interested in. I'm on the "I have money now, and my wife will let me buy it I hope" subscription plan.

LazarX wrote:

The Hardcover Rule Books, from Core Rules, to Advance Class Guide.

Player's Aid books, Hard Cover Settings Guides, Regional books and so on.

That's happy, but I need a way to do a query such as "Inner Sea Combat" and get back some sort of code that puts that book just after "Ultimate Combat", so when I'm looking up "all combat stuff in my library" I can pull out both books at the same time, should I choose to do so. And when I go to put those books back, I want to know where they will always go so I know where they will always *be* when I go to fetch them again.

LazarX wrote:
Dewey Decimal is for libraries that are still in the Stone Age. Even Rutgers converted 30-40 years ago. Oraganising by Dewey Decimal is like going back to Windows 3!

I got that impression, and I even understand why.

What I need is "Search for Ultimate Combat", get a code back where a search for "Inner Sea Combat" gets a code that will file adjacent to the first search, and everything I search for comes back with a code that puts everything to some kind of theme.

The best I can come up with thus far: "Look in the CRB index. If I were to shove this book into the CRB, what chapter would it fall in? For multiple books, what section of the chapter?"

That does get me away from DDC and closer to a natural flow, at least "natural" in the context of the CRB. And I can make exceptions, such as "Prestige classes naturally follow classes in Ch3."

At least, I'll give this one a go to organize the hard backs, and once organized I think the soft covers will fall into line for the most part. I hope.

Another approach, perhaps a better one for this purpose is to mirror the books after the CRB: Ch 2: Races, Ch 3: Classes, Ch 6: Equipment, Ch 8: Combat, Ch 9, Magic, Ch 12: Gamemastering, Ch 13: Environment, Ch 14: NPC's. 14M for Monster NPCs. That provides a rough thematic order that follows the structure of the CRB. When I start going into sub topics, I use the CRB for putting "Dungeons" before "Wilderness" and then "Planes". In "Ch 9: Magic", Arcane comes before Divine. I'm going to judge "Prestige Classes" are just a part of "Classes" for this purpose, so those are all together.

This way I don't have to Scientific Wild Arse Guess (SWAG) a DDC I can't possibly look up. I have the CRB for that, and the "number" starting with the relevant CRB chapters. CRB is 1st, because it is the most important!

AFTER the CRB, it has Appendix 3: Inspired Reading... looks like Pathfinder Tales in Author, Title apha ordering to me.

APs look like Ch 12 following the GameMastery Guide in AP year release order. For giggles, I can put in the theoretical year (4707 AR) for the AP.

I think that will do what I want to bring the kind of structure I am looking for without trying to pull DDC out of my backside and hating it.

Ashley Kaprielian wrote:
The product numbers might be a good place to start.

Ok, I started with the PZO product numbers, since looking those up is a snap and I don't have to make up numbers, as such. I labeled 11 hardback books including Ultimate Combat and one soft-bound Inner Sea Combat just to be sure while I was very happy with the ease of "GIVE ME A NUMBER NOW", I hated how themes such as the Bestiaries and "* Combat" books were not grouped together. It makes me pucker thinking about trying to find anything. :(

I'll try again with Mark Moreland's order, except that "planes or not, critters are critters" in terms of how I think about things, then order them accordingly. For the moment I'm only doing the hardbacks because I have a spine I can see and enough hardbacks they make a great guide for when I go through the smaller books. The whole point of this exercise is, "I know I bought that freakin' Ranged Tactics Toolbox... where'd it go?"

I said "section", I should have said "building #", but yeah. :)

Yossarian wrote:
Odd! Those pages are all about the Pixie's Kitten. Is that content not in your copy?

Section #13 page 40: Risa's Place

it jumps to section #43 page 45: The Pixie's Kitten

Yossarian wrote:

Thank you for the feedback Romaq. I'll incorporate the changes in the next few days.

I haven't extended Sandpoint any more.

Oh! While doing my double-sided printing, I discovered pages 41-44 are missing from the .PDF! Was it a section that needed to be kept private, or the pages just need to be renumbered?

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