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For the life of me, I couldn't think where else in the forum to put this, but I understand if there is a better spot and this message is moved.

We were at PaizoCon with my wife's Emotional Support Animal Tilly. People at the Con may remember a small dog in a red, white and blue dress.

We have CosPlay folks and some really wonderful Iconics costumes. I would like to know if there is someone who could design and fabricate a "Seoni" costume for Tilly. I know it would cost money for the time and materials, and it wouldn't be cheap. I'd have to work out a budget plan and payment for target goals, and so on. But if it is possible, I'd really like to talk with someone about this.

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I have two brothers, "Middle" and "Young" while I'm "Old". "Young" and I live WAY out of our home state. He and I would like to have better contact with "Middle", perhaps by playing Pathfinder play-by-post. "Middle" doesn't have Internet besides his iPhone paid by "Young" on a family account. "Middle" also likes to write.

One idea I am considering is running Pathfinder play-by-post, of interest to the three of us and we would keep in better contact. Unfortunately, "Middle" is Jehovah's Witness, and he claims his faith prevents him even from "playing pretend" with 1) Magic in any form, or 2) Violence.

It is not my interest to start a religion war, but I would appreciate help from someone who may actually *be* Jehovah's Witness, and who could clarify if my brother may be misunderstanding his church's teachings. It may be possible my brother misunderstands, or is simply taking his church's instructions further than they were intended to go. Again... no religion bashing here. I'm not JW, "Young" isn't JW, we are simply seeking a way to keep "Middle" spending time with us being entertained in a role-play game I happen to have rules for. My hope is that I can point him to something that clarifies his church's teaching in a way that allows him to more fully enjoy what Pathfinder has to offer.

Baring that, I have two considerations:

1) The Iron Gods game mechanics allowing for more Science Fiction type games. I would have to cut all appearances of magic for advanced technology as presented in those supplemental books and use the Game Mastery Guide's advice on a low (no) magic level campaign.

2) I would also invoke some equivalent of the League of Peoples series by James Alan Gardner. Violence against a sentient being is strictly forbidden.

Ideas? Suggestions?

My wife and I are "experienced", and in fact I GM a campaign. But I would like to know how others GM this one, and I also want to work on my, "Player me knows, but my PC doesn't know" face. I want to see this game from player's eyes, which is something I've not been able to do.

However, if someone ELSE really wants in on this game and didn't get a seat, I'd love to just watch and keep my trap shut. There is so much I need to learn as a newb GM, so if someone did NOT get a seat but really wants to be in on this one, please post and let me know. My wife and I really don't want to cut a Junior Badge & Parent unit from being able to enjoy this game.

I look forward to this, though I'll mainly be interested in how to use the Harrow deck instead, as that is what I have.

VERY strange. I expect both "CORE" and "NORM" versions of this to be in the Lottery. I find I am still able to select one of these, but my wife (buddied up with me already) can not. Very... VERY odd. :(

The headline is for "Saturday-Friday", and on my Saturday page it says this seminar conflicts with one I plan to enjoy Friday. Something went confused somewhere. :(

There is an image that is an overview of the Dewey Decimal System used to organize library books by themes such as "who am I?" "who made me?" "who lives next door?"

My lower bookshelf is FULLLLLLL of Pathfinder. If I could wave a "Magic Wand", I'd have those little stickers on the spines of all my books with the DDS numbers on the sticker so I know right where each and every book goes. What I hope to have is something where books like go together making it easier for me to browse them. The "Faiths of ___" and "Champions of ___" books, of course, would be adjacent to one another. Humans, Gnomes, PikaRaces of Golarion would be together with the Advanced Race Guide nearby.

I suppose I could use ISBN, but I am pretty sure ISBN has nothing at all to do with the theme of the books. What are some ideas on how to handle this? I'd really like to sort this thing out before I start work on my second shelf of Pathfinder.

Several players to my RotRL real-world game have expressed an interest to "online RP", allowing them to meet directly with NPCs to chat and explore the world on their own without tying up group time, or for having PC to PC interaction without splitting the live group.

We tried using our Facebook group page for this purpose, but Facebook really REALLY sucks for that purpose. Badly. Everyone in the group does have a Paizo account because they have a PFS ID#.

What would be a good way to go about allowing PC's to interact in an online format for low-level sandboxing or interaction between the live game sessions with the whole group? Is this something I could start a thread here for and have them play? Of course, the thread would ONLY make sense for those who are playing the live game, but things like "dice" tags would also be quite the boon. If this board is not the best place to do that, what other options are there?

Thank you all for your time.

At PaizoCon 2014, my wife had to go to the hospital the night before the Con was to start. A factor in her health trouble is anxiety.

For PaizoCon 2015, I would like to make arrangements to have her be able to step out of the line and be away from crowds if she is uncomfortable. I would wait in her place, as we would be attending most (if not everything) together. I would just be holding her place in line while she is allowed to step away and keep her stress down.

I am very grateful I was allowed to pick up her packet on her behalf and get her swag as, at the time, she at the nearby hospital to make sure her symptoms were not related to her heart condition. My hope is to plan ahead so we can both enjoy the full Con this year and do without the hospital stay. I can certainly bring her ID to the packet table, I just need a way to make sure the staff knows I'm not attempting to cheat on the swag. :)

If there are any other considerations or questions, I would be happy to address those.

Seoni is my favorite Iconic as a charisma based caster. My favorite character Darsadi Callinova is based off Seoni.

I can see Darsadi wearing stuff like Seoni wears for some event like a party, or other appropriate setting. She's a Sorc. If you've got it, flaunt it, and that is pretty much what being a charisma based caster is about.

But when I think of Seoni going to battle... trudging a swamp, riding horseback in a forest or exploring dungeons... her Iconic attire looks to me to be too fragile, unsupportive if not downright dangerous. I wouldn't see Darsadi as wearing, "HERE I AM SHOOT ME" bright colors. I would think something supportive of the girls would be more useful for keeping things from getting knocked around. If you are in aerial combat, things could get drafty, and then you have stuff flapping around in your face.

So "in city limits/ area considered safe", if you are a Sorc, look the part. Of course! But when out in the field, is it "puritan" of me to think "practical combat attire and gear"?

Everything came through fine on my order, but I was hoping for a 2014-2015 catalog. I find it handy to underline "have" vs. "want" vs. "priority buy". It could be you don't even have them PRINTED yet, which is fine, but when will you release catalog for this year, and how do we go about getting one? I do plan on buying something that was not in this year's sale, and I would be pleased to plan to buy it when I can have the new catalog ship with it.

So what's the best way to get my hardcopy of the catalog without you having to pay to ship me one by itself? Make me pay for it! I don't mind, I just want one. :)

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A PC in our group, Klyan, decided to drop in at the Fatman's Feedbag on her own to check out the local "toughs". The night was still young, and people mostly ignored her. She decided to talk with Jubrayl and see if he had anything "fun" going on she could join. He dismissed and pointedly ignored her. As she was leaving, she passed her slight-of-hand check against his perception and scored a scroll, then sat back down at her table.

Soon enough, Jubrayl saw Kylan playing with the scroll without reading it, which is the only reason he saw fit to allow her to leave the Feedbag alive, but he was annoyed. So he told Klyan he wanted the Pixie's Kitten shut down, he didn't care how, and that he would have Gaia Acari follow up.

Gaia did, but that's another story. Particular with *this* thread, Jubrayl is still pissed, but just enough to get the point across rather than kill Kylan outright.

We are still AGL 1, 4 PCs plus Foxglove and three of his menservants to manage the horses while they hunt on foot in Tickwood. The party, according to the map, has to cross a bridge at the west end of Tickwood, which seems a reasonable and safe spot to ditch the horses for the hunt and leave them in the care of the menservants.

On the way back too the bridge, however, it appears the menservants are a bit bloodied, gagged and tied together while an Encounter waits for the party to return. All they ask is a toll for crossing the bridge back. Say that fine boar there and some of those shiny buttons off the Govner's coat. That'll do.

If the encounter defeats the group, they'll simply make off with the boar and the buttons, and whisper a message to Kylan to take care what business she meddles in, and then to mention aloud, "And now you know who the traitor is." And a run off not to be seen unless the party encounters them on the road again at some future date.

If the party wins the encounter without killing all the bandits, Jubrayl still wants to get the "don't screw with me again" message across, as well as hint, "a traitor is among you" just to screw with the group, but it has to be done in such a way Jubrayl can't be charged with any wrong doing.

So I need to plan for how this works if the bandits are brought back to trial at Sandpoint. Can they just sit & rot for 1d6 weeks for attempted banditry if they refuse to speak? I've thought of Jubrayl being upset with them for failing to humiliate the group and murdering them in jail, but *then* you have the problem of "Speak with the Dead" and other such messy business.

Ideas? Suggestions? My goal is not to punish Kylan. What the player did was accept extraordinary risk attempting to infiltrate the Sczarni faction, but Jubrayl is no idiot and there is no way he's going to, "Why sure strange person to town! Come on in and join my gang of little bandits!" Uhm... no. And if she can't deal with a couple of goons, Kylan isn't worth wasting time on anyway from Jubrayl's perspective.

Also, I want Foxglove to have a reason to look more closely at Jubryl.

Why would Foxglove care?:
Because Foxglove wants to impress Kylan, and having Jubryl as the first of the Skinsaw Man's murders feels exactly right, especially if it implicates Kylan as a suspect.

So I have this opportunity to grab my group by the nose and make this Jubrayl thing personal. Suggestions?

I have a PC Kylan who was to become head of a ninja guild on Earth, but a rival cast a vortex spell that stripped Kylan of her honed skill and abilities and dumping her in Magnimar on Golarion in time to start the Rise of the Runelords.

OOC'ly, I explained to the player Kylan's backstory should have her at a level 10 to 15 leading a Ninja Guild, but she was going to be a level 1 with the other players for RotRL. I did not want to "cheat" the player or take away from Kylan's concept, but rather have her balanced fair with the other players and honor the creativity that went into her. So I suggested the "Dark Vortex" had the effect of a level drain as well as dumping Kylan into Golarion. The player agreed and appeared pleased with my effort both to keep the party fair and respect Kylan's character concept.

I also promised I would weave hints on the way to return "home" into the campaign with a target of the option to leave Golarion before the campaign, but hope Kylan would feel invested enough to finish the final boss and "retire home".

I did glance at "Rasputin Must Die!" but that AP's method to move the party between Golarion and Earth simply won't work in this instance. I could waggle a GM ferret paw and invoke a high-level spell, or drop some Portal of Make It Happen.

Instead, I found the forum to have some very talented and experienced people full of knowledge about APs and How Stuff Happens In Golarion. I'm aware of Leng's role in RotRL, though I've not read through that part in detail as we are still in Burnt Offerings. What are some published AP, Pathfinder Tales books or other works where this has been done? This is NOT counting "Rasputin Must Die", since that method would not suit the RotRL AP. What are some other suggestions for hints of "getting back home" that tie into the Runelords?

There is also "Nice job, Kylan! Karzoug is now on his way to Earth!!!" My hope is that I can do a few changes that do not change the basic story-line, but have it so Kylan's quest to return home would appear as if RotRL was always meant to be played that way.

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. :)

The Feyrret race began when Desna saw a ferret performing the "War Dance", and then it came up to her avatar curious and playful. She decided to bless the ferret and its family with a spark allowing them to speak Sylvan as their base language with the wit and wisdom matching the typical races of Golarion. She only did this recently, and while not necessarily "secret", Feyrrets hide their true nature appearing as ordinary ferrets unless they feel a need to reveal their true abilities.

Context: The ferret is my "totem", the animal most suited to my personality and preference. When I wanted to get out of the house and enjoy social time with my wife, I thought playing D&D would be interesting, as I had no prior experience. I had supposed at the time that D&D should not have a problem with me enjoying the game as "a ferret". Not a dire ferret, not a celestial or "anthro-ferret" creature, just "a ferret, only able to interact and carry on with the party like any other race/ class". My initial group went "sideways", but the wish has remained. I know there is an "awakened" template, and I can still go with that if it is best, but I wanted a base race that made as much as possible a good starting point for taking a ferret to being a cleric, a caster or trap-finder/ thief, tasks for which a tiny creature could be a valued member of a party despite (or perhaps because of) the size handicap.

To some extent, I think of a gnome, only smaller, on four legs with a tail, and fuzzy. So this is my attempt to create a tiny race using the ARG that has as much of the flavor of a ferret as possible, yet has the abilities suited to be a welcome member of the party rather than "just an animal companion".

I picked "fey" type, as nothing else was even close and "humanoid" wasn't it. Size Tiny, speed of slow, standard language group, Sylvan as a racial language. For ability scores, I picked Greater Weakness to Physical, -4 Strength, +2 dex and -2 constitution. Ferrets are not going to carry much (that's what people are for!) and they are squishy if flexible. Sexual Dimorphism is in effect, females tend to be significantly smaller than males, so that one made sense. I think the Racial Points on this one are neutral, but if the bonus/ penalties seem too severe I can remove it.

Claws as a natural weapon... bite has to be for larger size creatures. I picked "Delicious" as a penalty so I could pick up "sent" and "sneaky rider", since I expect the ferret will be hitching rides on the back of his larger companions and will need both to remain hidden at times as well as have the 'ride' skill to stay 'mounted' on their biggie companion.

The total on this is 13 Racial Points. Would anyone have suggestions to this racial build?

I am being contacted in my Paizo PM box by a confirmed scam. Please review my PM inbox latest messages, confirm the scam and get this guy. I would use email, but I am on a smartphone preparing for sleep. My concern is for someone else falling for the scam.

Refer to
Scam looks word for word.

I am working on a solo campaign for my wife who is playing a level 1 Barbarian with aspirations of becoming a Mammoth Lord. I have "Called to Darkness" by Richard Lee Byers, People of the North, ISWG and Keep of the Huscarl King Scenario. I mostly need to come up with low-level challenges a single non-magic, non-rogue player can survive to level up a bit. Yes, I've heard of Gestalts, but my wife wants "Barbarian" and not "Barbarian/ Cleric". She will have NPC companions that may accompany her at various points of her travels. But the story is about her character, and I need resources to form challenges geared towards that character.

Someone suggested the "Temple of Kord" as a resource, except I can't find anything particularly helpful as a resource. Other ideas?

I don't want to do a review as I don't want to 'rate' it. This is based more on the "make a choice, turn a page" type books, only with some combat and random rolls involved. It is intended for one person by themselves. "What it says on the tin." Pretty much as I expected. What I *hoped* for was more material for a "solo campaign", which I think is being called a "duet campaign": me, acting as GM for my wife as the PC. This series is not *THAT*. :)


I don't know if a petition would be accepted in favor of adding ferrets as animals associated with The Tender of Dreams, but for her Domain of Chaos, and her nature of Chaotic Good, ferrets fit right in! So I would ask if the material ever gets an update (Animal Archives), ferrets make a much better fit than, say, 'dragonflies' or whatnot.

And if additional Avatars are ever being considered for the message boards, I have a badger up there ONLY because there are no ferrets. :(

Anyway, I don't get told 'no' unless I ask, and you MIGHT say yes!


My wife is playing a Barbarian (Mounted Fury) with a mammoth companion. I love the GameMastery Vehicles pack, and I am looking for some rough template to make a Mastodon companion 'card' for her mini to ride. I couldn't find anything close, and I couldn't find anything along the lines of "the Mastodon fills up 3 x 4 tile squares" or something of that order. I do have the Bestiary Pawn box, and the pawn I have for "Elephant/ Mastodon" fills up 3 tiles.

Would it be fair enough to just lay the pawn flat and call it 'done', or just have her pawn on top of the base of the Mammoth pawn, and ignore placement otherwise? I feel silly now bothering to ask. At this point, I'm sure I'm making this WAY more complicated than it ought to be. I've just not seen any games with something like this, and my first instinct is "those Vehicle cards are cool, do something like that!"

Also, if anyone would know what source material will guide me on "mastodons running at top speed don't make turns easy and sure as heck don't stop on a dime regardless of your ride skill", that would really help. Again, I may be making this WAY more complicated than it ought to be in practice, but I'm very n00b at GM'ing, this is a solo campaign, and I am unclear on how to go about the business.

Thank you for your help!

I have heard from one person that gender flipping/ name changes of a pregen for play are disallowed, while someone else said it doesn't matter because it has zero impact upon game mechanics.

Is there an official policy on this that I can't find? I'm not even sure where to look or how to do a search query for something like that.

But gender flipping/ name changes on a pregen have ZERO impact on game mechanics. Suppose you have a new player who is just curious about Pathfinder and has zero clue about the game. Maybe someone young, maybe someone older. Maybe male, maybe female. She has her heart set on being a ranger, but she feels uncomfortable being Harsk, a male dwarf. The dwarf race is ok, but role playing a guy has her feel uncomfortable. Or maybe he really wants to play a Sorc, and while Seoni looks really cool, and that's the kind of character he'd like to play, he doesn't want to play a chick.

So I have to tell those people to "suck it up or leave"? Or do I allow people to make the gender-flip/ name change to be comfortable with their pregen and enjoy the game?

And I am *NOT* going to be the one to tell another player to "suck it up or leave". Nobody to my knowledge in our group ever has said it like this. But I feel very, very strongly that gender-flipping and name changes to pregens should be explicitly and officially allowed, as this has ZERO impact upon game mechanics, but may go a long way towards helping new players feel welcome to the game and empower them to create their own character their own way on the NEXT game they play.

And if some GM were to ever push the issue to turn a player away who felt uncomfortable with the gender/ name of a pregen, I'm inclined to walk away from that table as well. I'd much rather refer the GM to something official that says gender-flip/ name changes on pre-gens are acceptable. So... where's the official reference on this issue?

I've been very pleased and happy with Pathfinder Society on how welcome and inviting they have been. I brag about it to my friends and family. Don't disappoint me on this issue that has ZERO impact upon game mechanics.

I am on Second Life, and it was trivial for me to find any number of ways to create a half-elf complete with clothing and settings. Take a screen capture, print, and my character is ready to show off at the game.

Unfortunately, Second Life has no proper way to do a gnome render. The smallest avatars are simply way too big. There are ways to make avatars smaller, much smaller, but they don't look like Pathfinder Gnomes.

Would anyone have suggestions on a game or other software that makes a fairly close Pathfinder Gnome? I would love to be able to NOT have to try to draw, or hack from some Pathfinder online illustration.

I'm curious if Arweena Melkoreth is in use with any PFS or other campaign material. She is mentioned at

I know the NPC Codex is to provide resource NPCs to be used 'anywhere', I just thought I would ask, especially if there was more cannon background I could draw upon for her.


SI want to kick off a solo campaign with a demonic assassin that attacks a traveling party. I am looking at the Babau, though it is ... really overpowering. If another demon, or perhaps a mortal agent of some sort would be better, I would welcome advice on a better fit.

The demon attacks the party searching for an artifact, and the demon nearly wins. A Barbarian lass is the sole survivor. She and an awakened Sorc ferret are given 'divine meddling' support and force the demon to break off the attack. The 'divine meddling' comes to an end, the Barbarian is back to Level 1 along with the Level 1 Sorc ferret. The two of them need to finish the battle with a weakened but still very dangerous enemy.

So far, that's the plan. I fear the Babau is still far too deadly an enemy if it is left alive at all, no matter how weakened.

The other problem is that if the demon is killed, I believe it is not really dead, only returned to the demonic plan, correct? It could then report how its mission to recover the artifact failed. I have the Bestiary, but what I need is some guide on how to go about this. The artifact needs to be joined to a device that can be used as a weapon, and the Level 1 Barbarian and the Sorc Ferret (DMPC) start out off on a quest to get the artifact 'key' to the weapon in some major city, and perhaps to battle after some leveling up and experience in how to fight.

Does it sound like I'm on the right track in what I intend to do for a plot? Would anyone know of a good Pathfinder resource to provide direction on how to go about this? I did read but I don't know enough of the lore. I have also read "Queen of Thorns". Thank you for helping me put together a Quest to carry a Chekhov's gun to further adventure. :)

I am using Hero Lab, and my Sorc has had "Unwitting Ally" as a spell, but I didn't question it until just now. Why do I have this? This is a "Bard 0" spell, and I have never touched the Bard class, no levels, but Hero Lab insists I have this spell. It is 'grey' and not 'green', and I would never have used the spell except Hero Lab put it in there. Since I have no Bard levels, is this a bug I need to report, and I should cross out the spell on my spell list?

I do note it shows "DC 0 will negates", and I can only use it once a day. I also note I have "Voice of the Sibyl" feat, Shadow Diplomat and high diplomacy skill, so I do not know if any of that triggered "Unwitting Ally". In RP, I had the female Sorc character chat the spell and blow a kiss to distract a humanoid opponent, and for RP it seemed to fit rather well so I didn't think of it at the time.

Thank you for guiding me through treacherous water. I think I'm swimming in someone else's pool. :(

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My wife is enjoying Pathfinder Society. Originally she had a Druid, but she didn't care for being a 'hippy'. Then she went with a Ranger character, but that really didn't grab her interest.

Then she went Barbarian.

And she liked it.

While we are playing PFS, she has a Barbarian for it, my wife would like to continue playing in a Solo-Campaign. ng_with_my_GF is fantastic inspiration, and I'm going to just go with it. It is our opportunity to learn together, as well as spending time with one another.

I did ask her questions to get a general feel for what she is looking for. She likes the play and balance with Pathfinder Society, so the content and tone will be in keeping with 'as if' we were playing a Legal published PFS game, just no chronicle sheets or credit. We are using Hero Labs and Pathfinder rules.

My wife is starting out as a Level 1 Kellid, and both of us are reading up to become familiar as much as possible with Mammoth Lands people and lore. I have the Inner Sea World guide as well as People of the North. She picked Garra for her name, I believe it is pronounced with the stress on Gar-RA, as if she is in the process of ripping someone's head off. It suits her fine. :)

I am building a ferret that will do a Sorc/ Rogue multi-class. I'm not quite clear on the best way to go about that, but as a DMPC I plan to have to be carried, and while I may be able to cast I certainly can't be a meat shield. That's Garra's job. Mine as the DMPC will be to handle magic and advise when Garra needs 'int' power. I'm going to see if I can make it work. If it fails, I'll learn through failing.

I do have a copy of, "The Noble Wild" for Pathfinder, but I'm not comfortable with how it handled some of the things. It didn't come across as "Pathfinder-y". I asked her why she's a fighter, given how in her Kellid culture women don't do that. She replied she was the only child and learned how to fight like a boy. Creatures attacked her village, and she doesn't remember much of the battle as she was in a rage. She was the only one left alive, and that is where her story starts.

My plan is for her to awaken with a ferret who chirps at her, but she understands what he has to say and he claims his name is Romaq. He doesn't know any more than she does, but both of them have the wounds of battle. Romaq knows he has 'unusual power', it is new, and he has insight he didn't have. In something of a dream, a man and woman happen upon the battle. The man in iron glories in the fighting. The woman takes pity on the barbarian maid in this dream, and calls upon the ferret to help. Both the maid and the ferret awaken with this hazy memory, but nothing is clear. And thus the story begins.

I still have to cook up the ferret stats and get the campaign details together. Both of us have to know the Kellid people and the region. Romaq will be smart enough to grasp money, he'll know he needs it, and that he can't possibly carry it. I think I'm going to have to give him Supernatural Abilities to convert standard wands and magic consumables into forms he can use. Mage Hand is a given. I'm glad as a level 0 it is at will.

I welcome discussion and advice pertaining to Kellid culture and if it is thought Ferrets of some form would be in the climate. I could also use advice on how to create a "Ferret Spellthief" I can maintain in Hero Lab, and how to handle the campaign so it is workable for a single-player campaign. While their shared dream will not explicitly state it, I am planning it as Gorum 'blessing' Garra with battle ferocity on a whim and as a joke upon the Kellid people. Desna, taking pity and mercy, awakened the ferret as a magic guardian and companion. Together, Garra and Romaq begin their adventure.

Quote: "If you are proficient with a bladed scarf, you deal 1d4 points of slashing damage to any creature that makes a successful grapple check against you WHILE YOU WIELD THE SCARF."

Hold and use (a weapon or tool).
Have and be able to use (power or influence).
manage - handle - operate - sway

On a PFS game last night, I wanted to invoke this when I was grappled, however they took the definition of "wield" as in "have in my hands as a weapon". It didn't affect the outcome of the battle, but for a future game I need a confirm of the definition of "wield" in this context.

The character is wearing the scarf, a creature makes a successful grapple check. My character is NOT using the scarf as a weapon at the moment a successful grapple check is made. Given the descriptive nature of the weapon, "Knowing that seductive performances can bring out the worst in watchers..." I picture a guy grabbing a female dancer wearing this 'weapon' disguised as clothing, not necessarily in her hands. In the process of the successful grappling she twists so the scarf she wears harms her assailant without her necessarily having it in her hands.

Is that a 'yes' or a 'no'? Could the intent of this "weapon" please be clarified? If the assailant does a successful grapple, moving one's hands THEN to "wield" the scarf does not make sense to me. If hands can still "wield" a weapon after a successful grapple, why putz with 1d4 ⇒ 3 damage?

I have "Pile-o-Pawns". Beginner Box, Bestiary Box, Skull & Shackles, Rise of the Runelords. I have a 4" binder, a pile of trading card holders and a mess of business card holders.

I have a will, and I'm dangerous.

If I could wave a magic wand, I would have the 4" binder divided roughly into biomes. I think. I'm not really sure. Within the biomes, I would have an alpha list. Or maybe the whole thing is just alpha sorted. More or less. Maybe.

I have a bajillion (or maybe two dozen) goblin pawns. And... stuff. LOTS of stuff.

I need a guiding list to organize all these pawns and stuff them in the 4" binder in a way I can *find* the beasties as well as named NPCs. The very small binder I started with holds my Beginner Box pawns quite nicely. The pawns from the other boxes can't stay in the cardboard, and really, why would I want them to? How would I have a clue to put them back even if they would stay where I put them?

So I need a master plan, a list, a way to organize and find these. I want more pawns. I find I have pawn lust. Two problems with my pile-o-pawns. I have too many to make sense of them to find anything, and I don't have enough of them. Before I order more, I have to do something to make sense of what I have.

Does this make any sense?

Someone, please inspire me and bring order from the chaos so I can go forth and cause chaos in an orderly way!

Thank'ee. :)


There are faction changes and other changes since the "Big Announcement", and this has been hinted at in other spots on the forum. I would like to make several requests for a new series that will replace Season 3's "First Steps".

1) This is only my own personal experience, but it may be useful if Paizo had marketing data... how many people who start out as new GMs have the Beginner Box? I did. Could the FIRST "First Steps" please try to make use of Beginner Box pawns and map? If someone has the Core Rulebook and Beginner Box, let that be enough to play ONE "First Steps" freebie to get started.

2) Please consider having the group involved portraying the Faction Heads get with someone who works marketing as well as the authors of the new "First Steps". From my perspective, "First Steps" is *marketing* for Paizo Products, Pathfinder Society and the Factions that are a part of PFS. You do *not* want your Faction Heads to act like buffoons. In your story, your faction heads are introducing themselves. They should be making a good impression and doing their damnedest to persuade the new PFS players to join *their* Faction, not acting like a caricature. The First Steps I was particularly bad about this. Read through it again. Why join the
Sczarni or Osirion? Silver Crusade is the only one that is reasonable. And the other factions introduced. If Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin is something of a jerk, that's ok. More of a push to join some other faction. But in the next series, EACH faction head is 'selling' their faction, or *should* be. Let the new "First Steps" recognize it is not just telling a story, it is selling a product. Faction Heads are part of the sale of PFS as a whole. Please don't screw this up. It is a disservice to the overall PFS product, and it doesn't do the people posting as your Faction Heads or the players within your factions favors having First Steps portray Faction Heads as idiots.

3) Please consider limiting your First Steps stories to Bestiary I and to products you tend to keep in print. I believe you *are* trying to sell your products, right? It's really annoying when I *want* to buy your gear in support of this Scenario, and it is not in print. And First Steps III requires FOUR maps, 3 out of print? None of them use the back side of the other? Seriously? I mean... I'm just starting out as a GM, I don't have all this stuff and I'm not made of money. Seriously?

4) When I expressed these concerns in other parts of this forum, you have some very excellent players who made excellent suggestions on how to get by without having to blow my budget. One of the cool ideas was to use individually wrapped candies in place of pawns I don't have. There are other ideas that were really good. You need to either get those ideas into your First Steps to help n00b GM's starting out, or better yet get a short URL to that very helpful thread so that people getting started with PFS as a GM in their area can go directly to some helpful place to get their start.

5) Please consider putting embedded and printable short-links to a section at the head of your scenarios that get me to products that support the scenario. Do you consider PFS to be a tool that helps you sell your goods? Help me get to your goods that support the scenario faster. And dear God PLEASE be mindful of either keeping that stuff in stock, or of deprecating scenarios where the supporting products are not worth keeping in stock, or something. I want to give you money. Just not huge freakin' buckets of it all at once. I'm on a budget. While this suggestion applies to all new scenarios being published, the importance of this for a new First Steps should be pretty obvious.

Thank you for considering these suggestions, and I would be delighted to see what other people think would be appropriate for a new First Steps series for PFS. We really need a new series and retire the old one. I know they are freebies, but all the more reason to get it right. This is your marketing material, this is what you want to use to sell more 'stuff' as well as PFS in general. Let's get it right and have something that rocks!

If you don't already know the big PFS announcement, this is of course a...

I have a new character planned and as a GM I've been dumping points into Shadow Lodge. I have not actually given her play yet, so I will get some play time outside of the group I GM to actually get the character 'active'. I started her out in Shadow Lodge. For the moment, I'm going to continue putting points into there. As soon as the game where Shadow Lodge is broken is released, I will plan on playing that game one way or another if I have to pay someone bribe money to GM it.

I understand the 'why' of why this has to be done. But without knowing details of #4–23: Rivalry's End, I hope for a good transition for a character that hasn't even seen play yet.

A player of mine, level 1, would like to purchase a "Composite Longbow, Str +2".

I apologize for being so terribly new at this as a GM, but I want to confirm she should be able to in Absalom. She does have the gold, and I know about the +100 GP for each +1 Str. I know a composite longbow is in the core rule-book.

So I just want to confirm that +2 STR @ 100GP each extra is not a problem for her to add while she remains in Absalom.

I'm just a customer, both for Paizo and for Heroes Resource in Lynden, WA. I have set up a Pathfinder Society event for March 16th. I would like for Heroes Resource to have a link as I see other stores have. I found

Byron Fowler claims he visited and used the link to add his store:

"Yes we registered two months ago. To no avail"

Byron says he is unable to contact anyone at Paizo to assist him with getting his store on Paizo's website the way stores such as have.

Is there someone Byron can contact to get action on this? I am promoting Paizo's Pathfinder Society. We had a huge event for our first event. If you look at the website for Heroes Resource at you can not only see the love of the shop for customers, you can see the love of the customers for the local shop.

More importantly, you should be able to see WotC's MtG Friday Nights where the shop is filled, spilling outside of the game room with tables in the store isles with people having fun, playing the game and spending money.

I like Paizo products, I love Pathfinder, and I would like to help Paizo get that kind of local store marketing in our area at Heroes Resource. I'm just a customer, but I'm passionate about the games I enjoy. I'm passionate about Tabletop RPGs, and I really like Pathfinder.

So who is the point-of-contact that needs to get in touch with Byron so he can get the benefits "Games and Gizmos" enjoys with Paizo for Heroes Resource, and I as a customer of both Paizo and Heroes Resource can help make both venues turning over money with Pathfinder brand products?

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

--William (Andy) Smith

I'm new as an RPG game player, new as a Pathfinder player, new to PFS, and I'm acting as a GM because there simply is nobody else to do this. I'm trying to read reams of material, so this may be covered somewhere and I may have even read it, but for the blur of text I'm trying to retain I simply missed details of 'how to make it all work out in the end':

Referring to fighter-2-ranger-4

I am aware of pregens of the Iconics. I understand Shalelu Andosana is not an iconic, technically speaking. But for what sort of PFS class my wife wishes to grow her character into, Shalelu Andosana is a match and keeps things simple for me to know what to help her create.


1) Can my wife straight-off use Shalelu Andosana and her image for her PFS character? When I hand out pregens, do I have to have players change the name/ background/ image details if they really like a given Iconic?

2) Could someone please recommend a Level 1 and a Level 2 build for "Shalelu Andosana" based upon the level 6 character on the link above? Even if my wife can't use the name and background detail, that's the build, the 'iconic' version of her ranger character. So from where we are at the moment, I would expect my wife's character to become at level 6 a "PFS Legal" version of the stats on the above link.

I'm so sorry if I'm missing the obvious on all of this. I'm facing the problem of, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" I'm getting good support from Doug Benson, who's in the area, but I figure if I put this on the forum I could get something solid to work with on how to go about this thing.



I'm looking for something like but geared towards PFS play with space to put a time/ date as well as showing info to explain what PFS *is* at a glance, maybe a QR code to get people on a website that can get someone started.

I don't think Paizo has one, so I'm considered creating one. ?sk=photos_stream has 'art, space for something, disclaimer' type photos that could be made into a poster.

So anyway, I don't think what I'm looking for exists, I'm considering making one and having that available to the community. If anyone has ideas, or knows where this has already been done, I would be so grateful! Thank you. :)

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I have purchased the Pathfinder version of The Noble Wild from Paizo as found here:

It appears there are various threads on the book as well as some input from the author, Lee Garvin who appears on the message board, but does not appear to be active lately.

Reflecting on the book, it doesn't appear very "Pathfinder-y." I'm new to D&D in general, and very new to Pathfinder, but the tone of the book does not seem to tie in with Pathfinder lore. I understand it wasn't originally written with Pathfinder in mind, and it was meant more as a 3.5e splat-book. As I understand it, the numbers were 'tweaked' just to make it mesh better with Pathfinder, and that's about it. I don't mind being corrected on this perception, I'm simply trying to get a feel for where my perception of Noble Wild does not seem to mesh with my perception of PFRPG.

Part of the problem is the "Serve or Challenge" question posted as a 'primary law' for Noble animals. To the Orc: Serve or Challenge Humans! Uhm... no. To the Humans: Serve or Challenge Elves! I don't think so. The Noble Wild character I have in mind is a ferret. Rather my personna is that of a ferret. I do not serve humans, I do not challenge them. To my ferret ears the "Serve or Challenge" question was posed by some moron God who simply lacks a clue on what *MY* interests are, and said deity can go take a flying leap back into the void it crawled out of. I don't 'serve' humanoids, though I may join them where we have mutual benefit, or I may choose to hire one or negotiate a contract with one. I certainly have better things to do than 'challenge' them.

The 'magic transparency' issue seems rather odd to me as well, unless it is some aspect of, "We can't let humanoids know we exist!" Well, we do. I'm me, and I don't give a rat's backside who knows I'm 'awakened', or whatever it is you two-legged creatures call it. If Noble animals exist at all, certainly as described in, "The Noble Wild", then while it may not be 'common' knowledge, the notion of trying to keep it a 'secret' is damned silly and it is a waste of my time. Don't waste my time.

So the aspect of magic of Noble Animals being transparent compared to any other arcane power feels horribly unnatural. It's the same magic that does the same thing.

There are various other aspects to the book, but the reason I started this thread was to see who reading the boards has an interest in the topic, and perhaps may share some of my concerns. The ferret persona comes very natural to me and I have a very good idea of how my ferret PC would view things. What I would like, somehow, is to have some sort of map or plan that takes The Noble Wild and modifies the content in a reasonable way that makes it a natural extension of the Pathfinder world. Some way that when you look at the whole thing, one would go, "Why yes, of course this makes sense in the Pathfinder campaign setting." The Noble Wild doesn't quite seem to be there, yet that is where I would like my ferret PC to be.

Thank you for considering this with me, and perhaps Lee Garvin would take an interest in this towards a new Pathfinder edition of his book that is well received by the Pathfinder community.

Per the FAQ: Can I buy a badge for just 1 day?
Only 3-day badges at the 3-day badge rate are available for PaizoCon 2013. However, you can come for any or all of the days with a 3-day badge.

My apologies, I'm rather a newb to Paizo Con, and to such things in general. My context for 'cons' in general is something like the Emerald City ComiCon, ticket prices as follows:

Ticket Prices
3-Day Pass $65.00
Friday Only $25.00
Saturday Only $35.00
Sunday Only $25.00
Child (3-10) $10.00

Not trying to start a war or anything, but I have to 'sell' Paizo Con to my wife. She can only handle one day. For that matter, we both work nights, so it will be much more a 'half' day one-day than a full day there. So we are looking at $70 for two tickets for one day at the ECCC vs. $100 for two tickets for three days at Paizo Con, and either event we can only practically be there for half the day's event. Yes, it's "only" $30's difference, but this is my wife, and we run a tight budget. $30 is a nice meal for two.

Does Paizo Con come with steep discounts on products? How late do events normally go? Spending $100 on more of a 'full days' worth of events that go into the evening is better than showing up at 2pm and only getting four hours of actual con event time, such as we have with the ECCC. And with the ECCC, the expectation is that we'll be throwing money at the exhibitors, as we are fans of the artists who show up and it is my one time of the year to pay back artists who's work I have been enjoying all year. Am I spending $100 for four hours of time for opportunity to buy stuff from Paizo? It would be cool to meet the authors of the few books we have bought so far, but... we have not had time to become fans on that kind of level just yet.

Someone please fill me in on how Paizo Con is different from the ECCC, and how I should think of it and 'sell' the ticket price both to myself and to my wife. I mean, this may be a fantastic deal and all for some people, but from where I'm sitting and the hours I will actually be able to attend, this doesn't look so good. :(

In thinking about my situation, I have an idea as something that may be useful as a PDF extension to the Beginners Box material.

Using only the Beginners Box dungeon mat, iconic character pregens, monsters and materials, a set of four 'Iconic Character' showcase adventures set for one GM and one Level One player. Each adventure is geared to let one GM and one Level One iconic character play through the dungeon mat to completion with a challenging, but reasonable chance of success. Each adventure has unique challenges suitable to the iconic character pregen so the player may understand both that iconic characters strengths and weaknesses.

A useful adaption of each challenge would be to have the puzzles 'randomized', so playing a GM and knowing the solution for one puzzle on an iconic character will not necessarily be useful for solving the puzzle in the same room using the same iconic character.

This is my intended use of the Beginners Box having only my wife and I to fill the roles, trading PC and GM duties where we both wish to understand the game material very well when playing within a group. My wish is that we both know the material well enough we can recruit other 'beginner level' players and have an entertaining game with both of us anchored in the fundamentals without the constant fumbling through the books to understand how things work.

Thank you for considering this request.

I had a GM who purchased a "Chessex pound-o-dice" that had white dice with red flecks in it, which he claims is, "the blood of players I have killed in the game."

I don't know about all of that, but I thought that "blood splattered dice" would be interesting to have. If you do a Google search for, "rusty dagger blood splattered dice" it shows someone who used acrylic spray paint to 'blood splatter' their d6's from a zombie game.

I've bugged Chessex about marketing such a product, they did not seem interested.

It takes time to go from 'cool idea' to 'I can sell this to you today'. So an idea I would have for Paizo is a Halloween accessory package for 2013 that would include "blood splattered poly dice." Maybe this would be part of a zombie campaign as a recommended accessory thing. People would likely want the dice and other 'cool stuff' and not the campaign, and I think your campaigns are just books without additional accessories.

I could 'blood splatter' the dice myself, as you can see from the picture, but

1) Would that impact the rolls? That would suck very badly if I literally jinxed my dice to not roll random.

2) Even if I could scientifically prove the paint has no impact, would it bring up the question of the dice being loaded in my favor?

3) How long before the 'cool blood splattered dice' becomes 'messy dice with red paint chipping off?'

Buying dice manufactured that way makes the problem simply go away.

If Chessex can make dice with swirly color in it, or white dice with red flecks, I'm not clear why 'bloody dice' would be such a big deal, and the people I talk to at the game shop seem to think that would sell like crazy for a Halloween special. Maybe this could be part of a 'minis' package? A larger gore-fest package? I don't see Paizo making *just* bloody dice, but as part of a larger GM 'must have' accessory kit? "Bone dice" just turns up D6's, and poly dice like that would be crazy to manufacture.

So I'm not sure how this could be packaged as a larger, "Must Have" set, but it is something I would love to see and purchase from Paizo.