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As a rogue, you're getting pretty close to the point where Two-Weapon Fighting falls off really hard so you may want to consider retraining out of those and trying the Dirty Trick route.

The reason it's about to fall off is 6th level and up you start running into Damage Reduction regularly and the -2 penalty to attack rolls starts to matter more as Armor Class begins to scale faster. I would consider the Brawler dip or if they let you move your stats around a little just taking Combat Expertise and Gang Up.(You are your own ally so as long as someone else is fighting the same enemy, you benefit from flanking and sneak attacks)

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To summarize:
1. Rogues have no inherent accuracy booster. They are the only class without accuracy boosters. This is especially dreadful as Sneak Attack synergizes with Two-Weapon Fighting.

2. Rogues are average at skills. They do not gain class features that make them more effective(Except Trapfinding) or versatile when using said skills. Every other skill based/Rogue replacement class in the game has features that boost their skill checks beyond what simple skill ranks can give.

3. Reflex only good save is painful as it is the saving throw least likely to instantly put your character out of commission.

4. More than 80% Rogue Talents are trash. =(

5. More than 80% Rogue Archetypes are trash. =( The only standout is the Eldritch Scoundrel and that is so sad because it trades away half of everything the rogue has for some spellcasting.

6. Most rogues have to spend the majority of their Wealth, Feats, and Class Features just trying to get access to reliable Sneak Attacks. It doesn't become completely solid until around 13th level.

As for why they aren't? Sacred cows mostly.

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Everything seems to be in order...

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Look mate. Rogues do not exceed at skills. Rogues are only capable of the very BASELINE that every other person who plops a skill rank into a skill are capable of. You have the same bonuses as any other class to skills EXCEPT ALL THE ONES ACTUALLY GOOD AT SKILLS BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY GET SKILL BONUSES. Rogue Talents that allow you to use your skills in a new/useful way are incredibly lacking. The only in class bonuses a Rogue gets on skills are Perception and Disable Device in regards to Traps that never exceed DC34 in any published material. All Rogues CAN be(but not always) fast talkers and good at Stealth, but ANY of the more suitable classes will be FAR far better than the Rogue at such. A Ranger for instance is much much better at Stealth due to Favored Terrains and through some spells. A Slayer has more synergy with intimidate than a Rogue. A Bard is a better diplomancer than the Rogue is. Basically, theres a class that does it better the moment you decide to specialize as a Rogue AND if you were fine with being mediocre at all your skills, a Slayer still probably has a better baseline to work from.

What encounters are you ending before getting into combat? Are you sneaking in and coup de gracing folks in their sleep? Are you diplomancing the trigger happy guard at the gate? Other classes perform these sorts of things with far greater efficacy with some having the bonus of being able to cast a spell to help in addition.

The "Utility" a Rogue brings to the party is nonexistent. The only utility offered is 2 more skill points per level and his wealth.

*Deep Breath*

And a lot of the other stuff you said isn't really accurate either!