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BadBird wrote:
Strength-based Scarred Rager Barbarian/ Ninja. A scarred Rager that only rages while attacking is only fatigued until the start of their next turn. So you can repeatedly appear out of the shadows with raging greatsword sneak attacks, and then vanish a few seconds later with Vanishing Trick like nothing happened.

Wait, how are you doing this with a Scarred Rager?

Edit: Oh, wait, I think I got it. Huh. That's pretty cool.

Wait, we have a football thread? Whaaaat?

Also, you may shame me. I'm a Jags fan.

Agreed with Fall. Let me me put it this way. I don't care what sword you have, I'd rather not be hit with it. I'll die unless, maybe, if 'm wearing armor.

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I think he's the Goblin, Fall. I think the Drow is the one not sharing.

Double post, but eh. That Brawler write up looks great, by the way!

Sweet! Dude, I'll be waiting and hope this gets some juices flowing!

I refuse to let this die. *gives CPR* Breathe you accursed thread, breaaaaathe!

Pretty much, what TOZ is saying. And to address the it breaks immersion, it's still a game.

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I don't worry about multi-classing, really. Fluff is fluff. I'll take the Ranger into Monk thing. He doesn't have to be a monk. Hell, no one needs to know in character that he even took that level.

Just because it says Ninja on your sheet, it doesn't mean you're Asian, wear black pajamas and need to be slinking off into the dark.

Oh, sorry to hear that, Reaver. I'm not so good at this sorta thing either, but I hope someone keeps me posted.

Any more on this?

I point out that I never said don't work on the Witch. Adding more hexes and patrons can never be a bad thing.

To my point about other classes, I didn't ask you to do other things. You stated that the class was fundamentally broken. I don't recall calling the Witch perfect. I don't recall telling you to shut up. You said it was open for discussion, which means opinions and such.

Why do you think its broken? Is this because of a few lackluster options?

Is it weak somehow? If so, compared to what? You brought about balance in regards to the cleric, druid, wizard. You may not want other to compare, but you already did so yourself. In order for balance to happen, you must at least try to look at the other classes.

Are you merely asking for more stuff for them? If so, you may need to step back and look at your wording.

Do you just dislike the fluff, or in your opinion, the lack thereof?

In short, I can still like your ideas even if I think the Witch class is fine mechanically.

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I'll state that my opinion is that the Witch seems fine as a class. Sure, it might have some lackluster options, but that seems to be true for all classes.

Trying to add to one class without looking at others can cause problems, as well. I haven't seen a Witch run into problems yet. I also don't recall them being overpowered. Sure, sometimes the Witch might fall a little behind. But then again, in regards to other classes, it doesn't ever become useless.

Ultimately, this is a team game, and classes need to have some sort of reasonable measure of contribution. The Witch can do that at most levels, most with only one Hex if all else fails.

I'll point out again, that you cannot look at the class in a vacuum. You must compare it to other classes if you are looking for balance.

Into mannerisms. Seranov stated his opinion. Aunt Tony came back with a post, which was fine. Aunt Tony stated that the class was 'fundamentally broken'. Seranov asked if he had heard about the rogue and monk, classes typically called broken.

At this point, Aunt Tony used some rather colorful words. I found that post to be a little rough and I think it escalated rather quickly. Tony, I do suggest that you tone down the words in your post. Saying that if Paizo cannot control their boards that you will not buy anymore products' seems very extreme to me. I will point out that I do not see any 'screeching loudmouthing' or anything particularly fired at you.

Again, all of this is my opinion. you are free to respectfully disagree with me.

Edit; I like the patrons you created. Flavorful and they seem pretty well thought out.

I dunno, I kind of like the pick three stats. I love the possibilities for different combinations.

Armiger, Acrobat, and Mesmerist seems like it would be a fun combo.

So, what would a Monk, Ironhide, Elementalist get you?

Mur. The pic comes out kinda messed up for me. It's a rainbow after the second picture. :/

I think what they were stating, Ciretose, is that: Sure, a first level human fighter can take Power Attack, Furious Focus (I'll be honest, I don't know what this does), and TWF at first level. Will using PA and TWF be a boon or not? I think that's a -3 to your attack.

Wait, isn't Venom Mac Gargan now? Last I heard, he was teaned with Osborne. I thoguht Flash was Anti venom.

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Way too pay attention then :/ Seeing how Iron man is usally called by his name and Cap gets referred as Rogers a lot. Thor is his name, and i don't think they ever call Banner the Hulk.

But hey, i get that not everyone will like the same movies as me. Thinking something is good is subjective, just try to be mindful that many people seem to think it's a very good movie.

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I'm with Kobold. Awesome post and..then you ruined it. From a technical weiw point, i really loved the camera work and the chemistry between the actors.

The other part is, I like comics. >.>

I'm supposed to be DMing for my group, quit making me want to steal characters from you, Orthos! xD

That could be greatsword/shoulder slam, greatsword/footstomp, greatsword/headbutt, gw/knee strike..

Though, I love the idea of Gw/Foot stomp and giving an opponent a -2 to Ac for a round.

"Ow! My foot!" *grabs it out of instinct*...*gets ganked by party rogue*

*clears throat* It's The Doctor. Not Doctor Who. The Doctor is the character. Doctor Who is the show. :P

thejeff wrote:
RipfangOmen wrote:
The Superman thing is also assuming they know it's Superman. Not everyone will realize that the Supes next to him is holding back, unless he tells them. Now, if he does so in a haughty matter, it's time to talk to the player (in most cases).

I don't know how that would work out. It's likely to come up at some point, assuming the character ever has to unload.

I'm not sure if I'd be more bothered by being outshone throughout the game or by the guy holding back and hiding it.
The in character reaction is certainly going to be harsh, unless there's a good in character reason that isn't GM complicity. Especially if the other characters actually got seriously hurt before the optimizer stops holding back.
"Thanks, for saving us, but why did you wait so long? Bob's dead and I'm cut to ribbons.
Hey, if you could handle those two so easy, what have you been doing all this time? Why am I even risking my life here?"

"You're all capable. I just needed to know how capable. I'm sorry for the lost of Bob. I thought he would have seen this to the end. You're risking your life because as powerful as I am, I'm only one man. Having this much power..well..that's story for another time.."

Edit: Or "I..I don't know how that happened. How..?"

The Superman thing is also assuming they know it's Superman. Not everyone will realize that the Supes next to him is holding back, unless he tells them. Now, if he does so in a haughty matter, it's time to talk to the player (in most cases).

I'm gearing up to DM a game and the only player I'm worried about is a veteran of the PnP games who can really break the system. I told them "Keep it simple, no funky archtypes for rigt now and no oddball character races :P"

Oh. I made a mistake in my last post. The Pirate came later. We had a Half Elf Ranger that, while being kinda snobby at the begining, fell in love with Taz. And it reminds me of the mage thing the Pirate replaced.

He had a homebrew class. I was worried about it being OP. Cept, the guy was a jerk and would turn to gaseous form half the time and not help the party. He even admitted he was a jerk out of character. We let him play because we didn't have enough players. I can't remember if we kicked him out, or we left or something.

Back on topic. We wound up fighting a dragon at the end and it destroyed us. i don't really blame the DM as we were all learning and we missed some key clues/he didn't really make them obvious.

Point is, it really sucked to have this character I really enjoyed playing get mushed and fell like it got mushed because I sucked at the game

Hrm..I don't think I'm good at either, but i can only get better by trying. I'm not sure I'd want to play at a table that'd nerf something I did because it was too good somehow. If power disparity happens, I'd try to help out somehow either by helping the person become more optimized or maybe help with roleplay ideas. My first real crack at RP came from City of Heroes then came PnP. That's what i try to do when i build my character, to survive because I like the character and want to RP with it.

My first DnD Character was Taz'or Bloodmaw. We rolled stats and he wound up as Likeable Brickwall Dummy. He fought mostly with gauntlets, using javs to peg things from afar. We had a rogue, a Sorc and a Pirate of some sort, I think. I picked the feats i thought would help me in combat and such and RP'd him accordingly.

Hydra appears out of the lake and roars. Rill for Intiative!

Everyone rolls. Taz has his back to the lake. Notices shadow, turns around "..Hi! Me Taz! You big! What you name?!"

Hydra: *tilts head, roars and attacks party*

Taz: HEY! You leave friends alone! *finds a fallen sword that does acid damage and precedes to go to town*

Party looks at Taz. "What? It attack friends. Me no like that. Make me angry. Oh..me make mess. Sorry.."

Soo..you can't optimize and roleplay..?

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I wouldn't say that, MP. They have the perceived problems in another thread, but I don't recall one being Damage. I recall one being actually to hit.

And a weapon can kill you in one hit. Why is this still a topic?

...wait..wait. This..This isn't a joke topic..?

*sadface throat tearing Gnoll thing*

I'm going to agree with Krigare. RAW, it looks like Haste does in fact work with the Monk. The Unarmed Striked is treated as both a natural and manufactured weapon. I'd say that Haste effects the Monk, therefore, effects Unarmed Strike.

From what I can tell, the healing is pitiful with Wholeness of Body. SR also works with friendly casters, a bit of a doubleedged sword. Slow Fall's very situational, though I do like it for fluff.

I don't think I've seen anyone say Monk's Defense sucks, really. But the Paladin arguably has as good or better defense and better offense.

Well, okay. It still doesn't make much sense to me, but to each their own.


*looks at Hero Lab*

...why did I NEVER TRY THAT?! *facewall*

Actually, I don't understand that either. If it's supposed to be something cool Monk's could do, why doesn't that effect Unarmed Strikes?

The two answers seem to contradict themselves, but I may not be seeing something.

So, is it a big deal using lead blades and enlarge person when usimg a two handed weapon?

Maybe they are big hands. Perhaps you have a vague connection to giants or something aberrant. Maybe you honed the bones in your legs and arms into a devastating weapon, evev more so than other monks. Perhaps your head is literally thicker than others. I'm sure gamers can come with many other ideas. I was pointing out that you said it cant be used by Pcs. Can you not take that feat in either of those cases?

So, you can't use Improved Natural Attack if you're a dragon-bloodded Sorcerer? OR a Barbarian with the the Beast Totems? I thought you could..

Cool! Thanks!

This is an awesome backstory. I just have question: How in all the planes do you say that name?

I'm not sure where you see Monk bashers (I could just be missing this) But I think the the complaints of the class have been laid out by people more articulate than me. You might not agree, but in my opinion, the Monk just needs somehow to pass DR easier, maybe to be less MAD and possibly a bump to attack, not damage, somehow. I'd like to see some of their abilities straightened out, maybe clarified. I like the option of making it a skirmisher, but I'd also like more options that let you be a better damage dealer and the like. I'll note, I do mostly mean Unarmed for these.

Wait. Is the only difference the feat requirement? On the PRD, I think it must be using the one from Erebus.

I'm talking with Smilodan about this and he seems t want the challenge. I'll see what he comes up with and either post them here or have him post them. :D Thanks the for the feedback, I'll keep ya posted!

Gorbacz, we are in argeement on those accounts. That is all I mean when I say at least on par. I want the monk to have a more reliable mealns of dealimg damage, for the abilites to work with each other and to make sense.

You know, I don't think that using Crane Wing/Riposte would allow this type of movement. I'd say you could threaten with a gauntlet of some sort or an unarmed strike provided you had IUS.

Hmm. Brain on a Jar, you didn't answer my question. Let me ask another way. If Unarmed Strikes are weapons, can I make them masterwork or enchant them?

I dont see it. My search fu might just be weak. Anymore thoughts on this? I figured that the breath weapon might be called Heavenly Blaze/Unholy Chasm. How about one for the Undead Bloodline? Hmmm.

If Unarmed Strike is a weapon, then why without Improved Unarmed Strike are you considered unarmed?

THe Monk might have some tricks, but the tricks seem counter intuitive to the Monk's base, which is to to fight Unarmed.

Back on topic, yes. The Brawling property does seem a little underpriced, thought that has nothing to do with Monks.

Wait, are we talkimg about the vanilla monk or the martial artist now?

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