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Beating A Dead Horse wrote:
Evil Turtle wrote:
*Kicks the 'Alignment' dead horse*
Easy their cowboy

Whoa there, Tex.

Well, you can add the guy I accidentally shot in the knee as I walked out the door when I was trying to call out to a drunken reverend, and the sheep herder that witnessed it, and a few of his sheep caught in the crossfire.

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My bounty on Red Dead Redemption 2 is now up to $295.

You can thank the Great Valentine Sheep massacre for that.

And the crossroads robbery with entirely too many witnesses.

Also the the countless people I accidentally shot in the face trying to talk them (hold down R2 get a talking menu, hold down L2 draw your gun and shoot in the face, I forget which is which).

Edit: S#*@, is that right!?

I need to figure out how to restart story mode in Red Dead Redemption 2.

I've done some things...

3. Tracking bunnies is way more fun than it ought to be.

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What I've learned.

1. L2 is for talking.

R2 is for shooting.

This explains why I keep accidentally shoot people in the face when I'm trying to talk to them.

2. Taking care of any witnesses to your accidental face shootings can get messy.

I finally made it out of the g!&%%!n snow and have set up an honest to gosh hobo camp!

To commemorate the occasion i shaved, put on a kick ass duster, ate a can of peaches, patted my horse, and went wandering free range!

1) Strutted through Valentine.

2) Got my horse dirty, which according to the horse IS A BAD THING.

3) Found a river to wash off my horse, Princess Diva Plops (If anyone knows how to actually name your horse i desperately want to know).

4) Came across some dude washing his knickers, apparently some dude on a horse with a revolver pointed at him was scary because he ran away.

5) Shot a stupid rat trying to swim across the river.

6) A nearby prospector heckled me, not wanting to scare him off (unlike the hobo launderer) i got off Princess Diva Plops and put away my gun. He punches me in the face, i retaliate, by shooting him in the head. What the f$!$ dude! we were going to be friends!

7) Yay! He had Whiskey and bitters!

8) We ride off into the sunset.

9) Bear attacks!!!!!

10) Princess Diva Plops throws me aside, runs away.

11) Bear starts mauling the f!%@ing s*$@ out of me!

12) I somehow wrestle free and start shooting it in the face, i run out of ammo, reload three shots and fire all three, the last one miraculously felling the bear.

13) I call for Princess Diva Plops, assuming she didn't make it.

14) She runs dramatically over the crest of the hill, yay!

15) I eat TWO cans of peaches!

16) We ride home, I crawl into bed, unfortunately...

17) Princess Diva Plops is dirty, she needs a bath.

Eye twitches, ever so slightly.

4. Wagons suck.

5. Every mission needs to be a train robbery.

6. Dead eye might be as fun as VATS.

Lessons learned.

1. The O'Driscolls are a+!%@#~s.

2. I may or may not murder Micah and leave him in a ravine.

3. Hypothermia is bad, m'kay.

I best be able to ride cattle.

I'm a taking my shot.

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Nope, he gut shot me.

Didn't see that one coming...

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Seriously! I'm gonna stand outside dude's fort and try to talk him out. Seriously? That always works... in opposite world.

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Video game experiment: can I be an outlaw in Red Dead Redemption.

And will I quit when I have trouble knifing the train full of soldiers like usual.

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Figured out how to have fun with the kids playing Red Dead Redemption.

I get on my horse, equip my lasso, then ride full blast across the Texas and Mexico desert roping people off their horses.

Tiny T-Rex was literally rolling on the floor laughing today. :-)

Yeah, don't get me started on trying to be evil in video games these days, it's almost easier to ride a cow in Red Dead Redemption (which is impossible, despite it being a thing cowboys do).

*sigh* I miss Legacy of Kain.

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Now hold on Dragon, where do you think you're going with that warm air there. Why, I reckon you'll wanna just send that over my way, nice and cozy like... that'll do nicely, much obliged. *tips hat, nice and friendly like*

It's like that mission in Red Dead Redemption where you gotta sneak onto a train using only stealth and knives. Nailed it fully my first try.

Haven't completed it successfully since.

Eh, I know, but video game designers like to add tons of useless, annoying stuff.

Ever ride a cow in Red Dead Redemption? No, cause you can't! But where did rodeos come from! Not everything was invented by Back to the Future g*&!+%n it!

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Also my guy on Red Dead Redemption is a pussy because he dies when I get shot when I press the wrong button to hide behind a barrel, also my horses be b~+@%es because they die when I blindly ride then off a cliff.

That and unlike in Red Dead Redemption, I know how to ride a f%%*ing cow!

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I've got tales about the old west, like how you can't ride a g@+&!#n f%$$ing cow no matter how much you want to!