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Thank you very much guys. I really will do my build according to your advices. In the mean time, we have rolled for the stats. Let me share my dice results:

12, 9, 14, 15, 11, 18

Yeah, I was never a good ability roller.

Please note that above numbers are not in an order. So, I can put that 18 to STR and that 9 could go to INT etc. As I said in my first post, we are going to start from level 5, so I have a free +1 from level 4 achievement. Thus, above numbers are also free from race ability modifiers.

By the way, occult classes and unchained rules (and classes too) are forbidden. Apart from these two boks, nearly everything is permitted.

So, you are saying Bloodrager will do good? How about the race? Azata blooeded Aasimar maybe :)

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Hello folks.

I'm here to ask for a build advice on the frontliner role. Let me give me a quick briefing of the situation before making my point.

Our GM has turned one of those classic ADnD modules, Temple of Elemental Evil (ToEE) into Pathfinder, and have been playing since 5-6 months. Yesterday, we experienced our first total wipe in the module (in the most possible brutal way), thus started to prepare a new party before carry on.

For those who doesn't know ToEE, its combat encouters are pretty tough. We are a party of four PC (if we do not hire an NPC to aid us), and nearly we always face against 12-13 opponents. Of course, just 2-3 of those opponents going to be the big-bad-guy, but nevertheless, its just not gonna be very easy facing that much opponents every time. Environment is also harsh, you cannot find every magical shiny things you want from the market (for those who are familiar with ToEE, we wiped at the very entrance of the temple, so we were hanging around the town Nulb mostly).

Okay, here is the thing: Our party was combined of a Paladin, a Bard, an Investigator, and an Arcanist (which was me). After that damn wipe, we also decided to switch the roles. So, I volunteered to be the frontliner of the party. My other friends now thinking about to build a cleric, a wizard, and a rogue.

Before I decided what to play, I want to ask an advice on this thread. I was thinking to build a bloodrager or a swashbuckler. I really would like to play a swashbuckler, but, as I said, I'm gonna be the group's main frontliner, I have hesitations on swashbuckler's durability. Thus, maybe steelblood archetype?

When we wiped out, we were level 5, so we are gonna build our new PCs from that level. And, our GM limited our new PCs WBL by 4000 gp.

Character shouldn't be also very item-dependent one due to the reasons I mentined above.

Any fun to play and face smashing build advice appriciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Yeah, I know TWF with early firearms is a real pain in the head, but from the beginning, I really would like to fire with my both pistols with my Society character.
So I ended up spending around 4000 gp just to buy two masterwork double barreled pistols and select Two-Weapon Fighting feat for my precious five level feat slot.
Now I could fire with both pistols at the same time for the first two rounds of encounters :) then drop them to the ground and continue to fight with my main pistol. Just like Neo when he did when he ran out of ammunation. Really cool.

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Thanks for the comment Falkyron.

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What about the flat damage of the gun which is holded in the off-hand? Does it also benefit from character's full DEX modifier (of course, after gaining gun training feature)?

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What about the flat damage of the gun which is holded in the off-hand? Does it also benefit from character's full DEX modifier (of course, after gaining gun training feature)?

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Of course I used this one.. That wasn't my first GM experience. If I had used the standard one, combat wouldn't last 1.5 hours. They would be dead in 1 minute.

The point I want to highlight since yesterday is this scenario should be tier 5-9. Its quite ruthless to make level 1 PCs to fight againts a babau, even she is a CR 3 one.

GMs who care about PCs should think twice or be sure that party is an ideal one.

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No, i put them up against a standard CR 8 nabasu.

You know, eventhough this one is a weaker version of the kind, she still contains her DR, protective slime ability, and so on..

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Yeah, but there is an evil outsider on one hand, and a group of coward goblin group on the other hand. Which one would you choose?

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I run this scenario about fifteen hours ago and

unfortunately all of my players were died

I want to say a couple of things about this scenario. Firstly, my expectations were quite high as I was a fan of this story arc. But, when I started to read this one, I got disappointed on several points. I don't understand what were they thinking when they made this tier 1-5. Ambrus Valsin arranged a team to

send to the very Heaven itself, but this could also be the very first Society field mission for some of the agents. C'mon

My players played a fighter, an oracle, a bard, and a shifter. They simply cannot show any resistance against

babau demon
eventhough the assistance they got all before.

I don't know whether this is the final part of Traitor's Lodge story arc, but if it is, its a

very bad one

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By the way, is agile weapon property still legal for PFS? If i'm not mistaken this property has been removed from the field guide long ago, and according to additional resources, again this property isn't mentioned as playable.

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What if you don't have a fly speed?
To be more accurate: What I have in my mind is: Is it possible for a monk to grapple a flying opponent if he could successfully reach her using Cloud Step?
If yes, what will happen at the end of that particular turn? Both started to fall? Only monk started to fall even after a successfull grapple check? Because, Cloud Step says you need to end your turn on a solid ground otherwise start to fall.

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Um, I have another question. Made a quick search, but cannot see anything related.
Is there anything that prevent or keep in suspense to make a grapple check while in the air right after spending a move action via cloud step?
If no, then what would happen after that turn to both the monk and its grappled opponent?

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Aye, ofcourse you can attempt a sleight of hand check anytime, even under close observation. Deft Palm just giving you an additional plus four.

But, is there any reference regarding "lets you have the weapon equipped and still conceal it." Because, as I said, definiton is not very clear on this point.

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I searched through several topics, but cannot find a definite answer of this question:

Does Deft Palm let you to conceal your weapon without puting it somewhere on your person or does it let you to conceal it as usual except even under close observation?

I saw some people say that it works as the former case, while the others say as the latter case.. You know, there is a big different between the two cases as one of them doesn't force you to spend an action to withdraw your weapon afterwards.

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It is said that this question was answered in FAQ, but cannot find it under the Ultimate Combat topic at FAQ.

My real concern is whether it is officially accepted that you can conceal a weapon with Deft Palm without placing it somewhere on your person, so doesn't force you to spend an action while drawing it.


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And, my personal experience with the Monk is: Fun

But, that is partially because we rolled for the ability scores. I am playing as a Human Monk in our home campaign with the below ability points..

19, 17, 14, 8, 14, 10

Well, I wasn't so lucky while I was rolling for INT, but.. He really hurts during combats, and its roleplaying is also fun. First time to play as a monk.

On the other hand, it won't be that much fun in PFS point-buy system. If I would have to build a Society legal monk, it would be one of those agile monks with 10 STR and high DEX.. Because you also need a high CON as your AC won't be that high.

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Just started a campaign with friends and my character is a monk which will dip some free hand fighter levels.

At the beginning I didn't pay attention what it says for free hand fighters, but when I did, I am not sure now whether I could be qualified for the free hand fighter class feature named something like elusive, which gives +1 dodge bonus.

Because, free hand fighter description tells something like their fighter skills can only work when they wield one handed melee weapon while the other hand is free.

As you can guess, my problem is with the statement of one handed melee weapon.. I know monk's fists can be considered as a manufactured weapon for the purposes of spell efects, but what about for this case? Can I achieve this +1 dodge bonus as a monk?

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Hey, Revel's Guide to the Monk's link is not working. Can somebody share another? It's stucked while loading..

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Flak wrote:

If you want extra ninja tricks, take two rogue levels in order to qualify for Extra Rogue Talent (ninja trick). =D

(p.s. I know you can't multiclass ninja/rogue.)

I still cannot see any update about extra ninja trick on Additional Resources..

It is really a shame that all society ninja characters have a limitation like this just because of ninja was designed at the same time with the ultimate combat's feats according to Mr. Jacobs's response.. Aren't those designers talking in each other always? Or, they are communicating with some sort of smoke signals..

By the way, you cannot multiclass a ninja with a rogue. As far as I know..

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I don't know guys, my GMs are saying that when I try to take off my Rovagug symbol for casting a spell, other players would chop my head off for sure (metaphorically) as my true identity reveals..

Those worshippers of Rovagug have been exiled from their places, their temples have been shutted down.. So, with all of these "popular" images, my friends saying that role playing of a worshipper of Rovagug becomes imposible..

Also, they are insisting that, playing as a worshipper of Rovagug, I should attack every single entity I encounter, including my party, as my deity also tried to do give an end to life. In contrast what you said, Chris, being neutral or evil, doesn't matter, I should fulfill my deity's bidding, which is killing and killing. According to my GMs..

By the way, yes, I was thinking to make its race Half-orc..

RainyDayNinja wrote:
In-game, all members of the Pathfinder Society are required to cooperate, and leave aside any personal grievances against fellow Society members.

GMs also arguing that someone like a worshipper of Rovagug doesn't care about something like joining Pathfinder, going our for quests, as they are just doing killing and killing.

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Well, according the table indicated on that web-site, Rovagug is also legal for Pathfinder Sociery Characters, but could anyone tell me how can an Inquisitor or Cleric of Rovagug could survive among all the other Clerics and Inquisitors of Sarenrea, Iomedae, etc.?

Rage sub-domain and Greataxe proficiency looks cool, but.. GMs go crazy when they heard I am building an Inquisitor of Rovagug..

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Eric Saxon wrote:
Going to lvl. 7 with my Lantern boy, to get that +2 to initiative, before it disappears. And get that free boon.

I'm afraid not that fast.. You could claim the "master" rank only when you reach 40 fame points, which is impossible to reach at 7th level. Have a closer look to the Field Guide..

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What about this one: I have a PC with LL faction, and planning to play the Way of the Kirin in the following weeks, definitely well before the 14th of August.. The real question is SHOULD my PC change its faction immediately after the scenario OR can he continue to play under LL UNTIL the 14th of August?

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But, in the trick's definiton, it isn't stated how the ninja throw her shurikens. If she throws all the three together, all of them should be counted as sneak attacks (as long as they stab)..
On the other hand, mplindustries was right, if the ninja throw all the three one by one..

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"Devil's Advocate" wrote:
and I would imagine that ven if you play through your factions retirement scenario, you may opt to not change factions until season 5 and Aug 14th, but I'm not sure.

That is what I was wondering ^^ Thanks for the opinions..

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Yes, but, sadly news anyways.. Hoping to receive news about the way of the Kirin..

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Hi, new on messageboards :)

I wonder the titles that we have earned from LL/SL are going to be remain or what?

And, about this 14th of August, can LL or SL PCs are able to play as their factions are still be LL of SL until the 14th of August, even they have played these so-called retierement scenarios for these respective factions, such as the Way of the Kirin..