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graystone wrote:
Rangdos wrote:
Okay I can't let you wave at someone because the interact action says you have to interact with an object or the terrain and air is not defined as terrain.
Interact has the Manipulate trait and that means it includes "make gestures to use an action with this trait."

Manipulate lets you move your hands but you still must obey the restrictions of the Interact action, which limits why and what you can do with those gestures.

graystone wrote:
Rangdos wrote:
When 2 humans speak normally do works come out of their mouthes?

Assuming you mean words...

"All speech has the auditory trait. If you communicate in some way other than speech, other rules might apply. For instance, using sign language is visual instead of auditory."

Auditory says "actions and effects rely on sound."

So it uses sound. Where does the sound come from? I am being told we cannot use real world experiences to understand the Pathfinder fantasy world so my statement that real dogs can retrieive items is not valid and familars cannot, so I ask again, how did you decide how humans make noises?

Themetricsystem wrote:
For someone spitting a series of insulting hot takes that disregard the rules, I think your perspective could use an actual review of the rules themselves...

That doesn't say that waving is a sign. Which actions are permitted as they are communication, and which actions are not?

When 2 humans speak normally do works come out of their mouthes? It's not defined in the rules and you tell me it's not a good idea to use the real world as a basis for understanding the Pathfinder world.

If you are going to say that's sign language, where is the rule that defines the signs?

Okay I can't let you wave at someone because the interact action says you have to interact with an object or the terrain and air is not defined as terrain.

Are they any good?

Sometimes I fail to understand. Did we find the alien secret agents?

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Wheldrake wrote:
Yes, the Valet ability allows it to draw and place in your hand such an item. It doesn't say that the familiar can carry it somewhere else, say to give it to another PC or drop it on the battlefield.

That is the one of the most ridiculous things I have heard.

So a familiar can hand me a thing from my pack, but can't carry it to me?

Are retriever dogs a conspiracy or what? What are the things you see in the park?

If in the game you tell your familiar dog to fetch a ball or stick, what do you expect the GM to say? The dog explodes?

The Raven Black wrote:
Mjolnir is a Light Hammer, which has the Thrown trait and thus can be etched with a Returning rune.

The Dwarven thrower is a standard warhammer.

However I'm not sure specific magic weapons count either. Like artifacts, they may be cheating.

Are these available in book form anywhere? PDF would be preferred. Want something in one place not spread all over multiple magazines.

Whether or not spells are generally recognisable has different consequences for intrigue and combat games. I believe that if we compare the GM interpretations of this vs the style of game (combat or intrigue) they run then we will see a correlation.

Michael Thayne wrote:
I got thinking about the relative military strength of the various nations of Avistan

Varisia is a nation?

Realistically I don't see what armies and castles will do against super wizards, so don't worry about it. Let the superheroes fight and whichever superteam wins is the side that wins the war.

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is a non-throwing returning rune weapon. However it is an artifact so it might be cheating.

Thor's Hammer would return should it exist.

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Why does this incarna creature's special nature annoy people but haunts do not?

Deadmanwalking wrote:
That doesn't match up with any of the research I've done at all. The rules you're using might be skewing the data, or there might be some other intervening variable but all the research I've looked into disagrees with this. Here are a few links to comments on the subject. Not all are super scientific or well cited (though #3 seems to be, and #2 is from the ARMA website, which I've always found a good source on this sort of thing), but they all match up with each other, and those other things I've researched which are.[/url]

Nothing is contradictory to ARMA (whose opinion I do value).

I'm not claiming rapiers stab through platemail. The unarmored rapier user wins after their opponent becomes tired by the weight of their armor. I thought this was quite clear in the text I wrote. To be ultra specific then, they are slowed by exhaustion, and get tripped up or stabbed where it doesn't cover. In a duel situation, you are probably better wearing lightweight, or no armor, than heavy armor. On a battlefield I would like armor as I can't control the chaos of a multi-fighter melee, and someone has a bow.

I don't know how a Golarion grandfather clock works but it if it has pendulums the shaking will prevent it working if shrunken and worn.

I'm mostly agreeing with zimmerwald.

European armies had long straight swords usable for stabbing specifically to penetrate heavy armor. They also used a wide variety of spiked bashing weapons for similar reasons and even invented things like the estoc which is edgeless, being a sword-shaped spear.

Over in other places like Japan their armor was lighter, and curved blades were prefered for their greater cutting ability. They just cut meat better. You can test this by drawing the blade of a kitchen knife along your chicken dinner, and trying with a straight and curved blade.

I disagree with zimmerwald about duelling. I believe the rapier is the best self-defense sword, because no-one can beat the fencers when it's re-enactment day. However we don't know if the stabs they deliver are fatal or not and combat usually resets after a hit. But if it was real they would first blood you and then run away (or delay in a duel) while you bled out. This only applies to personal experience. Your experience may vary.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
I mean, a top hat isn't really technology in a meaningful sense. And while rapiers are titled that for us the players, they bear little resemblance to the real world sword of that name, and even real world rapiers were designed less because of guns per se, and more because people stopped wearing armor as much...something that, for whatever reason, also seems common in Golarion even without guns to cause it.

Your experience may vary but from re-enactment martial arts I find the rapier beats armor. You tire them out until they slow, though it takes a while. On a battlefield I would want armor as I have no control in a large melee. I'm specifically avoiding the topic of ranged weapons in this.

An other downside comes when you have to equip your character and you get the blacksmith's bill. Unless you're happy wearing non-enchanted regular kit.

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They don't love me anymore ever since that Treerazer jerk showed up. - Overheard in a dark cave in <redacted>.

What if the years of neglect are not kind to our armageddon engine friend and it's just vegging out in front of the TV in slack pants getting fat on snacks and ignoring the bills piling up in the letterbox?

The new hardback has a list of Pathfinder slang like 'axe envoy' etc. What is the lore behind all of them?

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Experience report for Mountain Stance:

Good stats, enjoyed the mechanical advantages it gave. Experience marred by long "debate" on interpretation of "touching the ground".

How does it deal with flying enemies?

(a) You ready an action and punch or grapple it when it flies into strike you. Do not grapple anything big enough to carry you off. But if it is small, you will stop it flying away.

(b) You protect your archers or wizards while they shoot it down.

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Three years ago in this real world I was in a country that had 2 different officially correct names, both in English, and any could be used on a legal document. I'll leave the name out for now, in case people want to a play a game of guesswork and deductive reasoning.

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Can we say that a clockwork being has a heartbeat or timing mechanism of some kind?

This elf is selling pocket watches, and there are reports of missing clockworks in the area. We need an investigator.

For me, watches are like bicycles.

I know they can make the parts to make the whole machine, but they just haven't invented the idea yet, or some of the gods made them forget on purpose.

As a GM this would cause me problems. I would have to let you make the attempt to produce the device but find some reason to sabotage the endeavor without it appearing ridiculous.

The pocket watch actually pre-dates the grandfather clock.

In short, I would talk with the player out of character and ask them if they want to change the game world like this.

WatersLethe wrote:
Yeah, that's why Incarnate spells absolutely need to *feel* like a summon of some kind. Here's some options ... IDK, anything but just a longer than normal spell with a coat of paint that some may or may not find 'cool'.

I'm fine with incarna spells not being creature summonings. Conjuration spells aren't either.

If they just change the name of it away from incarna, does that fix it for you?

The thing with incarna is that it lets you get some much more powerful and flexible effects that you couldn't do at this level, or at all without per-spell special rules. The example spell, for example, is quite interesting from a design persepective. Think about duplicating the effect with regular spells, or what incarna spells you could make.

I really like it.

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Ravingdork wrote:
...dragon eidolons not actually being dragon eidolons due to lack of flight.

Flight is not a requirement, see CRB page 631 "dragon" trait, and Linnorms for an example.

Extinction Curse changes in theme as it develops. Part 1, or Parts 1 and 2 on their own, are the Circus storyline. After that the plot shifts and the Circus is no longer the main plot element. You could run just the circus part and have a complete story without needing to address loose ends.

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I just signed up to say thank you for this. I enjoyed the playtest and agree with most of the developer statements.