Has anyone here ran the first book on an AP as a stand alone adventure?


If so, which? I was thinking the first book of Serpent Skull (Souls For The Smuggler's Shiv) sounds like a good one (the players are stranded on an island and have to escape as well as catch the person responsible.)

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I'm currently running Shadow in the Sky (the first book of Second Darkness) as a stand-alone. Having played Souls for Smugglers' Shiv, I agree that it would make an excellent stand-along adventure with the goal of getting off the island.

Book 2 of Second Darkness, Children of the Void, is also a great one-shot, with a similar plot of finding a way off of a haunted island, albeit at a higher level.

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While we didn't play it as a stand alone, I can confirm, having played it and really enjoyed it (more than the next levels of the AP, to be honest) that Souls for the Smuggler's Shiv makes an amazing stand alone adventure.

I am considering exactly the same as the OP just with a 2E conversion attempts. Whether the threats all translate quite the same is another matter

I've run the first parts of Strange Aeons and Iron God's as one-shots.

Any AP would suffice, really. When you get to the end of the first adventure, instead of feeding hooks for the next part, you just stop.

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Kingmaker works well for this--the frame would be that you're the survey team, sent in ahead of the settlers.

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