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Wheldrake wrote:
Yes, the Valet ability allows it to draw and place in your hand such an item. It doesn't say that the familiar can carry it somewhere else, say to give it to another PC or drop it on the battlefield.

That is the one of the most ridiculous things I have heard.

So a familiar can hand me a thing from my pack, but can't carry it to me?

Are retriever dogs a conspiracy or what? What are the things you see in the park?

If in the game you tell your familiar dog to fetch a ball or stick, what do you expect the GM to say? The dog explodes?

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Why does this incarna creature's special nature annoy people but haunts do not?

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They don't love me anymore ever since that Treerazer jerk showed up. - Overheard in a dark cave in <redacted>.

What if the years of neglect are not kind to our armageddon engine friend and it's just vegging out in front of the TV in slack pants getting fat on snacks and ignoring the bills piling up in the letterbox?

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Experience report for Mountain Stance:

Good stats, enjoyed the mechanical advantages it gave. Experience marred by long "debate" on interpretation of "touching the ground".

How does it deal with flying enemies?

(a) You ready an action and punch or grapple it when it flies into strike you. Do not grapple anything big enough to carry you off. But if it is small, you will stop it flying away.

(b) You protect your archers or wizards while they shoot it down.

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Three years ago in this real world I was in a country that had 2 different officially correct names, both in English, and any could be used on a legal document. I'll leave the name out for now, in case people want to a play a game of guesswork and deductive reasoning.

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Can we say that a clockwork being has a heartbeat or timing mechanism of some kind?

This elf is selling pocket watches, and there are reports of missing clockworks in the area. We need an investigator.

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Ravingdork wrote:
...dragon eidolons not actually being dragon eidolons due to lack of flight.

Flight is not a requirement, see CRB page 631 "dragon" trait, and Linnorms for an example.

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I just signed up to say thank you for this. I enjoyed the playtest and agree with most of the developer statements.