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I look forward to hearing that the union is recognized so that I can resubscribe!

I didn't see the downtime on the sheet, did I do something wrong or forget something? Or am I just not reading again?

GM Valen wrote:

There was a hyperlink in my prior post, but it leads to:

Wow, I had to read it twice more to see it. Sorry for the confusion, thank you!

Seelah Soup wrote:
Got the Chronicle - it looks great, and the scenario was great too. Thanks for GMing and for writing it!

Where, how? I seem to be missing the link. I checked both the urls in the slide, but don't see the chronicle.

Thank you so much, this was great!

My first time playing in Paizo's forums, and it was a good time!

(I did end up writing a browser plugin to alert me of new posts, though.)

I had to try and see if I could help in some way. If I didn't crit fail then I guess we don't get my second roll ... although, I think I have a 2nd hero point ... shoot, gonna have to try to find time to count tomorrow.

Thank you so much, it was fun!

Ok, can I attempt to make them friendly in hopes of getting to make a request ... but failing to make them friendly enough to make my own request still be able to assist in the request of somebody else? I have red flags espionage boon and this is seemingly the optimal time to a chance at extra diplomacy crit fishing!

Ok, just to double check before i do some rolls:

1) They are unfriendly to me. They need to be friendly for me to even make a request. To get from unfiendly to friendly, i would need a crit success.

2) If I made that crit success and then tried to make a request, I would need another crit success to lock down the trade.

So, I basically need a pair of 20s (crits) to do the job?

Can we just do an assist on the make a request rolls from Sun Fire and/or Seelah?

GM: I think you misread Merisiel's actions. Move out of sight of Kobold, meaning away from, not towards to strike it. The "if alive strike it" i think was for the ant, not the kobold.

Sorry, I was traveling all weekend.

Ok, any PCs wanna swap some spells? Or am I the only wizard?

Any of the NPCs I might have been able to trade with?

Would Carrol have been able to determine by now if there were any other arcane casters in the party that might be interested in swapping spells?

Ok. Sorry I wasn't tracking them myself.

I did use one early on, leaving me with one still. I cannot edit my last post in the other thread so I am going to just suck it up and deal with that failure in that context. I may need this Hero Point for dealing with Eloqi directly or perhaps another battle that our bad rolls are about to start ...

Pretty sure I burned my only hero point already ... so that 1 is really going to hurt. :(

NibNok has Natural Medicine, which allows him to use Nature (he is Expert) to Treat Wounds. Any chance that would apply to the Medicine check for this spilled drink?

NibNok has something to say along the lines of:

The Pathfinders pride themselves on versatility; being able to negotiate to make peaceful resolutions when an option as well as fighting when we must (haven't they helped with some major plots like Tar Baphon????) ... but we are not primarily a fighting force. And since Oprak is clearly able to take care of itself through strength, they would be much more suited to a partnership with the Society as we won't try to step on their military toes ... at this point he would stare down the Aspis speaker ...

oof. dice are against us this time!

Then Lysle makes sense to me!

I tried.

Yah. Dice are gonna ruin NibNok. I am already at the "I just hope he lives" part of the adventure, and we just started!

Northern Dreamer wrote:
Carrol, Ansira and Garrace you should determine where your glyph bonus Hero Points are going.

I don't know the etiquette. Can you assign it to another for me, please?

aarrrrrrrgggg. I had a fun/cool thing to post to be the party's speaker ... and i just realized it was never posted!!!!!!

Once again, crappy rolls are going to completely ruin a fun character. :(

That's ok, I keep messing up my posts. Forgot dice, posted as wrong person. Doh!

NibNok is a Sorcerer / Bard with 18 Cha (arcane + occult = bad) but has a Trained Diplomacy of +11, and the Red Flags Espionage boon/reward (never been used):

[ ] Red Flag Espionage (Limited-Use): You have experience with delicate social situations where a false move could antagonize a possible ally or accidentally endanger a comrade. When using Diplomacy to Make an Impression or Request, you critically fail the check if you fail the check DC by 12 or more (rather than failing by 10 or more). Check the box that precedes this boon to use the following reaction.

[reaction] Trigger: You critically fail a Diplomacy check; Effect: You reroll the triggering check and must use the second result.

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Luis Loza wrote:
Accessory Runes are really fun! Randal Meyer, who wrote the section, did a great job with the idea. Unfortunately, we only have a few pages of accessory runes in this book, so we're only just scratching the surface of the idea. I hope we can expand on them a lot more in the future!

Woohoo, that's me, I did that! It was so much fun seeing what other things runes could do!

Any other characters here have a spellbook with arcane spells I could possibly study/learn?

Oh, nice, I should have a glyph by now then! (Totally missed this aspect of GMing PFS!)

Here are links to my Char Sheet and pics of Carrol.

Char Sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Leten5QxhgH-mCgJLXbb3ZvhQJphPJGK/view?usp= sharing

Portrait: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-BAx_GsPPaGRxZWloJRgVtopKv-k0XRg/view?usp= sharing

Token: https://drive.google.com/file/d/152LmNp6IorCPAxtNnL4f59TOdEkZYPJj/view?usp= sharing

I am sorry if I missed something obvious, but what are the glyphs you are passing out?

Is there a single field you all post your char stats in to get them to show up in these posts?

FYI: NibNok's 10th chronicle was 1-19: Iolite Squad Alpha

CharSheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zNoc8jyVIc3ZDRiRrsYUNtpse_706RjW/view?usp= sharing

Chronicles: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XWUnbw3FIqCSUpiV2kvUDULWc4t-BQTN/view?usp= sharing

Just to let you know, you have posted that this is Bounty #10 instead of Bounty #8!

Lysle, I will be bringing a halfling spell slinger (evoker that uses his slingstaff to launch his spells).

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I really dig this concept. I agree that this solution as proposed would open up a great number of benefits and customization while also freeing up precious space in the book. I would also make it so that any classes listed as traits for the feat/chain would be able to start the archetype but not be forced to finish it before moving on, as archetypes are currently written. For instance, making the Double Slice chain have the "fighting style" trait along with the "fighter" and "ranger" and it would allow fighters and rangers to both take just the first feat in the chain and then take other archetype (but not other fighting styles) feats while your two weapon rogue is bound by the normal requirement of taking a set number of feats before taking another archetype. While I like Alex's idea of the fighter getting early access, I would propose that one specialty of being a fighter is that it can dip into multiple fighting styles simultaneously where other classes should be forced to finish a fighting style before moving on to another fighting style.

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Has there been any consideration to having more sidebars like the stats generation sidebar (that reminds/introduces readers that you can roll dice to generate stats) for other rules elements that are new-ish or may not be used by a lot of people. Hero Points and Resonance (now a limiter for magic items) come to mind. If they become core for balance reasons (and/or PFS compatibility) then cool, but perhaps offering an option or an *opt-out* might help a ton of players that get caught up on RAW.

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Just wanted to say thanks Erik Mona and Logan Bonner. Thanks for the great interview! Making me excited for the new version.

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Give me guidelines and a theme and let me start writing!

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it.

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

I fill out all the information, but when I get to step 4, I either don't have a Place Order button or it is disabled. When I don't have one and click on Confirm Order, I get Step 4 with a disabled Place Order button.

I had been trying to start my subscription with the Monster Codex, but in trying to remove and add the subscription this morning, I no longer have the option to start with Monster Codex. Can I still start with it, or did I lose my chance because of this?

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What is the current solution for not being able to check out a new ongoing subscription?

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I don't have book in front of me, so bear with me.
I assume you must pay to earn non-gp capital still with a business.

Inn/Tavern: total options of 10 gp or 4 Influence (or variations)
GP: take 10, 20 gp / 10 = 2 gp / day.
Influence: take 10, 14 = 1 Influence; need to spend 10 gp to earn it

5 days of gp = 10 gp
On 6th day, i can make an influence check, spend my 10 gp from previous week. While i no longer have actual gp, i now have 20 gp worth of goods locked up in Influence.

That is how I am reading it. Anybody else?

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Do you receive stock only from boosters, or from people looking to sell off extras? I assume they are all still in plastic?