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We could call them... Berserkers.



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Prettey clear, unless it's a very big baddie, no difficult terrain.
Dead is, indeed, pretty helpless. :D

The dead can't say no!

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Pendagast wrote:

But the Archer DOES even out with the meele IF you track that ammo.

Next thing you'll have us track trivial stuff, like spell components :P


Here, mum, look! I'm carving it! I'm carving the turkey! With my manhood!

Xabulba wrote:

First girlfriend; Suzanne, slim and boyish

First boyfriend; Fred, small and girlish

What's up with that?

So I'm sitting in the bus, right? And this lady just goes and starts to breast-feed her kid right here. And then this old lady starts ranting and screaming "STOP DOING THAT HERE! THIS IS DISGUSTING!"

Probably wasn't the right time and place for me to touch myself.

Clairvoyance and grease!

Uhm... Yes, I mean, you can wait when someone's running around a corner and then grease the floor. That's what I totally meant.

An unrelated question: Anyone know a female (human, half-elf, elf, maybe gnome or halfling) with high charisma and bad scry save?

KaeYoss wrote:

In one AP, I saw that there was a loo on the map and in the descriptions. Why?

I have seen no rules concerning characters having to answer the call of nature. So why are they there?

So guards have some place to make out in their lunch breaks.

When Chuck Norris touches the Starstone, IT ascends.

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Teach wrote:
Free Love!
Scratch that! Make it "Reasonably-priced love!"

And a hard-boiled egg!

Might as well add that.

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Spanish Inquisition wrote:
King of the who?
The Britons!
Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

i have seen this is untrue, even in the US

its not the masses but a few well positioned men whose vote accounts for the state :P

Can you see the violence inherent in the system?

Help! Help! I'm being repressed

heimdallsgothi wrote:

so in theroy

1+ short sword (M) with +9 stacking Flaming (+10 bonus)
10d6 per strike, 198k ?

In practise, no. No stacking.

But in theory... no. It's a +10 weapon, and thus costs 200k (plus 300 for masterwork, plus whatever the weapon costs).

Xaaon of Korvosa wrote:

here's a thought, if you can add flaming/frost/shock to a single weapon, you "should" be able to add shock/shock/shock to a weapon...

I can get Power Attack, Combat Expertise and Deadly Aim, so in theory I "should" be able to get Power Attack over and over again. :P

What's this got to do with air conditioning?

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Stuffy Grammarian wrote:
Me not am failing at anything!

Your face does. It fails at being not ugly. Oh, how it fails.

If my dog's face was that ugly, I'd shave his add and teach it to walk backwards.

Plus, your mother eats sauce powder as candy.


Chris Parker wrote:
Incidentally, Gandalf did indeed use fire off screen; the hobbits and Strider come across aftermath of one of his fights early in the Fellowship of the Ring (the book), and the surrounding rock is scorched.

Yeah! He totally did that off screen. That's why I keep asking for a new category of abilities: "off screen". It has precedent, after all. I want it in the game now or I stop playing!!!

Kae'Yoss, Oracle of Awesome!

Whaaat? 300 isn't a documentary?

You're saying I went out after the movie and killed me a couple of evil Persians for nothing? They didn't threaten my Greek ancestors? Not that I'm Greek.

Seriously, people, give it a rest. It's a movie. If all the way-out-there stuff hasn't clued you in on the fact that they didn't attempt to give you a perfectly accurate retelling of something that happened ages ago - without cameras or reporters or anyone else that would proof that what they're saying is real - is a lost cause, anyway.

magnuskn wrote:
seekerofshadowlight wrote:
yeah from the previews we saw they have reused the item card pic's as items in the book. I don't think you will see a pic for every weapon just takes up to much space
Since they apparently had space for pictures of the NPC classes, I hope they´ll have spared some space for depictions of all the weapons and armors. :)

Don't be dissin on da pig.

Sure, sounds like fun.

Corrosive Rabbit wrote:
hallucitor wrote:
If this Pathfinder RPG is really worth its salt then it should be able to instantly explain anything stupid that I personally choose to do.

Utter. Total. Win. This sentence perfectly summarizes all of the ungrounded complaints and comments I've seen all around the internet in respect to Pathfinder. Well done.


Who are you calling ungrounded, mister ears? I think it's important that my character has a good chance of pulling something off. No matter what that is.

A rogue 30 who's pathetically weak (say, str 16 and no strength boosts) should totally have a 50/50 chance of wrestling an enlarged tarrasque fighter 10 with defensive maneuvers, improved grapple, base strength 60, a +5 strength book and a +12 strength item to the ground. If that's stupid, I don't wanna be smart!

I mean, he has strength 16. 16!!! That's a lot for a rogue 1, and levels dont matter as long as the CR is right. right?

Mori Masatoki wrote:

Sorry Purple Dragon Knight, Mothman can't respond to your post. He's gone.

Mothmen are an urban legend, anyway!

Which brings me to another complaint for PFRPG! Why aren't there complete rules including stat blocks for every urband legend in there. Sure, we have the Mothman, the Chupacabra, and a cheap Jersey Devil ripoff, but THATS NOT ENUFF!

We need Gazebo stats, and Yeti, and Bigfoot, and Large Ghost Cat stats, and stats for Old Ladies That Put Their Cat In The Microwave To Dry Them, and Mobile Homes That Are Left To Drive Themselves And Go Off The Road And The Driver Gets A New One As Per Court Order and That Creepy Guy With a Hook For a Hand Who Knocks On Your Car Door With Your Fiances Severed Head.

And the Bermuda Triangle. And Aliens. With Anal Probes. And Crop Circles. And the Face On Mars.

And the Fake Moon Landing.




What are you guys all talking about? Don't use those weirdo names here. Whats a veloseeraptor? Be real.

I want in that book some longnecks, a sharptooth or course, a threehorn, a bigmouth, and, of course, a spiketail. Maybe a flyer, too. But use the proper names, people.

Vic Wertz wrote:
paridep wrote:

Apparently, someone found Seoni as Santa "hostile to women gamers".

Seven-Sided Die Blog - Selling games by selling bodies.

Huh. Our female CEO and female art director didn't find it hostile...

Hey, if she's a CEO, she's really a guy, anyway, because everyone knows women aren't made to lead companies. They're just for child bearing and rearing, making food, keeping the house clean, and looking decorative.

Wait, I think I've got my prejudices mixed up. Am I for respecting women as fully capable people or against? This LE stuff is too difficult for me.

Dear Ask A Shoanti,

A Reliable Source tells me that you're a phony. Is this really true? Do your tribal tattoos come off when rubbed with a wet wash cloth? Is your earth breaker really just a normal warhammer with some spikes glued on? Is your klar made of papier-mâché? Do you wear a skin-wig for the head? It is said that you never saw the Cinderlands.

Please answer these disturbing accusations!

Luna eladrin wrote:

Two male virgins? Naah, not experienced enough! ;-)
I'd prefer the beer, especially when it is Belgian.

Chicks, of course. Your average D&D group has enough male virgins

1) Being female, good-looking, and willing to roleplay the Nymph Encounter (double bonus for the Succubus Encounter)

roguerouge wrote:
What, Logue can't think up ideas without our help now? (kidding...)

Of course he can. But his sort of humour's probably not what we want for this.

I hear he was laughing the whole time while he wrote Hook Mountain. ;-)

He was recently asked what his favourite comedy was in recent years, and he couldn't decide between Saw 2 and 3. :D

Steel Horse wrote:
Randal wrote:
If you need something, I can hook you up.
"Sweet! I'll take... hey... wait a minute... Are you a cop?"

*Shoots random passersby*


If you need something, I can hook you up.

Sacred Cow wrote:

Can you say "Burger"?

Sure thing. P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R, that spells Dungeons and Dragons.

Delazar wrote:
there seems to be some specific details, can't be a joke...

Learnt that from the Scorpion Clan: Plant a truth inside each lie (and a lie inside each truth, but I don't bother with that all that often).

Though I don't know any more about Alpha 2 than you guys, I guessed what they'd do to the classes.

Druid: Really like what you did to wild shape. Gone's all the hassle about looking up critters in the MM, but still it doesn't feel like you were just hunting for bonuses.

Paladin: Love the abilities, goodbye to the spells. And no more pokemount - great!

Barbarian: Liked the way rage used to work, don't know about the ferocity-like stuff yet. Steps on Half-orc's toes I think.

Sorcerer: Bloodlines look great - I just don't get the giant one. Don't see giants as magical creatures, and it is kinda overpowered.

Great work, though.

I’ve Got Reach wrote:

I've only ever posted at WotC to flame the Star Wars morons. And there are plenty of them.

So i take you're one of those Lord of the Rings fanboys?

Those movies were so boring.

10 hours of people walking.

Let me recap the movies for you.

This is Fellowship
*Walks around the room*

This is Two Towers
*Walks around some more*

This is Return
*Walks, pulls ring of finger, drops it*

And don't get me started about the homo scenes between Sam and Frodo!

And don't even think about mentioning Episode 1-3!!