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Mike Selinker wrote:
Brother Tyler wrote:
Out of curiosity, is there any consideration of converting the first four APs into storybooks using the Core Set format/rules? There probably wouldn't be a huge call for print versions (though I would buy them if they were ever available), but there would probably be some demand for downloadable pdfs.
As I mentioned in the PACG panel today, I very much want to do these at some point. Finding the time and budget is a difficult thing, and I have doubts whether they'd be worth it for Paizo financially, but I'd sure like to see them eventually.

I did purchase the new core + curse so I have a lot PACG to play this year. But I wonder...

Did you considers re-releasing these whole Adventure paths in form compatible with new core? I.E. one box ( one purchase one postage) for adventures 1-6, look from "Excel" changed to "modern cardgame", less wordy card text templating etc.

I have RotRL core, but I didn't bother to get rest of the AP , because it was too much trouble ( and aplication was much more convienient). Now I have a crippled product party playable (adventures 0-1), basically unsellable and chances for getting complete AP now, aren't high. But such product gathering adventures 1-6 would be a way to finish it.

I hope that the publishing plan of the game would be succefull and include NEW APs but If would be a convenient way to get "the classics" one box for AP it could be a sellable product...

Keith Richmond wrote:
Each of those suits has 9 cards that correspond to the classic 9 alignments that describe the struggle between Good and Evil, Law and Chaos.

I would be nice to have these alignments indicated on the cards in some way.

When I read about harrows Decktet came to mind.
So I thought about using Harrows as a deck. Perhaps for a game designed around 54 card combinations= 6(house /character ability) * 3(moral alighment) * 3(law alignement)
Or as an ad hoc GM tool to choose randomly NPC's main attribute and alignement.
But currents card design doesn't show card's alignment.

Vic Wertz wrote:

The number of scripted scenarios in Core is right in line with previous Base Set boxes, which have ranged from 8 to 10. Adding the random scenarios on top of that, we are providing vastly more play value in Core than we have in any other single product (and that’s not even counting the unprecedented *replay* value that Core’s 12 unique characters provide).

The term “Adventure Path” is correct; in PACG, an adventure is a collection of scenarios, and an AP is a collection of adventures. The term is not a specific indication of size; while it has often described sets of 6 adventures, we also used it for Season of the Goblins, which consists of 2 adventures. (Dragon’s Demand consists of 3 adventures.)

(The term Adventure Path is not an indicator of size in our RPGs, either; while most RPG APs have been 6 volumes, Starfinder has had a couple of 3-volume APs.)

In previous cores included scenarios were clearly marketed as beginning of campaign. It even used fake box in the box tactic to kick-start buying habit :)

But this model of buying/selling scenarios was wasteful. It wasted paper on 5 boxes. It wasted time for players having to buy 6 products , money for sending 6 separate products. It was hard to predict sales for the publisher, shops and all in middle. it was hard to plan playing the campaign. It was hard to buy and sell campaigns on the secondary market.
But it isn't clear what to do with scenarios in the core box.
Am I supposed to play this scenarios be or playing the curse( as it was previously?). Or curse is supposed to be played with fresh characters? Obviously playing core after curse isn't balanced.

Morph147 Korundo wrote:

Most likely going to take up a bit more than that though because of the henchmen not being printed and instead having to use proxies.

As I did understand that was written on the blog, at least one copy of each "story bane" will be printed and proxies will be used only in location decks for henchmen previously printed in multiplies.

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Shnik wrote:
Malk_Content wrote:
We don't know how much space a scenario takes up.

Actually, yes we do.

Mike mentions that each scenario is a two-page spread. So, for Core, if the pictured scenario 0 really starts on page 6, that would mean a maximum of 9 scenarios for the 24-page storybook. For Curse, if the first scenario is on page 2, that's a maximum of 23 scenarios for the 48-page storybook.

I'll have to admit, being used to 30+ scenario APs, this (seemingly?) low number of scenarios has me a bit worried. Still, I'm reserving final judgment until I get the actual products/ official confirmation.

9 scenarios in Dragon's Demand is confirmed in another blog post. :(

It is very misleading calling adventure card game version of "Dragon's Demand" adventure path in the list of content while RPG equivalent was only a module (PDF has 64 pages vs. for example 480 pages of Crimson Throne ).

Keith Richmond wrote:
...on top of the already healthy number of normal scenarios, you'll be able to play your hearts out with the Core Set and Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Yes, great idea with random scenarios, but what are these numbers of "normal scenarios" included(in core / curse)?

Quest book for core is only 24 pages and picture from one of previosblog shows that starting scenario is on pages 6-7 so I estimated the number for core to be olny about 10 . And now you want to fit also 6 random scenarios there?

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3 player Campain. Nobody died.
Character Name: VALEROS
Role Card: Guardian
Skill Feats: Stregth +4,
Power Feats: + 1 hand size, 1d4 + 2 to another character combat at your location, reduce combat damage by 1 to other character AYL,
Card Feats: ally +2, blessing +1,
Weapons: Bastard Sword +1, Greataxe, Longsword +2, Longsword +2, Impaler of Thorns
Spells: -
Armors: Deathbane Shield,Magic Half-Plate, Magic Leather Armor
Items: Mattock,Sihedron Medallion.
Allies: Cat, Grizzled Mercenary, Jakardos Sovark
Blessings: Adabar, Iomedae, Lamashtu, Shelyn

Character Name: HARSK
Role Card: Tracker
Skill Feats: Dexterity + 4
Power Feats: +1 hand size, examine top or bottom card of your location deck, add +1d4+1 to combat check at other location,You gain the skill Divine: Wisdom +1.
Card Feats: item +1 , ally + 2
Weapons: Frost Longbow + 1, Heavy Crossbow, Light Crossbow +1, Longbow +1, Returning Throwing Axe +1
Spells: -
Armors: Arrow Catching Studded Leather
Items: Crowbar, Masterwork Tools, Staff of Minor Healing, Sihedron Medation
Allies: Black Arrow Ranger, Crow, Father Zantus
Blessings: Calistria, Desna, Erastil, Norgorber, Torag

Character Name: Ezren
Role Card: Evoker
Skill Feats: Intelligence +4
Power Feats: +1 hand size, +2 to recharge , Add 2 to your Arcane check with the Force
Card Feats: spell + 2, item + 1
Weapons: Dogslicer +1
Spells: Augury, Charm Person, Frost Ray, Incendiary Cloud, Lighning Bolt, Scorching Ray *2,Swipe, Scrying, Toxic Cloud (card), (card), etc.
Armors: -
Items: Headband of Vast Intelingence, Medusa Mask,Sidedron Medallion, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Brodert Quink, Burglar,Toad.
Blessings: -