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Mr. Pilkington, Philosoraptor wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Well for my job I am currently still waiting on my replacement who has been bare minimum 15 minutes later every day for the last month so :(
If you keep arriving cumulatively later for long enough, eventually you start arriving early?

*slips silently away, the job already done*

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*slips silently down rabbit hole, cursing*

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Ninja'd by John Napier 698!

*silently vanishes, carrying sack of root vegetables and rosemary leaves*

Val'bryn2 wrote:
Check the Incorporeal Subtype.

Yep. Got it. Was making Edit 2 when you posted.

Of course this begs the question of why both the subtype and the special quality were both needed, and why they differ subtly in descriptor. But ours is not to wonder why...

*silently dangs Sideromancer for getting there first; climbs up pipe and disappears, unneeded*

*ninja'd by supervillan*

Well, I was going to say something about the FAQ but it looks like the text of the spell is even more clear.

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*silently climbs back up the drain pipe and disappears over the roof*

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*silently climbs up pipe and disappears into night*