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Caladrel Dahrensen wrote:

The lore that I've read says that they are humans with elemental ancestry. But are Sylphs, Oreads, Ifrits, etc also from non-human races?

Oreads are really Dwarven for example. 20ft movement, +2 Str/Wis, -2Cha. Earth focus
Sylphs seem really elven. +2 Dex/Int, -2 Con. Air focus, with elf and Sylph racials overlapping

If I sat down at a table and said that my Sylph is from elven parents with some djinn in their background...would that be lore friendly?

Actually, Oreads are known to have a bit of dwarven blood at times. They even have a feat they can take to accentuate that ancestry.

Katisha wrote:
Edit: by the way, I personally would consider any wizard with an INT below 16 to be "dumb wizard"... it is below the level I would consider the minimum. But if someone asked about one, I would pull out a couple...

Side question: What do all of you think is the minimum useable casting stat?

Reason I ask is I tend to count out the attribute adjustments (the every 4 level ones) to figure out when I would need that 19 to cast the 9th level spells, and thus tend to use 15's...

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thistledown wrote:
There's a lot on her in one of the adventure path books. I think it was reign of winter 1. Gives the full write-up on how things happened.

The Hell's Rebels Player's Guide has a write-up on Milani.

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MMCJawa wrote:
Reign of Winter implies that magic has ebbed and is at a low point on Earth. Which probably explains why clerics are not running around casting cure light wounds on people or why arcane magic seems to be limited to folks using a few obscure and madness-inducing texts.

So Earth is waiting for either ShadowRun or Rifts to occur?

And of the two, ShadowRun is infinitely preferable...

Hmmm... Two-Face is a weird example as he technically has two alignments, depending on which personality is dominant. That the coin-flip tends to determine which is in charge adds to the issue.

For example both sides may want the Penguin taken down. Harvey Dent (the good side) wants him taken down because he is a criminal. Big Harvey (the bad side as presented in B:TAS) wants Penguin taken down so he can take over his criminal empire. One is LG, the other... NE or CE?

Two-Face is more LN in my mind. That it's the Law of the Coin-Flip makes it different. And yes, I said LN, because depending on how that flip lands, he is either Harvey Dent, the Prosecutor of Justice, or Big Harv, the Dark Side.

You want CE in Batman villains? Joker. Or at least many of his forms (since comics can sometimes... stray).

Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Quevven wrote:
Lau Bannenberg wrote:
The only powerful option I can see (Tengu swordtraining) doesn't actually work because although it resembles weapon familiarity, its got a different name.
Now there is a question. How does the trait work if raised by tengu?
Then you just wasted a trait - Tengu don't gain Skill Focus (like half-elves) or Weapon Focus (there's probably some oddball OP NPC race with it).

Hmmm... It reads the same as weapon familiarity to me. As in you are automatically proficient in these weapons, or types of weapons. Even if not, you could get Weapon Focus in a sword-like weapon. As for Skill Focus, the wording reads "as appropriate". So perhaps one of the skills tengu get a bonus to? Probably Linguistics as that gets the highest bonus.

Lau Bannenberg wrote:
The only powerful option I can see (Tengu swordtraining) doesn't actually work because although it resembles weapon familiarity, its got a different name.

Now there is a question. How does the trait work if raised by tengu?

If I understand the trait, you receive the other humanoid race's languages and weapon familiarities... not access to their feats or other racial traits (that said race can trade those familiarities for).

For example, if your human was raised by wolves orcs, you start with proficiency in greataxes, falchions, and any weapon with "orc" in the name. You cannot trade that familiarity for anything the orc could.

(Note: I realize orcs are off-limits completely, but half-orcs didn't seem "other" enough for the trait, considering they are still considered humanoid (human) as well as humanoid (orc).)

Mike McKeown wrote:
When is the sanctioning for Curse of the Crimson Throne and Serpent's Skull coming out?

My guess is that any of the Adventure Paths from the 3.5 days will not be sanctioned until after they have been updated.

Axial wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Paladins of Asmodeus have been retconned out of the setting, at least as NPCs with actual levels of paladin.

Correct. That wasn't a retcon, actually. That was us correcting an actual and legitimate error. In the same way if we spell the word "Wizard" as "Wziard," that doesn't mean that there are actually characters out there with levels in a new class called "Wziard."

Well, now we have Tyrant Antipaladins...who might be considered "Paladins of Asmodeus".

And then there is the nation of Holomog is Garund (south of Geb). Based on Distant Shores, where the city of Anuli is detailed, there is a trait that allows you to treat Asmodeus as a Lawful Neutral deity in regards to your divine spellcasting class. Since Paladins are divine spellcasters...

Though I have to admit I find it a bit more amusing that Asmodeus is depicted as a woman in that nation.

Just as a question: Do you need a boon to use an exotic mount if you are using the Beast Rider archetype for the Cavalier?

Pete Winz wrote:
I just noticed that the the Season 8 Pathfinder Roleplaying Guild Guide list of allowed human ethnicities and languages on p. 25 does not include Vudrani. Was this an oversight or intentional? I understand that an update to the Guide is in the works, so I ask that you consider adding Vudrani to the allowed list. Thank you.

From what I understand, the only human ethnicity specifically off-limits is Azlanti (for many reasons I would think, the least being the +2 to all attributes).

Of those whose language is not in the Roleplaying Guild Guide, Vudrani would be the most likely to be in numbers. That said, the Erutaki, Varki, and Iobarians are known to have their own languages, and I would think the Arcadians would, as well. Whether the Caldaru have their own language, or simply a different dialect of a Garundi tongue remains to be seen, and what language the Lirgeni spoke is also a bit vague.

For those wondering, those ethnicities above are listed in Inner Sea Races. Varki and Iobarian languages are from APs, and the Erutaki section of People of the North note they have their own language.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:

I still have fond memories of the dwarf who wore red dragon armor, with white dragon trim, and black dragon boots.

Eventually, a trio of ancients all three breeds took him down.

Worship Dahak, any chance?
Not unless that's a Greyhawk diety. Old school home gaime.

Dahak is the spawn of Tiamat, and apparently Golarion's stand-in for her. Because Golarion is far from her sight.

And all dragons fear her so much they never deign to mention her name...

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Cuup wrote:
Considering Superman is good pals with the Flash, and his nemesis is Lex Luthor, I'd say LG gets along with CG better than LE.

But what about Batman?

/blatant "Batman Alignment" bait


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Freehold DM wrote:
Consort of The Apocalypse

One other candidate that exists (in a way) is Acavna. The deceased Azlanti deity of the moon and battle died during Earthfall in an attempt to save the empire and the world. But her soul has yet to make it to Pharasma's Boneyard. And perhaps this is good, for when it does, the soul will be reborn into the world.

How unfortunate that a foolish human seeking to fulfill a long-dormant prophecy has cursed his daughter to carry that soul until her inevitable death. For even without prophecies being less sure in these days, the largest problem with such predictions often lies in the interpretation.

And what if this child were to reach the Starstone? Far worse indeed may be the result.

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The Pathfinder Society recalled the fifth volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles, not because it contained details of the events of Durvin Geist's last journey, but of the secret he discovered at the end: the true rulers of the Society and their connection to the Outer Gods.

Mighty Squash wrote:
Drow Heritage from Blood of Shadows appears to be PFS legal, if I am reading the addition resources right, and allows Half-Elves to be half-drow. Though as almost all Drow feats are not PFS legal it does not achieve anything much.

Actually, that section being legal appears to have been an oversight. As in, no drow, half-drow, or any bit of drow ancestry is allowed.

Book of Shadows and Drow-Relations.

Noting the rules and all, as well as reading your description this wizard had to be Lawful Neutral (though with Evil tendencies). But yes, he seemed to be playing a "I know better than all of you, and I will let you know" character.

But what this really brings to my mind is how lucky the party/GM is that the person was playing a wizard and not a cleric or other class that gets an aura of their deity's alignment. Because, last I recall, paladins can NOT work with anyone evil. And a cleric of an evil deity reads as evil for the detect evil ability.

So how does one deal with that without having a serious issue in a PFS session?

Gray Warden wrote:

As in the title, what material can I use in PFS without owning any handbook? For example,

- do I have to stick to the basic races (Dwarf, Human...) or can I play also those permitted by the PFS guide (Tengu, Wayang...)?
- can I select any Alternate Racial Traits?

- can I play Base Classes (Alchemist, Oracle...) or am I limited to the Core ones (Cleric, Wizard...)?
- can I use archetypes? If so, which ones?
- can I use racial Favorite Class Bonuses?

- can I select two traits from the Character Traits Web Enhancement?

Please feel free to add any other information that I've missed.
Thank you all in advance. Bye :)

From what I understand you can only use items from materials that you own, or can access. As in, you are supposed to show any GM who has questions about your character where you acquired said feat/trait/race. Either in hard copy or in a print-off from the actual source (not the Wiki).

I have an impulse to create a ifrit samurai. Possibly of the Order of the Flame.

So this Torch guy would fit well with the Scorpion Clan from L5R? That's at least the impression I'm getting from the back-and-forth.

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dragonhunterq wrote:

"implies" does not mandate.

You can still be good while not holding to some arbitrary respect for life, you can fall within quite a wide spectrum and still be good
alignment wrote:
Alignment is a tool for developing your character's identity—it is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other. In addition, few people are completely consistent.
Don't fall into the trap of being too narrow in your assessment of a particular alignment. Canonically their are a number of LG gods who are much less forgiving than Sarenrae. Torags doctrine can be quite draconian.

And that's without throwing out the empyreal lord Ragathiel. The General of Vengeance.

d'Eon wrote:
Oh no, I agree. The spell list was a bit wonky, and eidolons could have used a little limitation, but damn. At least outside of PFS it doesn't matter.

Considering that was where I was intending to play the character...

Murdock Mudeater wrote:

Each their own opinion, but regarding the CRB in pathfinder they describe the Good as:

"Good characters and creatures protect innocent life. Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient life. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others."

I don't think that your allowed to pick and choose which life deserves respect as a good character. Yeah, innocent life deserves protection and sentient life you are concerned about their dignity too, but you respect life in general. And when someone you respect loses their life, it is sad.

Considering what Sarenrae's doctrine is to offer redemption, but if the foe/bad guy proves to be irredeemable, squash them flat and think no more on it...

Also, since I am always curious about such things, what alignment would you assign to someone like the Punisher? (Since I just discovered the vigilante class.)

Having decided to create an Undine Summoner, and seeing that the favored class option in the Advanced Race Guide requires them to have an aquatic form for their eidolons, I was curious as to how that was possible for the Summoner class from Pathfinder Unchained. Is it compatible?