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Outside the spider's lair, Quartermaster Noros came huffing up, dropping kneeling and dropping a bunch of small tubes, trinkets and charms on the ground.

"Gotta.. come up with… better way.. a carryon' this crap."

He rifled through it, coming up with a metal vial. He tossed it to the closest of the Surveyors. First one who is outside to claim a Potion of Firebreathing gets it.

"Ja!" Noros said huffing. "Got it here somewhere!"

Behind him, the dwarven quartermaster was coming as well, his stumpy legs going as fast as they could. He had an arm load of… stuff, some of which was falling behind him as he ran. He cursed the whole way.

Noros will arrive next round.

Noros looks around, finds Bladud's spear and tosses it down the hole.

"Ya. Grabbed them both as soon as I saw the wagon come up."

He put the vial into one of the pouches and handed them both to Lyla.

"Here, miss. Looks like you're all going to work sooner than you thought. I'll try to have your tent situation sorted out by the time you all get back. No reason you need to be sharing sleep space with one of these heathens."

The dwarf had just come running back. He was red-faced and sweating. "Ya! Took me a bit t' find the vial!"

"Still need it? Looks pretty clear now."

"I got a potion of Spider Climbing, and a scroll of Levitation!" The quartermaster says holding his prizes aloft and huffing as he runs back up the hill.

He'll pass them to whoever speaks first.

"I might have something!" the dwarf says running back down the hill as fast as his stubby legs can go.

Noros hustled with his big coil of rope and dropped it near the tree.

"What do ya need, Bal?"

Back toward the wagon, the dwarf they had seen earlier was yelling at a pair of guards who were trying to drag a stack of planks out of the large tent. One of the guards had slipped in his haste and dropped a corner of the stack, fanning them out like oversized playing cards.

"Idiots! Don't try to carry more than you can lift!"

The dwarf was looping a large coil of thick hemp rope about his shoulders and starting to run up the hill when he spotted the Surveyors coming back.

"Put those muscles to use and give them a hand with those planks!"

"Motliest crew I ever saw." the dwarf said with a slow shake of his head.

"It's about damn time you all showed up." He pointed a stubby thumb off to his right. "Stow yer gear over there. There's a line o' tents set up for ya. Two to a tent."

The dwarf looked like he was about to speak further, but then he caught site of Lyra siting up and rubbing her eyes.

"Aw, hell. The charter didn't say nothin' about another woman coming in with ya. Damnitall."

He stomped away back out of sight again grumbling to himself.