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Amazingly Good Dungeon


I'm neither one to enjoy dungeon crawls nor write reviews, but the quality of this adventure has me putting in my 2 cents. This is an exemplary adventure: from the use of entertainingly malicious traps, puzzles for the players, and role-playing opportunities mixed throughout the combat encounters, Curse of the Lady's Light finds my dungeon crawl sweet spot and dances on it for the length of the adventure. Mike Shel has created what is, for me, the perfect synthesis of modern game adventure and old-school module. It feels like what my best friend in junior high would have written if he had been a professional game designer. Good show Paizo!

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A beautiful map


I randomly ran across this at GenCon and was shocked that it even existed. A great surprise for a new Eberron DM! An absolutely beautiful map: rich color and durable vinyl. I don't really do much more than just lay it out for my players to plot their Korvaire-spanning adventures, but it's a beautiful prop for that.