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Thank you everyone, very helpful information! :)

We will soon be starting the 'Against the Aeon Throne' AP. One of our players wants to be a Biohacker. The description several times uses the description, "weapon with the injection special property".

I see the Needler pistol and rifle. Are there any other pistols/rifles/weapons that fit this description?

He wants to tailor the Biohacker into a sniper/medic type build. The Biohacker seems like a good choice for this type of build. Any recommendations for feats, gear, augmentations or whatever would be helpful and useful.

Thank you.

Thank you. We used them quite a bit for PF. We don't have any yet for SF, so I ordered the set of 'Against the Aeon Throne' for starters. I'll be running that campaign after we finish up 'Dead Suns' (we're starting book 4 next week).

I'll get the SoS when we get to those after AtAT.

May look at the Core and AA pawns as well down the line.

Who uses them and how do you like them? From what products? What's your recommendations? Thanks.

Who uses them and how do you like them? From what products? What's your recommendations? Thanks.

GM allowed the swap. So at lvl 7 I can bring 3d6+21 (+1d6 corrode crit) to the table.

I didn’t have a few products ‘checked’ on HL which is why I couldn’t see the Apocalypse crystals on the menu. Got them checked off so I’m all set. GM is going to allow me to swap the Gluon minor for an Apocalypse minor since we are currently on Eox anyway.

HammerJack wrote:

From the item description:

"An apocalypse crystal causes the damage dealt by your solarian weapon to function as a force effect."

Force effects deal full damage to incorporate targets.

Thank you.

HammerJack wrote:

I like the electron crystals, since they add nonlethal damage with no penalty onto the utility of your main weapon, which is one less thing you need to carry a backup for.

I have a lot less use for the boost ability of the T-quark, since the damage boost is minor and it would only really come up when I meet the conditions of:
1. Can't full attack
2. Have a charge lane to stellar rush and single atrack, so I don't need to use my move action to move up
3. Don't have any revelations I want to activate with a move
4. Don't plan on using a feat to use my charisma to try feinting or intimidating

I do find the apocalypse crystal's property handy, since it saves the trouble of making sure to have a Ghost Killer fusion on something, for that full damage to incorporate enemies.

What is the property of the crystal that allows it to hit incorporeal?

I didn't even know about the Apocalypse crystal. I have the AA2 on HL but for some reason that crystal isn't showing. That could come it quite useful. I'll have to see why it isn't showing on HL and maybe look into next time we're somewhere we can resupply.

What's your favorite weapon crystal? And why?

I've had the photon and gluon so far. Like to hear others experience/views on what they like and why. Thank you.

jim reynolds 283 wrote:

@ Q Vos

at lvl 5 you said that your dmg is 1d6+17+1d4

1d6-I assume is the basic solar weapon
17 breaks down as follows?
5- str
5-weapon spec at lvl 5
2-Plasma Sheath
1-Solar Crystal

Where does the d4 extra dmg come from?

From the crystal damage. IIRC I had a Muon crystal least at that level. I have a different crystal now, Gluon minor that offers a 1d6. At lvl 7 my damage is 3d6 + 21.

Micheal Smith wrote:
Battlefield medic came out after Surgeon.

Ah, thank you.

Micheal Smith wrote:

I am currently playing a Bio-Hacker healer. We are doing Again the Aeon Throne AP. I plan on hitting 3 levels of envoy.

1. Inspiring Boost Skill expertise in medicine
2. Get’ em
3. Surgeon

With med bay I can perform treat deadly wounds up to 3 times a day (having access to my med bay of course). Once normally, second from med bay and 3rd surgeon.

In theory at 5th level with advanced med kit the DC is 20 (25 surgeon) I would have a base medicine skill of 16 (5 ranks, 21 int, 3 class bonus, 3 skill focus) now when I roll my expertise die, if it comes lower that 3 I already have +3 from skill focus (seeing how they both are an insight bonus, I always go with the highest bonus).

I go 4 levels biohacker, 3 envoy, then back to biohacker. With biohacker 2, 4 I took field dressing, quick load. I also plan on eventually taking the speedy serums so I can eventually make MK1 serums in like 7.5 minutes. Or something crazy like that. I hope we get more feats/ med items that can help with medicine or heal.

My character doesn’t care for the spell casting or he would have gone with mystic, believes more in science then magic.

Dr. Tentacles M.D. (Thats how he introduces himself) He is a Scyphozoan.

I took another look at your post and I appreciate the information. First 4 levels of biohacker and then 3 levels of Envoy sounds good.

Can you get surgeon in 3 levels of Envoy? I was thinking you needed Battlefield medic as a pre-req. But I'd have to look at it again.

I'll have to take a long look at this for my next character.

HammerJack wrote:

The way to arrive at +2 on to different enemies without using a resolve is simple.

Move Action - apply Improved Get Em to enemy 1.

Standard action - apply Improved Get Em and shoot at enemy 2.

When you take the improved version, the bonus from the move action application also increases to +2. You don't have to be using the standard action to get the higher bonus.

It's making more sense to us now. I asked this question in the rules section to get some more input. Originally we were concerned it was cheesing the rules. But with your input and the comments in the other section it looks like a fair balance of 'cost to effect' since it does consume most/all of the Envoy's round (not counting the attack that it provides). Sounds more reasonable now.

Appreciate it.

The way you explained it has it making more sense to me now.

As a standard action it's going to compete with Dispiriting Taunt, but provides a very nice option with the attack that is possible with Git em now.

Our Envoy will possibly be looking at Clever Feint down the road as well.

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I see from several sources that Git em and Improved Git em is being used as such;

Move action = +2 on enemy #1

Standard action = +2 on enemy #2 with an attack by the Envoy.

Is this RAW or RAI?

We haven't discussed this with our GM yet, but among the players it seems the above is cheesy. That Improved Git em simply allows a move action +2 on one enemy or a standard action +2 and attack on one enemy.

Thoughts welcome and thank you.

I could definitely see Graviton powers being useful to buff the party here and there if my build was different. Perhaps a second line guy that focused on buffing/debuffing. For front line DPS I just haven't entered Graviton mode even once.

Something to consider for the future.

Thanks, we looked at this further and what this guy stated in the post I quoted just didn't make sense. Improved Git em provides a +2 and an attack for the Envoy. If a resolve is used then it's a +2 to-hit and +2 to damage for everyone on all enemies within 60 feet.

Don't know how the guy arrived at a +2 on two different enemies without using a resolve?

On a side note, I read this in a conversation on Envoy's 'Git em' and 'Improved Git em'.

"I may be late to the game on this one, but I was just looking at the wording of Get 'Em (CRB pg 62) and Improved Get 'Em (CRB pg 63) and realized that you could give you and your allies the +2 morale bonus to 2 enemies without using a Resolve Point. If you use Get 'Em as a Move Action on Enemy A and then use a Standard Action to make the attack using Improved Get 'Em on Enemy B, you are then providing a +2 morale bonus against both enemies.

Since you can't actually get Improved Get 'Em until level 6, this means you could still also have the [seemingly well-known] option of alternatively Clever Feint (or even Clever Attack) to instead potentially provide an effective total of +4 to just one of the enemies."

So if that is correct i.e. using a move action Git em in conjunction with a standard action Improved Git em and attack, you can get a +2 on two enemies without having to burn a resolve.

If that is correct, it brings up the question; does Git em and Improved Git em stack on one enemy to get a +3?

At 6th lvl now. Bumped up the armor to the Lashunta Ringwear III and the crystal to the Gluon minor. Decided to go fully photon (for now) and take the penalty. With Enhanced Resistance for DR 6 plus Corona plus my armor has a haste circuit plus 2d6+20+1d6 for damage, I'm feeling pretty comfortable wading into the enemy. Not cocky or overly berzerker or anything, but the tankish/DPS role I'm building is shaping up nicely.

Having a blast. We're about halfway through AP #3. On Eox, gearing up for the next leg of the adventure.

Appreciate everyone's input.

Thank you :)

Does a magic weapon (Solar weapon and/or a weapon with a fusion added, which as I understand it, makes a weapon magical) bypass all DR or are there times it doesn't?

Hiruma Kai wrote:

I know a Solar Weapon Solarian in a home campaign that grabbed heavy armor proficiency at 1st, and then power armor at 5th. They started 14 Str/14 Con/14 Cha, and bumped Con/Int/Wis/Cha at 5th, and got a personal upgrade to charisma.

Interestingly in that case, a 1 level dip in Blitz isn't that good, as the only thing you get is +4 initiative (plus weapon proficiencies, but being low dex means thrown is generally better for them anyways). Soulfire plus maxed Charisma and power armor strength hits for quite a bit. I think when everything is up and running at 5th level (Photon mode + plasma sheath) its like 1d6+4+1+2+4+5+1=1d6+17? Bumps to 2d6+4+2+2+4+6+1=2d6+19 at 6th level, still with a 1st level solarian crystal.

They've gone Stellar Rush + Plasma sheath (move action activate shealth, standard charge). I believe they're planning on going balanced again at 6th by grabbing Defy Gravity, to provide mobility while using power armor, since as far as we can tell, it makes you fly the power armor speed (and then you fall if not on the ground, but still).

After looking at it, I don't think a 1 or 2 level dip is going to benefit me as much. Between now (5th level) and 9th level I've got 2 stellar revelations, flashing strikes and 2 Zenith revelations not to mention going from 1d6 to 3d6 for the solar weapon and other pluses. I don't think I want to delay any of that. Too many useful options are coming up.

Right now, with the solar fushion and Muon crystal least, my guy is 1d6+17+1d4 which is quite decent.

I did take heavy armor as my first feat. Made sense since I'm on the front line. So basically I was a strength/charisma split build, which is working out nicely.

And yes, that soulfire fusion gave a nice bump!

So really, the only reason to dip would be resolve, increased movement and initiative. Something to ponder but I'll really have to look ahead and see what would be delayed and how useful it would be to my primary-photon build. Like I said, I wouldn't even consider it till after 6th to get the solar weapon bump.

Having a blast with this character build. Very different from the usual ranged build I normally used in PF (like Ranger or Hunter).

Ascalaphus wrote:

I play an android Soldier1/SolarianX:

* Use heavy armor (soldier)
* Use Strength for Resolve (soldier)
* Charisma 8, maxed Strength, high Dexterity, Constitution and Intelligence.
* Make full use of heavy armor with many upgrade slots as well as the android's extra slot.
* I took only Photon Revelations: Stellar Rush, Plasma Sheath, Corona, and some stuff I don't remember.
* I don't go Supernova, it's not worth it with the DC or the damage.
* With lots of defensive armor upgrades, high-level armor, Enhanced Resistance to gain DR, Corona, high Constitution; I'm the bulwark that stands in the middle of the battlefield and allows the gunners in the party to do their job without enemies getting to them.
* I hit for a good large amount in melee or thrown.

I've been talking with one of our group about taking a 1 or 2 level dip into soldier. Maybe. I'm at 5th level now so I want to maintain till the damage bump at 6th. I have a Muon crystal least with soul fusion right now so I'm hitting for 1-6+17+1-4. That takes a nice bump next level. I'll consider soldier, maybe, after that for the blitz (+10 foot to move and initiative bump). I'll have to look ahead and see what the delay will cost me down the line in revelations and such.

HammerJack wrote:
How is inspiring boost coming in handy out of combat? Are you cutting yourselves, in order to become valid targets for the peptalk?

I misspoke, appreciate the catch.

Decided to go the Photon route and take the 1-round penalty. Just makes sense for the character I've built (front-line DPS).

* Go Photon mode.
* Stellar Rush to get into melee.
* Plasma Sheath and attack.
* Have the option of Super Nova if needed, when applicable.

Next level (6th) I'll take Corona and work that into the above mix as appropriate, ideally before getting into melee.

Of course no plan survives first contact with the enemy, but it's a ballpark guideline to shoot for in combat.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
This almost never happens if you think about it. People that you've healed up are almost certain to be the ones that expect to get hit again. They need to rest up again even if you healed them up to full, because if they don't you can't inspiring boost them again.

I agree with you on the 10-minute rest being an important thing to accomplish, if possible, before heading to the next mission/task/fight.

Inspiring Boost has come in quite handy during and after combat for our group. That an the healing serums. As this is our first time doing SF (group has previously done PF) it is a learning curve with the feats and various abilities to learn the most effective ones of the type of character we're building.

Git em has also been quite useful and I would imaging he'll take improved Git em next level. Also looking for the one that doubles the range.

I can see Bio-Hacker with a dip into Envoy as you suggested though for a Combat Medic character.

My son is playing an Envoy in our current campaign. Geared towards being the Combat Medic of the group. The kind of character everyone wants to be near them in combat, and afterwards.

Lots of different ways to build the Envoy in the Combat Medic role as well as being a good buff/debuffer.

Looking at the playtest Biohacker class. Lots of possibilities there as well. Haven't played it so only looking at the class features.

If you were going to build a Combat Medic character, or even the 'ships doctor/surgeon, which class would you chose between the two? What are your reasons and how do you think you'd build him/her?

Appreciate the input. I think the benefit of another photon revelation at the cost of 1 more round to fully attune will be worth it with the build I'm using.

I've been playing a Solarian in the Dead Suns AP. I'm a front-line tankish character. We just hit 5th level yesterday. So far, in addition to the black hole and super nova revelations, I've chosen Stellar Rush (which has come in quite useful) and plasma sheath. Looking at building the 6th level character to have the main elements ready in case we level up during our next game session.

Looking at the revelations, I'm not seeing any graviton that are jumping at me. In truth, I have yet to go into graviton mode. So I'm looking at Corona for the next revelation which, if I understand correctly, puts me out of balance? And the penalty is one additional round to be fully attuned? If I have that correct, are there any other downsides? Is it that big of a deal? Just seems like picking a graviton revelation is a waste since I'll likely never use it with the build I've gone for and my role in the party.

Thoughts appreciated. Thank you.

Good stuff folks, thank you. I enjoy gleaning from others experiences, allows me to see things I hadn’t considered. When I started PF we had an Arcanist that had stuff like web and grease and other battle control spells. I was use to the blaster spells. First big battle we got into I saw the value of area control. Opened up a whole new line of thinking.

First off, how popular is the solar armor Solarian?

Secondly, what's a good build for it? Emphasis on either Photon or Graviton? I'm playing a solar weapon Solarian, but thought it would be interesting to see the other side.

A dex build as you described above would be interesting. And I agree, more in-line with how I think of a Solarian.

I’m really liking how my Solarian is shaping up. I think Stellar Rush is going to get a lot of use, getting me where I need to be quicker than before with the heavy armor restrictions. I’ve used super nova once so far and I liked it. The melee Solarian build here on the forum has been quite useful in giving direction, as has everyone’s input here. So again, thank you.

I appreciate the advice everyone. And the answered questions. Very helpful and I think that Stellar Rush will be a better option for my lvl2 than Plasma Sheath which can be taken next time.

I took the recommendation and took a point of Ch and popped it into Dex.

As far as Sense Motive, I'll have to bump it up when applicable. The pluses in Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimidate led to the face assignment. Just worked out that way. I actually planned on the pilot spot but I had the highest pluses towards the Captain spot.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Q Vos wrote:
Stats are; S16, D12, I10, C10, W8, Ch17.
This is a very workable statline. I'd recommend going for heavy armor though. It'll cost you a feat but makes the high strength and lackluster dexterity workable. Stellar Rush can help you work around the speed reduction imposed by the armor, as can a Mobility Enhancer.

Thank you, I did take heavy armor. Stellar Rush will definitely be of use considering the restriction on movement right now. Makes it a better choice than Plasma Sheath for this level. I'm only giving up a +1 damage at this point to gain speed and 2d6 so it's well worth it.

Thank you again everyone. Advice is definitely of value.

Damanta wrote:
It's the stun ability that sold the Tauon line to me. It might be lower damage, but the ability to switch between non-lethal and lethal was worth more to me.

Thank you again, I will consider this option. :)

Question regarding Stellar Rush, per the description;

"As a standard action, you can wreathe yourself in stellar fire and make a charge without the penalties (see page 248).

When you are attuned or fully attuned, you can substitute a bull rush for the melee attack at the end of the charge. Whether or not you succeed at the bull rush, the target takes 2d6 fire damage (Reflex half). This damage increases by 1d6 at 6th level and every 2 levels thereafter."

A few questions. First, if I understand this correctly, you can make your normal move action and then do a charge with either a bull rush or melee attack at the end. Without the minus penalties to hit and to AC. Is that correct? Second question, the 2d6 damage from the wreath of fire you wrap yourself in, is that only if you bull rush or does it apply to a melee attack? Final question, is the stellar rush continue as long as your attuned/fully attuned? As in, does it do 2d6 damage to the opponent every round your attuned, or other opponents if you move on to someone else?

Thank you.

Damanta wrote:

Get a Soulfire fusion for your weapon crystal. (Armory, page 65)

This fusion allows you to add your charisma modifier to your damage.

Excellent, thank you! Had no idea about this add-on. That adds a really nice bump to damage. Very affordable as well.

Do you think the Tauon crystal line is going to be better than the Photon? That fire and crit/burn damage starts to get very attractive.

Our group consists mainly of veterans on D&D and Pathfinder. We decided to branch out to Starfinder and our first game was last night with the Dead Suns AP. We very much enjoyed the first session. Initial group is three but we've got between 1-3 more that will join us next session to round out the group.

Being this is a new game, it is all a 'getting to know you' thing.

I chose to play a Korasha Lashunta Dragonblood Solarian. He just hit level 2. Solar weapon is my manifestation. Upon hitting L2 I chose Plasma Sheath as my Revelation.

Stats are; S16, D12, I10, C10, W8, Ch17.

He's the face, Captain and front line melee guy. So I'm focused more on a tankish build. I have a Photon Shard for the Solar Weapon. That's giving me a +5 to-hit and +3/+1/+1 (when Photon attuned) for damage right now.

Skills are +8 in Diplomacy, bluff and intimidate.

I understand that as I level up I need to maintain a balance between Graviton and Photon.

Advice for this characters continued build would be appreciated. Focus is on DPR but buffs and debuffs also needed.

Current plan is along the lines of Photon crystals but open to suggestions on that.

Thank you.