Who uses them and how do you like them? From what products? What's your recommendations? Thanks.

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I bought the very first Pathfinder Bestiary and Rise of the Runelords pawn set when they came out (I was running that game at the time). I really like the quality of the pawns, but hadn't a need to purchase more since I have a ton of fantasy miniatures now.

I have a lot of Star Wars miniatures, but they just don't always work for what I need in Starfinder. I've purchased every pawn set they've released for Starfinder so far.

The Alien Archive ones are going to be your best purchases. They included a lot of bases, and cover a lot of different aliens and ships. The Core Book and Pact Worlds ones are a good supplement if you're looking for more.

The AP ones are great if you're running/playing that AP, otherwise, you can skip those. They tend to have a lot of named NPCs and specific threats from that AP.

Best advice is take a look at what the product offers in terms of pawns to see what fits your game.

I’ve been picking up the Alien Archive pawn sets as they’ve come out and have the Core Rulebook set. The AP sets have some great pawns for player characters. I’ve been holding off on picking those up until I need them, though.

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We use the Core Rulebook set. They are great. I've been thinking about picking up Alien Archive or Alien Archive 2 as well.

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