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We will soon be starting the 'Against the Aeon Throne' AP. One of our players wants to be a Biohacker. The description several times uses the description, "weapon with the injection special property".

I see the Needler pistol and rifle. Are there any other pistols/rifles/weapons that fit this description?

He wants to tailor the Biohacker into a sniper/medic type build. The Biohacker seems like a good choice for this type of build. Any recommendations for feats, gear, augmentations or whatever would be helpful and useful.

Thank you.

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There are also Sting rifles, which are injection sniper rifles that deal no damage.

For a biohacker that is more strong than nimble, there's also a few injection melee weapons, like the pain claw, and grooved shuriken, which are nifty but currently only have a level 4 version.

Depending on how long you are going to play this campaign, you might also want to offer a free 'do over' when character operations manual comes out in october.

Hopefully, that book also has an extended line of injection weapons to complement the final version of the biohacker.

Yeah, currently the options for injection weapons are very limited.

The Armory has spined blade (basic melee), ice needle (advanced melee),
injector pistol, wraith-sting sniper rifle, shuriken (special).

Pact Worlds has the Nightarch Needler pistol.

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I put together all the info on injection weapons back when the playtest was going on. It's in this thread.

Thank you everyone, very helpful information! :)

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