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In part, yes. You don't need to deal damage to trigger the painful stare, I assume the stare does it's damage as normal, since that's the Painful Stare's only actual function. So how much damage does the stare do? As a sixth level Mesmerist, is it dealing 3 damage, or 2d6+3? Or is it just 2d6? Hero Lab seems to be under the impression that it's 2d6+3 when I cause it to trigger instead of an ally, but is that from Horrid Mask as well?

The Gaslighter archetype for Mesmerist has an ability called Horrid Mask:

Horrid Mask (Su): At 3rd level, as a standard action, a gaslighter can implant a maddening phantasm in the mind of the target of his hypnotic stare, causing the target to perceive its own reflection as corrupted in some disturbing way. This is a mind-affecting fear effect, and there is no saving throw. The target is simultaneously captivated and horrified by the sight of its own reflection, and in any round in which the target can see itself in a mirror within 30 feet, the gaslighter can trigger his painful stare against the target without dealing damage. This is a gaze attack, and the creature can avert its eyes to attempt to avoid it. Any creature holding a visible mirror that attempts to demoralize the target can choose to add the gaslighter’s Charisma modifier to its Intimidate check instead of its own. Horrid mask lasts until that particular hypnotic stare ends (often when the target moves away from a mirror). The gaslighter can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier.

Which damage is dealt for this? Your personal damage, or the ally damage?
What happens if you apply Manifold Stare to this ability? Do you get to start your turn at 9th level applying 3 lots of your stare damage and debuffs to this target?

On that note, how much damage does the mesmerist actually DO with his painful stare? At 6th level, if my mesmerist of strength ten hits with a dagger for 1d4 damage, does triggering my painful stare deal 1d4+2d6+3? (The word increase is the trigger here, in the painful stare description.)

Thread necro!
Can Vouivre even use weapons at all? They don't seem to have the Undersized Weapons quality, which would mean they use a large sized great sword in combat along with their claws, bite, wings, and general laughter at inferior combat forms.

Perhaps they only actually have flappy fins that LOOK like hands, preventing them from using weapons and tools?

Poor Nate... I certainly hope he doesn't come into contact with any ladies of the night with questionable practices! He seems to catch everything thrown at him.

The second book is going to be -hillarious- for this poor guy. XD

I hope you post your second timeline as well! A good read. Planning to do mine the same.

Browolfe is spot on, and I use my cousin Jason as my model for Belor Hemlock. Jason was born and raised solely on reservation, and I don't think he was off it at all in the first seventeen years of his life.


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^.^ Glad to be heard from!
Rooting for you guys from the stands.

Bladed Belt + Shield Cloak, both remarkably cheap.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/c-d/cloak -shield/

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/a-b/belt- bladed/

That belt turns into a polearm, axe, sword, rapier... whatever you want as long as it does slashing and/or piercing. And if you actually have cash to blow, you can enchant it, too. It's an amazing backup weapon which is 100% concealable, and drawn with only a move action.

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The real trouble is in that it prevents me from working, so when my computer went critical I couldn't replace it for several months. Let us not compound upon this the financial damage that christmas does...

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Samy wrote:
Cerushad wrote:
And now I'm leaving for the next haven wherein 3.5 can Thrive.
Yeah I've been googling third party adventure paths a lot today...sadly I found out pretty much all of them have significantly less inspiring art than Pathfinder...

Lost a post to maintenance, but long story short, as a barrier to entry in pubbing a 60 page book I was looking at around $1500 in art assets. That's a very significant investment for something that is unlikely to recoup those costs. A single Iconic Portrait runs ~$200.

In order to get my book even partially illustrated I went into profit-sharing with my artist.

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Sure thing! Keeping an eye on you lot.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

Well as a slaad, I am not a lawyer, but you can release your AP, modules, stores, classes, whatever that uses Paizo IP, but you have to do it under the Community Use License which doesn't allow you to charge for it. This is how Wayfinder and the Pathfinder Chronicler Anthologies work.

You can still release your AP under the OGL and Pathfinder Compatibility License and charge for it, but you will have to strip out any Paizo intellectual property. This includes proper names, organizations, deities, and other Golarion-specific lore.

Hence my question in the hopes the developers will see it. :p

Currently it's still only a six module outline, two levels of play, a wound/scars system, a small settlement, and a sketchy host of equally sketchy NPCs (and about 800mb of filched art) with a ream of notes and ideas attatched, but it's ready for contact with PCs and fleshing out.

Still, I went to university with the specific aims of increasing my Pathfinder-Attractiveness-Quotient and I have a big fat folder of testable stuff to show for it that really wants me to sit down and finish my final revisions and *publish* it. I know it wants this, because the text documents sometimes visit me at night and whisper mean things in my dreams...

I have an Operator Class (chassis off the Synthesist/Gunslinger) that's ready for print, and a lay-on-hands master that uses both mercies and cruelties to shift health around, and a technologist with a unit (haha) of robotic minions to charge and fire like less-temporary summons, both ready for play testing round one.

So yeah... plenty of my own painstakingly balanced stuff with my own IP or no IP at all to pub, but if they're done with 1e, can we 3rd Party 1e on their setting license?

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TheFlyingPhoton wrote:

There is an issue I've seen in Society play that would be exacerbated by skill proficiencies - DCs for the same task scaling with level for no reason (I'm not talking about a higher-level trap having a higher-level DC, but things like the perception check to find the plot letter is higher just because they're higher level).

If that's going to happen with leveling, they may as well just change the whole system to having three levels of proficiency in a skill/save/weapon attack - success on 15 on the die, success on a 10 with the die, and success with 5 on the die, with which category you get for each skill/etc being dictated by your class options.

THIS is exactly my problem. The design decision is obvious all throughout 5e and 4e as well. When you hear 'streamlined design' and 'simplified skills' this has been what's been on the table the entire time. Why did jumping that pit get harder? Am I not higher level? Can I not jump further now? Why did climbing get harder? Am I not a total wombat hero not unlike Batman?

I don't want coin-flip challenges, I want challenges with nuance based on my skill. My Warlock is freaking Iron Man; when I roll for Engineering or Nobility or Spellcraft or Arcana I am all but guaranteed to succeed. The difficulties for those tasks are usually fairly trivial unless I need to know something astronomically difficult, because at Level 7 I've specialized in those abilities... and let's not get into the +21 I'm running on Craft: Armor or Craft: Weapons.

But I'm unlikely, even trained, to be able to flip past my opponents anymore. That skill has lagged behind since Level 3. And I still don't have Know: Religion, Nature, or Planes, despite my high Int score. I can sort of ride, because it's a leisure activity for my Social Persona, and for the same reason I have Perform: Dance and Appraise trained. Once you lock us into these 'simplified systems' where the DC is always "Fourteen plus your level" you've removed our ability to be specialists, and to be special. It's the same issue I had with 'escalating DCs to make your training rolls in this organization mean unless you take a feat to specialize this skill you will always have a 70% chance of failure'.

Level should NEVER be a factor in the DC of your check, unless it's based on Caster Level.

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I rolled along with Quinn in the obstacle challenge and made it through the first part without hardly trying. Then immediately triggered the first blow and made my save, triggered the second blow and failed and ran away... You weren't the only one, sweetheart! Khaddar couldn't have made it either. That's what I get for not taking Deflect Arrows. XD

And I'm so glad I wasn't there for the Ice Door. Khaddar's 20' speed would have killed everyone...

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Steve Geddes wrote:
I'd never even consider judging a game's success based on 'amount of video content' for example. I'd never think to look for any such thing. Maybe there's an overlap between the PF Players who switched to 5E and those who made videos. If so - how are you measuring the new 5E players who then switched to PF? (Or how do you account for people like me - I run PF Adventures in Golarion using the 5E ruleset. I'm technically a 5E player, but I spend way more money on Paizo products than WotC).

I've seen and heard of this quite a lot lately... It weirds me out. If you're using PF design and adventures, why are you playing with the 5e ruleset? What drove you to the simpler system?

On the flipside, on Sunday I have an AP to run for a full group of Pathfinder newbies who are ready to 'graduate up from 5e'.

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Thank you, Rex, for laughing at poopy Duncan. You are my spiritual successor.

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Duncan wrote:

Immediately seeing an opportunity to stay away from fighting, even if it was all make-believe of sorts, he commented, "Rex, why yes, we may be looking for another member. But we are very particular about this. Do you have a drinking problem?"


he quickly added, "What about funny accents? Communication is paramount in this team so we must understand each other. You don't talk funny, do you?"



Patrick Newcarry wrote:

So... you're going to make your own Pathfinder RPG? A derivative of a derivative? It's like looking into a hall of mirrors...

In all seriousness, though, you will be able to publish your 1e AP under the OGL as a third party, as per the FAQ they released yesterday.

Or at least we could run an online service to bring together other gamers to play the classic version... PathfinderFinder?

I was asking because the AP I've started into starts in Nidal and deals with the terrors of the Shadow Court of Pangolais and some top-level Cenobi- I mean top-level Kytons. It's Golarion, not just OGL.

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Gip wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
The plan is to address this in the course of play in an upcoming adventure so that it is part of the evolving narrative rather than simply tacked on all of a sudden with no context.
Does this mean we don't get to be crazy little pyros anymore? This saddens Gip enough he feels like writing...


And on to the serious post...

(TL;DR: Some analysis on what was gleaned from the podcast, my stress reaction, individual responses at the end. I don't really like 5e and this pass of the playtest is looking heavily inspired by 5e.)

Physically ill. Having a powerful stress reaction to the game I love so much being so seriously torn to pieces. While the setting is a beautiful thing, I could run Golarion with the Apocalypse World system using nothing more than the Inner Sea World Guide and a little time on the wiki. What brings me back to Pathfinder again and again is the rich flexibility and variation between characters, which we can see from the Podcast so far is being torn to pieces.

I know, I've slacked off. I know I was guilty of not paying enough attention to the community when the time for Superstar rolled around. I know, I worked on my "Behind the Third Eye" and "PAST"-setting material too long, and dropped out of the MCAs early (Which then basically became Advanced Class Guide?), and through depression and injury missed my chance to publish them before Paizo beat me to the punches. (Occult Adventures and People of the Wastes I'm lookin at you!)

... But I always believed. I don't know where the perception came from, but I always believed that Unchained was the chance at 2nd Edition Pathfinder, that we would see a rule update with the Rules Compendium, that the legacy artifacts would be stripped out of the game with a fresh eye and clean language. I thought there would always be -time-. And now suddenly that time is gone.

Just culled from the podcast so far:

Opinions follow:

These divisive new changes are community killers!
*Skill Consolidation (Proficiency System prevents customization and gradation)
*Critical Threshold (Beating AC by 10 creates a crit)
*Inherent Fumbling System (Because rolling back to back natural 1s isn't punishment enough)
*Homogenity and Striving For Sameness (Simplifications lead to 'one right choice' thinking, and every Shadow Priest starts to look like every other Shadow Priest. MMO-ification. This was supposed to be done away with in 2e.)
*Unchained Afflictions (Now your character too can die from a simple infection!)
*Candy Colored Buttons (Do you need larger market share? Your base can already do math.)
*Divorced Mechanics (Monsters have 'special rules'.)
*Damiel (D-did he hurt you?)
*Skill Attacks (CMD and CMB are a brilliant and elegant solution, and a hallmark of Pathfinderyness. Please don't kill them. Using skills as attacks is a terrible idea.)

These things are fine:
*Active Spellcasting (caster rolls instead of saves, except against area attacks)
*Active Shields? (This could be interesting, I will playtest this.)
*Unchained Action System (This is fine. Take it or leave it. No one at my table has difficulty with move/act/swift.)
*Spell Actions (This is an interesting take and a new spin on the vancian system, I would try this out, particularly since "Channeled Spells" with action effectiveness based on how long it took to cast them was a concept I already tried out and worked quite well at the table.)
*Innovative Initiative (Hmmm. Playtest. You roll init based on 'what you were doing'.)
*Mechanized Backgrounds (This is fine. Whatever gets players into the character mindset.)
*Racial Advancement (This is fine. Making choices feel relevant beyond level 1 for people who forgot they picked 'elf' in their RP is good.)

This is a mixed bag:
*The 8th Race (ACK! Goblins are fine for a beer and pretzels oneshot, but Roleplayed like Pathfinder Goblins they're chaotic and evil little monsters who should give paladins morale issues about "slaughtering wholesale against a species based on the color of its skin", not jolly little English scholars who read from books with their little spectacles.)

Please tell me this second edition nonsense is all an early April 1st prank? I certainly don't have 90$ (AUD) to spend on a new core book when I have literally thousands already invested in the PFRPG as it is!

Will I be able to print my Golarion-centric Adventure Path ("World In Chains", because Zon-Kuthon needs more love) as a 1e third party product once the line is dropped?

@Anguish: They didn't get rid of iterative attacks. They're now available from first level. Every attack (you get 3 actions in the currently proposed system) after the first is at -5 to hit.
@DM_aka_Dudemeister & @Gorbacz: I guess.. we could always break off and spin up our own version of Pathfinder 1e? The Opened Opener Gamed Gaming Content License?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

I understand feeling betrayed, or hurt, or even sad to hear there's a new edition coming out. I remember being in this position when D&D 3.5 transitioned to 4e. Luckily Pathfinder was announced and it was a lifeline to the playstyle I enjoyed. At this point there's no sign of a Pathfinder 1e spin-off game by a 3rd party publisher, and the excitement of the game they love expanding has ended. I completely understand why that hurts.

@Agent Eclipse:+1 my friend. Add a little dizzy, and sweating palms.

Agent Eclipse wrote:
I am in the torn emotions club. My stomach is churning due to how much I have invested in Pathfinder to see it now go the route of D&D. One of the initial reasons I came to Pathfinder was to maintain the feel of the system I loved (3.5).

A final thought:


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It ended up being pretty stellar, yes. Malignant skin cancer, but it's out and they don't think it's gone anywhere, and his nose is still on.

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Khaddar Gains:
+7(.5) HP
+1 Wisdom
+1 BAB
+1 Fort
+1 Reflex
Bonus) Improved Grapple
4 skill points (acrobatics, climb, stealth, stealth again)
(FCB) +1 penetration of anything with hardness made from metal or stone

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Hey guys! It looks like the game was only down for a couple of days for ME.


Yay australia. -.-

Started with the goblin doing maintenance, and then turned into 'cannot connect to server' over the start of the weekend.

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Had things shut down entirely a couple times!

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Khaddar wants to break Jibril free, do you want a Grapple attempt (breaking pin) or a Reposition attempt?

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In this very particular corner case, Slurks were invented by Dwarves!

Still, covered by my dungeoneering, so yay!

Is the stalactite wedged into the hole or does Khaddar have to keep holding it in to keep the Grick off (theoretically assuming the grick is behind it still)?

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48hrs seems sufficient to me.

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Messaged me asking for my action and I responded that I had posted my action (Skip!) because I need to build this undead beasty into fighting with the group rather than chowing down on the non-undead members, and nothing since then.

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Can't wait to see what the second round brings.

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You say Aussie like I wasn't born in California! :p

Khaddar might be the first dwarf I've played who isn't inured to the cold. A gi has terrible insulation. The cleats would be hillariously useful though!

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Angie asked the group after asking me! XD Already forwarded relevant text but yes, if you have someone pinned you can tie them as a grapple action. The +5s to grapple are excellent that way. DC to escape Khaddar's ropes is a 28.

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I'm in Perth, Australia, which is GMT+8. (12 hours in the future of the US east coast.)
I have nothing approaching a set schedule, though, and I'm often up all night!

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I have thoroughly lost the thread of events now. >.< Feeling a bit clueless myself. I need to wait and see if Quinn snaps out of the effect and gets away before Khaddar takes his next action. Did that already happen for the current round? Is it my turn? Are we waiting on me?

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Characters who refuse to defend themselves are Helpless, and Combat Maneuvers automatically succeed against them.

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He could have, but you cease to be flat footed after the first attack (no init, no surprise, and it was a full attack action!) so it was more likely to succeed Grapple first.

Happily, Khaddar never attacks to harm humanoids, even the ones he doesn't like, so there's no danger of him murderating his friends, but we'll see what changes after Jibril gets his turn.

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And PMs are just great! No one knows why Khaddar is freaking out!

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Yes. Khaddar is a Maneuver Master. He can make any one attack, and any one combat maneuver as part of a flurry. Trips can be made in place of regular attacks, so he starts with his Flurry Grapple, then moves on to his Attack Trip. This is otherwise not allowed. Note that Khaddar doesn't have Improved Grapple, which means he'd provoke an attack of opportunity from Quinn if it weren't for the fact that she was flat footed when he went at her.

This particular build actually has *enormous* options in combat, unlike most martial builds, with placement and sneak attack and combat maneuvers all playing parts to make 'things happen'. Grapple is actually the least advantageous of moves for the build since it decreases all further attack rolls by -2. (Agile Maneuvers plus a -4 dex penalty for the grappled condition.)

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I didn't even SEE Jibril's post until Clayton did his and I went back to where I was before! More stuff incoming in my next one. ^.^ Are we on to round two yet, Angie?

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There was a long gap and I've gotten really invested in my Earthdawn Westmarches game, so I just haven't been checking the forums. I sort of thought you didn't get ready to run until next week. >.>

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Great! I'll make a profile right nowish!

Male Undead (Augmented) Monk 1/Expert (Gamer) 2

Well bummer! This was really shaping up to be a good game!

Male Undead (Augmented) Monk 1/Expert (Gamer) 2

I have been showing the art to everyone who walks through my livingroom. Universally the result is "Niiiiiice. Who are they?" And then I explain it. There is usually much laughter about Dun Can Clay-Ton.

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Slightly more broom-bristles beard along the jawline and chin, as if it was shorn straight, and you've sucked the image out of my head and put it on paper!

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WOW! That's some straight up OotS goodness there! You go daughter-person!

And absolutely. Group shot could be lovely. As could 'illustrated moments'. Whatever strikes you as poignant or powerful IC.

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B'awwww, he looks all out of sorts!

Time is not an issue for us. Language might be a barrier if you're not quite fluent in English, but we have both American and Australian GMs which means games can and have been at any time.

GMs free at GMT+8 and GMT-5 have us covered at a spread!

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Good luck in the surgery, and heal well! I have an eye surgery scheduled for January to take a wedge out of my eyelid.

While I'm awake.


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She's moving with stealth (She has cover provided by the interference of the wall) which means she moves half speed and makes her stealth roll vs the perception of whoever can see her when she comes out of there. She probably has a plus four or five to her roll because of all the noise and chaos of the fair-grounds atmosphere in the area.

You don't threaten if you're not armed and not aware of a problem. This is what stealth and sneak attack were made for! If she is seen walking towards the back of the tent by the person she's trying to sneak up on, though, she basically has no cover, which means no chance to use the stealth skill, which means if they want to make an AoO while she's flat footed (crawling!) they can.

This is one of the times where applying real world logic/physics to the problem has game mechanics to back it up correctly.

Up to 11 registered characters, with 23 people and 3 GMs on the Discord, but we need more bodies! Thus far residents of Throal have paid to remove threats to burgeoning farmland and to help secure a new Troll Moot; to avenge road-workers being harassed by a very chompy Gnasher; and have put up several other bounties for rescue or exploration. Adventuring adepts have discovered some kind of horrible insect queen in the mountains north of the city, and a smithing horror has abandoned a cave less than a day's travel away, after marking two adepts. Bandits have taken to the hills. A Troll Archer has escaped justice. The Adepts have run across an entirely new kind of scavenging animal called a 'gost' which is "a totally metal bone-plated bear-thing that eats the bones of the dead" that could serve as mount or animal companion. A Horror-forged sword of exceptional power has been seized. And so much more...

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Great! Brakes off!

Male Undead (Augmented) Monk 1/Expert (Gamer) 2

I don't know if Elia is having trouble keeping up, so I keep slowing down in the hopes that she'll get equal spotlight time. Just because I have nothing but free time doesn't mean everyone else does!

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Same here. I check this thread every few hours.

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