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Chell Sense Motive:

Read Astri's sense motive but you are confident that several crew members are planning to depart. You've dealt with enough people with your ministry to understand that sailors and people in general are superstitious. This transfer could be looked at as cursed being attacked in port. Thankfully Sorrin and Ptahh were present on the two ships.

The crew seems to hang on the Chaplain's every word. Then one speaks up, "I thought it was a cat...I didn't know, seriously." Several eyes fall the crew member and chuckle.

On the way back to the docks Sorrin and Torgue spend some time chatting with the pirate/sailors. they are there to add to the crew but if you don't trust them because they were pirates that is fine too. The don't appear to be overtly evil and they tell you a story about being press ganged from a distance shore. The eventually earned their way to pay and freedom working on the pirate ship. All four are "Able Seaman" and are willing to join your crew if you pay them fairly.

"Twiggles??? Where are you? You can talk?" The pirate that was attached to the scrawny cat asks dumbfound.

There is a plop on the deck as the cat lands on it's feet invisible.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Sorrin steps within striking distance, drawing a scimitar. Reveal your true form or die!

The bedouin warrior prepares to repel the creature, protecting the ship.

Who is on the Vintage?

Capt. Donovan, Sorrin, Chell, Torgue, and now four pirates that were cured of their disease. the cat is hanging on the side for dear life.

"He's 'fraid that's all. He's a good kat."

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Cat scared of the dark? Why hiding?

"Twiggles is 'fraid, they wanted to eat 'im earlier." the man waves at his companions. A few of which look aware shamefully.

"Dry land...didn't know you'd actually come back. Figured ya just leave us t'die." the cat is no where to be been scene right now.

perception 18 +:

You can see the tail or eye of the cat under the bench looking up. It's hiding under the man who previously held it.

Chell Silves wrote:

"I am a cleric. I can see the Transmutation aura around it. Who, or what, is it? Answer honestly and I will look at your wounds." As an a aside to Donovan and Sorrin. "Who is Captain Dre?"

"It's me cat, Twiggles. Found 'im in our last port of call." He doesn't seem to be telling a lie. "A what 'a? he is apparently confused about the word you said.

The men squirm a bit when you mention pirates when one finally mumbles, "'Kay, we were on Capt. Dre's pirate ship and put to sea when we got sick." One of his companions whacks him in the chest for spilling the beans.

The frighten cat meows.

The man holding the cat clenches it closer. The man answers, "T...this is Twiggles."