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Limeylongears wrote:

Angel Blade?

Winged Shard?

All three of whom supported 'Diamond Head' on their 1987-1994 tour of Belgium.

How did you get that word past the swear filter?

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The Expanse season 4 teaser trailer

The Expanse season 4 teaser clip: Rocinante Lands on Ilus

Season 4 is supposed to mostly adapt James S. A. Corey's Cibola Burn, the fourth novel of the The Expanse novel series. Season 4 starts December 13th, 2019 on Amazon Video.

New episode, "It Reaches Out": Very edge-of-your-seat, intense, and a hell of a next episode cliffhanger. "Kowltim vedi fong bap unte kuwang. Depelésh imim ge to."

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It's official:

Variety: "‘The Expanse’ Moves to Amazon for Season 4"


This latest episode, "Delta-V", had a great example of


Yay, Drummer's back! Deep Purple! Beltalowda Eric Carmen! Peach Melba! And HatCop!

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Pillbug... In... SPACE!!! wrote:
Have you seen the new trailer for Perverts of Mars? (link probably NSFW)
... have you been licking those fish again?

{hides psychedelic frozen iguana behind back} Nope.

Besides, the trailer was by the Oglaf crew, so it didn't seem too out there to mention here.

And alas, I no licka the fishy in years. No toucha the fishy either. No fishy at all. {sighs}

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Have you seen the new trailer for Perverts of Mars? (link probably NSFW)

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Sober Caydenite wrote:
Given a technologically advanced, industrialized society, can the drow ignore their light blindness racial quality with a 5-credit pair of Ray-Bans?

Now I’m imagining people giving traveling drow crap for their shades thinking they’re attempting to capitalize on “the cool factor.”

“LOL, look at the drow edgelord trying so hard to look badass and mysterious with their “cool” sunglasses!”





♫♪ "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" ♫♪

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Bloodrealm wrote:
Smoke pouring out his nose because a couple of them went off. Decides he's actually a Dragon because he's got a breath weapon.

I did not expect the Venn diagrams for ysoki and kobolds to overlap. This gives me ideas...

3) Fruity Oaty Bars!

Hmmm, interesting...

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Cyrad wrote:
This has been discussed to death already.

Is this dead android horse we're beating named Andromeda or Oberon? And can Starfinder androids get similar horsey-taur attachments?

Kelvin Niner wrote:
There's no mistaking me for anything but an android, but my body's construction included a head which resembles a jackal's. I once saw an ancient fragment of parchment that depicted a jackal headed alien from the pre-Gap world of Osir (a world now lost to time, but one which bore a resemblance to Akiton). Perhaps I was modeled on those aliens or even built by them? I'm hoping the answers may be revealed through my adventures with the Starfinder Society.

More likely, you were modeled on the handsome, sagacious, raconteur Set. :) It's a good look.

Make a balloon vendor... of death!

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After reading the title to this thread, I blame Cosmo that the Pact Worlds may actually reside in fluidic space.

If that is true, I blame Cosmo that I must immediately consider the hypothesis that pugwampis and other gremlins are simply antibodies.

If that that is true, I blame Cosmo that I must consider the further hypothesis that the rest of us lifeforms are merely food, viruses, diseases, and/or parasites living within the Universe Entire Which Is Cosmo.

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Cole Deschain wrote:
The hype boiler cannae take any more, captain! She's lit up like a Christmas tree, you've got to let her slow down!

You should look up Freehold. I'm sure he could sell you a gently used Hypejammer® Helm™ for a reasonable price. Probably has one still on the lot that a nice old lady only drove to church on Proxima Centauri b on Sundays.

Isabelle Lee wrote:
Maybe I'll just write the Anniversary Edition of Second Darkness myself. ^_^

{clicks manically all over Isabelle's comment looking for hidden SD:AE Kickstarter link}

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By the time of Starfinder, we gobs will have been calling most of you murder hobos "pinkskins" for at least hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Praise Be to St. Doodlebug the Bubble-Bubble!

Amora Game wrote:

EDIT: Issue 1 should be available once the Paizo staff gets back from GenCon and sends it through the servers.

It is available currently on DrivethruRpg and RpgNow.

Link @ RPGNow

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Green Ronin will run a crowdfunding campaign for The Expanse RPG next year and publish the game in August, 2018. The Expanse RPG will use Green Ronin’s popular Adventure Game Engine, which powers its Blue Rose, Fantasy AGE, and Modern AGE RPGs. More information about The Expanse RPG will appear on greenronin.com in the coming months.

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Frank Carr wrote:
Rite Publishing may help with some of what you folks are looking for. I am writing a couple of products for Rite Publishing's Starfinder setting, "Nebula Imperious"...

Yay! More Starfinder products, and I love Rite's stuff.

Frank Carr wrote:
...with Owen KC Stephens as developer. Watch for more information to come later.


Paizo, Rogue Genius, Green Ronin, Rite... does every RPG company eventually get their own Owen KC Stephens?

Are these Owens like the Clone Club from Orphan Black?

Individual units of an Owen Borg?

A single Owen in quantum superposition?

Or we're all Flatlanders and Owen is a Spacelander?

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Freehold DM wrote:
Hama wrote:
Not really news, but thought so, Snyder was getting worse with every movie he made

yeah. Right.

Who wrote this article, buffyfan8392?

Hey, who unstrapped Freehold from the Hatejammer helm? Back to the engine room with you. We're never going to make it to Arcturus on schedule if you keep getting loose.

And stop turning down the thermostat! Blair just lost two more toes yesterday to frostbite.

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You're a regular Bill Nyain, The Science Brain.

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Wilkins, Goblin Scholar wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Though I am tired of Elves being portrayed as isolationist jerkfaces...I mean it took James how long to remove that misconception about Elves in Golarion...and now it is back in force in StarFinder sigh...
In fairness, success at the former has hardly been unmixed... and the latter has some in-setting direct living memory justification for that stance...

Master Kretzer, have you ever watched Babylon 5? In the beginning of the show, the Minbari were portrayed (from the human PoV) as arrogant, isolationist, jerkfaces... who were also supreme badasses in spaceship battles. As the show progressed, the humans on the spacestation (and the viewers) discovered a much more nuanced picture, with the deeply honorbound Minbari having very good and understandable reasons for their behavior. As the political intrigue and machinations from other parties begins to escalate, you the viewer start actively rooting for the Minbari (and humans). The whole show sets up several stereotypes of races and individuals, only to reveal hidden depths of both good and evil, and several twist reveals. If I was playing (or writing for) Starfinder, I'd steal liberally from the Minbari.

The first season is a bit of a slog, the dialogue could often use a bit of work, and some of the acting can be a bit flat. But season 1 lays out all the major pieces and players, and seasons 2 through 4 are a well-plotted epic storyline of political machinations, complex alien cultures, and all out galactic warfare with major repercussions.

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Battleship Named George wrote:
According to RAW Ysoki can store ten grenades or an advanced missile in their cheek pouches. Will that be enough!

How about tape? 'Cause when you're making a bomb, you might need some tape.

Stop dancing for a minute, Baby Ghoran, and pay attention while I explain again on how to arm this device.

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captain yesterday wrote:
I'm sure you can just put it back together and reuse it, much like grenades in Starfinder, if you need every tiny thing spelled out for you that is.

I want to chuck a light grenade in that thread.

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Starship Captain Yesterday wrote:

Did yours finally ship?

Uret Jet wrote:
You know, now I want to make a Tengu soldier with cybernetics and call them Phoenix Person.

You think Rovagug was dangerous to all life? Just imagine space goblins armed with Rick's pickle polymorph potion!

Mmmm, Pickle Rick... {drools}