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There is an irritating number of typos in the print edition. Hopefully future editions will undergo a more thorough editing process.

That being said, the AP is really promising. The guide and rules provided will be useful for those that just want flavor in a campaign, but don’t want to run an AP. Specifically, the nuts and bolts of buying commodities, searching for buyers, hauling, loading, and unloading, and finally selling them.

And, of course, dealing with those that want to interfere in your business.

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Nice. The PDF digital map assets are nearly worthless. One of my space station tiles was damaged in a tragic table partition accident. The print shop did their best, but the (expensive) reprint from the PDF file with my name and download date on it made me question why Paizo bothered with the digital assets for map files at all. I had to convince the print shop to even do the reprint at all because of the protection on the file.

With AP's planned for this upgrade as well, you can bet I will be going back and buying old AP's just for the digital maps, even if I don't plan on doing the AP - Here's hoping Paizo will do us a solid and include the maps with each AP AND sell them separately in groups at a mark-down.

As an aside, this would be a great time for Paizo to really up their map tile game. I would pay out the wazoo for varied tile sets that followed the same art style, had transition tiles between sets, and were done in the same resolution.

Just take my money.

Would it be asking too much to have the download version have a sensible naming convention? I understand that card 54 is "Healing", but instead of naming it card 54 could we just name it healing? IMHO, the only reason the digital version adds value to the subscription is if a rules card can be quickly referenced.

Are these DRM'd to the music player? Can we upload these to a virtual tabletop like Roll20?