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Lollerabe wrote:
The official Paizo forums seems like a pretty obvious place to voice ones wishes for future content, no ?

Warning: Off-Topic:

I lack the words to describe it very politely but... no, and truthfully, that's a no that barely escapes the lips after several moments of fitful laughter bursting forward. I'll touch on this lightly as merely even bringing this stuff up is almost certain to provoke an angry response from some.

These forums and certain segments of the community, in particular, have made it abundantly clear that staff interacting with fans on here does VERY little good for the games or the community, instead doing this opened them up to harassment, liability, embarrassment, and shame. Some folks around here have proven time and time again that they're more interested in making DEMANDS than they are in listening or asking good faith questions. Now, that isn't to say that much of POTENT toxicity, anger, and full on outrage expressed and shown here over the last two years was done without valid reasons but since around that time it became apparent that nearly every little slight, mistake, gaff, of misunderstanding would ACTUALLY be used as ammo to harass them and in some cases it led to fundamental harm to the mental and physical well being of staff.

It is 100% not worth the risk for them to jump back into consistently participating in these forums, hell, even the unofficial Subreddit is a better and healthier platform for this.

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If you want to be marginally adequate, the advice above will help.

But if you actually want to be GOOD at melee then you're going to have to convince your GM to allow you to play a Dual Class Character as everything else is going to fall short of even bringing you up to par half of the time with the most baseline of non-specialized martials.

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*something something grumble* Harris was robbed *grumble something something* it's all meaningless anyhow.

"It's only talking about one creature ability, not the player-accessible version with the exact same name." -Copium-

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I am vehemently against this idea. I own over a hundred sets of dice and gosh darn it I want an excuse to use as many of them as possible.

So, with that said, I want to respectfully ask that Paizo not only ignore this request but also amp things up going forward. I want to see as many stat blocks as possible with 10+ dice being used for damage and other effects.

/Only mostly joking

Asking the real questions I see.

Once we figure this one out I want to know which witch switched the rich lich pitch.

Who would win in a fight, everyone who hates the monk, or Goku?

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Hooray, another alignment thread, exactly what the doctor ordered! We need to build up our resistance to toxins somehow after all.

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This kind of thing is exactly why I stopped buying into, promoting, or contributing work toward any crowdfunding product, system, or service.

It is an extremely confusing situation for users the VAST majority of the time and almost ALL such projects end up being delayed at least 6 months to three years after the initial estimated finish/delivery date. It's bad PR for companies, it causes the organization that makes it to lose a sizable cut from the money made via the crowdfunding platform, and there is absolutely no legal or financial recourse for situations where the project fails to ever actually end up being made/shipped/produced.

If Paizo, third-party publishers, freelancers, board game companies, customers, and everyone else working in the hobby abandoned ever using crowdfunding again it would be an undeniable win for everyone involved. The benefits of this kind of "sales/promotion" method are far outweighed by the landfill of reasons why it is less than ideal if you're actually looking to make a quality product and deliver it to people. I am of the mind that it jumped the shark around the time that KS got pushed into the popular mainstream with the Potato Salad project/meme and there has been shockingly little done since then to improve crowdfunding, instead what happened is a dozen other crowdfunding orgs popped up to make a quick dime without risking any financial loss or legal consequences whatsoever.

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Oh great, now there's TWO of em!


Ravingdork wrote:

Good to know. So that explains why I have only one delwte button. Only one alias has 0 posts (coincidentally, it is my oldest one). XD

I was afraid the one button would delete all my aliases, or even delete my account.

Is there a limit to the number of aliases you can have?

I do not believe so, if I recall correctly somebody had made it a goal of theirs to make 1000 different aliases, or maybe it was just 100... and started a thread about it somewhere around these parts but I think they gave up on the project.

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*Notices the 1cp "Oooohh, lucky penny!"


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I have no idea what any of this is about but I must say, a completely empty thread title and initial post intrigues me enough that I feel like I MUST favorite lest I miss the opportunity to ever do so again.

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Wait, using Person-Man is dishonest? I mainly just switch to this alias for a somewhat less serious tone than my main, to express... I dunno, a haggard dude shrugging as if to say "This is just my opinion" or maybe "I dunno."

Anybody can see the main username easily enough, I absolutely wasn't trying to "pump my argument" or whatever seems to have been inferred but, if people see it that way, that's fine I guess.

Back on topic though, I actually get to PLAY as a PC in a game soon and we're doing Abomination Vaults. My expectations are mixed because what I expect and what I really WANT as a player are at odds with each other given the segmented nature of most previous APs, I'm hopeful the mega-dungeon nature can help keep the individual books and stories glued together more cohesively than other previous stories.

Again, maybe this doesn't mean much but for SURE Verdyn and I rarely see eye to eye when it comes to these games but I have to back up their point. If I could buy it all in one attractive package $250 USD isn't a price I'd be upset with at all. The fact that this is only done with an extremely limited release for their oldest and best-selling APs is a mistake in my eyes. I would stop buying X/6 AP print books forever and probably just wait until I get my high-quality all-in-one package.

I still have my collector's edition copy of Skyrim, statue and all and I've never once had buyer's remorse despite having already owned the game in two other formats previously and that I've never actually even USED the Disc that came with the product.

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The singularity here is where ET, MCA, Free Archetype, Dual Class, and Ancient Elf all meet, and existence blips out for a moment.

Not to worry though, Rule 0 lets the GM divide by 0 and undo the damage, at least on the local scale so it's best to ask them whenever you run into things that provide Archetype Feats through means other than spending a normal run of the mill Class Feat on it.

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Person-man evil, but Person-man evil..ENOUGH?

I don't know what FawtL means, and frankly, at this point I'm afraid to ask.

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Finally, I get a break from all those beatings!