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Hey all,

I just stumbled across the line in the wizard spellcasting section that mentions that specialized wizards get an extra cantrip, as well as an extra spell slot per spell level (A little embarrassing because I've been playing said wizard for a few sessions now and only just discovered this fact) and I was wondering if anyone had heard if this was a possible error in the rules or was intended?

I'm not debating whether or not wizards can do this, because it's spelled out clear as day in the spellcasting section of their class writeup, I'm just curious because that makes specialized wizards the only class to start with six cantrips instead of what seems to be the standard five. Even sorcs only get the usual five, including their bloodline cantrip.

Thanks for helping itch my curiosity.

So, silly question I know, but what happens if you miss with a melee touch spell in PF2? We were in game today and I missed with a Shocking Grasp, and we weren't sure if the spell stuck around, as it did in PF1, or if it was simply expended, and I can't find rules that expressly say either way.

I'm leaning on the idea that if you miss then you're out of luck since that would be casting the spell, but if anyone with more rules fu than me can chime in one way or another that'd be great.

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Something I just thought I should say, since I always believe in giving thanks when people go that bit extra to be accessible.
I don't know who started putting descriptions of graphics into Paizo's various blogs so they say what they are displaying, but I super-de-duper appreciate it! As someone who is blind, and who uses a screen reader, this kind of thing is really awesome to see from a gaming company, where accessibility usually takes a backseat.

Just wanted to say publicly that I noticed, and I love ya for it.

I am considering a character who is basically the battle butler archetype. Capable of serving drinks with one hand while punching a bad guy's teeth out of their anus with the other.

This got me thinking that none of the styles in the book quite fit this character concept, at least the particular one I had in mind, nor do ki spells really feel like they'd fit, either, so I'll probably be going monastic weaponry with this particular character.

And that got me thinking, what sorts of fun stuff can you do if you go a style-less monk? Are there any fun combos you can think of, or is their bonus in the fact that they don't have to worry about pursuing later style feats, giving them more freedom to do things like run up walls, or over water, or walls of water?

Pretty much what the title says. What's it for? Here is the text, all eleven words of it.

Adamantine armor has a shiny, black appearance and is
amazingly durable.

And that's all. Adamantine weapons still chop through most other materials like hot knives through other, softer knives, but adamantine armor no longer grants any kind of resistance. As far as I can tell it's just really, really hard. Useful if you are, say being attacked with one of the aforementioned adamantine weapons, and totally useless for anything other than looking stylish otherwise.