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mrspaghetti wrote:
Perpdepog wrote:
The Shifty Mongoose wrote:
Ah, so basically, they wrote "fist" because it takes fewer letters than "Unarmed Strike"? I can live with that. Heh, re-flavour your fist as your foot, and kick 'em!
For what are the feet, but the fists of the legs? These are the beginnings of wisdom. To learn that all of creation is but one universal fist, that is the beginning of enlightenment.
And what is the head but the fist of the torso?

Just as the fingers are the fists of the ... fist.

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The Shifty Mongoose wrote:
Ah, so basically, they wrote "fist" because it takes fewer letters than "Unarmed Strike"? I can live with that. Heh, re-flavour your fist as your foot, and kick 'em!

For what are the feet, but the fists of the legs? These are the beginnings of wisdom. To learn that all of creation is but one universal fist, that is the beginning of enlightenment.

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The-Magic-Sword wrote:
Narxiso wrote:
I would really like to see some more dual wielding support for rogues, a feat to draw two weapons at once, and shadow dancer and assassin archetypes.

For Shadowdancers it seems you've got your wish, as that is indeed confirmed to be one of the archetypes coming in the new book-

Check out the new Product Page

I'm mildly bummed that the vigilante is an archetype now, but honestly it makes too much sense and everything else on that list is so blood vessel burstingly excitement-inducing that I can't be upset.

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Those really nitche hacks might be made for the Hack Capacitor feature. Helpful, ish, if you are in a situation where you may need them, but not worth burning one of your precious actual hack slots on.

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Bast L. wrote:
Maybe I wasn't clear. So in PF1, the DC was partially based on the spell level, aye? While the damage scaled with caster level. However, you could use a higher level slot to memorize the spell. What I was wondering was, would the spell, cast using a higher level slot, increase the DC as if it had been a higher level spell?

To answer this question, no. Memorizing a spell at a higher level slot doesn't increase its DC, mainly because you don't need to. All your spells track off the same DC now; you don't have lower DCs for your lower-level spells.

Generally using a higher level slot for a spell increases some other benefit, like letting it do more damage, or affect more targets, or create more manifestations of its effect.

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Garrett Larghi wrote:
This is the loop hole for my green lantern! Thank you!

In brightest day,

In blackest night.

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I sadly can't find the quote now, but I believe the intent is each enemy struck takes the additional damage once. So if you hit one enemy with all your missiles they would take the extra damage only once, but if you hit a different enemy with each missile then each one would take the additional damage.

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Dubious Scholar wrote:
So why does Cackle need to be changed? I would agree Witch needs a little something else, but why should it remove Cackle?

Mostly because not everyone wants to be a cackler. It was an optional hex you could take in 1E, a pretty good one but still optional, but now it's become a core part of the class and to some, myself included, the idea that we'll all be cackling feels a bit restrictive and/or goofy.

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Starfinder Casper wrote:

The noise Homer Simpson makes when he realizes he's just done something stupid.


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Decimus Drake wrote:
dm4hire wrote:
My thought on altering it would be to make the coven feature a ritual instead, that keeps it intact and available. A class restriction could be applied to make it available to witches only.
I could definitely see this working. Getting any use out of the Coven class feature is so far into the realm of GM fiat it might as well be a ritual. I'd still open it up to any witch and not just the occult tradition though.

I second (third?) this becoming a ritual. Coven creation is depicted as a ritualistic affair in literature anyway, well perhaps other than in Disk World where witch covens are mostly formed by inviting your neighbors over for tea.

Making it a ritual also means that the witches have to periodically regroup to do it again, which feels thematic to the concept as well.

Actually while I'm talking on rituals, does anyone else feel like the witch would benefit from a feat which made them better at performing rituals?

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I think they're enthusiastic, not frightened. They are their element; they love it above all the other ones and want to share it.

"Hello, small meat thing! I'm a fire elemental. Do you like fire? I like fire. I have lots of fire do you want some? I think you'd like it if you tried it here have some I don't mind sharing!"

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Arachnofiend wrote:
The Raven Black wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
I also like "Oracle's Burden" as a name for the class feature.

We can't call it Oracle's Burden because Oracle's Burden is a spell that inflicts the penalties of your curse on an enemy.

...We are getting that spell back right

The spell could be called Share the burden (or Spread the love).
This is an acceptable compromise

Incidentally, if the name is changed, that makes this spell a very logical candidate for being called Oracle's Curse.

Just sayin'.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Honestly, if I can blow people up just by stating my preferences, I need to do it more often. Sooooo... I play theatre of mind, grid and minis is inferior in every way.

But if we don't have minis, what will we bobble up and down and make clang bang, pew pew noises with?

... Not that I do, you understand. Merely asking for a friend.


A hypothetical friend...

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I'm not sure why you'd ever want to re-roll a check using a hero point if you can also use a point to automatically bump your degree of success up by one step, aside from perhaps whenever you crit fail at something. Not to mention that given the party the ability to choose when they critically succeed can skew things in their favor, because now they can spend a hero point with every especially large and painful spell to reap its greatest benefits.

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As an addendum, it is, however, possible to multiclass as an elf at first level. Ancient Elf heritage be awesome like that.

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thenobledrake wrote:
Hobgoblin dog toy - that arm thing you put a ball in to fling it super far, but for bombs.

"I call it, The Bomblonger!"

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Evan Tarlton wrote:

I take it that the first group of deities each representing an alignment is not a coincidence?

ETA: Never mind. Anyway, I take it that the Throne Dude is the Oinodaemon?

Or whoever/whatever he killed to get the position of top daemon, I'd bet.

Lucas Yew wrote:
So the Bubbly Boss of Lovecraft is highly integrated into the Lost Omens lore (at least in this POV), very interesting...

I'm pretty sure Lovecraft's mithos has been part of the setting from the very beginning. I would be shocked if it was just JJ who was a fan at this point.

It's one of the things that attracted me to the Lost Omens setting from just getting the core books, actually. Love me some Lovecraft.

Edit: The thing I'd like to know is where The Monad was during all this stuff, since Concordance of Rivals positions it coming into existence either shortly after, or the same time as, Pharasma.
That is assuming it didn't exist already.

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You could always give them this, instead.

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Really this errata just formalizes the way I was treating bulk anyhow. On my character sheets I make I separate my gear into Consumable, Held, Worn, and Stowed. I take it as an assumption that all of my Stowed gear, which is the stuff in my backpack, gets set aside for things other than encounter mode-style walking.

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Similarly, what about other containers, like belt pouches, satchels, sacks and the like?

Also, loving the errata so far. Improvized weapons, yaaaaay! And throwing some love to unarmed champions is great, too.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Explore, report, cooporate!

I'm using a screen reader so it kind of mangled the slight misspelling, and I thought you said, "Explore, report, recuperate!"

Seemed spot-on to me. First thing I'd want after having to blow up insect baddies and fill out paperwork would be a nice chunk of R&R.

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As a note to harken back to the Nex/Geb AP hopes, I am not sure we'll be seeing them any time soon. I sadly can't point to sources but I do recall reading once that Nex was the pet piece of lore of someone who has since left Paizo to do other things, and one reason nobody has touched him--how powerful he is, what he's doing now, etc--is because he is seen as kind of off-limits. By extension Geb, or at least his feud with Nex, would also be somewhat off-limits.

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Paradozen wrote:
Perpdepog wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Sin_Dark wrote:

So you have to take a certain Heritage, A 5th level Ancestry Feat, and a 9th level Ancestry feat just to get a mediocre attack, sounds like a terrible chain to me. It feels like they are being overly cautious. Monsters have these cool, amazing, and interesting abilities but man my goblin gets to spit a 1D6 damage that depends heavily if I built for it, and even then its meh.

If people keep defending these bland and uninspired feats and choices then the developers are never gonna try something exciting or inventive. They said multiply times they wanna make new options and make each choice you make important, this is not that design.

Oh thanks, you've just motivated me to defend them :)

So, yeah, as much as niche they are, it's perfectly fine. Not every feat needs to be Kirthfinder/Path of War level of "it's a no-brainer, except for all the other feats, which are no-brainers, too" power.

As an addendum, your fire spit isn't "just a d6," it's a d6 unarmed attack. Give yourself some handwraps of mighty blows and you can bump those up to a 2d6 or 3d6 in no-time. Maybe not as good as produce flame for fire damage, but definitely not weak.
And it is a d6+1 per if you used torch goblin, and unlike produce flame is a 1-action unarmed attack that can be combined with things like Flurry of Blows and Ki Strike.

We must never forget those savage spitting goblin monks, trained in the ancient goblin fighting style of loo-gi.

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lowfyr01 wrote:

I do not think he has not much emotion left regarding anything not related to Nex. Arazni was just a mean to the end of showing the Knights how outclassed they are.

Agreed here totally. Another point to make is that Geb isn't technically human anymore, he's a ghost. They have different psychologies from the living, and tend to focus on one thing and bend all their other actions toward that goal, and Geb's big obsession is Nex. He may even have lichificated Arazni partly with an eye toward having someone in his corner who may approach Nex's weight class.

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BellyBeard wrote:
Zapp wrote:

I mean, instead of the feat extending your arms changing nothing else, you have a size increase (that people expect does plenty but mostly does nothing) and a re-application of the Clumsy status.

It's just Clumsy, that's all.

It's the "I turn into a giant" barbarian path, not the "I have wacky noodle arms" barbarian.

If you ignore all the benefits that have been pointed out several times, then yes it's just clumsy.

Noodle Instinct barbarian, anyone?

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I'm happy to have ma Hellknights back again. They are and will probably always be my favorite Golarion-specific helpful-ish organization.

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I want to build a gourd leshy barbarian with reaching vines who wields a scythe. I am not sure if I want dragon instinct so they can eventually spit fire, the spirit instinct for ghostiness, or giant instinct for big bad pumpkin.

All I know is that they shall be called ... The Slaughtermelon.

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K1 wrote:

Eventually you could even fake the encounter, by fighting a friend of yours morphed into a devil.

Except for the facts that A, the devil is summoned by a neutral third party and B, the fight is too the death. And Heaven help you if anyone in the orders found out you cheated. You'd probably wish you'd fought and lost come the finish.

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CyberMephit wrote:

The hellknight test is supposed to be deadly, I'd say 50% is a pretty decent pass rate.

On the other hands, the armigers know exactly what they will be up against and train for it for years. I don't think it would be a stretch to say that they come prepared with anti-devil gear and take a feat or two that helps them in single combat.

I just whipped up a generic level 5 fighter/armiger in Pathbuilder. It has 83 HP, 24 AC + reactive shield, and +16 to hit for 2d6+4 silver. I think he's got a chance against a bearded devil.

I'm too lazy to look up in my copy of Path of the Hellknight right now to quote passages, but as per that bit about studying you are totally spot-on. A prospective Hellknight is allowed to go into The Test with any and all tools at their disposal, including silver/holy weapons, potions, and other magical gear. I think it may even be encouraged.

Not for nothing do all Armigers in PF2 get Hell Lore. Good little Hellknights do their damned homework. Or homework on the damned, as it were.

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I'm kind of confused by this as well. The Hellknights are typically big, armored juggernauts quoting laws and punishing flaws, but this makes them ... less so. I'm liking the rest of their feats, the order abilities are top notch, it's just this one that sticks in my craw some.

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There is still a massive gap between a trained and untrianed skill, more so than between a trained and legendary one, at least by the time you can have legendary skills.

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John Lynch 106 wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
John Lynch 106 wrote:
I have little sympathy for people solely using digital resources to play the game for an extended period of time. I'm all for try before you buy, but sooner or later I expect players to actually buy the material they want to use.
I know back when I was playing PF1 a new book would come out, I'd buy it, read it once or twice, then just go back to using d20pfsrd and aon because they're just much more convenient tools. So I don't think it's really fair to suggest that people who use digital tools and people who buy paizo products are necessarily mutually exclusive at all.
Its only more convenient if your GM allows an everything goes campaign. If that works for you, great. Those sort if games killed my interest in Pathfinder 1e though. So it doesnt work for me and isn't more convenient.

I'm a little confused on how digital tools = anything goes. The options on PFSRD and AoN are all sourced, at the bottom of the page and beneath the title of the feature, respectively, so banning specific books is as simple as it ever was.

On-topic for prepping spells, with my wizard I am running (and theorycrafting a lil ahead of level) I have been finding a trend where I will place most of my real big kaboom damage spells in my highest, or maybe second-highest slots and then everything a level lower may go to buffing, and beneath that basic utility things. Also I love cantrips. Absolutely love 'em.

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Out of curiosity, why didn't you go with Professional (Musician) as a weapon quality?

Really love these! I would totally slap a hyper-flute on a cultist of Azathoth.
Or better yet, make a team of them. "Hello, we are The Blind Idiot Gods!"

Also the symbol for the damage being S rather than So makes me think of instruments that conjure and fire knives. This pleases me.

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The Raven Black wrote:

Do elevated outsiders that logically were mortal souls at one point count?

If yes, we can add Lamashtu, Sarenrae and maybe Asmodeus to the list.

I don't think we can add Asmodeus. He and his brother are spelled out in the Book of the Damned (for what the Book of the Damned's word is worth) as being around pretty much before anything aside from Pherasma and the Monad.

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Tender Tendrils wrote:

Yup; first of the undead. Also don't forget Irori, the god of monks and being super smart and buff.

On the subject of gods of buffness, Kurgess, god of sportsmanship, also began as a mortal.

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thenobledrake wrote:

...wait... you mean you don't regularly want more than one casting of some spell available per day?

I seriously hadn't noticed this "restriction" because it didn't interfere in preparing what felt like would be most likely to be of good use to me.

Use fireball. Use fireball.

Use, fireball.

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What sort of evil book grips the wizard's mind? That could lend some fun page material.

Also, shopping lists mixed and jumbled up with spell component lists.

Stick of butter
Pound of salt pork
Glass beads
Assorted vegetables dead flies

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The main issue I see with this explanation is that it is very arcane. That is to say, it fits into the framework of how arcane magic is described in Pathfinder, and some other RPGs, very well.
But what about divine spells, though? As well as the occult and primal spells that we also have now? A priest or druid isn't going to have the same aptitude for, or interest in, physics-based magic, and might even argue it gets in the way of how they do things.
Admittedly I'm looking at this from a more setting-agnostic point of view, as in many settings there is an emotional or spiritual component to magic, not simply a physical or intellectual one, and if you're doing this for a home game then the rationale could be totally different. It's just what I thought of when i read your post.

Incidentally, assuming you haven't read about it already, The Weave sounds a lot like the sort of magic system, though with lots more mumbo jumbo and less wave propagation.

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Weapon Spec does not seem to need your rage to function, else it would say something like, "Your rage helps you hit harder. You deal an additional 2 damage with weapons and unarmed attacks with which you have proficiency when you enter a rage." Also note that it calls out 'weapons,' not 'melee weapons' as the rage action does, which means you'd suddenly be tracking different values of damage for melee and ranged weaponry, which seems odd and not in the spirit of streamlining bonuses that PF2 is going for.

And yes, Weapon Spec and rage's bonuses do stack. They are both untyped, and one comes from your rage trait while the other does not.

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Dragon instinct barb duelist would be really fun, and fit the theme of the region that they are from, as well.

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Gisher wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
b) people picking a bunch of small situational flaws in order to gain some massive advantage helping them twink out their builds. Cue a spellcaster who can't cast spells on Mondays, in running shallow water, after eating broccoli and within 24h of a romantic tryst, but gets +1 spell slot per level or some other munchkin CharOp hoodoo.
Hey! That broccoli allergy was integral to my character concept!

Did you say b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-broccoli?!

*Becomes frightened 4 and is showered in hero points for their crippling broccoli phobia*

Seriously though, I also really love how M&M handles flaws/complications. I would encourage my characters to try a couple in PF2, myself, particularly since the hero points do more or less the same thing in PF that they do in M&M, all be it with far, far fewer options, that of helping the story progress and making the characters feel awesome and heroic when they want to be.
I wouldn't attach any mechanics to it, however. I wouldn't place frightened on a PC or the like, because then the argument becomes, "When I get the frightened condition from spiders I get a hero point," rather than, "My character is afraid of spiders, so using less optimal tactics/overcoming this fear I have been roleplaying out should get me a hero point."

I would rather make it clear from the start that carrying a spider in a box, as our example, wouldn't net the PC a point because it's not really them dealing with their complication in a way that helps the story grow and be richer.

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rainzax wrote:
But like what Cleric would heal these Godless heathens?

The kind who wants them to no longer be heathens and instead sit their butts down in [Insert Religious Site Here].

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I really dig that skill feat. Kind of getting Leadership without the pain at the table of having Leadership.

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Arachnofiend wrote:

To be honest, if Golarion was a sillier setting "species that have no business having boobs have them because Lamashtu likes them" would be a legitimate explanation.

I think it's kinda overblown either way.

Actually, with her role as the Mother of Monsters and spreader of deformity I could theoretically see her inflicting something like that on an iruxi.

Admittedly, in my mind they still aren't silly, at least not for the lizard in question. They'd be much more body horror from their perspective.

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Artofregicide wrote:
So barbarian is defined by +2 hp level? I never thought that made sense.

At least in my mind the barbarian was always defined as being the guy who gets hit. They are the berserker. The vanguard. The barbarian is the wall of meat who lets your enemies pound on them because they can dish it back, and they can do it twice as good as their enemy can, all while staying standing while being punched in the face.

The monk, by contrast, is a person of focus and discipline. They are the dancing leaf whose maxim is, "You cannot defeat what you cannot hit." Even if they stay still long enough to let you try, which is no sure thing, a monk's training and focus mean they will rarely be surprised by an enemy.

So in a way ... yeah. At least to me, a barb is at least partly defined by that +2 HP per level, just as the monk's drive and discipline are what give them those expert saves.

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Brew Bird wrote:
BellyBeard wrote:
Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Captain Morgan wrote:
What stops mental damage?
Tin foil hats.
Adding to my list of homebrew.
Didn't Occult Adventures have a tinfoil hat?


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Helmic wrote:
Joe Wells wrote:
Greater boots of bounding will get you that +10 item bonus
Yep, so that brings us up to 8,000 feat per minute or 90.9 miles per hour. If we can find a source of Quickened that lets us use any action we want, we can get that up to 100 miles per hour even.

Now we just need a lightningbolt spell capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts.

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Castilliano wrote:
Rysky wrote:
spectrevk wrote:
But then I looked at the Lost Omens World Guide, and the Hobgoblin leader is illustrated in the style of 1E Hobgoblins. So which is it? Are there now multiple types of Hobgoblin?
Azaersi didn't get to General by skipping arm and leg day.
Don't forget 'head day', gotta get those PF2 Hobgoblin heads buffer!

Do you even nod, bro? *Flexes head*

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Captain Morgan wrote:
A failure for Paizo being inclusive to its players was having it's playtest action icons not work be compatible with screen readers, a mistake they have since corrected.

Man I love this correction so much. I was dreading having to try to read the CRB with all those funky 'A' icons from before that would usually show up as a number or a blank space.

In the same vein Paizo is also taking steps to make their site more accessible, as well, and it's great.

It's honestly these little quality of life, and quality of product improvements that have me recommending Pathfinder to all my sighted and nonsighted friends alike.

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BellyBeard wrote:

Well, looking at the tyranny domain (as we're making a tyrant) the abilities focus around compelling targets to do things against their will. The flavor around devils from the Bestiary focuses on orchestrating complex evil plans and tempting mortals with infernal offers. Pit fiends, if used as a model, have abilities and flavor centered around fire, commanding those beneath you, and bending them to your will (shaping lemures, creating one being out of several souls, seems to be the ultimate in literally bending others to your will).

So the main takeaway from these sources is that a LE champion would probably force their will on enemies and allies alike, using whatever they have at their disposal to achieve their goals.

Perhaps their reaction can center around foisting effects onto their party members, but with something rewarding them doing so? A minicontract. "Eat this save for me and I'll give you a bonus on damage rolls." Or the like.


Infernal Bargain Reaction
Trigger You are damaged and an ally is within fifteen feet of you.

You forge a pact with a willing ally. When you take damage from an attack, your ally may choose to accept half of the damage in your stead. If they do so, you or your ally (your choice) gains resistance to all damage from the triggering attack equal to 2 plus your level. The ally then gains a +1 status bonus on attack and damage to the enemy who triggered Infernal Bargain until the end of your next turn.

Divine Smite Level 9
The ally who accepted damage on your behalf gains bonus evil damage to all of their attacks equal to your charisma modifier against the enemy who triggered the attack until the end of your next turn.

Exalt Level 11
Multiple allies may share in your profane gifts. Any number of allies may choose to gain the status bonus to attack and damage rolls, not only the ally you offered your bargain to. Any allies that do so take damage equal to the resistance this reaction grants.

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