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loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!!


Well the title says it all, this is an updated, and final release for the Beta rule system, for those familiar with the rules. For those who aren't familiar with the beta rules, this is an updated take on the 3.5 OGL system, and meshes well with other 3.5 OGL games and splat books.

The only thing I disliked, and I am not deducting anything from the rating for this, was the wait. I finally got my copy in Hardcover, but this may be because I am not from the U.S, I couldn't get Paizo to ship it to me for the price I would pay instore :(

5/5 stars, and reccomend this for anyone wanting to revisit 3.5, but want a refreshing take on the rule system.

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the party loved it


well i ran it as written, with PF rules, and the party loved it, i as a DM was a little weirded out a little at cetain points, but other than that, the module was great.

this also gave the party a chance to get back their roots, this was a good addition to the D series!

i rate it 4/5 stars.