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Autocorrect error and fix is a Petersorian someone who likes Jordan Peterson why not just use the term fan.

So by that logic because I like using Mr. Clean as a product I’m a Mrcleanian .

People need to stop making up imaginary words it’s reaching peak silliness at this point.

Metric System my advice don’t engage and flag the post as the poster is not really interested in hearing your side of the story

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Removing any all difference of opinion just makes it a boring section of the forums where non one is going to really discuss anything imo. Everyone and anyone agreeing on a topic is not a discussion it’s just a group of people echoing the same perspective on the topic.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

I don't think they will. We've hit the point where people are saying and hearing completely different things to each other. Conversation is VERY difficult with that level of miscommunication. But it's neigh impossible when people don't recognize that it's happening, and beyond impossible when one method of communication is itself seen as synonymous with virtue.

People will either separate into different forums operating under their same conversational paradigm or just spam ignore the heck out of each other at the first sign of someone being in the other camp.

Agreed and seconded.

Well that is as bad as someone asking 1$ a book for used D&D books. At that price I might as well give them away.

Unfortunately most buyers imo are not willing to pay more for shipping whatever the reason. The first choice is usually Amazon for perhaps too many.

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I think the point Yawar is trying make is that it’s not about not caring which I do about how horrible Amazon treats it’s employees. It’s that it won’t stop them from doing it as too many would rather have the convenience of Amazon delivery, free shipping and next day shipping.

It would imo require at least a 50% dip in profits before it would happens. With a big group of Amazon customers willing to do so.

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Well I heard the new Star Wars Rpg from Fantasy Flight Games does a good job of balancing them out. WEG solution felt the scene from the X-men movies where Iceman mom ask if he can stop being a mutant or in WEG case stop being a Jedi.

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Unfortunately I’m my experience their seems to be an increase in flaky players at least in my area lately. I get it life happens and work Aldo gets on the way.
Except unless the person boss told them they had to do overtime 15mins before the game starts, I see no reason not to give the rest of the players and the Dm advance notice. It happens one twice enough is enough

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I’m also a fan of Star Wars D6 though My only issue with it how the system handles the force. Instead of addressing or trying to fix the issue give advice that essentially boils down to screwing over anyone posting a Jedi.

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MadamReshi wrote:
For anyone who is male or masculine, please remember that you are not alone and that your mental health is important; opening up, particularly emotionally can be quite difficult, but talking and reaching out does help. You are valid.

Agreed and seconded and well said.

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All Hail the Tripods!

(Wait wrong overload)

All Hail the Kobolds!

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Miikeaemids (autocorrect keeps changing the name)

I don’t necessarily disagree with parts of what you are saying. Neither should one pike a sleeping bear with a stick just to see what happens because one can either. It’s up to you to do decide how you want to post yet yo are also coming across a someone deliberately asking to be banned imo.

No imo it’s not a badge of honour. In my book the parent who needs to do two jobs to make ends meet deserves that. Or put one life st risk to save someone. Be banned on a message board to me is a joke instead. Good for you now your banned would like a hot chocolate with that. Try insisting to anyone out of the internet that it is will have people laughing at tell one to grow up as life had more important things to actually care about.

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Yoshua wrote:
Particular Jones wrote:

The risk being that their are other forums, Discords, Reddit etc where posters can go if banned. It’s not like the early days of the Internet where it’s one and only one forum to go too.

Very very true. And honestly, as bad as this is going to sound. People can build the style of community they want. And that is both a good and bad thing. If someone wants to be exclusive they can. If someone wants to be inclusive? They can.

But it still boggles my mind that going to a website, who literally just posted a blog about zero tolerance policy for intolerance, and then completely ignoring it? I mean.... Why bother posting at all if you know you are just going to get banned?

If the community isn't something someone wants to contribute to in a meaningful way? It is just trolling and at that point why bother? I just don't get it.

I will engage fights/arguments with people who pick them with me. Sure. But to go out of my way to just make people feel bad? Well it makes sense if there is unhealed trauma there, but it doesn't make it right just because I can reason out why.

I’m not not one to deliberately antagonize the mods I won’t speak for anyone else.

I don’t see the need or desire of being banned as some kind of honour as imo it is not.

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Rifts hate the rules. Love the setting very Gonzo in its kitchen sink approach. Before I began to dislike the rules the second rpg I played the most in D&D.

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The risk being that their are other forums, Discords, Reddit etc where posters can go if banned. It’s not like the early days of the Internet where it’s one and only one forum to go too.

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The Empire of Gjouls is a great addition. I liked riding up on them in the various monster manuals for 5E from Kobold Press. For me it’s the many non-standard races like Kobolds and Gear forged which are included as playable races. Other backgrounds including Golsrion they fell added on with no rhyme or reason and just as anothercPC option and the production values of the books are top notch imo. Too bad they switched over almost exclusively to 5E support.

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Funny enough when I first entered the world of RPGs through D&D as the gateway we had no setting,

Once the initial group we began reading the novels then we began playing in specific background.

The first setting we played in was the Fogotten realms. The combination of high magic and at the time of 1E box vast areas to explore, play and run was a godsend for a beginner DM. Some of it lost its shine when in later editions every area was explored and the prevalence of high level NPCs was annoying.

Dragonlance was my second. I liked and still like the initial six novels even if Dragons of a Summef Flames ruined the series. I like the Solmanic Orders and three schools of magic.


I had written off and it was a mistake on my part as instead of reading the book listened to other rather negative opinions of Forgotten Realms. Too many high level npcs. Eberron is better because it is grim and gritty etc. I never understood the first as a major negative. It is great that the setting has lower level NPCs yet what happens when the party gets High level. Artificer is my favourite class

Midgard looking for a copy of the Pathfinder version of it and willing to trade two extra hardcover core pathfinders books. Looks good though never read or played it.

Ok thank you for the update Tonya

Is one allowed to sell used Pathfinder books on this forum? As well which section? Mods please move to the appropriate section if need be.

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Agreed and seconded and we’ll said WQ

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Unless your a Mod it really is not anyone business to keep track of which posts are favoured or not. As I said before it gives off a creepy stalker vibe. If one chooses to behave like one then don’t be offended when one is called out on acting like one.

I know full well that when I favor a post it becomes public that does not automatically mean I am at odds with those who do not. Or are we reaching a point where we no longer are allowed to favor non-offensive posts on this forum. Sorry but this forum is not George Orwell 1984.

No one and so mean no one is going to tell me what I can or cannot favor. Non-negotiable or up for any form of debate.

It’s is hard to find any common ground with many here because it seems they have to find fault with anything and everything I do. I think I might go with the others are doing on the board m. Just stop caring what others think. As no matter what I do or say I’m the enemy.

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When it is actual hate speech and a slur I don’t favourite it

Other than that I’m going to continue fo favourite posts as I deem fit. As too many on the forum that having a disagreement with them on a topic as being the equivalent of hate speech or a slur.

So imo it’s no one business who favours or not favours a post. It’s like trying to get work done with someone constantly looking over one shoulder. This forum is for enjoyment for myself and not a work environment.

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Imo no

I don’t have the time or willingness to go back and look at each post with those who disagree with or don’t to see which person Likes or not the post.

Even then I might disagree with message or topic of the post though still believe the poster has a right to say it.

Honestly it kind of gives off a creepy stalker vibe imo.

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I rather assume that the forum software accidentally removed the thread rather than assume it was done on purpose. I rather give the mods the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming I’ll intent on their behalf.

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I apologized Rysky for misgendering initially.

She/They/He Is written and copied and pasted exactly from the profile here on the forums. I include some three as I am uncertain which one is the preferred pronoun. Or is that not the case. Maybe not toss out claims of transphobia when I post something that we are in disagreement with.

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It’s up to the initial poster what that poster wants to flag or not and the mods get to decide if it deserves to be removed or not.

Or as posters are we no longer even given an choice on the matter.

I clicked on Rysky name and that is what shows up in his profile. Unless they/he /she prefers to be referred to another way. It was honest mistake and I liked to apologize.

Autocorrect nightmare it seems it gets worse with every new IPhone.

As no one else can refer to themselves on the internet as the same name I use here and no that is not the name I go by on that forum.

Who is the hell is menorax? I am not that poster. Thank you for showing that some here are willing to stalk me to another forum.

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It all depends on the rules of the forum. If it states they can do both then it is.

Which when initially registering we all agreed to follow.

So we either abide by them or look for another forum if we don’t like the rules.

Or to put it another way don’t post in such a way that breaks the rules than get shocked when they get applied to what was posted. It’s pretty standard on many forums to delete posts from those unwilling to abide by the rules of the forum.

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I don’t PDK I’d endorsing anything of the sort.

Simply that at this post given how long they have had to address it they probably never will. No matter how many times they are asked to do so. Feel free to keep asking yet also expect to be continually disappointed as well.

Why is it when someone gets told something they dislike it means (insert word) ism or phobic.

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In a recent game in one of the encounters in an AP I changed the encounter from the party needing to kill the creature to freeing it. As it could have been a TPK or close to it. What they encountered was bound by a Plansr Binding and it was either they defeat or defeated by it.

No option given to free it or at least written in the AP , the particular creature used hated the NPC that bound it and before combat is very helpful and an alignment opposed by the binder.

So I created on the spot puzzle for them to use and free it. Anyone else do the same.

That was my point as well ban a poster for being truly racist, transphobic etc not because some assume they are.

If I have a lazy roommate who refuses to do any chores and is a POC my calling him out on his laziness is not being racist it is bad behaviour. If you go by posters here I’m not just racist I should be banned. As everything and anything they deem racist should be. Or a cut on a finger vs a severed finger is factually the same type of injury and absolutely no one is going to tell them otherwise. Not even the doctor giving them treatment at the hospital.!

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I have seen posters who used to be more civil on these boards become less so on the boards.

I don’t want see any form of harassment or bigotry etc. Neither does one get a free pass on any and all type of bad behaviour simply because they are a POC, gay or a trans person. To me at least it seems because the mods decided to be more lenient the boards have become a free for all. One may support a good cause yet if one acts like a jerk it does not excuse the person from being one.

One asks for some posters to stop, tone it down or do less of it and instead some just quintuple down on the bad behaviour. It was not like this five years ago. Yes while some here may have a subscription or spent much money on products again in no way shape or form entitled to engage in bad behaviour. In other forums that would lead to warnings with temporary or even permanent bans.

Paizo owns the forums and they can do what they want with them. I would not be surprised if they get fed up and do what a Wotc did and close their forums. Nor do they have to ask anyone here if they do so

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For me it is someone who makes as an example transphobic comment towards Transpeople. Or who makes a racist comment towards POC. That is when we should van someone. Otherwise it’s a dangerous slippery slope and we start using anything and everything even if it not racist as an excuse to ban someone. Or worse we ban them simply for having a difference of opinion.

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I would like to see banned those who truly make racist, Homophobic, transphobic etc comments on the forum. Except they have to be both truly and factually harmful. Not because poster XYZ is not vocal enough in their support say of trans rights

I support all three I’m a person who continually validate my support. I will say it once and only once to a person and that is all. In the same way I may support all three Im not going to simply tell you what you want to hear or echo your position on a topic. If you want someone to continually tell you what you want to hear feel free yo pay me or others 20$ or more per hour. I will tell you whatever you want to hear.

People should be banned on actual harmful comments not because poster XYY were hurt and poster ABC should be per banned. Otherwise this forum will die a slow death imo.

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I was wondering when someone would use the Cathy Newman method of debating “ so your saying “ on these forums.

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So asking posters to be less rude on the forum equals ignoring the current issues. Said no one ever including myself.

One can ask Paizo to be held accountable and not be rude in doing so and other posters but by all means keep up with the bad behaviour in trying to be right.

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Cori asking people to tone down their bad behaviour is not telling people to be silent about transphobia. It’s asking people to be less rude and insulting. Two different things imo. Feel free to keep being it up. If one is rude about it it does not excuse their bad behaviour no matter how good the cause (not saying you are).

Support Transpeople rights does not not mean one gets a free pass on criticism or bad behaviour imo.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

One of the really weird paradigms that seems to be going around is that there are no levels. There is just one giant pile of bad without any sort of sorting. I really don't get it.

Agreed and seconded

On another forum a poster decided to Dox one of the writers of 5E. They took a screenshot of the credits at the beginning of the 5E core then circled the name of the writer. That is pure doxxing. A first name should never have been said and maybe even a mistake imo.

Then again I’m sure some posters here equate scratch on a finger and a severed finger the same injury. Even if the second is factually worse.

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I don’t think about him 24/7 either I will honour in my thoughts as getting into the hobby as my first rpg was 1E D&D.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Yoshua wrote:
Again, we won't agree on this unless your philosophy that these words don't hurt changes.

The idea that all hurts are equal, real, and justified is a non starter. Flat earthers are harmed by the idea that other people think they're wrong, so round earthers need to re evaluate their opinions.

It is internally contradictory and unworkable on every level. If you have to argue that far down the rabbit hole to argue that people were being hurt by the word you don't have an argument. (It doesn't mean you're wrong it just means the argument you were trying for it didn't work)

Seconded and well said.

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As usual the Noble Wolf gets it right imo. Such an interesting contrasts imo. Both sides can express their pleasure/displeasure at the change yet the second is because of intolerance and the first emotional pain. Seems that whomever agrees with the majority who like the change can express however they feel like and yet everyone else is intolerant.

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At the same time if one claims that another person can’t speak on how a person should be feel about a word , neither can one also claim that they are offended by it. You can’t have it both ways imo and that is what here want to do.

Say that we cannot tell others how we feel yet also claim that I would be offended.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Cori Marie wrote:

You continue to argue in bad faith, and it's getting real tiresome.

You have zero examples of me doing so. Including this one. Disagreeing with the sidebar or picking one way Liches have related to their phylacteries over 50 years of less than consistent fantasy writing rather than that one is as far from bad faith as you can get. Make a point, not a baseless insult and ad hom and I'll listen. Don't and I won't.

That seems to be standard way many hear when they cannot come up with a counter to something posted on the forum. Step 1 insult the poster, Step 2 claim they are arguing in bad faith which can be used as an excuse for everything and anything they can’t come up with a proper way to debate with. I was accused of speaking for other by the same posters doing the exact same thing so expect more of the same going forward.

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Rysky wrote:

"new posters" isn't a very good metric

"So again it seems as an attempt to deflect"

And again, this change was put in place and sent off to the printers long before any of this, so hanging on to this theory just deteriorates your post further.

And what is your metric, I see you really don’t have one either beyond not being able to really say anything beyond attacking the poster. Which is your usual tactic when you can’t actually respond in good faith to a post.

I wanted to buy the Guns Gears pocket edition through Amazon and it’s already out of stock. Let me tell you Oaizo is going to do anything because it seems are not hurting enough to warrant a response. Yes they will some subscriptions yet they have fans like me who blunt without. Until they actually lose a decent amount of profit they are going to circle the wagons and protect their own. No matter how many like yourself who are unhappy.

How many new posters have shown up in the Update thread requesting that something be done about the doxxing and transphobia.

It just seems to me at least it is the same ones over and over asking Paizo to give a definite answer to both.

So again it seems as an attempt to deflect from the real issues and hoping no one notices.

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Might as well remove Barbarian as in the Oxford dictionary it means “ (in ancient times) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).
"the city was besieged by the barbarians" or sometimes used to describe primitive cultures.

Inquisitor is another given ho many crimes the Inquisition perpetrated vs anyone not of the correct religion.

Call me a cynic yet given the timing it comes off as an attempt to throw a smokescreen over the whole fact that Paizo has not addressed the doxxing and transphobia.

Say the right things and given that they voluntarily recognized the union and hopefully the majority of the fans move on and forget.

It seems to be working imo and I do not expect any of the above to be fixed. It’s not forgotten to be sure though given how the boards were in an uproar they seems to have quieted much since the union was recognized imo.

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