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Yeah, if you see an unmatched Alpha Access package and assigned it to me, that'd be great.


BrotherZael wrote:
I'm glad to see someone else take interest in the "diplomat" class ^^

Regardless of if it's an official class at launch or what others think, with what I see laid out for this world there's going to be a need for diplomats.

I'm so looking forward to month 2 of EE!

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Hmm, did I check in here yet? Talonguard will be my home. Crafter/gatherer/diplomat... errr, along those lines. Let's see what the alpha streamers show us! :)

After some research and reading, I decided that PFO is something I want to be involved in. So here I am, but....

I could use some background lore to read up on over the next few months. What I'm looking for is religion and deities, geography, what might be the history of this part of the world, etc. Books, links, blogs, etc. I don't care about the medium, I am looking for the data.

While I sat at both sides of the tabletop in AD&D, I have -zero- knowledge of the Pathfinder universe. My best guess at this point for background material that would probably translate into PFO is the "Pathfinder: Campaign Setting, The Inner Sea World Guide" book.

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.

"Be careful in what you seek, you might find it."