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Did Ewoks eat each other? I don't think humans and Ewoks are the same species.

thejeff wrote:
Planpanther wrote:
Werthead wrote:

Worth noting that the only things on the resume of the writer of CHERNOBYL were instalments of the HANGOVER and SCARY MOVIE franchises, and the director had pretty much only done music videos.

So you can have a poor track record and then do brilliantly when the right project comes along.

I'm more constantly befuddled why they're not adapting one of the multi-million selling novels in the universe, which would bring in a much bigger fanbase and get people more excited, rather than constantly risking things on the random writer's idea of what D&D should be. That hasn't worked out well so far.

Sure, maybe jumping the gun on the writer's direction, but you do have to look at their body of work and wonder if it has bearing on the intended theme of the film (comedy, not humor).

I think the big part of the draw problem with D&D is that, despite folks thinking the novels are wildly popular, they are not popular enough to be a significant draw. Look at Rice's Mars series, which sold millions, bombing at the box office.

John Carter?

Sure it sold millions, but over nearly a century and mostly long ago. Not sure what kind of fanbase it really had when the movie came out.

You've also got to make a good movie, of course.

Exactly, its a double threat. Do folks really think dragonlance or forgettable realms will make a difference? Good movie? You mean like the Hasbro offerings G.I. Joe and Battleship?

Why not see how Ewoks have evolved in the last several decades?

Fumarole wrote:

When people start a sentence with "I mean," I find it irksome. I'm not quite sure why, but it could be the implication that they don't actually mean what they say when they don't preface sentences that way, at least for those people who use it often, which on these boards seems to be many. In fact, I don't think I encounter this phenomenon outside of Paizo's boards, so perhaps it is localized to this demographic? Food for thought.

I came across one post on these boards that consisted of only two sentences, and they both started that way. Reading that gave me Forest Whitaker eye.

Since this is the internet and the responses to this post are as predictable as gamers hating edition changes before they even have a chance to try out the new system, know that such responses do not make you clever. In fact, they're quite pedestrian and make one wish for a block or ignore function. C'est la vie.

I mean, no one would mistake me for being clever, after all, people are stupid.

ugh, I need to puke...

Yikes, all comedies except spidey...

Everytime my brother goes to the cabin, he wrecks something. One trip he left the coffee maker on and it melted to the cabinets. Another he left the windows opened and it stormed for a week wrecking a sofa. He is quite adept at wrecking motors on both our pontoon lift and the water well. Probably stuff ive forgotten too.

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nick1wasd wrote:
My DM is of a particularly homicidal bent when it comes to making encounters, an APL+2 (read: Severe in the PT bestiary encounter design section) nearly TPK-ed the party at level 2 (3 amped up zombies and a ghast), so I'd say that if you're not careful when making a homebrew encounter, it's VERY lethal. a single APL+3 monster all alone will EVISCERATE a party if they're not mix-maxing tactics and kiting like an MMO dungeon raid

Doesn't the +1/lvl and <10> mechanics pretty much make APL+3 encounters sure fire suicide for PCs?

Im curious how frequent you need to vape to get popcorn lung?

Seriously, too much reading?

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
We are imperfect creatures. Except for actress Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway /shudders...

Her mouth is way to big for her head!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

Ohh... I forgot this existed... thanks a lot...

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Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
Honestly, what annoys me worse even then climate change deniers (they, at least, have the excuse of being deliberately and maliciously misinformed) are people who acknowledge climate change, know that millions at the least will die, and then do nothing to prepare themselves and their family. I know people who are “worried” about climate change, and yet own multiple computers, multiple cars, don’t own the needlessly extravagant houses they live in, and have nothing squirreled away for rainy days to come.

It's high time for hypersonic missiles!

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How did this get from terminator into that garbage shield show?

Notoriously? This is the first time I've ever heard someone say Terminator fans are problematic. Ive seen worse fan fights over Robocop. Maybe there is a dark corner of the internets I haven't encountered?

Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:

.....Bran's moral fiber returned them to regularity.

Nicely done.

HBO has the money they dont care if you couldnt see it.

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quibblemuch wrote:

I like how players sometimes latch onto a detail early in the campaign and it becomes a vehicle for the most rampant paranoia for YEARS. Like in my current campaign there's two evil halflings who tricked the party into thinking they were benign servants, only to turn on them at the worst possible time. I can already tell that the players are forevermore going to mistrust all halflings throughout the campaign, stewing and raging until no one under 4 feet tall and barefoot is safe from their suspicion and ire.

It's hilarious.

I had a mimic disguise itself as a hammock once. The elf sorcerer would slash apart any hammock he came across in the campaign :)

Thomas Seitz wrote: one likes my ideas then?

Also what's wrong with me giving the Avengers a little screen time when the world comes to an end?

The avengers are convoluted enough. I dont want another one dimensional genocidal maniac villain with a glowing mcguffin because they had to make the movie 190min long so that 13 main characters could also have space for 37 cameo characters.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
This is how I'd possibly do it in the MCU (since you know Fox clearly can't do it.) Reed Richards and the rest of the FF are given their powers, but in doing so alerts the wider cosmos to the fact there's new powers rising on Earth. So in an effort to shut that down, some one (coughKreecough) manage to finagle Galactus to show up and try to eat Earth. UNLIKE the deus ex Machina of the Ultimate Nullifer, the X-men also show up to help the Richards crew deal with this...and that's where the shuttle comes in along with Sha'ir who are there because they think there's something wrong with their magic crystal. That then translates to Jean having power to send Galactus away (not like in your face but kind of like a boost of psychic power); Then comes D'ken and the rest with the Imperial Guard who end up fighting some of the Avengers too. Then with the request, Carol/Captain Marvel joins the X-men to find a way to diffuse a possible galactic war; only to have Jean totally lose it and end up eating a sun... and then Dark Phoenix her way the rest of the third movie.

This is exactly what I was talking about. Do not want.

I've enjoyed Fox-men with the exception of last stand and apocalypse. Hopefully MCU does make x-men too stupid.

I'm cool with Paul's version of ST just for the tears.

Paul Verhoeven made the right call tossing Starship Troopers in the trash after reading chapter 1.

As long as it takes 40 years im good.

...for a single season

OMG 5 things to track???

Everyone I know that plays 5E runs paizo adventures.

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Will be 45 by Saturday if you can believe that.

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When folks say,"yeah well thats your truth and I have my truth..."

yeah this is what nobody wanted.

Phillip Gastone wrote:
Big thing in the comics(At least with Ennis) is that the police really drag their feet with Punisher since he does their job for them and 'Punisher detail' is tossed off on those as punishment/newbs. Detective Soap is quite often the butt of jokes in this regard

Its really funny to picture thugs and gangsters saying, "why dont the police do something about this guy???"

again? again?

Seriously? Nobody else has a problem with the circus peanut candy?



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Universal progression is super boring, just like it is in 5E. Though I wouldnt hold my breath on seeing it go away. Paizo team has indicated they are not going for a BA feeling with PF2.

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Suddenly, this thread.


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/fires up popper

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Its like TTRPGs are destined to have crappy skill systems.

captain yesterday wrote:

I thought you were not going to watch it?

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So folks should just wait for 5-6 yesrs for the options they want?

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Mustachioed wrote:

I actually thought that non-trained meant -2 to that skill. Forever. That makes sense to me.

Now I am realizing that it is Level-2.

And that my high level fighter is going to have a pretty good stealth score.

And I am really disappointed.

It is even more disappointing when there are zero listed trained things you can do with stealth. If prof is supposed to gate skills its gotta be better defined...

What the hell is AoS?

Avoiding feat traps for combat in PF1 was exciting. They went ahead and done the same thing with Ancestry and skills for everyone's enjoyment :)

bugleyman wrote:
Well, this thread has devolved into a dumpster fire.

Meh, some things never change Bugley.

RafaelBraga wrote:

I was thinking to give it a try until...

Man... read the magic weapon enchament rules... YOU NEED a +1 weapon to even remain competitive... i couldnt believe when i first read... +4 weapons rolling 4 extra damage dice!!!

So, youre Str20 level 12 fighter, champion of your local arena... your damage is 1d10+5 (3d10+5 with power attack)... you come across a level 4 fighter wielding a +4 weapon... it does 5d10 BASE DAMAGE!

Huhauauaha... i cant imagine the reaction when the people that wanted to "abolish the mandatory six" read of it... its 4ed armor... but worse.

If it was +4d10 on a crit, i would be perfectly ok... showing how the weapon can deliever really fatal blows... but on ALL ATTACKS... man, this is beyond bad design to me :/

Shouldnt be so bad assuming you cant be disarmed...

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Treating others with contempt is a privilege some tables can retain if they choose to do so.

Whether this is good or bad; up to the individual.

Y u no play 5E?

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Gorbacz wrote:
Welp, finally Pathfinder is heading into the direction where nerds with too much free time won't be automatically at an advantage over new/casual players due to system mastery.

Yo dawg, I heard you like nerd shaming in your nerd hobby. So Paizo went ahead and put out PF2 so you can forum shame about your nerd game.

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lol, its to stop the dip.

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