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Have a player playing an Android. The designation is "667" (six sixty seven) who goes by Six Sexy Seven or just "Sexy" if you please

Now that I remember properly, Jayne took Vera from "the best" of a group of people who came to kill him. So there you go, you want a better computer then the one you got? Go pick a fight with someone three levels higher then you. DnD!

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I read the rule and figured it made sense based on old PF/DnD clerics. A cleric "knows" every spell in their spell list and prays to their gods for spells. No matter how rightous the cause, no matter how fervent the faith, a cleric must be 17th level to cast Miracle. Because in game at that level is when a god can trust their follower to wield that level of power in their name. Same thing here, no one wants to be the one who traded a first level nobody their spaceship for a rifle that does 15d6 points of damage and blew up half a ward. Helps me justify it even more when in the book gods of technology and commerce exist, who also want to see that from happening.

As far as iconic sci fi characters keeping iconic gear, we know Jane upgraded Vera, and that Master Luke built his own lightsaber. As a DM, I would allow players to do the same, just costs the same as buying new

my group bases the price as per scroll

I've always held true that the best defense is a crazy awesome offence. If a feat can be better spent on something that will kill the mage or whatever before it can take out my char with a will/fort save, then that would be a better use of the feat.

True Neutral. I like to keep my options open. If a Lawful response is needed, then let's do that. Did something evil? Whoops. Missing the feel good feeling of good-doing? Make it happen. It matches my mindset very closely.

I'e had players describe their Eidolons as manifest dreams or nightmares, their own creations made real on the plane of dreams that can aid them in the "real" world.

My Goblin-Ninja in our Skulls and Shackles camp cuts the faces off any "significant" kill he participates in, for one makes it easy to identify victims (cutting off the head and carrying it around would mess with encumbrance), is super creepy and makes him a serial killer, and I've used the faces as the base for a Stalker's Mask, because yea i do need another +5 to stealth thank you very much.

I suspect the reason the classes in the ACG can't multi-class with their classes parent class is the same reason a pure fighter with an INT of 11 can't cast 1st level spells. And why not? 'Cause they can't. That's why.

I'm all for asking questions but asking for answers to the big "why" question will lead you down the path of madness. The question will not be answered, everything here is pure conjecture.

The fact that the question is asked indicates that the OP has an issue with the rule, and as such should strive to find/be a DM to change the rule. Play as you like.

I'd go to 7, i've always liked the targeting deed. It does less damage since it's a full-round action but knocking someone prone at range with no save can be pretty nice

WOOOOOO!!!!! Wanna take this trait with my Goblin ninja!

When we played 3.5 and rolled our stats, by design we had to generate stats then come up with a concept. Now that we are older and lazier, and using point buy, we tend to come up with concepts first and stat something out to fit.

Not to be weird or anything, but some people (humans) are born with tails. A simple Google image search will confirm this. I only bring this up because I can see an argument being made.

I had a player roll up a Vitalist in my Kingmaker gamer, hardly ever had to roll and kept the whole party healed up

We had a ton of fun with Kingmaker and are now playing Skulls and Shackles, super fun.

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We have a houserule that if a nat 1 is rolled we need to "confirm" it, roll again, if the second roll is under the targets AC, the attacker provokes an AoO. Rolls over the AC, is just a miss, can continue the attack option as normal.

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The Dwarves stole all the body hair. Hence the animosity betwixt Elf and Dwarf to this day.

For sure, should have been more clear. Since humans start with two feats, any human with a level in a martial class (Barb, Fighter, Ranger, Pali ect..) will have the BAB req to pick up exotic wep prof and another feat to get gunsmithing. A fighter of an race gets a bonus combat feat at first so that can easily go to wep prof firearms, whereas the character feat at first can go to Gunsmithing.

With the Rich parents trait and 8 hours on the first day of the campaign said character could craft himself a pistol and still have enough left over for a suit of armor, a good melee weapon, all the knick-knacks needed to start and some bullets. That's how I would do it.

Gunsmithing feat, Rich Parents trait, 500 gp to make a pistol. If you are a human or a fighter, should be easy to get all the feats needed to start with a gun

I've found the Viv Alch to be the most flavorful, plays like a doctor who knows too much about anatomy and chemistry. Get the right discoveries and it really feels like a "when science goes ary."

I'm not 100% sure i would allow the char to take improved familiar in conjunction with tumor familiar. I can cite rules like "act as if doesn't mean is" and blah blah. Feels off to me, and any event if i did allow it, any spell-like abilities the critter had that were "self-only" would remain so, no other familiar can nestle up to their master and gain fast healing 5, nor can any other master take a feat that allows the critter to take damage that would kill you and kill it instead.

I agree with Aelryinth

As DM, I can be quite a bit more creative and have more freedom, but it requires more work and at the end of the day, your job is to "lose," in the sense that as DM, the entire plethora of the game is at your disposal. Meaning that if you are "in it to win it" (or not get the butts of the critter you control kicked all the time) you can murder the party whenever you want. The mark of a good game is one that was a challenge, memorable, and fun. For the most part, most of the PCs need to survive or see their will take form by the end of the camp. In that vein, you, or the NPCs you control must "lose" which can be less fun.

As a player, you are far more limited. But, to a degree, you are the star of the show, a crazy wierdo who is off to save the world, concur the world, get rich, become a bad-a**, whatever. If the above about it's the DM's job is to "lose" is true, then it is your job to win, which is fun. It is also far less work to be a player.

I like both, and do both. Most of the time I would rather play, but from time to time the muses take me and i get a story in me that i need to get out. But at the end of the day, playing is more fun. That is the long way of saying playing is more fun :-)

I'd like to see a non-magic pet class, kind of like a summoner but with more martial abilities, team work feats between the two. Like a toned down ranger with a toned up animal companion, or even a ranger with no spell casting or favored enemy, but with a fully leveled animal companion

profane bonuses to attributes. any caster in the group would think long and hard about a + to their primary casting stat that stacks with their magic items.

Welp, as i remember my old 3.5, An instant fortress costs 55,000. Now, it used ...'s magnificent mansion as a base spell, had a cl of 13, and springs to life a 20 ft sq 30 ft tall tower, is brought into being with a command word and dismissed with a second command word. Not sure if this helps or muddies the waters.

The implications were exactly why i went this rout with the idea, we had a Kalishtar Psion in our group who was founding an anti-dreaming dark city/safe haven for the Kalishtar. The summoner in question was the cohort/queen of the king, a human fighter. Long story short, she had a difficult pregnancy, the edelion sort of "took" the baby (prince) with a reverses life tap a fled into the many planes, seeking to flee the king, who she saw as a threat to "her" child. That led the king on a wild cross planer romp to try to locate the child, all the while the Kalishtar psion was torn by trying to save the prince or destroy it, in fear that it could be used by the inspired. Made for a great side story

In our Kingmaker, with cohorts and everything, we had a Psion, an Oracle, a sorcerer, a Bard, a Summoner, and a Paladin. All our classes had a great time and filled a role on the kingdoms (we split the group into two cooperative kingdoms). The Psion crafted and was king of one kingdom, the oracle healed and was the High Priest, the Bard buffed and handled the diplomatic issues, the summoner was queen to a fighter King, the Paladin was General

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In our Eberron Kingmaker Campaign (super fun, based in Qbarra and the Half Fiend black dragon trapped out there became our BBEG), Summoners tapped into Del Quar the plane of Dreams and manifested a portion of their dreams. That led us to an idea of a Kalishtar summoner who "summoned" their Quaori spirit into exsistance. Was a coll thought but we haven't fleshed it out all the way yet