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Kingdombuilding in ancient Azlant! Or possibly dungeoncrawling on Azlant? No, underwater espionagedrama, where you play undercover Aboleths!

That, or travel from Sargava to Kyonin, fight the beastie, look at the Galtian border, and say "nah, that place is a mess".

An easy way to "fix" change of numbers, is to put the cards in plastic card sleeves (like Magic and Warmachine players use), and use a whiteboard marker to write any changes on the sleeve. Very easy to remove after.

While the usual quasi-shrinks has tried to jump on the "DANGEROUS GAMER" stereotype in Norwegian media, it seems it's more of a point to foreign press here...

Hell, even the second analysis of his mental state stated that due to the whole organising thing in WoW and Modern Warfare meant that he couldn't have had some of the things the first analysis said he suffered from.

The first days of the trial seems to be all about the prosecuters (spelling? My law-english isn't very good...) trying to make him seem like a pathetic liar, but his defense is all about him posing as smart. This whole thing is bizarre.

But then again, we haven't had to deal with this kind of crime since world war 2, so the whole judical system isn't exactly prepared for this.

Anyway, his sense of reality seems to be rather selective. The fact that he played games and locked himself away from reality combined with just hanging out at extremists forums might not have helped that selective reality. That's how I see it anyway, not that I an claim to be a specialist :)

Must say I like the sound of less crazy big subsystems. Having some APs that rely on some new subsystem is okay, but having most of them do that is getting old. Jade Regent especially seemed to go a bit over the top...

Also, I must say I love the NPC gallery thing in Jade Regent. Makes them more interesting, and gathers it all in one place, fantastic!

I'll +1 Crimson Throne... It might require some conversions (but it is neither difficult or time consuming, except perhaps book 3). The sheer amount of fun scenes is what makes it so good...

So, after whining earlier in the thread about the random nature of the minis, a local shop had some today... Being curious about the paint quality (I really like the idea of the Encounter Packs), I decided to buy one standard and one large booster, my first random purchase since M:TG Unlimited or whatever it was called again in the 90s.

The models actually looked better than the pictures posted here... The shading on the ones I got meant I didn't have to find some washes/ink paints to fix it, like i was expecting. The chimera seems to have had an overzealous drybrusher on the heads (some green on the fur near the dragon head for example), but overall pretty nifty.

Can't wait for the Encounter Packs to show up! And hopefully it will like I bought more miniature, and less packing then...

Since it seems all the barbarian intel is going here anyway it seems, thought I'd ask:

Is playing a two-weapon barbarian a Very Bad Idea?

I was thinking shield and some one-hander, and take the various shield feats and two-weapon fighting feats, and go the elemental rage and beast totem route for rage powers. Which means there will be next to no room for other feats or rage powers, which might be a bit annoying, perhaps.

The whole twohander barbarians I've had to do with often do way to much damage vs mooks, and ends up struggling with mirror images, blur and suchlike (but I have no experience with them over level 10) on top of bad ac, so I thought I'd try it... But since I haven't seen anyone else play a two-weapon barbarian I might be ignorant of something that makes them suck...

Two of every animal under freezing rain conditions? Elephants sliding down hills? That'd be a good recompense from the gods :)

Can't say I care much about the actual system, no matter how they make it - what I hope a new edition will bring is some kind of shaking of some old campaign settings. Dark Sun seemed to do well enough, so some Birthright and/or Planescape stuff sure would make me interested. But I guess setting stuff won't be a part of the feedback thingie.

Whatever happens, it will be fun to see what the eventual product ends up as though.

For me, crunchwise I tend to think the cleric is more MAD than the Oracle. If you want to channel, cast spells and do a bit of combat and not be gimped skillwise, you have to roll and be lucky pretty much. With the Oracle, it seems you can get something out of all the class features without having the same problem.

That, combined with I find the Oracle flavor more appealing makes me prefer them.

Well, managing expectations is always nice :) I haven't picked up book 5, so I am starting to wonder...

Just to be the odd one out:

I found Dark Heresy to be way slower than Pathfinder. Both games ran fairly quick when starting out, but I found Dark Heresy to suffer more from abilitybloat and modifiers than PF. I was the GM, and ended up canceling the campaign when they were just a few ranks away from pre-ascension cap - the absurd amount of rolling and such the assassin had to do each round for example was bogging everything down.

Personally I don't mind how long or short the actual combat takes, it's when some players takes way longer than the others, either due to character abilities or taking ages to think only in their turn. And PF can be pretty bad there (classes with pets, summonings, henchmen and what have you).

Hell, even Geb has butter - if you want to compare modern-Scandinavia with anything :p

Also the book isn't in any stores here yet, so it's not nice in that regard either.

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2-4, possibly 5 if the group isn't too chatty. More, and one have to be very disciplined to make it work in my experience. (Actually, have only played one one off where it worked)

With 4, it's very easy to balance encounters, and even with some out of game chatting, everyone gets to do their thing. Same thing with 3, as long as the partycomp is made to work in the campaign.

My current favorite however, is 2 players. With 2 characters each. A lot easier to organize gaming nights, and with 2 characters each it's not terrible if they make one character that's not optimized for fun in combat - at least the two groups I run there is more experimentation in what people play and how they play them than if they had just had one character. Not to mention, every player gets as much spotlight as the GM in a lot of cases, making people a lot more involved. The worst bit is of course solving practical problems ingame, as more people would often mean more diverse ideas and variation.

Am I the only one who just puts a die with damage (if it's complete mooks) near (or under the base of) the poor sod who takes damage? Most of the time, the ones used in great numbers have a tendency to go down fast in my games (especially when we are talking gobbos and kobolds), so even with dice out for damage it won't be cluttered for long.

If some sort of signifier appears (a dot of color or a number) in a bottom corner of the pawns I wouldn't mind. But if it's hard to do, I can live without them.

Also, I name my goblins "Per, Leif, Odd, Gunnar" and so on, so these other names wouldn't be much use to me either :p

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+1 to SOLD!

I hope at least SOME goblins makes it to the artwork, so they won't just be the negative status effect models for all time...

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Now, that's an instant purchase if I ever saw one...

Would love to see a pawn subscription show up at some point :)

Having tried the 4d6 discard lowest and the 15, 20 and 25 point builds - I must say the 15 point build is the most annoying one to play. It pretty much makes some classes moot, while others can work just fine. In other words, it leads to less variation in class choices I find.

25 point builds seems just as bad. I made some premades for someone new to the system, and some who have been stuck playing one class through 15 years or so of fantasy roleplaying - to make it less of a hassle to survive at the start. But then it just ended up relying to much on the numbers, and not on creativity.

Rolling is the most fun, as it makes pretty much every character feel unique in some way just by how the stats pan out. A ranger in my Kingmaker campaign found out that if he had used the point buy system, it would be 66 points or something like that - the dicegods made him roll minimum on all hit points the first 3 levels or so. Nothing like living in constant paranoia about losing your one in a million character once you see someone with a greataxe or so...

I'd also like to see a Golarion Trade and an Armies of Golarion Companion.

I suspect both would have to be multiple volumes if it was 32 pages each though.

In addition:

*Lands of the Linnorm Kings (Boasting, drinking and holmgang traits/feats - rivalries and so on could be fun)


*Magical Colleges

As one of the posters in the negative thread, I'll add a post to the positive one too:

I really love the paladin codes in the "faiths of" books. Those sections did more for the paladin I play and the paladin of one of the players in my Kingmaker campaign than the entire paladin entry in CRB and the deities info here and there.

I'd love to see something similiar done for other organizations, be it slogans, sayings (or whatever it is called again, forgive my 01:43 am foreign English), company hyperbole or whatever.

Ack, if only a "split into multiple shipments" option existed :(

Varisia non-crunch all flavour, yes please!

A bakery (or just cooking) would be hillarious if one concerning fireworks (or alchemy in general) would also come out, combined with the Goblin Companion :p

I would actually most likely buy the bakery one too, simply because I am quite sure you guys would make it interesting, and if I ever wanted to have it partake in any campaigns, I'd just need that one book. Instead of looking up bakery in half a dozen companions... :)

Bit of a spoiler request: Is the civil war thing considered part of the main quest... Like, does finishing any the two possible chains trigger some form of ending?

I have played Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion before, and never "finished" the main story... So I just want to say I have "finished" Skyrim, in a way. My chosen way of playing rpgs (some kind of barbarian character), is insanely boring in skyrim (it's no different than from Arena, really... That's what, 17 years of the same melee gameplay?) so I just want to go back to Dark Souls :p

I finished the whole dragon line and companion line...

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My biggest problem with the companion books is that it is essentially a Whole Lot of Very Little. I only bought a couple before it just seemed to be a possible book bloat...

I'll +1 the need for extra pages... Or possibly, specialize them more. Like, "Player Companion: Magic of Golarion" that would have just Golarion specific spells, feats, traits, prestige classes (ie crunch). Perhaps a small section on the how and the why magic works in Golarion. A campaign setting book might have more big flavour bits, monsters, npc archetypes/prestige classes and whatnot.

Or a book of tidbits of various roleplaying bits, like lingo, looks and behavior of a set of related of places/nations/cultures/races. For example "Player Companion: People of [some name]" could deal with say the mentioned bits in Geb, Nex, Mana Wastes and Jalmeray. And how they view others, and so on. And the book would have no crunch...

Oh well, I guess this would alienate various buyers, instead of having a bit of everything so everyone could get something out of the book.

In other words, I'd stick to hoping for more pages per book.

Oh, I don't know why I didn't ask in my last post...

Any particular reason you wanted to do an MMO and not a single player game?

I am 100% mmo-burned out, so unless this is done in a very different way (especially actual gameplaywise), my interest will mostly be about looking at how it will be shaped.

Hoping the company do well though, in the hope it might make console games of some sort and/or PC singleplayer rpgs.

Speaking of sports, wouldn't this be an ideal time to get the Seattle Supergoblins back? (Perhaps they were called something else earlier, can't recall)

Is it the logo of the illuminati?

A Mortal Kombat vs Golarion game?

"Find AM BARBARIAN's coffeemachine" the boardgame?

GameMastery spellcards/buffcards/pawnline?

A Pathfinder movie written by Jo Nesbo, directed by Scorsese?

A Tarrasque line of gamer snacks?

Scott Bakker to write a Numeria Pathfinder Tales book?

A goblin plushie duel game?

A mythic set of rules that uses the goblin plushie duel game system?

Concept is a bit iffy... I find it to be somewhat like the roleplaying version of min/maxing sometimes. My current characters have very strong concepts (something of a missionary Paladin and an ecoprotectionextremist Druid), but they crash with the AP (Serpent's Skull) most of the time (in the sense they don't fit when it comes to motivation). Now they just seem shallow and "what the hell am I doing here, I'll just do what these people want me to do".

Since I made those a long while back, I have changed my character creation ways:

1. Research campaigny stuff.
Does the campaign have a strong theme/story? If yes, what is it? If not, will the GM base things on what the character is like, or will just random stuff happen? What will other players play?

2. Pick class/combat concept
Pick something that suits what was found out in 1, that can work well in that style. (And try to at least do the combat concept well, unless the whole point of the campaign is not to do it well)

3. Background
A few notes on what the character did before he turned adventurer, and why he turned into this vagabond fellow. Some kind of strong motivation is the most important bit (cash, wenches, see strange places, meet people, self improvement, learn rowdy songs etc)

4. Pick feats/traits that fit both 2) and 3).

5. Pick a couple of roleplaying chains. (Voice, wording, rush into things or slow and careful, some moral [or lack of moral] guidelines, opinions on some setting related stuff [factions, countries, deities, people]). Feats and traits often help here.

HAVE CONCEPT EVOLVE THROUGH PLAY ITSELF. Note down experiences with what the character encounters, keep opinions on things, life and other stuff updated as roleplaying experience gets richer.

If I understand it right, I am all for it.

Something in the format of the BB - like box 2 for levels up to 12, and one for 12 and above. While having played for 15 years or so, only one D&D campaign (this was 3rd ed) have gone to the lofty heights of double digit level characters. Making it easier to deal with all the stuff happening is what I want more than any change to the actual rules. (A book of premade monsters and characters is fine... But when you have to do prepwork with post-it note bonanza to use the actual monster instead of saving the time by having it premade in the first place, is a bit weird).

Someone mentioned condition cards being awesome. I agree. It's a timesaver, and it's really easy to find out for a player who doesn't really know a lot of rules how it would affect him/her. Having something similiar for spells, buffs/debuffs (with colors depending on type of bonus and a number at the top for example so you could just stack em), monster abilities and so on, would be instant-buy for me.

I am of mixed feelings when it comes to big hardcovers too... While they look good on the shelf, it's annoying when everyone needs the same big book, or when it's one small section of one big book that is needed (Ultimate Magic in my case) that one needs to have available... I have to travel a fair bit to where I play, and while I don't mind having to carry weight, the actual amount of space in bags and backpacks they are starting to fill is getting rather annoying. Going out for a game of Warmachine or Warhammer is less of a hassle soon. :)

Also playing this game, and loving it (and hating at the same time). Currently getting beaten up by ghosts in New Londo, damn those wraiths are some cowardly gits...

When I started, I was told it might be best to go for lots of armor and such, but comparing the Pyromancer I am using now to the knight and bandit I have in Blighttown and Anor Lando, it's insanely tougher to not have fire spells to lean back on. I tried to melee the whole Ornstein and Smough encounter for example, hot damn...

The scariest thing about the game however is that I now mutter a small prayer whenever I see the sun outside, thank you Tomb of Giants ><

1. Inquisitor. Most of all, the concept - just choosing a deity and a character concept pretty much jumps out of the character sheet. Nice set of skills, interesting spells and the possibility of being good at archery and/or melee, depending on what you choose. Could possibly just play Inquisitor forever.

2. Oracle. I find it more interesting than cleric mostly due to the curses (and that it is slightly less MAD when I create them) and the whole pantheon thing.

3. Paladin. I like this class in pretty much every game, but in tabletop rpgs (especially in the more hack'n'slashy adventure bits) pallies are often detrimental to group fun. It just feels wrong to be a goody two shoes guy in a band of opportunistic fellows that rob desolate ruins...

Any kind of class that goes for a Zookeeper/Clubbing build.

Summoner, Conjurer, Nature's Ally Druid and so on and so forth. It's even worse if they skill up Handle Animal and get some wardogs, wargoats, warrats, warpigs and what have you. Sprinkle on a certain feat, and I consider weaving in Starfall mk2 into the campaign to prevent people (including myself, I do play a druid afterall) from trying to take up so much time in combat, leveling and all that jazz.

Honorable mention: Monk. MAD and can't say I have ever come up with/seen a Monk personality I'd like to play.

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Nex and Geb. Either by an AP or through the Campaign Setting line...

A culture guide (kinda like the articles in some of the APs, just with more stuff and collected into one volume).

Some form of book that deals with trade (both goods and ideas) and/or politics - even thought diplomatic campaigns might be a bit far fetched...

And the rest of it, all of it.

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Fun overseas customer fact: if the product arrived today, I wouldn't have to pay import taxes on it. A bit of second guessing would say that if it arrived tomorrow I'd have to (and thus it would about double in cost or more). In other words, anyone who can stir some economic debates that makes the dollar stay low until it ships, so it's not such a risk to order it (or get a subscription)? ;)

All in all, it looks like a solid box - will most likely use parts of it at once, and having a better way to intro new players is always good.

Having skimmed through the book, I must say you have outdone yourself in the art department AGAIN. The number of swarmencounters will give my players nightmares for years to come, though :)

Starting to wonder what kind of art budget APs have Oo

Oh dear, the plot summary for this one will be worth the rest of the AP alone for me..

Encounter packs sounds amazing, and so does individual sales here. So my grief over just randoms was misplaced, it seems. Thank you.

I'll just cross my fingers for a familiar nonblind pack and so on too eventually.

There's a lot of people who have talked about washing (especially with Devlan Mud) in this thread, has anyone actually tried that with anything WizKids have made before and have some pics of the result? The Dire Rat model looks amazing for example, but it screams for some Devlan - but not every model is as friendly to washes as others...

I'll add my voice to the "please have non-random boxes available too" crowd.

What I have never understood with this concept is that it seems surefire that some minis will go unused/unwanted, and instead of being more careful with what gets made/produced, it gets randomized?

Also a question - how "thick" is the paint on the wizkidz minis generally? As in, can they stand repainting/extra touches without losing all the detail, or would I have to paintstrip them?

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I was about to make a gigantic post about groundless theories about possible licences (Star Wars, Mass Effect, WHFRP, Malazan, Død Snø) - but why would that be even remotely sensible with the creative talent around, being restrained (constrained? ugh, sometimes I hate english...) by someone else's IP? (See: BioWare)

That being said, a Star Wars game fueled by Adventure Paths would be rather...hey, where did my wallet go?