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2-4, possibly 5 if the group isn't too chatty. More, and one have to be very disciplined to make it work in my experience. (Actually, have only played one one off where it worked)

With 4, it's very easy to balance encounters, and even with some out of game chatting, everyone gets to do their thing. Same thing with 3, as long as the partycomp is made to work in the campaign.

My current favorite however, is 2 players. With 2 characters each. A lot easier to organize gaming nights, and with 2 characters each it's not terrible if they make one character that's not optimized for fun in combat - at least the two groups I run there is more experimentation in what people play and how they play them than if they had just had one character. Not to mention, every player gets as much spotlight as the GM in a lot of cases, making people a lot more involved. The worst bit is of course solving practical problems ingame, as more people would often mean more diverse ideas and variation.

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+1 to SOLD!

I hope at least SOME goblins makes it to the artwork, so they won't just be the negative status effect models for all time...

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Now, that's an instant purchase if I ever saw one...

Would love to see a pawn subscription show up at some point :)

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My biggest problem with the companion books is that it is essentially a Whole Lot of Very Little. I only bought a couple before it just seemed to be a possible book bloat...

I'll +1 the need for extra pages... Or possibly, specialize them more. Like, "Player Companion: Magic of Golarion" that would have just Golarion specific spells, feats, traits, prestige classes (ie crunch). Perhaps a small section on the how and the why magic works in Golarion. A campaign setting book might have more big flavour bits, monsters, npc archetypes/prestige classes and whatnot.

Or a book of tidbits of various roleplaying bits, like lingo, looks and behavior of a set of related of places/nations/cultures/races. For example "Player Companion: People of [some name]" could deal with say the mentioned bits in Geb, Nex, Mana Wastes and Jalmeray. And how they view others, and so on. And the book would have no crunch...

Oh well, I guess this would alienate various buyers, instead of having a bit of everything so everyone could get something out of the book.

In other words, I'd stick to hoping for more pages per book.

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Nex and Geb. Either by an AP or through the Campaign Setting line...

A culture guide (kinda like the articles in some of the APs, just with more stuff and collected into one volume).

Some form of book that deals with trade (both goods and ideas) and/or politics - even thought diplomatic campaigns might be a bit far fetched...

And the rest of it, all of it.

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Fun overseas customer fact: if the product arrived today, I wouldn't have to pay import taxes on it. A bit of second guessing would say that if it arrived tomorrow I'd have to (and thus it would about double in cost or more). In other words, anyone who can stir some economic debates that makes the dollar stay low until it ships, so it's not such a risk to order it (or get a subscription)? ;)

All in all, it looks like a solid box - will most likely use parts of it at once, and having a better way to intro new players is always good.

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I was about to make a gigantic post about groundless theories about possible licences (Star Wars, Mass Effect, WHFRP, Malazan, Død Snø) - but why would that be even remotely sensible with the creative talent around, being restrained (constrained? ugh, sometimes I hate english...) by someone else's IP? (See: BioWare)

That being said, a Star Wars game fueled by Adventure Paths would be rather...hey, where did my wallet go?