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When Dutch symphonic/gothic Metal and Japanese Fandom comingle...

P.S. Now with interpretive dance.

Haz another round of interpretive dancin'. ;)

PS. As a special bonus, the source music by Epica. :)

When Dutch symphonic/gothic Metal and Japanese Fandom comingle...

P.S. Now with interpretive dance.

Digging up an old thread:

And the FreeRpgday2009 Corporation offering is now available on pdf for your perusal, as can be found here.

And if the people in question don't mind raiding the old 3.5 FR sourcebooks, Lost Empires of Faerun has a feat, Servant of the fallen, that allows clerics to gain spells from "dead" unworshipped deities.

B_Wiklund wrote:
Thanks I didn't know that they were giving it away now

While it isn't quite on the level of being free, Goodman's 4e $2.00 module, Mists of Madness is for 1st level characters. And if it's neophyte urban intrigues ye seek, Goodman's 4e Sellswords of Punjar takes place in a city (I think it might be the very first 4e module Goodman put out).

*If this poster were among the living, he'd say something to the effect of "You forgots to give her the flower necklace (made of flowers) and a fruity drink with them tiny umbrellas in 'em to go along with the grass skirt and seashells"- but he can't 'cause he's still dead- and in littler pieces*

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thankes... but you know... I always wanted to try this spell from the BoXM... *cast Godspeed and run fast for her life*
Silly mortal creature, distance means nothing to us, us to whom the spell you call "interplanetary teleport" is a skill not even worth mentioning!

There, there, big Z! The lady is with me, I'll take it from here.

Come, my pet, our table is ready!

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If someone came up with an 3.5 update to the Mystaran Savage Coast's version of Tortles, that might be a consideration.


*If this poster were alive, he'd offer this link for the tentacle-luvin' masses to enjoy, but he can't- 'cuz he's all dead from teh mace wounds*