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Tonight, one of my GM blobs took shape in the form of a half-elf occultist 2, who promptly went on to play Master of the Fallen Fortress and level up. I will endeavour to play as much as possible with the character over the next few weeks and report here. I also keep an up-to-date online character sheet.

My first brush with the occultist was largely positive, though it is hard to say anything definitive at this point. The party was rather strong for the module, with six members. The others were two kineticists, a medium, a halfling barbarian and a 1st-level pregenerated Seelah.

When I was creating my character, I was slightly worried about the amount of moving parts. There's the spells themselves, then there's the focus powers, then there's the resonant powers, and then there's the mental focus point pool… It's a lot to take in at once and there are two separate resource pools to track. This is not a beginner-friendly class.

However, in practice, once I'd figured out all the stuff I can do, it was easily one of the most versatile classes in the game. The spell list is limited, but very solid. Access to cure light wounds and thence the ability to use a wand through the conjuration implement group is very strong, especially in the Pathfinder Society environment.

The limited spells were also offset by the weapon and armour proficiencies and BAB. The occultist sort of looks like a wizard type at first glance, except that taking him into melee can be tactically viable. (Indeed, my sole killing blow was with a quarterstaff – and incidentally, taking a two-handed weapon for a character who needs one hand free to wield implements is a remarkably stupid thing to do.) With mental focus allocated into abjuration, I also had the highest AC in the party (18, with two others at 17).

My mental focus allocation was abjuration 3, conjuration 2, evocation 3. At low levels, the intense focus resonant power from evocation really makes a difference, by the way.

Because of the large party size and the cramped circumstances in most of the module, I was not really able to effectively gauge the combat effectiveness of the class yet. I did not have the opportunity to use a single point of mental focus and only one of my daily spells, most of my time being spent behind the wall of full-BAB classes. I was the only one in the team with ranks in Disable Device, however, which was a great boon. The object reading class ability is also pretty strong compared to what the other classes have at their disposal for identifying magic items, since it wipes the floor with the identify spell. Then again, I don't think I've seen anyone actually ever use identify in Pathfinder RPG. In 3.5 it was useful, but now that the detect magic+Spellcraft combo is a functional replacement, it seems like a wasting a perfectly good spell slot.

Anyway, I digress, and the occultist really doesn't have spell slots to waste.

So, overall, based on the first four hours of play, I am very happy with the occultist. I will now proceed to see if I can break the everloving cheese out of it.

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The cadre of Venture-Officers in Finland expands, as Markus Hyytinen joins us. His responsibility will be to swell our ranks in the northern city of Oulu, where polar bears roam the streets and they put mayonnaise on pizza.

Let's give a warm welcome to the newest Venture-Lieutenant of the cold north!

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Ropecon, the largest gaming convention in the Nordic countries, is coming again! For the nineteenth time, the gamers of Finland gather together in the non-Euclidean halls of Dipoli, Espoo. Last year, we even had Erik Mona as one of our guests of honour.

This year, with no Erik around to up our Pathfinder quotient, we have to work for it ourselves, and we have laid plans for some twenty tables of PFS, including Blood Under Absalom.

(The number is a bit low for a convention of this size, I know. This is because some of our most active PFS game masters, including myself and the Helsinki Venture-Lieutenant Jussi Leinonen, are organizing the convention itself and cannot commit to running games.)

In addition to Pathfinder Society, we will, of course, offer about a hundred sessions of other roleplaying games, around a dozen larps, three days of speech program and a variety of tournaments for different miniature games, board games and card games. This year's guests of honour are Mr. Gen Con himself, Peter Adkison, and the German larpwright Larson Kasper.

I am still looking for interested game masters, who should contact me at PFSFinland@gmail.com.

Jukka Särkijärvi
The Master of Game Masters / Ropecon 2012
Venture-Captain of Finland

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It is my pleasure and privilege to announce that I have appointed the first Venture-Lieutenant in Finland, Jussi Leinonen!

While I am based in Tampere and can shuttle back and forth occasionally, Jussi now has responsibility over the capital region of Finland and its teeming hordes.

Welcome to the club, Jussi!

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So, I ran the final session of Vaults of Madness yesterday. You know, the Gorilla King's tests for the party. At this point we were all dead tired of dungeon crawling, so I just had him give the crystal to the party after they passed the tests and skipped Illaghri's dungeon altogether.

Also, one party member is a demonspawn tiefling barbarian and a follower of Angazhan. Ruthazek kept referring to him as his son. Heh heh.

Anyway, there's that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom menu in the module. It's the kind of thing that's supposed to freak out and disgust the players.

So I figured I'd cook it. Vegepygmies being off-season and hippopotamus meat illegal to import, I went with stuffed pig hearts in red wine sauce. Strange enough to elicit expressions of shock from the players but still, you know, actual food. I also thought about getting some weird and exotic fruit like rambutans, but in the end was prevented by my schedule. Fried insects were also considered, but proved too expensive.

Recipes and photos in my blog.

I think engaging the players with more than mere description is a pretty good way to keep their (and mine!) interest up beyond moving miniatures on a battlemap. The third and fourth modules are pretty heavy in dungeon crawling and set-piece combat encounters and little else, and there's a real danger of the campaign stagnating at this point.

Has anyone else fed their players weird things?