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As the GM mocks them with a silly answer, what will they do next. Ask more detailed and specific questions or get on with their mission?

As the camels are led to the relative safety of the courtyard Anthony takes a moment to examine the carvings and describe them for the rest of the team.

As Bossk checks the closed stone doors to the east, he finds that despite their size, they open easily. It is darker beyond the doors, but you can see in...

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Fred, Joe, Billy Bob, and Mary Jane have awoken from their slumber after hearing dinner guests have arrived. One of them was so kind to poke Joe awake too. They are so happy that dinner arrived, they have been starving for ages.

Will the unsuspecting travelers fall into the trap? We'll find out in the next installment, stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.

Finally we can get this show on the road. I've been waiting around for days to taunt you all. Now is my time...

The PC are alerted to the impending threat by one another and magically the map is updated with new icons.

The GM is conflicted about starting the first fight without a sixth team member so he invited another player that had expressed interest in the game to join. If nobody else shows up he will happily run with just the five of you. Hang tight for a day.

The PC's look around at each other and wonder what happens to the helpless and evil Keel they have bested. Does he surrender? Does he fight to the death? Do his household servants come to his rescue?

The GM seems excited by this opportunity to split the party and send one player off into the hot desert alone...