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Hi y'all!

I've been looking for a decent tool for making maps for a Roll20 campaign we are running with our DM. Spent some time on the webs and found antes potential apps, like Tiled and the like, but I would like to ask you guys, definitely more experienced, than poor ol' me. What would you propose for a group of players that never had experience with such tools? We are mostly looking for means to map battle encounters, so mostly various caves, buildings, smaller forest areas, mountains and the like. Inns for those random fistfights. Our current problem lies in the fact, there are few fully free tools, that would have the tiles we seek. Our campaigns tend to be very travel heavy, which throws our parties into very varied environments. And we are talking here from mountain ranges, desert oasis, forest clearings, underwater caves, some ruined temples and fey gardens. Eastern themes, Asian themes, some Egyptian and Arabic as well.

We've been thinking of actually using the game Rimworld for overall environment building and using external sprites through Gimp and applying them in a second step.

RPG Maker has potential, but not everyone is fully happy with the jrpg style of the created maps.

Tiled we are still looking into. Mostly for the availability of tile sets that would have a more or less matching style and were offering the stuff we need.

Could anyone with some more experience offer some insight? I feel we probably missed something big in our ignorance. What do you use for creating maps? We are looking for the 70 pixels grid standard.

Howdy y'all!

Or rather...

Yarrr, filthy searats!

Uhm... Awkward awkward.

Right! We are making a pirate campaign and desigining characters for that very reason. And after much debate and forethoughts... They showed me one picture and I was sold on a gunslinger really... I decided (yeah right) to play a base gunslinger! Well mostly. I think...

You see I am making a character that will be using pistols. Mostly, as I intend to have her carry a rapier or a cutlass or something pirrraty, yarr! And well... I encountered a few issues. While thanks to your awesome help in the past, I have an overall idea of what to do, I still lack enough skill ranks in Knowledge (Feats) to do anything beyond a lvl 5 plan.

Here is the plan so far:
- we start lvl 3;
- we are doing 20 point buy;
- we can have 3 traits, unique types;
- we start with 3k gp;
- I am playing a human;
- need Knowledge (Sailor) for them ship stearing;
- there won't be any cannons in the game, just basic firearms.

Here is what I came up with for the starting setup.

Str 8
Dex 17+2
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 12

- Iron Liver (+2 Fort Save vs poison and drugs; +4 vs alcohol)
- Never Stop Shooting (when below 0hp but not dead, you can still shoot, reload and draw firearms)
- Nomadic (+1 to Kn. Geo and Survival, Kn. Geo is class for me)

- Point-Blank Shot
- Rapid Reload
- Quick Draw

- two Masterwork Pistols (1.6k gp + 1k gp of free gunslinger pistol)
- a set of Masterwork Chain Shirt (250 gp +4AC +4 Max Dex -1 ACP)
- one Masterwork Rapier (oh f%$@ situations)
- 830 gp worth of stuff a pirate needs

Now I am torn between vanilla Gunslinger and Pistolero. I don't intend to use a musket, as I feel like it does not fit into my idea. Overall Pistolero offers higher base damage with pistols due to the replacement of Gun Training with Pistol Training, but... I don't like the fact Up Close and Deadly cannot be free, even through True Grit. I don't really like the replacement of Bleeding Wound with Twin Shot Knockdown. We can already get something similar on lvl 7 with Targeting. And then again, the bonus dmg is just a +3 per shot, so it's not massive.

As for traits, they were mostly picked for fluff based on the background and stuff. I know Reactionary is the god of all traits, but ehh... I can live without. I picked Nomadic due to the fact I will need Kn. Geo a lot for navigation and it gives me a total of +4 to it.

Following on with feats, I am kind of set on the starting three. I was considering Precise Shot, but since I cannot find anything about a risk of friendly fire, I decided to skip it till a later level. I want to grab Improved Initiative sometime soon. Weapon Focus (Pistol/Double Pistol) not sure which weapons I will use in the end. I am seriously considering Weapon Finesse and Fencing Grace as well.

From what I was told so far by our GM to be, the encounters will be mostly a lot of enemies over one BBEG. So I am not too pressed on Precise Shot, more over being swomped and forced into melee. I know there was a feat that removed penalties from firing into melee, but I can't find it right now.

Lastly, is there any way to prevent AoO from reloading? No improved reload or something? As far as I am aware, it's a stupid idea to reload while in melee, but then again, I don't know how to avoid being turned into a pincushion once the enemies get close.

Only confirmed party member is a melee fighter. From what I heard intending to go into Corsair. So I will have help in case of numerous opponents. When it goes to the worst, I will force enemies to eat AoO from my Fighter while I withdraw to a new position.

Hi! It's me again! Missed me? Uhm... I am bad at starting topics... Onward to science!

So we are gearing up for a Starfinder test on this Saturday. Your humble friend here will be a Solar Weapon Human Solarian. Yadda yadda... Which arnors can serve as Space Suits? I noticed there is an item that's named Soace Suit for 25 Creds but it offers 0 protection. Then there is this Second Skin Armoe that's described as a super thin Soace Suit offering some protection against hazards of space.

So you know, what gives? Can all armors be used as Space Suits or only a few? Is there some special tinkering needed with them to make them space viable? A friend spoke something about a seal for some full body armors, but which are those? Do we have to check each description to check if they are viable for it? Or is there some magical shield item or something that would work like the shield suits from second Guardians?

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Yeah so... Recently my rogue half elf caught a swing of a large Greataxe from that nice oger. So... Ehh... I'm kind of making a new char. And since I liked the playstyle of a sneaky rogue, but severely lacked the 'magic' feel of her like I wanted... I took a look at the Arcane Trickster. It's the closest I could find to my forever loved Charlatan from Drakensang.

But here is my idea...

An elf lady, with... Elven Immunities, Low-Light Vision, Keen Senses, Fey-Sighted and Long-Limbed.

Attributes would be Str 8, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 8.

Traits would be Magic Knack and Reactionary.

I start lvl 2, so I thought of just going U-Rogue 1/Wizard 1.

The idea is, to pick Unchained Rogue for the free Weapon Finesse at lvl 1 and Rogue Finesse: Rapier at lvl 3. The rogue Talent I was considering was Graceful Athlete, which allows me to use Dex for Swim and Climb checks. Wizard is more difficult for me. At first I wanted to pick Illusion as the focus School, but on second thought I am leaning towards Admixture, because it would fit my idea of a wizard that's a bit more reckless. I am leaning towards Bonded Item instead of familiar, because I could not find it anywhere, if when I cast Invisibility on myself, the familiar goes invisible as well. I assume it does not. For the item I was thinking of a ring or amulet, because I am afraid to be disarmed if I pick a weapon. Also a ring or amulet would let me apply magical properties to it easier.

RP side... I want her to be like a wizard that wants to gain knowledge as fast as she can, even if it means stealing other's spell books and scrolls. For which I thought the fey sighted elf would be most fitting.

I read through the Expert's guide to AT, so that helped me a lot already. But I saw it's a bit outdated, as it used the core rogue for evaluation instead of the unchained one, so I came here for your advice once more.

What would be the armor of choice? For wizard the best I can find is just... +1. The rest has Arcane Spell Failure Chance. And I don't know if I want to burn a feat for Arcane Armor Training, because it costs a Swift Action to use. I tried to find a special material that lowers the Chance to 0%, but there is none. Mithrall lowers it by 10% I think. Darkleaf Cloth by 10% down to 5% minimum. And I want to avoid that at all cost. I was thinking of picking Enchantment and Necromancy as my opposition schools, which I belive won't be sacrificing too much for her. But I am still sorting out my feats and traits, not to mention gear and spells.

Hai... Missed me?

I'm taking a new class on my "let's look at it" table. Well more a character concept truth be told. So... We dealing with a Dwarven gal that worships Torag and bonks things in melee with her Warhammer. At first I wanted to make her a Cleric of Torag, but... I encountered some problems with that. Secondly I thought... Paladins are warrior clerics you dummy! So I took a look at Paladin.

Ehh... I encountered a few problems. That being... For Cleric that's low melee capabilities. For Paladin that's a racial -2 Charisma. So here I am... 20 point buy... Teach me Sempais!

Cleric idea:
I was thinking of a Divine Paragon, because if I found the right thing, since lvl 5, she will be abke to infuse her hammer with spells. If not, then I have no idea what the faith boons are. Couldn't find it anywhere. End of the day, she would be either Defence or Protection Domain, with Shield spell instead of a shield in hand.

Str 17 | 15
Dex 10 | 14
Con 12 | 10
Int 10 | 10
Wis 14 | 16
Cha 12 | 12

That's what I came up with so far... One is better at attacking, the other has better AC and more spells. But I never played the class, so it's raw thinking.

Paladin idea:
I was thinking of either the base Paladin or the Stonelord, but am leaning closer to the base Paladin. I am not sure, I like the idea of how defence oriented the Stonelord is, and his lowered heals potential. But he does get neat bonuses to melee damage from that Smite Evil replacement. But I want to be able to heal between fights and offer some offhand heals during combat. Again a devotee of Torag, but I am not sure it's anyhow relevant to a Paladin.

Str 15 | 17
Dex 14 | 12
Con 12 | 14
Int 10 | 10
Wis 10 | 10
Cha 14 | 12

Again my overall idea... I think that to be a melee fighter with backup heals, I would wajt that 14 Charisma for the Smite Evil and Lay on Hands, as well as bonus spells later. Although if I won't be able to use the smite bonus, my Attack will be just +3, maybe +4 if I start with Weapon Focus (Warhammer). I took Unstoppable instead of Hardy, which gives me Toughness as a free feat on lvl 1. And Craftsman instead of Greed. As a follower of Torag, she will be a blacksmith, doing her prayers during weapon meintenance or just crafting. As a Cleric, I was thinking of picking Focused Channel as first feat. As Paladin, I would opt for either Weapon Focus or Improved Shield Bash.

So... Is any of that of any value, or should I return to drawing board?

here is NaeNae. yup that's me! Total of two sessions with Pathfinder, with the first being utter crap in combat and the second being a god of bluffs and diplomacy. So here I am, to ask other more veteran players to check my ideas.

A short introduction of my character first. Her name is Elana, she is a Half Elf. Her Racial Traits are Low Light Vision, Keen Senses, Drow Magic and Elven Immunities. She uses a Dagger, has a Sap and has a bag of caltrops and two of marbles at her belt. She is halfway to lvl 2 now and preparing myself for that, I decided to have a look at the Rogue Talents.

She is the generic rogue in the party, being the face of the group, their city guide and a trapfinding hiker as well. I intend to focus her on those roles, but I was also looking for opportunities to make her more reliable when fighting. I want to use a Dagger, maybe two later into the game. Perhaps a bow for those moments when I can't reach my opponents without putting myself into too much danger. So here are a few questions I have... Regarding my progress as a Rogue.

1. One Dagger or Two Weapon Fighting?

As in... I will get a -2 on attacks with both weapons, but I will get two attacks instead of one. Isn't it raising the opportunity to strike the enemy?

2. What exactly does the Bomber Rogue Talent do?

As in, I understand I can make bombs, but which bombs exactly? do I have to research them like the Alchemist does? Am I to take my Rogue level for those discoveries like the Alchemist level? I am most interested in the Blinding Bomb and Grease Bomb, as I imagine those two to be most useful for my Rogue. Perhaps Entangle Bomb as well.

3. What kind of armor would you propose for a Rogue?

She is currently running in a simple Studded Leather. But should I look for light armors with better AC or rather look for medium armors made from special materials to lower their weight class? I'm utterly lost here.

4. What would you propose for Feats to make the Rogue more mobile in Combat?

I am thinking of taking the Fast Getaway Rogue Talent on level 4 perhaps, but I do not know if it's actually that good, considering there is this Spring Attack(???) feat that does more or less the same, but better? I am still a bit lost in the names of things and everything.

5. More to come, surely.

So recently I was talking with Gauss over Skype about the Treesinger archetype. He went into great length on explaining, how the class is inferior to the traditional druid, focusing mostly on the aspect of the plant companions against animal companions.

And here comes my question... How are bonuses calculated exactly? I have access to only a few PDFs, as my GM did not share all of the stuff, just what we needed at the time. And Core Rulebook says "Bonus: Bonuses are numerical values that are added to checks and statistical scores. Most bonuses have a type, and as a general rule, bonuses of the same type are not cumulative (do not “stack”)—only the greater bonus
granted applies." But... What of bonuses that have no type? What of permanent effects to a certain aspect of the character?

To make things simpler, I will try to focus on the druid's Treant Sappling, and it's Natural Armor specifically, as this is what I was researching about. So on lvl 1 it has +1 Natural Armor Bonus. Which I belive means, that it's AC is increased by 1 due to the Treant Sappling having some natural hardness to it. On lvl 3 it gains +2 from the companion progression, which I belive adds up to +3 total. On lvl 4 it's growing to Large size and gains another +2, which I assume adds up to 5 Natural Armor Bonus. Now here comes my question...

1) Let's say the Druid in question chooses the Evolved Companion feat and uses the Improved Natural Armor lvl 1 evolution for the Treant Sappling. It's a +2 Natural Armor Bonus without a classification, it's permanent, so once more I would assume, it would merely add to the Natural Armor of the Treant, making it 7. Or does it remain 5+2 bonus?

2) Let's say the Druid in question uses Animal Growth on the Treant Sappling, making it grow from Large to Very Large (? I am not sure what's the next size ?). The spell itself adds another +2 to AC and the size increase will make it lower by -2 once more, thus the AC will not be affected, remaining at 5. Am I correct? Again, would the -2 affect the +2 of the spell, or considering the Evolved Companion was chosen, would it actually be a -2, because only one bonus applies?

3) Let's say the Druid in question chooses the Evolved Companion with Improved Natural Armor and casts Barkskin on the Treant Sappling. The Barkskin says clearly, it's an +2(or more) Enchantment Natural Armor Bonus. It's named and classified, so I would assume that it does not clash/colide with Natural Armor Bonuses of other types and/or unnamed?

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Hi there community!
A friend of mine recently asked me if I would like to play a Pathfinder game, as he knew I had some experience with P&P. So here I am, making my first character, a Rogue. But reading through all the important stuff, well everything at once in a massive mix of whatever hits my fancy at the moment, made me realize, I am not 100% sure what I am doing. Well closer to 5% of having an idea. Regardless! Here is my question... And I tried to google, but there seem to be various interpretations of said issue.

1. When exactly do you flank?

It says you need to be on the opposite side of an enemy than your companion is and be threatening that enemy. Does that mean, that a Rogue with Weapon Focus: Dagger, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot and Snap Shot will be able to flank without being in melee range? As in... Snap Shot states within 5 feet away from you, so... That's melee range or is that 5 feet added to the normal Threat radius around a dagger wielder?

2. When is the enemy prevented from using his Dexterity for a save throw? Aka when do I apply Sneak Attack bonus dmg to my dagger throwing?

From what I found, it's only during a surprise round and if you act before targeted enemy in the first round, but after that it's no longer viable. But what of say, tripping an enemy? Wouldn't that make him drop on the floor and be unable to dodge the incoming dagger?

3. How does Stealth work during a fight?

As in... If you remain in full darkness, can you just shoot people without them using Dex for save throws, aka applying your Sneak bonus dmg? If not, then it's utterly crap for any attempt of making a high dexterity ranged Rogue.