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Howdy y'all!

Or rather...

Yarrr, filthy searats!

Uhm... Awkward awkward.

Right! We are making a pirate campaign and desigining characters for that very reason. And after much debate and forethoughts... They showed me one picture and I was sold on a gunslinger really... I decided (yeah right) to play a base gunslinger! Well mostly. I think...

You see I am making a character that will be using pistols. Mostly, as I intend to have her carry a rapier or a cutlass or something pirrraty, yarr! And well... I encountered a few issues. While thanks to your awesome help in the past, I have an overall idea of what to do, I still lack enough skill ranks in Knowledge (Feats) to do anything beyond a lvl 5 plan.

Here is the plan so far:
- we start lvl 3;
- we are doing 20 point buy;
- we can have 3 traits, unique types;
- we start with 3k gp;
- I am playing a human;
- need Knowledge (Sailor) for them ship stearing;
- there won't be any cannons in the game, just basic firearms.

Here is what I came up with for the starting setup.

Str 8
Dex 17+2
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 12

- Iron Liver (+2 Fort Save vs poison and drugs; +4 vs alcohol)
- Never Stop Shooting (when below 0hp but not dead, you can still shoot, reload and draw firearms)
- Nomadic (+1 to Kn. Geo and Survival, Kn. Geo is class for me)

- Point-Blank Shot
- Rapid Reload
- Quick Draw

- two Masterwork Pistols (1.6k gp + 1k gp of free gunslinger pistol)
- a set of Masterwork Chain Shirt (250 gp +4AC +4 Max Dex -1 ACP)
- one Masterwork Rapier (oh f#+$ situations)
- 830 gp worth of stuff a pirate needs

Now I am torn between vanilla Gunslinger and Pistolero. I don't intend to use a musket, as I feel like it does not fit into my idea. Overall Pistolero offers higher base damage with pistols due to the replacement of Gun Training with Pistol Training, but... I don't like the fact Up Close and Deadly cannot be free, even through True Grit. I don't really like the replacement of Bleeding Wound with Twin Shot Knockdown. We can already get something similar on lvl 7 with Targeting. And then again, the bonus dmg is just a +3 per shot, so it's not massive.

As for traits, they were mostly picked for fluff based on the background and stuff. I know Reactionary is the god of all traits, but ehh... I can live without. I picked Nomadic due to the fact I will need Kn. Geo a lot for navigation and it gives me a total of +4 to it.

Following on with feats, I am kind of set on the starting three. I was considering Precise Shot, but since I cannot find anything about a risk of friendly fire, I decided to skip it till a later level. I want to grab Improved Initiative sometime soon. Weapon Focus (Pistol/Double Pistol) not sure which weapons I will use in the end. I am seriously considering Weapon Finesse and Fencing Grace as well.

From what I was told so far by our GM to be, the encounters will be mostly a lot of enemies over one BBEG. So I am not too pressed on Precise Shot, more over being swomped and forced into melee. I know there was a feat that removed penalties from firing into melee, but I can't find it right now.

Lastly, is there any way to prevent AoO from reloading? No improved reload or something? As far as I am aware, it's a stupid idea to reload while in melee, but then again, I don't know how to avoid being turned into a pincushion once the enemies get close.

Only confirmed party member is a melee fighter. From what I heard intending to go into Corsair. So I will have help in case of numerous opponents. When it goes to the worst, I will force enemies to eat AoO from my Fighter while I withdraw to a new position.

The common method I have seen on here is 5 levels of Gunslinger and the rest into something else. Fighter would work. It would get the most feats, thought not the best saves. One feat chain to go for is Gun Twirl so you can put away your gun as a free action.

I don't do point buy, so I may get this wrong. If you plan on using that sword, you may want to beef up that STR. Taking one point off of DEX gives back 3 points right? you put all three into STR. Then take two out of CHA. put one into STR for a total of 12. Put the other into INT for an 11.
I always value skills. At 4th you put a point into INT.

This is just a suggestion. After all, that sword is going to be almost useless if you dump strength.

Is your GM giving you free ammo?

Precise shot is the feat for firing into melee. It cancels the -4 for doing so.

Other feats you will want are deadly aim & rapid shot for damage, and possibly whip-shot deed rather than weapon finesse.

Weapon Finesse and Fencing Grace turn Rapier into a full Dexterity based weapon.

Does Rapid Shot work with firearms? It just states ranged weapon, but since reloading one is a move action, I thought,that it would not apply. If it does work, it's quite potent. Unless it would work with something like double barrel pistols only. Still if I was to go that way, an interesting choice.

And I misread Precise Shot as shooting at an enemy that is engaged in melee with a friendly target. My mistake. Apparently there are no penalties to shoot shot such an enemy at all. Not there is a chance of friendly fire.

Taking 5 lvls of Gunslinger and then moving into something else sounds like a neat idea. One would be losing a lot of deeds that way, but... Ranger seems like a good idea. Both Dex and Wisdom from Gunslinger would come in handy. Favoured terrain can easily be water and enemies Humanoid (aquatic). It's actually not bad at all... I will tinker with it.

With alchemical paper cartridges & rapid reload, reloading becomes a free action. This allows rapid shot, multiple attacks from high BAB, etc.

Ranger is possible after the interesting levels of gunslinger. So is inquisitor, fighter, slayer, basically any class with any synergy with shooting people.

That does sound interesting. One could fully skip Two Weapon Fighting and just grab a double barrel pistol and doubleshoot it with a free reload for a full round rain of bullets.

That's not a bad idea actually... If I went Pistolero, I could just easily swap from simple pistol to double. Although rapid reload needs to come a bit later.

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