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Anton Ionescu wrote:
"I'll be there in two shakes of a pig's tail. Get safe, young princess."

Stella gives Anton Ionescu a kiss on the cheek.

"Please be careful!"
Then she lets his brother lead her into the catedral.

Stella nods, crying, and says her goodbyes, hugging and thanking you all for everything you did for her.
No woman walking to the gallows have looked as heartbroken as her.

Stella hugs Olga Bâlan, cying and sobbing.
"What shoud I do?"

Stella seems about to faint. She holds firmly to Olga Bâlan's hand and looks to you all, as if asking you what to do.

Stella Scarnetti, pale and shaking with fear, is brave enough to correct her bother.
"Brother no! I am... Still... Pure... Leave him alone!"
But Titus seems to ignore her.

Stella, playfully, stands in front of his brother, still holding Olga Bâlan's hand, a wide smile in her face.
His brother doesn't seem to be minding any attention to it.
After a second you realize why...
Yesterday she was a scared and crying chelaxian "porcelain princess". Today she looks beautifully, filled with life and joy, ready to take on the world.
And let's face it, varisian clothes becomes her.

Anton Ionescu wrote:
Anton fakes shock. "What happened to the Chellish girl stella? And where did this beautiful young Varisian girl come from? Is this a trick?"

Stella Scarnetti blushes as if about to burst into fire, and giggles timidly.

"I am glad you like it."

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Miss Stella Scarnetti, "chelaxian" noblewoman, is now dressed in Varisian garb, including some soft but sturdy slippers. She looks beautiful, not only because of the colorful and youthful varisian dress but also because of herself. She seems to be glowing, smiling profusely at the new friends and experiences she is having for the first time.
"Thank you so much for all you are doing for me. I'll ask my brother to reward you for everything you have done."
She hugs M'ara warmly.
Lucky Pete, a wide innocent smile on his face tells her: "You look very pretty, miss!"
For the rest of the day, she walks arm in arm with Olga Bâlan, now best friends.

Sense Motive DC 15 or Perception DC 15:
She is wating to see what Anton Ionescu says of her new look.

After she is discovered, Stella Scarnetti smiles shily.
"I don't want to be a bother. You all walk, I should walk too."
At Lief Stoutspear's offer and M'ara coaxing, she blushes a deep crimson.
"Thank you so very much but my brother has always ordered I am not permitted to ride a horse. He says it is dangerous for... I mean... for girls like me... He fears I might get... hurt..."

In case you didn't get it:
Yes, the brother is worried about her maidenhood.

Anton Ionescu wrote:
"Absolutely! Your adventure of a life started with a bang and you're still strong and whole'" Anton says to Stella.

You manage to get a chuckle out of the teared-eyes young girl.

Who? Stella? :P
Stella looks behind her as if expecting Anton to be talking with somebody behind her.
Holding out her sobs, still having her eyes inflamed by crying, she turns all red and avoids looking Anton Ionescu in the eye...
But you all see a smile forming on her lips, and the hold she has on M'ara's arm gets a little loser.

M'ara wrote:
At the girls last pronouncement of a reward, she steps forward and puts her arm around the girl's heaving shoulders, "Now, now....enough of that. You've been through a lot. Let's get up up on this wagon and comfortable..." she says gently, slow moving the girl towards the Bâlan's wagon, calling out to Esmerelda for help.

Stella hangs out to M'ara as if about to faint.

"So sorry! Thanks for saving me! I would... oh gods... had you not go into the wagon! You were so brave! I'm sorry!"
Esmeralda helps comfort her, ignoring the discussion with the Szcarni outside, and gives a calming tea to Stella, which refuses to let M'ara go.
The bad news is that it won't be enough space for Stella in the wagons. She will need to walk. And at a cursory glance, M'ara realices Stella has never done something similar, and her clothes and specially her soft shoes are not ready for it. And it doesn't seem like the equestrian type to you.
M'ara realises what a completely different life somebody like Stella has had compared with her, or the Varisians. Is like she comes from another planet.

Both The Magician Zomeraand and Lief Stoutspear notices the young girl is shaking, still in shock.
At Lief comment, she simply breaks out to cry.
"Thank you very much! I would have died without you. I don't know how to thank you! I will ask my brother to give you a reward... or something... Thank you so much."
She sobs, standing alone in the middle of all of you.

Stella doesn't quite follow M'ara, but after The Magician Zomeraand asks her (sewhat irritated) to get out, she grabs M'ara's hand and jump out with her.

Before M'ara can jump out of the wagon the young woman puts her hand on the Shoanti Woman's arm.
"Please help us! I am scared!"
Does she still leave the wagon? Does she try to convince (diplomacy check) or force (intimidate or STR check) Stella?

"Help us! Please!"