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Seeing that many of you didn't arrive to greet them, Roberto shrugs and smiles at Delin Chiri, Anton Ionescu and The Magician Zoomerand.
"Thank you for being civil with us. Really. We will be going now, and I think goblins won't bother us anymore for many months."
The atmosphere is somewhat heavy, with all the bad blood and conflict that has transpired betwwen the Szcarni and your group.

"Long time no see."
Ruperto flashes one of his gleaming smiles.

Lief Stoutspear wrote:
”They are attempted murderers at the least!” Lief hollers back. ”They killed two horses, which is definitely illegal, and if the carriage had barreled over the cliff, like they planned, then that old woman and this young lady would be dead too. Those are the kind of people you want to defend?!?”

Ruperto Zingari goes to face Lief Stoutspear, and inch from his face.

"I haven't killed anyone..." - he smiles fiercely - "... yet. I didn't cause the horses to bolt, and I didn't kill no horse. But yes, we Varisians are assumed guilty, without a chance to defend ourselves, even by other varisians. Or presumed varisians, as some of us have already been bought by the chelaxians. You don't wanna travel with us? Fine, we don't wanna travel with you."
He turns towads his small group.
"Let's go. These fine people have decided we are not enough to travel in their company."
He turns towards Lief again.
"Unless you want to execute me right now..."
As stated previously, he is saying the truth. His group didn't "personally" caused the accident, and you don't have any hard evidence they had anything to do with it. In fact, you are treating them (maybe with reason) as the "chelaxians" normally treat the "varisians" (many times without reason), accusing and charging them for any crimes or accidents that happen, with or without evidence. And yes, the Szcarni helps with that prejudice. But are the Sczarni a cause, or a consequence?
They grab their stuff and start walking towards Sandpoint.
Do you stop them?

"Dear bunică, why do you accuse me? You know me! I am no killer! I am a good Varisian!"

Etna Venus Van Ash wrote:

"The idiot is sorry for what he's done, though I do think some punishment should be done.

I think the victims should decide his punishment."

Ruperto raises his hands.

"Hey, lady, I didn't do anything!"
Remember, he didn't (personally) do it. And you don't have hard evidence he organiced or even knew about it (even if obvious).

Delin Chiri wrote:
She points back to the wagon, directing his gaze. "Are you heartless?" she asks.

Really nice tirade! I will even ignore the Diplomacy check!

Ruperto looks at the wagon, and the women in there. His smile fades, and his confident demeanor disappears.
"We didn't know there were people in there... We tried to ask, you know? If I would have known, it wouldn't have happened...."
Sense Motive DC 10:
He says so, but with this Szcarni you never know for sure if he is really repentant.

Sense Motive DC 15:
He REALLY is sorry.

Sense Motive DC 20:

Ruperto Zingari smiles at Delin Chiri.
"So you are going to tell on me with bunică Bâlan? About what? I didn't do anything! You are Varisian too! Why are you defending those chelaxians?"
He keeps his hands up and keeps going to the Bâlans wagons.
Bunică = Afffectonate term for Granma, a respect term for an Elder family leader in the Varisian culture.

Ruperto turns to the others and, in Varisian, tells them to continue. He starts climbing back up.
"Do you know what happened to the child that chased the goose?"
He is referring to a Varisian children's tale about not going looking for trouble. Once up, he raised his hands.
"I surrender! Please don't hurt me! I have done anything wrong!"
His smile is as charming as it can be.

Ruperto, hanging from the rope, smiles at Delin Chiri.
"I love brave girls. Are you brave enough to make us all fall to die or get hurt? For what?"
He inclines his head smiling innocently.
"We just want to help anyone who falls, you know?"
He looks at Delin's eyes, unafraid.

The man greets Lief with a wide curtsy.
"Lief Stoutspear, my name is Ruperto Zingari, and I am the leader of my party. Carmen tells me you have not told her what is stored in the wagon" - he points to the wagon you are protecting - " and she hasn't convinced you to join us."
He smiles at Lief approvingly.
"Is not normal for Carmen to fail in duping her target. Good for you."
He looks at M'ara.
"Too bad I came here for a professional reason... I have an... inclination... for strong women."
He continues talking to Lief.
"I am quite intrigued. What is in the wagon? You seem very set in protecting it. You even managed to recruit all these people to help you. I even think you are paying them for it! That has made it a very tempting target for us. But we are not monsters. We are not evil. We don't enjoy fighting and killing people. We are just normal people trying, like everyone else, to make a living in this world. These chelaxian invaders came here and took over the place, and they expect us to fight for them? To protect their riches? Do you think they will thank you for your effort? To them, you are Varisian trash, just like us, and will discard you as soon as you have completed their wishes. Do they deserve that loyalty? I think not."
Ruperto looks north, towards Sandpoint.
"You are still in time to walk away. You can still save yourself. Damn! You are still in time to save all of them!" - he waves at the rest of your companions.
So far he has seen friendly. But now his face turns hard. Uncaring. Dangerous.
"This is not a chelaxian city. These are Varisian wildlands. They have nowhere to run where we won't catch them. Nowhere to hide that we won't find them. If they just return some of our lands riches to us, they will be able to keep on their merry way. And no one will have to get hurt. Think about it."
He starts to walk away but turns after a couple of yards.
"I was forgetting. Carmen asked me to say hi."