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Frencois wrote:

Please thumb them if you like them! Thanks.

See here

*Premium* Playmats.

What is the opinion in the expert community?


Due to time shift, I got Tup already on Thursday here in Germany.
What a warm welcome.

So how many chests do you have to buy to get hold of all cards?

Hannibal_pjv wrote:

We have estimated in Obsidian forums based on found cards that among the treasure cards there is about

1 % legendary
10 % epic
25 % rare
And rest normal...
So you have to buy thousends of chests to get all cards. And because of random rarity even then you could miss some cards.
Also They add new cards with every ad release so you Are shooting a moving target in anyway.

So finally we got Super promo cards...

I just used up my 40 chests. So many doubles...

And i checked what percentage of all treasure chest cards i unlocked.
A very small one :-( ä
I just have two new blessings of 30 new treasure ones...
Really strange!

40 chests cost 20 Euro here in Germany.

It looks like that the humble code is just a teaser to buy some more treasure cards.
It doesnt give you all cards :-(((((

I am a little bit frustrated.
What is your unlocked blessings ration with the humble code?

Found the filter function, but even i opened all 40 chests there are still cards missing in B 1 and 2. what about all the treasure cards from 3 4 5 and 6 which i obtained from the treasure chests, i could not view these nor filter them. Did these vanish? Or can i see them only if i buy the next packs?

I have no idea about this... I wont back it.

Entered as given. Worked well.
Do you may get multiple codes from humble?


I was just holding my breath reading the long promo message...

Why didnt you create new promos for the Goblin Iconic Heroes decks???
I already got those named ones quintible times ;-)

Is there a GTM magazine promo scheduled for MM again???

With the super promo in my mail, i meant TUP who will soon hit my post box :-))))

What do you think?

Similar to PACG? adventure-card-game?ref=category_newest

What i mean ... Do they appear in the usual campaign if purchased thru the chests?

Today I paid for the super promo card and it is already in the mail towards my home.
Hopefully it arrives tomorrow in good shape as it was very expensive!

If you play the usual campagaign ... Are those cards also availalbe?

But the 40'ones have lots of double cards ...

But for a buck who cares...

Uuups, just saw it..

TUP is RotR and not MM!
What is going wrong there?

Calthaer wrote:
Myfly wrote:
Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Hopefully this will help in your quest to gender sort the card characters, Myfly.
Well, lets call him from now on Theryon, the supporter.

Yes, I confess.

I love friendly paladins.

Hawk the great supporter!

Much treasure for the buck!

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Hopefully this will help in your quest to gender sort the card characters, Myfly.

Well, lets call him from now on Theryon, the supporter.

Frencois wrote:
Not really a fair bet hehe. We all know Germany always win in the end.

Are you a sissy or a man able to sustain the pressure of the possibility of loosing a bet? ;)

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Myfly wrote:

.... And dont FORGET to pick up TUP promo on next Saturday. She is waiting for you...

Is it a she or he?

A it

B he
C she

What is TUP?

.... And dont FORGET to pick up TUP promo on next Saturday. She is waiting for you...
Is it a she or he?

Ohh, there is the Con only promo coming up soon....
What is it?

Frencois wrote:

Hey MyFly, I just created a Super Hyper promo Card on Drivethru, so here's the deal :

I trade it for 50 Mummy Base sets.

And the Kick er : if Germany wins the Soccer Euro here is Paris, I trade it for a single base set.

Am I cool or what?

Here is the deal:

If France wins the Euro Soccer Championship, i will send you a Mummies Base Set.
And when Germany wins the Championship, you will send me a Mummy Mask base set.

Is it a bet, or not?

I *really* was told so... I didnt believe it, so i tried to check here in the forum.

Theyron once also tried to set me up with some non-existing promos.

Either it is right was the other Mike says OR there is really a super secret promo coming up and they wont tell us by now. Otherwise it is no surprise anymore. You know the promo card strategy is always a holy secret.

PS: Picked up "Blood rage" in the game shop, when i heard that rumor.

Brother Tyler wrote:
Mike Selinker wrote:
You heard wrong.

Right, it's not 1 in 50. It's 1 in 100. ;)

I'll be buying one base set. I'll let you know what the "Super Promo Card" looks like. ;)

Do you then sell it to me?

I need to have 5 of the "super promo card" and buying 500 base sets to acquire those is really almost impossible.

Today, I heard that there will be a "Super Promo Card" included in every 50th Mummys Mask base set.

How many base sets will you buy trying to finding that card?

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Now available!

How many years are we already waiting for these? ;-)

zeroth_hour2 wrote:

On a rainy cold but cloudy Friday, I trekked out for PaizoCon. It was nice to see some old faces and some new ones. I run into Mark Seifter, who's a designer on the RPG side but loves the card game and chatted a bit about the new Pathfinder Adventures. I got to meet Eliandra Giltessan as well. I hope to head out to one of the HawkCons if I get a chance.

Obsidian was there with their bits - Nathan and Stephanie were there, Stephanie is the QA lead on the project. It's due to her tireless work that the game isn't more buggy (and yes, there can be more bugs). I was in their panel and they talked about more treasure chests and more adventures, as well as the possibility of other base sets. But all in due time.

I played in cartmanbeck and Theryon Stormrune's special - Tanis ran our game, and due to the fact that our 4th member was a no-show, Tanis was playing with us. Sarah Bull and PrisonerSix were the other two members on our goblin team. It is immensely fun and you should play in it if you get a chance - the last scenario is pretty nasty, heheh. Cartmanbeck, you're pretty evil. So much fun trying to be a goblin and killing longshanks. We would have been really happy with just that, but we also got an ACG reward for it as well - Theryon/Tanis may or may not be able to tell you more about it. Let's just say it's amazingly amazing. In addition, Theryon gave me a custom card he printed from DriveThru, it's a really cool card :)

I missed the PACG panel because I was working but Theryon Stormrune can fill you in. I demoed Mummy's Mask a bunch of times, you'll like it as much as you'll dread what's around the corner.

Banquet was great. I sat down with Cosmo, who talked about the origin of the Blame Cosmo meme (if you don't know what it is, look at the "overheard at the Paizo office" thread). Previews have been covered in other PaizoCon threads, but PFSACG specific: there's ACG boons now, 2 generic and 4 season-based: the 4 ACG boons give you amazing powers, but have big costs...

1. dang. I missed Theyrons promo card. May i get 5 of them?

2. PFSACG boons are new to me. How to obtain those?

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Troymk1 wrote:
October is my Birthday precious

My birthday is a few months earlier. May I still get it as a birthday gift from Paizo?

Frencois wrote:
Well as long as you aren't telling MyFly or the Paizo lawyers about that promo card, we should be fine.

The Paizo lawyers checked that link FIRST and now it is broken and Frencois is facing a trial with life sentence.

Who is *brave* enough to offer me a mirror link for that unseen digital data?

zayzayem wrote:
James McKendrew wrote:
Those graphics glitches with the card disappearing aren't the emulator. That happens on my tablet, too.
Yep. Happens to spells too on cancel.

Never ever cancel your actions.

The bugs will bite you.

The fixed dividers arent compatible with a five promo card set.
This sucks ...

Reveal a weapon, x cancel action, and suddenly you revealed weapon is not more in your hand. It is gone.....

Obsidian tells a tale of neverending bugs.

I was lucky to find black fang with the spyglass. Closed all other locatons but one.
So one player was at black fang, the second player was in the other location for temporiliy closing it. I confronted black fang, for temporarily closing i mistakenly chose banish a blessing. I tried to cancel this choice and chose die roll, but canceling this banish action automatically stopped the temporal close action, so ....


Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Myfly wrote:


Is the organizer also available in a deluxe black walnut version?

Actually, that one is only available to US distributors. I love my deluxe in my S&S box.



Is the organizer also available in a deluxe black walnut version?

Mike Selinker wrote:
elcoderdude wrote:
I downloaded bluestacks for free from, installed it, installed Pathfinder Adventures, and played the tutorial and the first three scenarios. The app crashed twice...
That it only crashed twice under that chewing-gum-and-baling-wire configuration is a blessed miracle.

May be the engine/emulator cant handle the massive amount of 1200 cards. And dont forget the quintible promo cards...

Mike Selinker wrote:
James McKendrew wrote:
...or should I be asking this on the Obsidian forums?
This seems like a good time to say, "You should always ask your questions about this game on the Obsidian forums."

Two different forums for the same game are too much for me ;-)

Hand size is 5, got 6 cards including a blessing of torag.
I would like to explore with this blessing. No opportunity.
Instead i have to discard one card. :-(((

Experience: somehow digital dice hate me. Lost many combats. I used in paralell my real dice and they never failed so far ;-)))

There is a card where you can exchange 1 card from your hand with one card from the discard pile. I discarded one card from my hand. Now the discard pile opens, illuminating two cards as choice. How to choose one to my hand?

No idea.
After 3 minutes of trying every kind of swiping action on the touch screen i gave up.

I defeated the sandpoint devil and got 2 character unlocked. For this screen, there is no way out. I dont know how to leave this screen...

Have you any idea?

WilliamD763 wrote:

This means you can't place two dividers in the same position in adjacent rows, but they are also a whole lot less likely to pop out now.

I am very happy with the 2nd version. The organizer fit in all german and english versions of my games. No problem at all. Third edition is just a little bit more stylish imo.

Now you dont dump your first and second edition organizers, just to get the 3rd edition one, right?

Parody wrote:
The Season of the Shackles scenarios were updated for the Tier system, removing most of the various feat awards.

What does it mean in detail?

No feats anymore? Hiw does this game work then?

Tier? I only know neckties well.

What is the difference to the original files?
I printed the latter ones already... :-(

I am a good guy, so always ascending ... What are you?

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