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The question is in the name of the thread, folks, I have a character concept that is skilled in the 'acquisition of talented individuals, for a variety of tasks from the mundane to the exotic', and I want to know if I can do it in Pathfinder Society.

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I had an idea for a character concept that I don't know of any particular ones that would be able to pull it off, it's just two things, but they're quite divergent in terms of class features.

1. Effectively two-weapon fight with tonfas. I know rangers and slayers often make the best TWF's in the game, so it'd be a matter of finding an archetype that gets me close to doing the second thing...

2. Be able to read enemy thoughts reliably, preferably as some sort of spell-like ability.

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Emerald Spire Map Link Level 1 GM

Whether it was the splash of warm saltwater against your body, the creaking of timbers or the dull thud of waves against a ship's hull, you're roused from slumber to find you are no longer inside the stinking inn of Port Peril, the Formidably Maid, but rather in the stinking recesses of a ship.

You're not alone though, several others are rising from their sleep as well. Observing them, and reaching to yourselves, you realize that your weapons have been lifted from you as well.

Perception DC 10:
You notice, along with all the usual signs of a hangover, a strange oily aftertaste akin to nutmeg.

Craft Alchemy 15 or Knowledge (Nature) 10:
You recognize the strange taste in your mouth as a sign of Oil of Taggit poisoning, a substance known to render those who ingest in unconscious quickly and reliably.

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Emerald Spire Map Link Level 1 GM

Hello recruits, this is the discussion thread for Come Hell & High Water, for OOC conversations regarding the game.

To start things off if you have a picture you'd like to be used for your Token in Roll20 other than what your Forum Avatar is, please post a link to the image.

In addition, here is the link to the Roll20 game:

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Pirates and raiders of The Shackles have always been a notorious nuisance for merchants and generals across the Inner Sea. In the wake of recent efforts of Cheliax to quell the disruptive and unlawful goings-on of The Shackles, several new men and women have been pressed into the service of Captain Barnabas Harrigan's ship the Wormwood. Now these hapless souls are embroiled in a tale of the high seas, pitted against monsters of the deep, and treachery of their fellow pirates.

I'm holding recruitment for a Skull & Shackles Play-By-Post. Players can expect several opportunities at later points in the Adventure Path to utilize kingdom-building rules in establishing an island base and coordinating pirating activities.

The relevant rules for character creation are as follows:

1. 20 Point Buy for Ability Scores

2. Races: Core, ratfolk, tengu, undine, catfolk, vanara, and tieflings along with all variant heritages.

3. Classes: Any Paizo class with the following amendments.
- No paladins or anti-paladins.
- No Mediums.
- Fighters receive 4 + INT in skill ranks each level.
- Unchained Summoner only, but they can select any type of Eidolon (Protean, Agathon, Devil, etc.) regardless of alignment. The Eidolon is treated as the Summoner’s alignment for the purposes of spells, feats and effects.

4. Traits: Three traits, one of which must be a campaign trait selected from the Skull & Shackles Player’s Guide.

5. Starting Wealth: 200 Gold Pieces

6. Hit Point Progression: Full hit dice of HP at each level.

7. No Sacred Geometry Feat. No Leadership Feat. If a class feature would grant the Leadership Feat, gain Skill Focus (Diplomacy) instead.

8. Stamina & Combat Tricks: Stamina and Combat Tricks are legal. All characters receive the feat "Combat Stamina" for free at first level, regardless of class.

9. Skill Unlocks: Skill unlocks are legal, as well as the Signature Skill feat.

10. Combat Expertise and Power Attack are lumped into one feat: “Battle Tactics”. This feat allows players to use either Combat Expertise or Power Attack as listed in their own entries. This feat has no prerequisites, and counts as both Combat Expertise and Power Attack for the purposes of prerequisites to other feats. Feats with either Combat Expertise or Power Attack as prerequisites consider the character as having 13 INT and 13 STR for the purpose of meeting other pre-requisites. Characters with all of their levels exclusively in Full-BAB-progression classes (Fighter, Slayer, Cavalier, etc.) receive this feat for free, but lose it if they ever multiclass into a ¾ or ½ BAB-progression class (Rogue, Wizard, Witch, Oracle, etc). Non-full-BAB classes can use a feat to gain the Battle Tactics feat.

11. There will be an NPC in accompaniment of the party.

12.No PVP, including but not limited to the attack of non-dominated characters against their will, damage, destruction or theft of equipment, and destruction/killing of summons, raised undead, familiars or animal companions.

The ability to respond to the play-by post at least once per day (although you wouldn't need to post daily) will be helpful. Map combat will be handled over Roll20.

In your application please include a picture you would want to be used as your token on a map.

Dark Archive

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Somewhere in the depths of the Dark Archive beneath Absalom's Grand Lodge, the pitter-patter of halfling feet precedes down the soft stalking of a new figure.

"Oh, Mr. Orenzo, sir, I am immensely glad that even after all that's happened, you've shown a willingness to throw your lot in with the Dark Archive. I'm certain you'll get along swimmingly with Mistress Dralneen, she bears an immense grudge against House Thrune as well you see. Political issues, but then with Cheliax the way it is these days, what isn't political in that nation?"

The halfling woman stops at an intersection of hallways, looking down each in turn, allowing her hanger-on to catch up. The new guest to the archives has pale skin, sharp mandibles and a stink of rotting flesh about them. Gloved hands do little to help the image he presents as large gnarled claws twist out from the ends of his fingers, and a blood-red tongue wavers in the air outside of his mouth.

Knowledge Religion DC11:
The attendant is a ghoul.

"Just tell me there are no more clerics of Sarenrae down here," replies Mr. Orenzo in a gravelly voice.

"Oh, I know, but I managed to explain everything, and now we're safely sequestered away from them. Oh, all the stuff you must know about pre-Thrune Cheliax is bound to lift Dralneen out of the morose mood she's been in as of late..." Namaeva looked about, down each hallway again. "I just... need... Did we take a left or a right at the last corridor?"

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I've been looking over the Kineticist options in Occult adventures, along with discussions on the kineticist class overall, and I can't help but always think about all the various ways for a kineticist to mess over enemy tactics with kinetic cover, particularly with prepared actions. They can block off flanks on their allies, stop a charge, and even delay the arrival of enemy reinforcements in narrow hallways, alleys, etc.

What tactics have proven effective in using this utility wild talent in your games?

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Given that there are already loads of Rise of the Runelord Campaigns going on (the one Adventure Path for which I have the whole set), and am already running an Emerald Spire campaign, I wanted to GM for a group that really wanted to play something different.

There's just a few minor caveats to my offer as to what campaign I'd accept:

- No Mythic or Gestalt rules.
- Campaign idea must take place in Golarion's Campaign Setting.
- Starting Level no higher than Level 5.
- Four players, and allowance for a GMPC, I'll build mine to cover whatever gaps I see in the group.
- Paizo Published Products only.

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I recently had the idea for debuffing divine casters like clerics by casting wood shape on their holy symbols to warp the holy symbol into something which they would be unable to use as a divine focus or channeling energy.

However, only some holy symbols are made of wood. So far my search for a spell that is roughly equivalent to wood shape but for affecting metal has turned up with nothing.

Am I missing something?

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One of my players in the Emerald Spire Superdungeon Gestalt campaign is leaving the campaign due to changing availability.

As such, I'm looking for a player that would be interested in joining that campaign.

Below are the character creation and application rules.

Character Creation Rules:
- 20 point buy
- Gestalt Rules in Effect
- No Evil Characters
- Paizo published content only. All PFS-legal materials permitted, other content subject to GM approval.
- In addition to currently legal PFS races, aasimar, tieflings, ifrit, undine, oread, sylph and kobolds are permitted as well.
- Starting with a Masterwork Backpack and 200 GP in starting equipment (the Masterwork Backpack does not count against this limit).
- Two traits.

Application Rules:
- Please give your character name, race, gender, age, the two classes (including any and all archetypes) you will be gestalting as, and what party role you will be aiming to fill as you build the character and advance in levels.
- Please provide a link to a Mythweaver's Character Sheet.
- Please provide a brief background of your character, and to explain how they became captured by Goblins in the Echo Wood outside Fort Inevitable.

The other party members consist of:
A human Kensai Blackblade Magus/Vivisectionist Alchemist
An aasimar Paladin/Vivisectionist Alchemist
A dwarf Fighter/Warpriest of Torag
A half-elf Bonded Witch/Alchemist

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I want to make a Wayang Hunter for PFS, and wanted to capitalize on their small size to get a medium mount that can fly. What I want to know is what you guys think benefits more from having a flying mount?

With a lance, I'd be able to freely charge almost regardless of terrain.

With a bow, I'd be able to move around enemy positions to pepper enemies from relatively more safety compared to ground-bound archers, while also getting around whatever cover the enemy might have at ground level.

I am already aware that a flying mount needs to be at a light encumbrance in order to still fly, so I'll be considering that carefully whichever way I decide to go. I'll likely go with a Roc, and just take the +2 Dex and Con at 7th level.

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Emerald Spire Map Link Level 1 GM

The wagon driver Broden Fink had accepted your money for passage to Fort Inevitable quite eagerly, ushering you all into the confines of his covered wagon before taking his seat at the front. As you all lay spread out amidst piles of what could only be accurately described as junk, watching the West Sellen River flow to the west of the road, and an endless malaise of trees to the east, Broden Fink spent the better part of an hour fussing over his horse, a large chestnut-brown Clydesdale with chipped hooves and a tangled mane.

The man looked over his shoulder, scratching at the beginnings of a beard, his eyes appearing slightly glazed over as he does so. "If'n you don't mind my saying, you bunch are probably the oddest crew I've taken to the fort in a while. Not that I don't appreciate the extra coin! But uh... what brings folks like you to these parts?"

Perception DC 15/Heal DC 10:
Broden Fink appears to be a habitual user of some kind of recreational drug that's wearing on his health.

Heal DC 15:
Judging by the glazed over eyes, along with the yellowish tint to his skin, it's possible that Broden Fink partakes in the drug Pesh from time to time.

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Emerald Spire Map Link Level 1 GM

Alright, this is the discussion thread for the Emerald Spire campaign. I'll shortly be making the initial post in the gameplay. Your characters are on a covered wagon heading to Fort Inevitable as your next stop along the crusader's road.

The wagon's driver is a male human by the name of Broden Fink.

The accepted players are:

Tenro as Coglen
Greyling as Petro
Avoron as Kaley
The Archlich as Qot La'jal
Dorin Ironbars as Himself

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After having checked to see if there was interest, I've decided to go ahead and start looking for players.

Battles and maps would be handled through Roll20, which I have a middling skill in handling. People would post their actions on the Play-By-Post, and I'd move the pieces respectively so that people'd know where each character/creature were located in relation to one another.

Character Creation Rules:

- 20 point buy
- Gestalt Rules in Effect
- No Evil Characters
- Paizo published content only. All PFS-legal materials permitted, other content subject to GM approval.
- In addition to currently legal PFS races, aasimar, tieflings, ifrit, undine, oread, sylph and kobolds are permitted as well.
- Starting with a Masterwork Backpack and 200 GP in starting equipment (the Masterwork Backpack does not count against this limit).

Application Rules:

- Please give your character name, race, gender, age, the two classes (including any and all archetypes) you will be gestalting as, and what party role you will be aiming to fill as you build the character and advance in levels.
- Please provide a link to a Mythweaver's Character Sheet.
- Please give an explanation for why your character is taking a ride by covered wagon to Fort Inevitable in the River Kingdoms. Fort Inevitable is a Hellknight Outpost on the Crusader's Road near the legendary Emerald Spire, an ancient Azlanti ruin. It is a bastion of law and order in the typically unruly River Kingdoms, and is a common stop on the way to Mendev to join the crusade against the demonic World Wound.

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I'm checking to see how much interest there would be in a Play-By-Post with this arrangement.

Campaign: Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Battles and maps would be handled through Roll20, which I have a middling skill in handling. People would post their actions on the Play-By-Post, and I'd move the pieces respectively so that people'd know where each character/creature were located in relation to one another.

- 15 point buy
- Gestalt Rules in Effect
- No Evil Characters
- All Non-PFS legal material subject to GM approval. I'm pretty liberal on this front.
- In addition to currently legal PFS races, aasimar, tieflings, ifrit, undine, oread and sylph are permitted as well.

This sound like something you guys could get behind?

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With the recent announcement of the Distant Shores Gazetteer and the rather dismal prospects we look to be having of ever seeing a Paizo-Published adventure path set in Arcadia for at least another 3-4 years (I'm being conservative here in my own opinion), and the wide diaspora of threads throughout this site on what to do with the unknown continent, I figured pooling our collective creative minds for various ideas that could be used for an Arcadia homebrew campaign.

Personally one potential plot hook I'd look into is the Azlant connection. Some facets of Azlant society ended up making it to Avistan and Garund prior to and during its destruction, and exploring such similar things against the wildly different backdrop of Arcadia would be nice.

What general plot hooks would you pursue in making an Arcadia campaign? Maybe there's a completely different part of campaign design you've been mentally chewing on for an inordinate amount of time.

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I recently had an idea for a support character in Pathfinder Society, a bard who adamantly professes that they are not the hero of the story, that they're just sticking around to be able to record the deaths of the actual heroes (the rest of the party). To that end I wanted to make a bard that can survive just about anything so he can endure just about anything, urging his allies to greater feats until their last breath.

Direct offensive capability is at the bottom of the list of priorities, while planting buffs and debuffs one the group along with having good skills-coverage are at the top alongside survivability.

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I'm making a homebrew that's set in Absalom, and to form the skeleton of the campaign I'm using a lot of scenarios that are:

A) Set in Absalom
B) Involve Grandmaster Torch
C) Involve the Blakros Museum and the Blakros Family.

I'm good for the Absalom scenarios, but I need a wee bit o' help compiling a list of scenarios to buy on the other two.

Grandmaster Torch:
I need a list of scenarios that follow Torch getting into the good graces of the Pathfinders, and his eventual betrayal to acquire a list of Decemvirate Member names. I've got The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch, The Mantis's Pray and Delirium's Tangle already.

I want any scenarios that involve dealing with the Blakros family, even tangentially. I've got Mists of Mwangi, Voice in the Void, Infernal Vault, Penumbral Records, and The Blakros Matrimony already.

Basically I have it planned so the homebrew changes are that Grandmaster Torch is being used by an extraplanar entity to try and acquire artifacts in the Blakros' holding, but Torch is making his own moves to try and get the upper hand on the extraplanar entity.

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I'm wondering how these two rules elements interact with each other.

Blade of Mercy wrote:
Benefit When striking to inflict nonlethal damage with any slashing weapon, you do not take the normal –4 penalty on your attack roll, and gain a +1 trait bonus to any nonlethal damage you inflict with a slashing weapon.
Weapon Versatility wrote:
Benefit(s): When wielding a weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, you can shift your grip as a swift action so that your weapon deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage instead of the damage type normally dealt by that weapon. You may switch back to the weapon's normal damage type or another damage type as a swift action.

I'm wondering if it's possible for a character to have Weapon Focus (Greatclub) and Weapon Versatility, switch to using a greatclub to deal slashing damage, and then use Blade of Mercy to have it then be nonlethal slashing damage.

The idea of having a Kellid convert to Sarenrae worship, but obstinately refuse to use anything but his greatclub to nonlethally subdue his enemies, is something I find absolutely hilarious as a concept to work with.

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Another one of these folks, this time for all the potential uses for creating undead and using them for something other than trying to bash in an enemy's skull.

1) Impromptu pack mule to carry heavy, situational gear.

2) Clearing out a public space quickly when you're expecting a showdown.

3) Finding traps, simply send them thirty feet ahead.

4) Block enemy charge lanes.

5) Disguise a group of them as the party and send them out to distract the guards/thugs looking for you all while you make your escape.

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I'm wondering about how to get the most AC out of a Daring Champion Cavalier (the build's point isn't to get the highest AC, but if I'm going this route, I might as well make the investment choices wisely).

The Daring Champion has light and medium proficiency, but also has the Nimble class feature.

Daring Champion wrote:

Nimble (Ex)

At 3rd level, a daring champion gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC when wearing light or no armor and carrying no more than a light load. Anything that causes the daring champion to lose his Dexterity bonus to AC also causes him to lose this dodge bonus. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of +5 at 19th level).

This ability replaces cavalier's charge.

Now mithral has the property of lowering the weight category of armors for movement and other limitations.

Special Materials wrote:
Most mithral armors are one category lighter than normal for purposes of movement and other limitations. Heavy armors are treated as medium, and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light. This decrease does not apply to proficiency in wearing the armor. A character wearing mithral full plate must be proficient in wearing heavy armor to avoid adding the armor's check penalty to all his attack rolls and skill checks that involve moving.

So my question: would a Daring Champion Cavalier wearing Mithral Breastplate still gain the benefits of Nimble?

Dark Archive

By special invitation as a member of the Dark Archive, you've come to a room within the depths of the Grand Lodge of Absalom, tucked away in tunnels you might not have come across had the note not given very helpful directions. The chamber is lit by candles, purple curtains obfuscating one end of the room while a series of benches fill out the remainder. A lone crate sits in front of the curtains, from which a man in black robes and festooned with golden jewellery emerges.

The man introduces himself as Alminster, and that today he has a unique good on offer for the man or woman interested in making the purchase. He explains that an Osirion bounty hunter unloaded an escaped female halfling after payment for her services fell through, and with some adept negotiation skills, procured the slip for himself. Within a matter of weeks he realized the slip's immense potential value to the Dark Archive, given their search for powerful artefacts.

With a quick double-clap of his hands, a female halfling in tan sack-cloth robes and shackles steps out from behind the curtains. Walnut skin and black hair surround two eyes that seem to glimmer. Her hands look like animated charcoal with what seems to be glowing embers flickering to life at the corners of one's vision.

Behind and to her left another halfling, this one male and carrying a cage, emerges. Within the cage is a rat, but its necrotic flesh and lethargic movement mark it as undead. It claws at the cage feebly, while also trying to bite the male slip's hand.

The female halfling looks towards the rat...

Will Save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 Rat Will-Save Failed

The rat ceases its attempts at escape and locks eyes with the female halfling. In another moment it expertly moves the latch of its cage, allowing the door to swing open. The zombified rat shambles out and crawls to the female halfling. There it crawls up her gown to perch on her shoulder. She looks to the crowd gathered and smiles.

"Ladies, Gentlemen of the Dark Archive. I would like to introduce myself as Namaeva Caxaron. My current owner Alminster has told me that a slip of my talents might be of use to you all, and that bids are starting at a reasonable 200 gold pieces. You are free to ask whatever you like before placing bids..."

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It's Theory-Crafting Time again!

20 Point Buy

Race: Half-Orc
Alignment: Neutral Good

Alternate Racial Traits; Toothy (1d4 piercing damage bite, replaces Orc Ferocity), City Raised (+2 Knowledge Local, Whip and Longsword proficiency; replaces weapon familiarity), Burning Assurance (+2 Diplomacy, replaces Intimidating)

STR: 17 (15+2)
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 8

Traits: Legacy of Sand (+1 Will Save), Friend in Every Town (+1 Knowledge Local, +1 Diplomacy, Diplomacy Class Skill)

1st Level: Combat Expertise
2nd Level: Slayer Talent > Ranger Combat Style > Natural Weapon > Aspect of the Beast > 2 claw attacks
3rd Level: Improved Dirty Trick

Moving beyond that, I'd be picking up feats to further increase the efficacy of Dirty Tricks, mainly focusing on blinding opponents for somewhat-reliable sneak attack damage. For gear I'd be getting a Helm of the Mammoth Lord to gain a gore attack and an Amulet of Mighty Fists to improve the natural attacks.

The typical attack routine would be to charge and use a dirty trick to blind the opponent. The opponent's turn passes, and they either use an action to remove the blindness (denying them a full attack against the character, or any attacks at all once my character has Greater Dirty Trick). Then on the following turn I'd use either quick dirty trick to start blindness (picking a natural attack to use the dirty trick with, as the natural attacks are all at the highest BAB, and I've consulted my GM about this being possible), or just do a regular full attack against a blinded enemy.

Skills that would be covered include Diplomacy, the Knowledge skills that slayers get as class skills, and some into the mobility skills (climb, swim, acrobatics) so I can handle various terrains.

Any glaring flaws that I'm unaware of?

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I have a character concept for PFS that I really like, a halfling oracle with the Bones mystery, I like a lot of the revelations, love the class skills it gives, wanted a charisma-based character, and just liked the idea of a halfling unleashing an undead horde on her foes.

There are three things I can't decide on: deity, faction, and curse

This halfling uses undead quite a bit, but views them with extraordinary contempt. They're tools, perversions of what is good in life. Inflicting undead status is a punishment to her enemies. She has a deep and abiding hatred of ancient empires that made use of halfling slaves. Undead that actively pursued to become such, like liches, vampires and the like in order to try and live forever are viewed as having tried to game the system, but in her mind have made themselves vulnerable in their short-sighted fear of their mortality.

She lost her mother at a young age as a slave in Osirian, and quite often got into books to learn about the long history of slaves in the empire. She's convinced that part of being free is getting to enjoy things in life, and so is a bit of a hedonist. For those who garner her respect, typically leaders who gained followers by merit rather than purchase, she tends to be quite submissive.

I'd definitely lean towards a Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil deity for this character, especially if they had portfolios surrounding exploiting the foolish (in her view, the undead).

For faction I'm torn between the Dark Archives or Liberty's Edge. The Dark Archives most closely matches what I'd view her alignment (Lawful Neutral). Liberty's Edge is in support of freeing slaves, however, and she'd support that.

I intend to invest in Use Magic Device so I can use several arcane spell wands and scrolls easily for extra buffing and offensive options against enemies, so Haunted is a no-go. I also want to exchange barbs and threats with enemies in combat, so I'd rather not take Tongues. I want a lot of revelations, so Dual-Cursed would be an archetype I'd want to go into, but that leaves me with a lot of possible combinations.

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When I asked my group what they wanted from the next campaign when we finish our current one, they wanted basically a real urban-sprawl campaign, focused more on the setting than a character to drive the plot that the PCs would follow. So I naturally pointed right to Absalom as the biggest city with the most potential, and they liked the idea.

The questions:

1. What sourcebooks have more information on Absalom besides the Inner Sea World Guide?
2. What Map Packs and Flip Mats work best for an Absalom-focused campaign?
3. What PFS scenarios take place in Absalom?

4. Absalom gets all sorts of visitors, but what races outside of core have fairly sizeable communities in Absalom?

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Simple question for everyone who's going to GM this (Will likely do it myself after a homebrew and Emerald Spire), and I figured I'd ask what set ups you think would be fun to GM for in this adventure path?

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I want to make a character that makes liberal use raised undead minions over the course of scenarios. I settled on the Bones Mystery Oracle and I'm looking for any potential roadblocks.

I know that at the beginning of each scenario, I'll start with undead raised from previous scenarios, but I'm wondering if as an option I'd be able to purchase an animal, kill it, and raise it (or wait for it to die, and then raise it).

You can't be an evil character in PFS, so obviously I wouldn't be able to do it with purchased slaves.

If I purchased a set of armor and weapons, would I be able to personally outfit skeletons I raise if their own equipment didn't meet my character's standards?

If I take the Resist Life revelation, does that mean I can use inflict wounds spells to heal myself?

Can I use the disguise skill to disguise undead minions as something else?

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I'm curious, with the Advanced Class Guide, what classes/builds are currently the most appreciated by near-purely fighter characters to have around for buffing. How much is the Brown Fur Transmutist appreciated? How handy is the fortune/cackle witch? I kinda want to build a character that has as close of a relationship as Medic and Heavy in Team Fortress 2 in terms of fluff.

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I know that as animals the relevant knowledge skill for a character knowing about dinosaurs would be Knowledge (Nature), but the base DC is something I'm uncertain of. Dinosaurs are kind of an open secret that they exist in the tropical regions of Golarion, but they're still exotic. Is the DC for dinosaurs 10+CR or 15+CR?

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I recently levelled up a tetori monk that I had changed over from an investigator, which I felt played too much like an alchemist I already had. This leaves me still feeling confident in making another character for PFS, and I thought of an idea that I was incredibly amused by.

Sergeant Cortez, from Timesplitters: Future Perfect Be advised, the video has spoilers.

The disjointed, seemingly random locations bound by a singular character pursuing their own goals, allying with random strangers, just fits so thematically with my Pathfinder Society experience, and having a character whose backstory explicitly builds off of and pokes fun at this is something I find enticing.

The issue: I have no idea how to build him mechanically. I've considered a basic gunslinger with a monk dip for some hand-to-hand, a conjuration (teleportation) wizard, and a summoner whose eidolon is his past/future self.

Access to a familiar to call "Anya" would be a bonus, either through typical means or eldritch heritage.

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As the title says, I'm curious as to what people think on this subject. While the reach cleric is a popular build in these parts, thanks to the option of buffing oneself while still having attacks of opportunity in spades for offense, I'm wondering which Martial classes with full BAB tend to get the most out of reach tactics, so having some limited-resource to expend when moving positions or not preparing an attack works out.

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It was all true. It was as bad as everyone on these forums has said it is.

Final Damage Results:
We powered through the cannibals, but then my druid had to leave his snake companion at the surface, we got through the leaches, and then our reach cleric powered through the first wave of ghouls. Said cleric then prompted us to dig out the collapsed room, at which point we were ambushed by the boss. I got paralyzed and eventually killed and eaten by the hungry ghoul, our reach cleric was killed, and then our Heavens Oracle played cat and mouse for several rounds before sealing off half the room with the boss on the other side. Our Zen Archer Monk that had gone down stabilized with use of a character folio reroll, was healed by the oracle, and then they were able to pull some holy waters off my body after killing the ghoul that had been eating me. The oracle and monk proceeded to kill the boss, with the oracle making it with the last alchemist fire after the monk went down.

At the end of it, 20 Prestige points and 1280 gold for Raise Dead and Restoration spells for my druid alone.

I'm just glad that the scenario is out of the way, and it seems like my druid's Pathfinder Career is prompting them to absolutely loath and despise the undead.

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I've been debating what to make for PFS that is rather different from what I currently have (Druid, Alchemist, Investigator), and wanted a character that has an easy time moving around the battlefield. With fast movement, no ACP, and skill points to invest in acrobatics and climb, I figured a monk would be handy, and had heard good things about the Tetori for grapple builds. So now I must ask, would you guys say that the Tetori is still the best grappler? I'll naturally invest in potions of Enlarge Person at higher levels.

Mostly, I'm tired of having to deal with only a move speed of 30 feet that gets dribbled down to nothing by difficult terrain and enemies that constantly run away, and so an alternative I've been considering is a ranged character. For the ranged character idea, I'm leaning towards either a slayer or a gunslinger. My decision mostly hinges on how reliably I could get ranged sneak attacks against enemies as a slayer. I don't expect to get sneak attack at all times, but once or twice per fight would be nice.

I've already played loads of casters and the like between PFS and home games, and for them I'm rather tired of casting a spell I'd been saving for just the right moment, and then have combat end before the full effect could take place, or have the thing roll high on its save, or fizzle on the attack roll.

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I recently picked up the first three books of Skull & Shackles and have been skimming through the first book, and I have to wonder if anybody has felt the need or desire to change the make-up of the NPCs, or add new ones.

Two NPC ideas I've had include a fellow that challenges the PCs to various gambling games (Wisdom and Intelligence checks to beat), and is something of a sore winner, shoving it in their faces.

Another NPC is one that teaches PCs that befriend them various tricks to help beat the gambling NPC. For this NPC I want to go to an old tried-and-true trope, the girl posing as a boy on the ship to keep out of trouble.

Alternatively, to change things up a bit, the character is actually a a boy who poses as a girl because "The crew's rough, but none of 'em want a bed 'warmer that hasn't bled yet, but boys? They'd get their fun in beating me to a bloody pulp when Kroop and Harrigan let them have a double ration 'o rye."

So, what NPCs have you added/replaced as staples of the Wormwood, as friends or foes?

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I GM online for a group, and I'd say a consistent number of its members can fit into something of a neutral murderhobo.

They'll take loot from anything, show slightly more restraint in the department of killing things unless another force is compelling them to with the prospect of a fight. They don't have problems with ignoring abuses of others or with going against legal authorities if they're in the way.

While I've purchased and read through the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition and loved it, I'm aware that the central need for the characters to care about protecting the town might be legitimately difficult given their dispositions. I'd like to end up purchasing another Adventure Path that I can take them through at a much later date.

So here's the question as it stands: Which adventure paths do you think are best for murderhobos?

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I've got a new player coming into an online game of mine and they're settling on a Fire Elemental Bloodline sorcerer for a character.

I'm a bit concerned about the choice because the campaign takes place in Cheliax and there will be, because of the story, substantive amounts of devils (immunity to fire) along with other outsiders (varying ranges of energy resistance and immunity). From what I've been looking at, Besides the bloodline arcana that can change certain energy spells to a different type (fire in this case), and the Elemental Spell Metamagic feat, are there any other ways for this player to help avoid energy resistance? I'd rather not have their build invalidated in this way as they're relatively new to Pathfinder, and I figured if there's some small way to take the sting off the ludicrous energy resistances that outsiders get, it'd be nice to have it ready to show to them as they're building their character.

If there's no way to make things work on that front, are any of the other elements more suited to fighting against outsiders (fiends mostly) in general?

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I've been going over the rules of Energy Resistance and haven't been able to come to a conclusion about how it applies to damaging spells that entail multiple dice.

I know that if you're a fighter that gets 4 iterative attacks with their great sword, DR is applied to each attacks separately, so it'd be 2d6+8 - DR for each attack. (let's say he's low strength and unbuffed.) If the DR is 5 and the rolls come out to [5][3] + 8, then the DR is factored in to make a total damage of 11 damage rather than 16.

What I'm wondering is how energy resistance works.

Say a 5th level wizard uses burning hands on a creature with Fire Resistance 2. They roll 5d4 to the result of 1+4+3+2+3.

Is two damage subtracted from each die roll, or the total damage that'd be calculated at the end?

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It's no secret that casters in Pathfinder have access to a plethora of spells that can make skills almost completely obsolete. There are spells that grant swim speeds and climb speeds, which are basically grant auto-success in most instances by granting +8 and the ability to take-10 in almost all conditions, even those that would normally prevent doing so. Fly ends up completely negating climb in all but contrived stormy weather (which would also make climbing difficult be making the climbing surface wet). Tongues and to a lesser extent Comprehend Languages largely invalidate the Linguistics skill.

One house rule I'm considering is removing spells like these to make investment in such skills potentially much more useful as it would be much more difficult to solve problems when "I rest 8 hours then spend 1 studying" does not give a resolution.

I'm wondering if there are any other spells which have this particular impact on the game, and if long-range teleportation spells or certain divination spells should be included as well.

Alternatively, I could increase the spell level at which certain spells can be used.

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Pretty much what it says on the tin. Rise of the Runelords got a Hardcover edition for its anniversary, and I personally loved being able to get the whole bundle in one easy-to-carry and durable bundle with updated rules for the transition from 3.5 to Pathfinder.

My only regret is that it is presently the only hardcover collection like it for all the Adventure Paths.

I'm wondering if there are any Adventure Path's the rest of the community would enjoy being able to pick up in a collection, or if I'm just one lone strange little bloke for wanting this.

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I'm looking at building a Cleric of Feronia, the goddess has some interesting lore behind her as both an ex-wife of Dispater and mother of Ragathiel. I'm liking how divine prepared casters can get access to the entire list of spells for their class without cumbersome spellbook/familiar mechanics, despite how prepared casters have turned me off in the past. Her weapon proficiency, domains and portfolio are all things that intrigue me.

Here's what I'm thinking for Level 1

Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Fire and Liberation

STR: 16
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 7
WIS: 16
CHA: 12

Feats: Versatile Channel, Channel Ray

Their equipment would be a bastard sword and a buckler, allowing my character to freely switch between spellcasting, two-handing the bastard sword, and gaining an Shield bonus to AC from the buckler. His third level feat would go into Heavy Armor Proficiency to further increase his AC.

I decided to go with Channel Ray rather than Selective Channel because it Channel Ray allows me to single out a target for healing/damaging without the need for a high charisma to make sure I don't damage/heal allies/enemies at inopportune moments, allowing a slightly higher strength. 5th Level would have Power attack and and then Extra Channel at 7th.

For skills, I get the minimum 1 per level + human skilled racial trait + Favored Class Bonus, for 3 points total, spread between Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and likely a few flavor skills that fit thematically.

Any glaring details I'm missing that will give him a crippling weakness? And any recommendations for traits? Personality wise he's very self-assured of his masculinity, and outside of battle prides himself on his ability to live up to the fertility aspect of his goddess' portfolio, while also wanting to ensure he's still a positive (in his eyes) influence, however distant, as a father to all the wild oats he's sewn over the years.

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Norgorber, Neutral Evil god of poison, thieves, secrets and murder has four aspects to himself:

Blackfingers: Patron of poisoners and herbalists.
The Grey Master: Patron of Thieves.
The Reaper of Reputation: Patron of politicians and other harbingers of social secrets and information.
Father Skinsaw: Patron of murder.

Furthermor, Norgorber's realm is located in the underbelly of Axis (Lawful Neutral).

I can't help but get the feeling that if it weren't for the whole murder thing, Norgorber would probably be more deserving of the neutral title than a lot of neutral deities.

Nethys doesn't give a s$$$e if you blow up a village, as long as it's with magic. Abadar doesn't care if you blow up nature, as long as there's a city built on top of it. Calistria allows and encourages just about anything in the name of vengeance. Gozreh will arbitrarily smash things with storms. Gorum is the archetypical "No dude, I'm chaotic neutral, my character would totally do that" murderhobo.

Irori's alright for neutral deities.

Norgorber without Skinsaw is -
Blackfingers: Poison's alright, whether it's inquiring how it affects the body, revenge, or clearing pests.
Reaper of Reputation: Expose or conceal the truth as you see fit to ensure things run smoothly.
The Grey Master: Take people's stuff while they're unaware, as opposed to pillaging them in war, or conjuring a storm to smash their nice things.

Compared to the rest of the deities, Norgorber is like the Jesse Pinkman of evil deities. He's got baggage, and lets it drag him down to some pretty darn lows.

Meanwhile his evil aligned peers are:

Asmodeus: Enslave all mortal life for having the audacity of having free will.

Zon-Kuthon: Inflict pain on everything because pain is the natural state of existence in the universe, any notion to the contrary is childish naivete that needs to be corrected.

Urgathoa: Never die, even if you inflict unending suffering and pain upon millions of others over the course of your overly-long existence.

Lamashtu: Inflict everyone with crippling deformities and mental debilitations, preferably by monster rape, and repeat.

Rovagug: Literally wants to destroy everything. It's in the book.

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I've heard that the conventional wisdom is to take an animal companion if your druid intends to go with wildshape. However, I'd rather not have to deal with the hassle of tricks, determining AC stats and all the other things my first attempt at a druid deals with.

Having a domain would also help with having enough spell slots even without a phenomenal wisdom score, and Handle Animal skill points could go elsewhere.

I'm looking at this for stats at Level 1:

Race: Half-Orc
Alternate Racial Traits: Toothy, Sacred Tattoo

Traits: Fate's Favored, ???

STR 17, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 7

Feats: Toughness

At higher levels I'll invest in Wild Bone Full Plate (+8 Armor Bonus that carries over to Wildshape) while having picked up Heavy Armor Proficiency along the way. An Amulet of the Mighty Fist will also keep my character's natural attacks (and their bite attack outside of wildshape) relevant. When outside of wildshape they'd have a Heavy Wooden shield equipped and bite enemies that get too close, leaving him with a free hand for spellcasting. Obviously the Level 4 Ability increase would go to strength.

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I want to build a summoner whose eidolon is very much like a unicorn, primarily because a summoner's eidolon is the closest thing I'll be able to get to a unicorn in PFS.

The Summoner, and particularly their eidolons, are something I haven't touched very often, I'm willing to sacrifice some effectiveness for the sake of the flavor (Like Hooves Evolution instead of claws, or selecting utility evolutions over extra natural attacks), but I realize recreating a unicorn can be rather ineffective: eidolons are meant to be natural attack monsters, and the bestiary unicorn is a support caster mostly.

Any tips and advice for getting the most milage from and adherence to an eidolon modelled after a unicorn?

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As the title indicates, I'm curious as to which products, besides Bestiary 01, have some good ideas/inspirations/insights into Golarion's unicorns, what their temperament tends to be, their allies, etc. If there's a module or AP in which a unicorn is a prominent character, let me know.

I've got a few NPC ideas for homebrew campaigns or side-quests on a regular AP, and I want to see how they hold up to the campaign setting.

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I've been debating a character concept that is basically a friend to all things living, and to reflect that I wanted a character that had both full-powered (As in, Effective Wizard and Druid Levels equal to character HD for determining powers of each) Animal Companion and Familiar.

Several classes/archetypes can grant these, in addition to feat chains.

I could grab Nature Soul > Animal Ally > Boon Companion to get a fully-levelled Animal Companion.

I could grab Skill Focus (Knowledge Anything) >Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) > Boon Companion.

With Eldritch Heritage, I'd need a character with 13 charisma, and with an animal companion, a decent charisma is wanted for Handle Animal skill checks.

That's three feats for either side regardless however, but there's one slightly shorter route I'm wondering about.

A Cleric can select two domains. The Animal Domain grants an Animal Companion at 4th Level at Cleric Level-3 for effective druid level. I also know however that there exist animal domains like the eagle domain that grant familiars.

What I wonder however is if a cleric can take the animal domain and the eagle domain? From what I've read it seems like the Eagle Domain is for druids only.

If that's possible, I could have a full-power familiar and a full-power animal companion at level 4 with the spending of Boon Companion.

Any other suggested routes for getting an animal companion and familiar at effective levels equal to my character level?

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We've had campsite and urban events, we've even had inheritance events. Now let's build up some stock bad guys to fill things up until players get to the really BBEG.

Need your players to get one more level before you unleash the level 19 half-fiend ogre and his Drow Noble Lich buddy pulling in 18 levels of sorcerer? Have your players gotten way too involved with an off-hand detail of the quest? Time for a Villain of the Week.

1. A vivisectionist has been awakening the city's rats to create their own fiefdom in the sewers.

2. An ogre has had a summoner slave bringing him "entertainment" for years. Face off against against both celestial and fiendish ogres.

3. A local bandit leader that used to just rob caravans has taken up worship of Father Skinsaw, and now regularly murders those that fall to his raids.

4. A bugbear has taken control of a goblin tribe, which has made their arsonists more bold and daring in their choice of targets.

5. A slaver has kidnapped several noblemen's children, but investigation soon reveals their regular clients come from Cheliax.