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My group put in for PF2 special but did not get in :(. I'm hoping more tickets will open up and am a bit surprised there aren't more seats available.

Hi everyone

I've got tix for several PF2 PFS games but am concerned I will not get the rules in time to one, make a character, two, learn what I can of the rules to be productive and not be annoying, and three, even have a copy of the rules at the table :-$

Anyone else have concerns? Or will the opening season of PF2 be casual as everyone learns to dig into the rules? Hopefully the GMs get advanced copies of the rules and scenarios?! I know a few of my friends will not be purchasing a PF2 Core book until after the convention (one is deciding whether to buy the book until they actually play a couple games in PFS).

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Squiggit wrote:
Biztak wrote:
Kobolds are confusing, they are as cuddly and cute as they are menacing and feral.
The kobolds here are less gobliny than the ones in some of the other art. Still not sure I'm a huge fan of the redesign though.

Not a fan of the supposed redesign of the kobolds, either. Look too much like sharks/goblins.

Well, finally worked.

However, we are trying to sign up and all the games are full.

Do they sit late-comers who don't have "tickets" like they do at GenCon?

I'm not interested in travelling all that way and spending all this money to play pickup games, you know?

My husband and I, along with our friend, will be attending PaizoCon from Indianapolis this year. I bought 3 badges on my account and didn't realize we had to transfer a badge to each person in order to sign up for games. So last week I contacted customer service and was told how to do so.

I managed to transfer one badge, but the other badge will not transfer. When I click on the transfer button it keeps coming up with the same person the first badge was transferred to.

Repreated attempts at emailing customer service have been ignored. We've now missed any lottery chance signups since it's now closed and we are afraid we are being ignored (probably due to being busy, but this is timely) and will miss out on the other games we'd like to be a part of. Coming from Indy isn't cheap, and we've been looking forward to this since November.

Any help? Don't know who else to turn to.

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Would be great to have these, but lost $400 on the Kickstarter (thanks Mona) minis, so no Starfinder Battles for me.