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Decided to focus on just one class for the playtest and Paladins, finally having a concrete code, made my choice. But somethings seems odd about them so I wanted to ask "is this right"?

When a paladin uses Lay on Hands, the spell grants a +1 conditional bonus to AC but only if the target is an ally. Does the paladin gain this or not? I ask because if he does, he would be considered an "ally" to himself and if he is considered an "ally" to himself he would be allowed to use Retributive Strike when someone strikes him as he is an "ally".

I would think that the conditional bonus would apply regardless of ally or not. But if it does make him an ally to himself, it would make him more proactive in combat as he can use Retributive Strike to protect himself, which is kind of cool but I don't think that is what they were thinking.

Another thing, is Divine Grace suppose to only work against spells? In the past, it was a flat bonus to all your saves regardless of spell, trap, etc. But now it only activates with spells being the trigger. Is it suppose to be like that?


I am looking for guidance on building an arcane character. The group I plays with needs one but I am very unfamiliar with them. My normal go to is martial characters with a little bit of divine characters now and again.

I've look at the Magus and did like it. But I want advice about expanding out beyond my normal go to of melee or archery style. I'd like some advice on creating an Arcane character.

Often I see Arcane characters as either utility people with little combat or full on total combat and no utility.

I'd like to figure out how to make a character that has options in combat and options out of combat. I like the idea of attacking targets at range but do not enjoy the idea of them getting a save against my spells nor getting into hand to hand to cast spells. I'm not a fan of crafting and I doubt we will have time to craft our on stuff. We are permitted guns but only early age firearms.

We are building the characters at a 15 point build and we are allowed to make custom races with a max of 12 points. We are permitted all classes published by Paizo that are not in playtest. Currently we are at level 3 but plan to end the game around level 16.

If you could offer guidance it would be appreciated. I want to try to figure out other Arcane characters for me to play and hope the community here could make suggestions or advice for me.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer,

Mr. Nasty Butler


I wanted to verify something about the Ranged Disarm and Ranged Trip feats. I am looking to use them in a home game and in Pathfinder Society.

I spoke with a Venture Captain and he could not give me a clear answer, but recommended I come here to verify my findings.

As the feats Ranged Disarm and Ranged Trip state they are Ranged Combat Maneuvers. When used on a target that is in melee you do not factor in the penalties for shooting into combat, as that rule states it only applies to attack rolls, and you do not apply Cover, as that only applies to AC.

Does my reading of the rules appear correct in this manner?

I'm been trying to figure something out about firearms I read in a thread. It stated that firearms bypass damage reduction. Is this correct?